California city will remove gender terms

| July 23, 2019

berkeley manhole
A new law passed in Berkeley, California would rename words like ‘manhole’ to ‘maintenance hole’; Christina Coleman has the details

One of our ninjas sends us this article from the Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes, aka California, and at the State’s cultural epicenter, the city of Berkeley. With all of the other problems facing the city obviously having been resolved, the City Council is now ready to face the important matters. Like the burning issue of removing gender specific names in the city code, and replacing them with…what?
Read on.

By Christina Coleman

Gender-inclusive restrooms and have become more and more common across the country.

Now, the city of Berkeley is taking it a step further.

The city is removing gender-specific words in its municipal code. It will cost the city about $600 to make the changes. The Berkeley City Council unanimously passed the measure to replace more than two dozen commonly used terms on Tuesday.

It will switch words like “he” and “she” to “they” and “them” in the city code. “Manholes” will be changed to “maintenance holes” and references to manmade will be changed to “artificial.”

No, really. There’s more.

Councilman Rigel Robinson, a 23-year-old recent graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, sponsored the ordinance. He tweeted, in part: “There is power in language. It’s a small move, but it matters.”

Berkeley City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley wrote in a memorandum to council, “In recent years, broadening societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming identities has brought to light the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity.”

Terms like fraternity or sorority will be changed to “collegiate Greek system residence.” Other terms that will be changed include pregnant woman or women. It will be switched to pregnant employees. Brothers and sisters will be switched to sibling.

“…the importance of non-binary gender inclusivity.” Wow. If this bovine scatology wasn’t enough, the City Council also voted to ban the use of natural gas as a fuel source.

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — By a unanimous city council vote, Berkeley has become the first city in the nation to ban the use of natural gas in new low-rise residential buildings

What it means is that the gas-flame stove top and gas-powered heat many Californian’s currently use won’t be available in brand new residential spaces.

“First, it will be single family homes and buildings under three stories that are just residential. That will happen on January 1st,” said City Council member Kate Harrison, who was one of the sponsors of the ordinance.

Harrison points out that the new ordinance runs parallel to the state’s plan to reduce carbon use in buildings.

What it means is now people will be forced to use more expensive electricity from coal-fired, out of state, power generation plants. So no reduction in the aggregate of carbon use, more monetary burden on people already over-taxed, and more of those who can will simply leave the state.

And unfortunately wind up in Austin, Tx.

If you wish to read more, here are the links:

Berkeley Gender Politics

Berkeley Bans Natural Gas

Tip of the old chapeau to our ninja for the links.

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Time to build the wall! and run it all the way to the Canadian border, to keep these idiots from spreading their mental illness to the rest of the country!


Admin: phone froze and farted. Please remove this post?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’d call this virtue signaling for retards writ large, but that would be insulting to retards everywhere.

You can write the law however you want, you can pretend that we don’t have male and female body parts all you want but at the end of the day none of that bullshit changes the simple reality of biology that you are either a male or a female. That your brain pan can’t figure out how to align with that birth reality doesn’t make you courageous, it doesn’t make you anything other than simply another poor soul with delusions about reality. Your chromosomes determine male or female regardless of your head space. Cutting things off, and other body modifications don’t change the reality of chromosomes…

I do feel bad for those folks who are so lost in their identity they believe themselves something they are not, but once again thinking you’re Santa and dressing in a red suit no more makes you Santa than lopping off your pecker, calling yourself Crystal and wearing a dress makes you a woman…it’s all a variant of mental illness.


“Re-turds” is the new name for the morons.
And yes, they come to Austin.
If you see someone driving around in a Kia Soul with a “Don’t California my Texas” sticker on the back…
That would be me.
Whenever I see commiefornia plates I pass them, get in front of them and slow way the hell down…
They back way off and have a trigger episode with all the assorted whining, tears and absolute panic…
Lot’s of fun, you should try it sometime !!!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Berzerkely CA is like a giant bowl of granola, get rid of the fruits and nuts and all you’ll have left is FLAKES!!

I wish for them to do our World a favor, just stay there and DO NOT BREED!

Comm Center Rat

The Urban Dictionary defines “mangina as “a man who plays up the feminist agenda, and or hates other men in favor of female privilege.” As I do not reside in Berzerkley, I will continue to refer to a “mangina” as a “mangina.”


Be all that you can be.

Just stay away from Berserkley. They’re destroying your native language now.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I just wonder how soon the rest of the loony-tunes left will start trying to shove that shit down everyone’s throat?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I wonder if Frank Sinatra had to pay a Manhole cover charge to shoot craps down in the sewer in Guys And Dolls, although I’m pretty sewer that he didn’t because it wasn’t a club/dime taxi dancer dance hall but I could be wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen are also a no no in Left Jerkely Ca.


Farkin idiots


“Power in language…”


Go fuck yourself.


The Politburo of Berserkley deserves so much more, but why expend any more effort?

just lurking

Those of us who worked for the City of Berkeley emergency services took pride in our quick response time, so when the call came in we sprang immediately into action.

“Let’s go,” I called out to my team, “there’s a pregnant woman stuck down a manhole near the sorority!”

“How dare you,” responded Xander, “first you assume that person’s gender and then you twice used non-inclusive language.”

“Look, I’m sorry,” I replied, “but we really need to hurry to save her life!”

“You did it again!” screamed Skye. “I don’t know how I can be expected to work under these conditions.”

“Fascist!” exclaimed Lars, passing by outside.

“You didn’t even hear what I said,” I argued sadly as I could feel the seconds passing.

“It was a safe bet,” said Lars, “given that these two gender-fluid young people of indeterminate ethnicity are calling you out.”

