What a Tangled Web – Act II, Scene 3

| August 6, 2019

It wasn’t me! I was never there!

Well, well…. I wondered if there was some undiscovered something that might explain RADM Bolivar’s insistence on ignoring the findings of the courts martial business with Eddie Gallagher.

Don’t mistake my suspicions for anything but what they are: suspicions. Sometimes, someone’s behavior seems a bit extreme to me, and the appropriate question to ask is “Why?” And sometimes, suspicions simply don’t pan out. But sometimes they do.

The attached article from Navy Times may have an answer.

“Staffers at her own Navy Region Southwest told Navy Times that she was reprimanded by Adm. Phil Davidson in 2017. That was confirmed by senior Pentagon officials who said it had been an open secret in the sea service.” – Article


Now, she was reprimanded for it: reprimanded, but not asked for a reason for the Navy to continue to keep her employed. She  did not, as the article says, solicit anything from Fat Leonard. Nevertheless, she accepted gifts from him, as did several members of her crew. And she knew better.

“Acting as the Consolidated Disposition Authority meting out punishment in the wake of the Glenn Defense Marine Asia public corruption scandal, Davidson substantiated three of five misconduct allegations against Bolivar and unnamed members of her crew on board the salvage vessel Salvor following a visit to the Malaysian port of Kata Kinabalu in 1998, according to records released to Navy Times following a Freedom of Information Act request.” – Article

So is this glaring focus of hers on Gallagher a weird kind of payback? “Holier than thou” stuff doesn’t sit well, especially when one discovers that the ‘holier than thou” attitude is a facade, a false front, which hides some rather sordid stuff committed by The Holier.

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jim h

now, im just an army type, but this reads kinda differently to me. see, we gravel technicians are not all that well versed in some of the navy’s culture, but that article reads to me like she’s got a history of being second rate but it was ignored because she was “breaking barriers.” which in a PC military is more important than actual leadership or command ethics.

it reads as though her star is losing its luster. maybe only 20 years too late. but ex, i do think you’re onto something in your suspicions.

MI Ranger

So Ex-PH2 are you sayin that she is acting like an “initiate” who has become a member that says “I got hit pretty hard when I initiated, so now I am going to make them bleed when I get the chance to initiate someone!”
Or are you saying that she sees Gallagher/Portier as a surrogate for ADM Davidson and is just being petty?

5th/77th FA

Stepping on her clinis? Several times? Proof that girl officers have the same equal opportunity to do stupid stuff? Got away with doing stupid stuff cause she was a girl? Had thought an official reprimand in an officer’s record was an almost career ending thing.

As a rep I had an expense account and thought nothing of taking a client/customer out for a meal. This was approved by the company and no consideration that it was a bribe for doing business. Now this was 20 + years ago. As an employee of the phone factory, it was a violation of the Code of Business Conduct to accept ANYTHING from a vendor wanting to do business with us. Violation of the CoB was subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

More to come on her?


My quota hire/promotion advantage sense is tingling again.

Forest Green

Hopefully, it is tingling up rather than down your leg.


That’s worth a 40% rating, I have been told.


Raise your hand if you saw this coming. Yeah, me too.

Navy Times Link

Monday ‘accelerated change of command ceremony’ relieves Navy JAG tied to SEAL cases

By: Carl Prine
Caught in a political firestorm for her leadership of the Regional Legal Service Office Southwest during a pair of SEAL war crimes cases that fell apart, the Navy relieved Capt. Meg Larrea on Monday.

But Navy spokesman Cmdr. Jereal E. Dorsey cautions not to read anything into that, calling Larrea’s relief an “accelerated change of command ceremony” 14 days before she was slated to relinquish her office to Capt. Jennie Goldsmith.

Deputy Judge Advocate General Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall Jr. presided over what was described as a private ceremony, without an end of the tour award for her.

It’s unclear if she has orders to another command but Monday’s event wasn’t a retirement ceremony.

