Random Open Thread-US Uruguay Tit for Tat

| August 6, 2019

If confiscating all guns saves one life would it be worth it? If deporting all illegal aliens saves one life, would it be worth it? (r/The_Donald)

On August 2, 2019, The US State Department released a travel advisory on Uruguay due to increased crime to include homicides, robberies, and carjackings. Uruguay did the same thing relative to the U.S., referencing the mass shootings, and CEOWORLD Magazine’s listing of some U.S. cities.

This reminds me of the time when Brazil responded to the U.S. requiring fingerprinting of Brazilian nationals entering the U.S. Brazil required Americans entering Brazil to be fingerprinted.

In other news, The U.S. labeled China a currency manipulator, North Korea plays with more missiles, the U.S. sailed warships through disputed South China Sea waters, Iran unveils new missiles, etc.

Thomson Reuters Foundation News has the story on the travel ban.

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5th/77th FA


5th/77th FA

Weeellll would you lookie lookie here. FIRST to the KING of Battle. Just happened onto it too. This would technically be a three pete? Yes? no? maybe? Only The Claw knows for sure. I will claim a 3 pete until notified to the contrary.

Travel advisory? Hell that should be issued for just about any demon rat controlled metro area, wouldn’t it?


“technically be a three pete?”

Negative, I say again, Negative.

The “Firsts” posted on any Random/Mid-Week Open Threads are not tracked./s

5th/77th FA

Phooey! Can’t blame the boy for trying tho, can you? Still got Lording over rights until the next ROT, correct? Crocked potted chili and cornbread all around!

Somebody was tracking the MOTs and ROTs on a desk calendar, so there is that.


Perhaps we can unleash the “wall of nothing” in his honor…



5th/77th FA

Smartasses! No soup for y’all! (grin)


Well played, 11B. Well played.


The “wall of nothing” sounds like a CNN exclusive story.


ALCON: I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and again, have; food, guns, medicine(s), and a plan.
You can see it, it’s building up, one serious crack or misstep and this thing is going up like a shirt waste fire (hopefully not like Hiroshima).


Living in hurricane country for a while is good practice for “things do not always work” and “have stuff on hand to tide you over”.

Cameron Kingsley

Well that’s okay Uruguay. There’s not much I am desperate to see down your way anyhow.

Club Manager

We took a Space A hop from Howard AFB to Montevideo in 84′ and loved the place. In one part of town it was like being back in Germany to include the shop owner’s accent. The food water-side was very good. The red wine with the meal was so good I explored importing a container of it for retail. The people very friendly, the Yankee dollar went a long way and we have a hall unit full of Artesania Rinconada ceramics. Shame when a place goes to hell.

Cameron Kingsley

That truly is a shame Club Manager. I know my mom and one of my aunts feel the same way about Puerto Rico. Kind of like what happened to Venezuela. Used to be a very beautiful and prosperous nation where no one had a reason to leave. Now look at it. Truly a shell of it’s former self. Did a complete 180 thanks to Hugo Chávez and possibly on the brink of a civil war. And to think there are people who like to blame US sanctions (yeah blame the US for everything and ignore the fact that the current sanctions are recent) even though the problem began under Chávez and has since worsened under Nicolás Maduro. I won’t be surprised if Maduro ends up suffering the same fate that Romanian General Secretary Nicolae Ceaușescu did (or something similar) when the Romanian people and the Romanian military got fed up with his shenanigans and had him overthrown and executed.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66



Posted without comment

Dennis - not chevy

The NY Times recently had an article about the Nigerian scammers and how one had posted a GI’s picture. It was reported how the scammer told how he was an American serviceman far from home and needed money (like we haven’t heard that before). Long story short, it ended in a murder-suicide and the scammer got away with the money.
Now someone tell me again how stolen valor is a victim-less crime.


In other news, Peter Strzok is suing the FBI for wrongful termination. Aww, the poor guy must be on hard times – just can’t get hired by any other gubmint agency. Real damn shame.


Face of pompous evil… no one else would hire him but Cobra.


Hey! Cobra has standards!

Then again, he makes Cobra Commander look like “highly effective people”.


