Iran, China and US

| July 9, 2019

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Iran breaches nuclear enrichment deal, going to 4.5%, well above the 3.45% allowed, as of Monday.

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran on Monday began enriching uranium to 4.5%, just breaking the limit set by its nuclear deal with world powers, while it is still seeking a way for Europe to help it bypass U.S. sanctions amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

The acknowledgement by the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to The Associated Press shows that the Islamic Republic trying to increase pressure on those still in the 2015 nuclear deal. It also comes just days after Iran acknowledged breaking the 300-kilogram (661-pound) limit on its low-enriched uranium stockpile, another term of the accord. – Article

This violates their agreement to stick to the lower level of enrichment and the volume, which was part of that agreement. While 4.5% enrichment is what will power Iran’s only nuclear reactor, per the article, they appear to be heading towards the enrichment level that will allow them to build and test a nuclear weapon. Per the article, Trump is making China nervous about all of this, but there is more to it than just that. China has a vested interest in stirring the pot in the Middle East as part of its long-term plan to acquire control of South Asia.

This article is from the Committee on Present Danger: CHINA

China’s interest lies entirely in having physical and economic control of South Asia, including being able to mine the rare earths in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are estimated to be worth some $3 trillion when refined. And no, China will not give a damn if the entire area they mine is so contaminated that nothing, including algae, will grow on it. They just don’t care. COL Sellin’s article has more information and is less panicky than Spalding’s.

China is not driving us into the ground economically. A prior occupant of the White House almost did that while destroying a lot of jobs and benefits, but we’ve been in recovery for some time now. It is simply taking advantage of the current idiocy in the USA that says a minimum wage should be $15/hr, which is one way to shut down both jobs and those large companies that employ a lot of people. We need to find a way to reverse that.  The most important thing is to understand that while China is currently dominating the manufacturing market now, it is not inventing anything new. It just isn’t. Everything is still a copy of what someone else created, but they have no innovations. They still have this imperial mentality that you have to get permission to produce your bright idea.

This is even more interesting, in that the USA helped to finance the rise of the Chinese economy by allowing companies like Apple to send their manufacturing overseas to China’s cheaper work force.

That article makes a very good point: that wars of aggression (e.g., Japan v. USA) were not financed by the attacker’s opponent. But we have funded China’s rise by sending work there. Very good, referencing the Thucydides trap. Read the whole thing.

Business Insider’s view of Iran, China and the USA:

That article says essentially the same thing: someone is pushing the USA toward war, probably China, but to their detriment if they do. We can bring home all of our manufacturing in a heartbeat. We already have the robotics technology in place in many manufacturing processes here, and its showing up in fast food joints, too.

And we all have to remember that the Middle East has been a war zone since its earliest settlements rose out of the grasses of the Fertile Crescent, when the last glacial maximum began to withdraw and people began domesticating livestock and grasses like wheat and barley and turning those water-softened grains into beer. It isn’t something new.

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5th/77th FA

Outf’ing standing Post, Ex. This is spot on target, weapons free, fire for effect. I am glad that someone up there in the swamp/puzzle palace area is trying to bring to light what many of us has preached for years. China and the Mooslims are hell bent on not just regional domination, but Global. And we, the USA, are hell bent on helping them do it. All in the name of short term profits. The above post should be required reading, with a test following, for every congress critter and Military Commander down to the squad leader level. KNOW THY ENEMY!

I read thru all of the linkies and it just emphasized what we have discussed. All we need now is for the resident seagull to show up and squawk about how wrong we are. You know, us that are still stuck in another decade. /s/

I am setting up to start drawing on my pension/401K money after the FIRST of the year. I have already (today after reading the links) called my financial advisor and told him to research every place my money is in looking for a “Chinese Connection.” Pull it out no matter what the current ROI and if need be, we’ll stick it in a mason jar underneath a tomato plant.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember hearing him bawl about how bad the job market was because she had a PhD in Chinese Politics and couldn’t find a job in her degree field!


China has business ties with quite a few American companies, as suppliers or customers.

If they get too adversarial, their whole economy will come apart. Ours, not so much.


Iran is discovering that it is far, far easier to run a “blackmail” half-assed “nuclear program”, fleecing chumps for billions, than it is to actually finance and build a -real- nuclear weapons program.

Thus the near constant ” we’re gonna do it! We’re really gonna do it!”. (Where are the bribes? They should be bribing us by noe!) “Really! Enriching uranium!” (This is bankrupting us, and the stuff isn’t working well! Get the money!) “Better watch out! Nothing can stop us!”

Reliable nukes and reliable delivery systems are near-ruinous expensive. Enough to take -us- out? Enough to prevent a retaliatory extinction-level event? Forget it.

The problem is Iran has just enough lunatics at the helm where “extinction” might not be believed.

Running up their expenses could destabilize their government enough for the locals to toss out the nutcase mullahs. But they are proud and stubborn, so it would take a lot of sustained pain to do it.

Trump has a grasp of economic warfare that may be uniquely suitable to both Iran and China. If he does strike at Iran in retaliation for some future outrage, it would not surprise me at all if the bulk of the targets are oil transport and refining targets. Most of the mullahs power comes from the money from oil.

India can’t be too happy about a nuclear Iran. There might be an angle there too.

A Proud Infidel®™

As I see it, President Trump and Company DO NOT put up with the shit that past Administrations did like the money and materiel handed to ‘lil tubby Kim Cheese and his predecessors, Adults are in charge now!


Even if they build a half-ass nuke, how are they gonna deliver it? I don’t think DHL will deliver atomic warheads. And the last time I looked, Iran didn’t have a space program.