Larrea has been in the spotlight for her decision to bestow four Navy Achievement Medals on junior officers on July 10 for their roles in the prosecution of Special Warfare Operator Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher for charges that included premeditated murder, attempted murder and obstruction of justice.

FC2(SW) Ron

Definitely a diversity issue here. No question in my mind. Diver? Let’s compare and contrast “her” record to other divers with the same credentials. This snowflake/SJW mentality is potentially fatal to our country and military.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Sounds like she rode the EO Quota wagon all the way to crash and burn!

FC2(SW) Ron

Ex-PH2, Spot on! Equal opportunity? Abso-fucking-lutely!!! Equal outcome? No way! I served with plenty of women who did their jobs (and very well I might add), some better than male counterparts and some severely lacking.

Merit. You earn it, you OWN it! Professionals could care less which side of the toilet seat someone pisses from as long as you perform.

RGR 4-78

I wonder if at some point, Chief Gallagher, dropped dime on her for substandard behavior or for the fat Lenard gifts?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

As I’ve said in past comments, you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be led./smile

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Does the Squirrel that I see in the above pics go Nuts whenever it gets it’s Royalties in nuts every time their pics are shown??? I hope they do because I’m nuts about Squirrels.


Fitting that you would use a squirrel here, as you are distracting everyone from the facts of the Gallagher case. I know you all want to see this case as the gritty man in the arena who does what needs to be done while Big Navy admirals in their white uniforms are shocked to learn that people die in wars- this is basically the plot of ‘A Few Good Men’ with SEALs instead of Marines. I can just hear Jessup giving the ‘You can’t handle the truth’ speech. That’s just not what’s happening here. First, keep in mind that the only way this story would have got out is someone in the platoon reported it- somebody thought Gallagher went over the line. That somebody was a Navy SEAL. Was this because Gallagher was too tough on them? Maybe, but we are talking about SEALs here. These aren’t Cub Scouts on their first campout. All of the witnesses against Gallagher were fellow SEALs. It was a SEAL Team Commander and Special Warfare Group Commodore that decided to send this to Court Martial rather than handle it administratively. It is a stretch to say that Bolivar ‘handled’ the Gallagher case. she’s the General Court Martial Convening Authority, and I bet she wanted nothing to do with this case. Her interaction with Fat Leonard was 21 years ago. The SEALs did this to themselves. This whole thing is the SEAL community showing its collective @$$ in front of the world. It is not a good look. His defense team was masterful, and the prosecution blew it, but there is lots of testimony from members of his own platoon and an Army SF team he supported in Afghanistan that says he did a lot of questionable stuff. In the end, Gallagher was tried and convicted for a war crime- one that he admitted to, and luckily for him the least of all the charges. He got off with a relatively light sentence, mainly due to the fact that he was confined while awaiting charges, and that was counted not only as ‘time served’ but… Read more »

Retired Grunt

Gee, in the Army, unless it’s at O1 or O2, any reprimand in your official file is career ending. You may not get a show cause hearing you simply will not be promoted twice non select and you’re out. So how did she get a reprimand in her file for fat Leonard and be able to continue to be promoted when at the time I think she was in charge of a vessel. I squarely smell quotas and they smell like crap. If and 01 or an O2 to does receive a reprimand they can apply to have it put in their private or restricted section. I’m flat out saying that this rear Admiral should never have been given a star.


What’s that got to do with anything I said?

Fat Leonard may yet kill her career- keep an eye on @therealdonaldtrump.

That said, the incident in the article happened in 1998, and the Fat Leonard stuff didn’t come to light until 2017. I don’t know how much evidence they had on her, but it probably wasn’t a lot to go on at that point. Given that the Navy was trying to minimize the fallout from the scandal, I am not surprised at all that they decided not to look too hard for more evidence.


Jeezuz… RADM Bolivar’s career should have ended with the investigation, but nobody had the balls to do it (probably afraid that the PC POPO would be after them for doing the right thing).

WTF is going on with the Navy? Shitcan Bolivar and put an end to this.