Those Planes Were (“Not”) Really There

| July 23, 2019


It wasn’t me! I was never there!

South Korea scrambled jets and chased two Russian Tu-95MS bombers and an A-50 out of their air space.

Of course, the Kremlin denies that it happened. “Those planes weren’t in South Korean air space, at all, not once.” Really? Well, who was it? Was it Bigfoot?

Note that the Kremlin doesn’t deny that those planes were flying somewhere. Of course they weren’t in South Korean air space. They were just following migratory sparrows hauling coconuts to Africa, right?  Right??

From the article: SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean jets fired warning shots after a Russian military plane violated South Korea’s airspace on Tuesday, Seoul officials said, in the first such incident between the countries.

South Korea said three Russian military planes — two Tu-95 bombers and one A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft — entered the South’s air defense identification zone off its east coast before the A-50 intruded in South Korean airspace. Russia said later that two of its Tu-95MS bombers were on a routine flight over neutral waters and didn’t enter South Korean territory. – Article

It gets better:  Japan, which claims ownership over those same islets, protested to South Korea for firing warning shots over Japanese airspace. South Korea later countered that it cannot accept the Japanese statement, repeating that the islets are South Korean territory. Japan also protested to Russia for allegedly violating Japanese airspace. – Article

Total rounds fired in two goes: 10 flares and 80 machine gun rounds in the first encounter, then 10 flares and 280 rounds in the second.

In regard to the islands mentioned, North Korea also claims some as their turf. At some time in the past, there were people living there, working at fishing for a living, and the Norks came in and took them away, claiming they were they illegally. The South Korean government subsequently told the remaining people to leave that island permanently and resettled them elsewhere.

It’s almost as though someone wants to start a war, isn’t it? Don’t those people have anything better to do with their time?

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russian a-50Russian A-50

So…Russian aircraft violates airspace near islands claimed by both South Korea and Japan, gets shot at by South Korean jets TWICE, and claims nothing happened.


Ms Dustoff has spoke with her contacts in South Korea and the word on the street is China, Russia , and the North are a little POed that the South are getting F-35s from us. Not to worry, she says she has full confidence in the ROKAF. In fact, if you’d like to see what would happen if the North got too sassy with the South and have five minutes to burn you can see it, including air to air, a retaliatory strike on a NORK Air Base, and a Combat Rescue by South Korean PJs…


I’ve flown with the ROKN, they are very professional and I’m glad to have them on our side.


Of course Im biased, but will agree. Add to that, when anyone is defending home turf it makes you turn up your game.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I did a tour over there in the early nineties, you DON’T mess with the ROKs without expecting consequences!

5th/77th FA

I personally think we’re still there NOT to stop the Norks, but to keep the ROKs in check.

How many pots do we think Vlad is going to keep on the fire, stirred up?

Cool video. I say, release the Kraken!


They spent a lot of blood in Vietnam with more than 5000 KIA. Their White Horse Division was fearsome and accused of war crimes for it.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I always heard that the VC and NVA were scared shitless of the ROKs!


I’m sure China will step in to resolve this by claiming ownership, as they previously have done with the Spratly Islands off the coast of the Philippines.

Mike W.

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Buzz an island, stir the turd-pot between US allies.

someone important should post a new map of the china/russia border and the most recent conflicts, with several glaring errors in contested areas. Post it on some noisy platform and make it a Meme that just begs correction.

Tzu can play that game.