Cobra Commander needs the senior rater profile padding…


And here’s to the crew of the Enola Gay and Bock’s Car too and all the geniuses and floor sweepers from Hanford to Oak Ridge to Albuquerque who did what had to be done and made sure all those body bags and Purple Hearts saved up for the invasion of Japan stayed in storage. Hallelujah!


Top 20.
Got the PPK/S back this evening, too late to try it out, but at lease the key fits the set screw this time.

But – they replaced the entire slide, again. 3rd slide that has been on this frame. With that, they took the front sight I’d installed (it comes with 3 – the middle-height one installed, and one both lower and higher) and left the one that didn’t work last time. But who knows – on this slide it may print well.

To date, I have had the PPK/S in my possession 10 days, while the Walther folks have had it or it has been in transit 30 days.


Gray beard,
I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with your PPK/S.
My wife has a Smith and Wesson built example and it is a stainless steel beauty!
We have the Crimson Trace laser grips and the thing is super accurate.
A bit heavy for conceal carry, it lives in her desk drawer. It is finiky about ammo, but is loves Golden Saber and Winchester White Box truncated cone target ammo.
The cheap stuff at Walmart.
It is a thing of beauty and I fully expect my children and even grandchildren to enjoy shooting it.


And in Tucson news, a familiar face reappears. Another turd that won’t stay flushed.



Must be missing the “fine dining” at the BTJT Deli (Home of the WORLD FAMOUS Cockmeat Sammich).


“allegedly damaging water barrels meant for migrants”

That’s just plain mean no matter what one thinks of illegal immigration. Denying water to a thirsty man ranks right up there with depraved cruelty.


Lars is NOT a racist. He dates Asian women to prove it.


Asian “women”…. FIFY


Some folks just do not see the inherent contradiction of statements in the format of:

“I am not a Racist because I (make choice or take action based on race).

It is kinda funny to read such, especially when delivered with red-faced indignation and claimed moral-superiority outrage.


I see the Left has heard another “dog whistle”

Apparently one is not supposed to end “flags in mourning” on the 8th, especially August 8th.

I had to look up what the frack this is supposed to mean.

I apparently “8” is a thing, because “Hitler” starts with “H”, which is letter number 8.

With me so far? This stuff is weird. It’s like they warped Sesame Street.

So a -double- eight is supposed to be the addition of the Deutch “Hail”.

” Hate” also starts with #8 “H”.

Seriously. Some folks believe this (numerology?) stuff, and rage-post accordingly.

If that is where this goes, then Beethoven’s piano concertos are racist because …. 88 keys! Gosh!

I had to look up this “8 is racist” crap. They hear this stuff in every piano and annually in August. -who- hears the dog whistle is the dog, right?

I weep for my species sometimes.

Commissioner Wretched

Didja ever notice … the only ones who hear “dog whistles” are … dogs?

5th/77th FA

Got to look at another hole in their theory 11B. Why could Dale Jr. not push the #88 car to the front of the pack more often? I mean #88 should be double good at racinist, correct? Or, why was Dale Sr such a rassis, the #3 is half of an 8? Am I confused by this? Should they have been dancin’ instead of racin’? Rainbow flag instead of checkered flag?

Help me O’leven B Knobe, your our only hope!


The number three is only half of eight in prog math or that prevalent in West Baltimore, where only 16% of students can pass a basic math test.


That see-8s-everywhere racist-numerology crap is bat-guano-take-the-frakkin-meds insane.

“1” ia also apparently a thing, guess why.

It’s like they crossed The Count with Mister Hankey, and stirred in some LSD.


The Count agrees:



They don’t have anything else, so they grasp at straws.

I know a horse feed dealer who has plenty of bales of straw for them to grab onto.


For some reason, the local geese confine their crap to grassy areas, and refrain from giving the walkways the San Francisco treatment.

Weird but cool, as they serenely clip the grass. They seldom fuss unless a dog runs at them. They get out of the way of cars. These must be actually from Canada. Polite geese. Who knew?


Let’s calmly and rationally discuss this “film”.


Because if the politics of the groups in this “film” were reversed, the Left would utterly lose their marbles.

Someone in marketing is not thinking clearly.