USAF Marathon Man

| July 9, 2019

I guess I’ll have to stop calling them the ‘chair force’ from now on.

WETUMPKA, Ala. (AP) — Capt. Jared Struck isn’t quite sure why he loves running, just that he does.

The aircraft maintenance officer at Maxwell Air Force Base has always been the type to head toward a challenge — maybe because of his upbringing, maybe because of his service in the Air Force. He embraces adventure and finishes each task he takes on.

When asked why he is choosing to run the Badwater 135 — known as “the world’s toughest foot race” — July 15-17 in Death Valley, California, Struck pondered his answer.

“It’s really hard to answer the question why,” he said. Maybe it’s the desert and its beauty that draws him to the race, or the fact that it’s the hardest, he said. “I think the challenge is probably the biggest draw.” – Article

It began when he decided to quit smoking and drinking because he didn’t like the way he looked.

You can read the rest here:

This is a race much longer than a standard marathon, which is 26.2 miles, going through Death Valley, one of the more hostile places on the planet if you’re doing this kind of thing.

I hope he does well and completes it. Winning would be a big thing, yes, but completing the task is more important, in my view. It is a very harsh environment that one cannot take lightly.

BZ to him for making this one of his accomplishments-to-be.

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Ok, someone is gonna say it, so i’ll go there…

“Run Forrest Run!”

5th/77th FA

BZ Capt Struck in your Marathon. Hope you don’t get struck out (groan) before the finish line. What, me run? Nah, I’m a more amble at the mosey kinda guy now. Only thing around here that’s running is the Trane, and the frigidare. Before my medical issues popped up I was in damn good shape, doing telegraph line construction and keeping up with/surpassing kids 1/2 my age. Now-a-days my exercise program consists of lifting weights (12 ozs at a time), dodging responsibility, holding down the sofa, and surfing the innerwbez.

Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

“Badwater”? Should be called the “No water 135”


One rotation at NTC as a Army dismount in July will put an end to his idea of fun in the sun.
Just sayenz.

A Proud Infidel®™

BZ to the Captain, but when it comes to PT at my age I say:

Rabbits jump and live for around 8 years.
Large dogs run and live for around 10 years.
TURTLES do neither and live for up to 150 years, ’nuff said!

Toxic Deplorable B Woodman