“I’ll take care of it myself,” I said, grabbing a crowbar from the tool kit.

“Somebody call Antifa,” said Skye, “clearly this right wing lunatic intends to cause someone grievous harm, what with his malicious use of pronouns.”

Xander immediately whipped out his phone, but I could see that he was only playing Minecraft, Skye had taken a selfie so that she could post about the entire encounter on Snapchat and Lars had wandered off to try and find any stray Republican he could harass. I headed off on my mission or mercy with the crowbar.


Berkeley… a shit school in a shit city in a shit state.

Of all the things important in the world today those losers focus on utter bullshit. Fuck them.


You left out, “Attended by shit students taught by shit professors…”


They went full retard. You never go full retard.


in Berzerkly, they ALWAYS go full retard!

A Proud Infidel®™️

More like full throttle past full potato and rutabaga to mildewed shower curtain!

Slow Joe

You said retard….


I’m waiting to see if they will rewrite the plumbing code. /sarc

After all, we can’t have or be using terms such as:

journeyman, French drain, couplings, crosses,
plumbing MAN-ufacturers, nipples, female end,
male end, cross threading, etc..

The horror!!


I deMANd an end to all these references to MAN!!!

Uh, wait…


Microwave engineers will be safe with their “sexless” rf connectors.
Hewlett Packard APC-7, General Radio GR-874, GR-900 etc.
But they are in Palo Alto.

5th/77th FA

smh. Dumbasses! Guess they gonna outlaw manual transmissions, no more owners manuals, oh the list goes on. If I owned a house in commiefornia the FIRST thing I’d do is sell it and move.

And they poke fun at Southerners? We know which bathroom to use and we cook with gas.


“California, the land of fruits and nuts.” I’ve heard that expression since I was a boy back in the 1940’s even before I was old enough to understand the sexual connotation of the reference to fruits. I tried a quick search for its origin but can find nothing.

Consider for a moment how prescient that person was who first uttered those words. He or she had to have been referring to LA or San Fran because the infection didn’t start spreading to the rest of the state until the 1970’s as best I can recall from the time I spent there.

It is truly sad to witness the destruction of such a beautiful place by such an ugly socio-political movement–like watching a family member being consumed by a terrible disease.

Perry Gaskill

All of the ragging on California because Berkeley is gender obsessive seems to me like ranting about what amounts to political flatulence. The beta twerp who introduced the manhole measure is fairly obviously pandering to the feminist majority on the city council. Personally, I might support a measure to have his scrotum crushed in a bench vise until he can parse the verb “to hunt.”

It also seems to me what’s actually more ominous is the second part of the above post about the effort to ban natural gas in new construction. According to a story that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle last year, the cost of electric heating ($34.32 per million BTUs) is much more than the cost of natural gas ($14.02 per million BTUs) if broken down into thermal units. Meaning that the Berkeley ordinance was pretty much a windfall gift to Pacific Gas and Electric.

Which made it no surprise when PG&E showed up at the Berkeley City Council meeting to link arms with the Sierra Club, and bang the drum loudly for the new rules.


One can only wish a freezing cold winter with downed power lines on the dimwitted city of Berserkeley.

A Proud Infidel®™️

They’d just bawl and blame it all on President Trump!


They can’t. They’re going completely off natural gas before long. They – the coastal CALIFers – voted for it. They can freeze to death for all I care.


How can a state that was implementing rolling blackouts just a few years ago think that converting everything they own to electric is a good plan? Electric cars, electric heat. Not only is none of it more “carbon neutral”, but it’s more expensive and you’re at the whim of an aging and overtaxed electrical grid.

A Proud Infidel®™️

They WON’T go for hydroelectric power because the dams might interfere with fish migration, NO nuclear plants, NO coal or gas-fired plants because of carbon emissions,… fuck’ em, let them suffer.


During last weeks heat wave New England ISO had 3300 MW of nuke, 12000 MW of NG and at the apex they opened the gates on 900MW of hydro for peaking.
Wind was less than 200 MW and Solar was fleashit on the back of an elephant.
Landfill gas beat solar.

NG is instantly available while nuke is a constant baseline.
Hydro is also instantly available.
The rest of the mix is wishful thinking.
NG is limited by pipeline capacity and the lefties will not allow more pipe. Idiots.


Not just cooking, but heating water and keeping things clean.

They’ll be sorry.

Perry Gaskill

Or not, Ed. Given Berkeley’s past record of craziness, I’d venture that a carbon-neutral policy will probably last up until the time some illegal immigrant can’t buy propane for his taco truck.


I’m surprised that the retarded seagull (that’s not one of the terms banned is it?) hasn’t showed up to tell us what a great idea this all is how he thought of it first, and how it’ll make the city stronger… etc , etc, etc.


I think there is a typo in the article cited above. It says it will only cost $600.00 to make all these changes. I heard it will cost $600,000. Think about it; the Berzerkeley bureaucrats will have to rewrite every ordnance, regulation, SOP, or other official document or writing that currently uses normal gender pronouns or contains the word “man.” It cannot be possible to do that for $600.00, even if you outsourced the tasks to some office in Mumbai.


Either way… what a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars. Might as well pile all that cash up and burn it.



So, now what’ll they call any MANagers workin’ there?

Slow Joe

Instead of a he, I want to be a hick.
Can I be a hick?


In my mind, you already were. 😉


What next for Bezerkeley? Castrating all males and giving them soi enemas?


Some of them would likely sign up for that. The line will be forming right outside the student union.


CouncilMAN Rigel should be rocketed off to Rigel 4. (You trekkies should get the reference)


I like LV246. The bugs are still there.