Albert Brum; Canadian phony and his US medal

| April 11, 2017

Someone sent us their work on this fellow Albert Brum. He’s been a phony for years. In 2008, he convinced U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye to award him a Bronze Star Medal for his time fighting with the US Army in Europe. A Canadian journalist wrote about him in a local rag;

Brum is one of the few surviving members of the 1st Special Service Force, the joint American-Canadian commando unit that gained fame during the Second World War as the Devil’s Brigade.

In 2008, he received the Bronze Star for meritorious achievement as a jumper with the 2nd Canadian Parachute Battalion, a sub-unit of the 1st SSF, during the Italian and northwest European campaigns.

The medal will be presented to him by a delegation including members from the Canadian government and the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

Apparently, no one up there asks for proof of service, like Senator Inouye’s staff didn’t.

This discharge covers 1944 – he was in the Royal Canadian Air Force from April, 1944 until November 1944 – 222 days including 106 days of leave. He left the service as an AC2 – aircraftman 2d class (one step above private no class).

Then came 1945;

From the looks of the paperwork, he never left Canada that year either. It shows he went to paratrooper training in June and then his parachutist pay ended in July. By then, the war in Europe was over anyway. He was discharged in April 1946 at the rank of sapper (again one step above private according to Wiki). At no time during his service in the Canadian Army/Air Force did he deploy to the Second World War. But somehow a US Senator’s staff awarded him a US medal for his service in the European Theater.

Of course, his lies didn’t stop there. he claims that he joined the US forces in their war against communism in Vietnam. He enlisted in the Canadian Army’s miltia (Reserves) in 1949 until 1969 and he never left Canada;

I’m sure the reserves would have noticed if he was in Vietnam with the US Army while he was fulfilling his contract with the Canadian people.

The old POW Network had busted him, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his antics, apparently;

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Geeezuz….I’ve seen many awards denied or downgraded (and on rare occasions upgraded) for deserving troops and this guy waltzes in and gets a politician to just toss him a BSM.

lotta douchebaggery….all around


There was probably an act of a sexual nature involved in his award of a BSM.

Ass clown probably could tell all at the local watering hole how he captured Himmler and Goering using a rusty spork while on a seekrit skwirrl deep anal penetration mission for the OSS!


A while back the Army “converted” anyone who had earned the CIB in WWII and bestowed on them the Bronze Star. I suspect this guy conned the politician by claiming the CIB and getting his accompanying Bronze Star.

Back around 2000 or 2001, one of the Major’s in my unit retired and at his retirement ceremony he had some gifts/mementos for family members. He called his father a WWII infantry veteran up on stage.

All of a member of the Army Det came over the PA system Attention to Orders and like Pavlov’s dog everyone reacted and came to attention (even us AF types knew what to do)The “adjutant” proceeded to read Citation ot Accompany the Award of the Bronze Star to Sgt…

Our Army guys were familiar with the CIB to Bronze Star and Steve got to present his father a Bronze Star earned as a result from WWII that his father never knew about. One of the more memorable and touching events from a retirement ceremony.

Just An Old Dog

It wasn’t converted, it was an additional award. A bronze star for meritoriuos service in a combat zone. IIRC it was put into place in late 45 and a lot of the vets were in the process of being discharged or out and it was never put in their records or on their DD214


Another Chelthenham tragic figure… and I haven’t even had breakfast!

How about we drag his sorry ass off to the Canadian Rockies before the snows melt and just leave him there? He’s such a toughy, I’m sure he can find his way home.





[multiple secondaries are heard, thrashing and screaming accompanying]


Yo, Brum – take off, eh?


And without fail…the cocksucker is wearing a 2nd award of the CIB.

HT3 '83-'87

You’re spelling his name wrong. There is no ‘R’ in bum.

It never ceases to amaze me how theses phonies can stand there in their pretty costumes amongst brave & gallant men. I’m sure the real heroes deflect attention and will say they were “just doing their duty” while lying pricks like this vermin will spin yarn about their ‘battlefield daring’ trying to suck up as much undeserved attention they feel they are entitled to…sickening.

Combat Historian

In Canada during WWII, conscripts could not be ordered to serve in the overseas theaters; you had to specifically volunteer to be deployed overseas. This policy remained in effect until almost the very last months of the war. Did this guy even try to volunteer to serve overseas? My guess is NO…

2/17 Air Cav

Good stuff, CH.

Danny Krauskopf

Scum Bag. I spent a lot of time researching this creep. Thank you John for posting the information I gathered on this clown.

Guard Bum

Well done!


Another douche nozzle….apparently we have more twats than a gynecology office.

A Proud Infidel®™

And more assholes than a busy Proctologist’s office.


You’re not wrong


Why is he wearing a Silver Star in the picture if he was awarded a Bronze Star.


Looks like those stars have 6 points to me and are not US Awards


He must be legit, Wave “Sticky Buns” Rayner and Jim “Dances with Shit Nickels” Wellheiser have vouched for him…


Fauxhawk vouches him from the grave


Just a tiny correction – Sapper is not above Private in rank, it is the Engineer’s equivalent of Private, same as in the Australian Army.

Artillery = Gunner
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers = Craftsman
Band Corps = Musician
Signals Corps = Signaller
Armour/Cav/SASR = Trooper

Signals Pete

Thanks Steve….I was going to correct that as well when I read that. Yes….I am a former Signaller and appreciate you mention us as well 🙂

2/17 Air Cav

It takes a particular type of asshole to do what this one did. Of all the US Senators to appeal to, it was Inouye he bullshitted. Inouye, a certified, card-carrying bad ass whose DSC was upgraded to a CMOH. THAT Inouye. Of course, the late senator had to depend on staff to determine this special asshole’s qualifications and that person failed miserably. Miserably.

2/17 Air Cav

Rescind the award. That’s what’s needed. That’s precisely what is needed. Let him f’n prove he was entitled to the medal. If he does not respond, rescind. And he won’t b/c he can’t prove what needs to be proven.

Danny K

And this slimy parasite also conned the French Government to present him an award. The Juno Beach center sent back his brick to him, it has been removed from the center. A lot of people are very pissed off for the embarrassment they have been exposed to due to this POS. Total FN POS attention seeking C@@ck S##ker. I warned a lot of people who would not listen, I showed them the evidence, again nobody would listen. I would like to see this old POS be stripped of all his store bought tin, have the rack broken over his head and let the truth be known.


Good comment. What a POS! A tall story is one thing. Outright LIES and deceit and fakes and forgeries?? He should be horse-whipped. Might get him to stop.


The book “Out of the Clouds The History of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (1981)” has a list of its members in Appendix D 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Officers and Other Ranks. On page 225 an Albert E Brum is listed. There is no record of his rank or the place and date of his parachute training.

While the time lines do not match those in the military records presented it is interesting that his name appears in the list of the members serving in the battalion.