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| April 11, 2017

Bobo sends us a link from Austin, Arkansas;

a Good Samaritan, identified as Lt. Brandon Teel, witnessed the incident and reported the crime to police.

When he realized the severity of the fight, police say Teel took out his concealed weapon, for which he has a valid permit, and held the suspect until Austin officers were able to take him into custody.

Teel, 35, of Ward, is an active-duty United States Air Force Reserves 189th Airlift Wing and is stationed at the Little Rock Air Force base.

The Austin police chief says Teel’s actions saved a life.

“Lt. Teel is a perfect example of a responsible concealed carry permit holder,” said Chief Bill Duerson. “He acted heroically in the face of extreme danger and avoided a tragedy.”

In Phoenix, Arizona;

According Sgt. Alan Pfohl with the Phoenix Police Department, it all started when neighbors saw a man going in and out of a vacant home and called the police.

Two officers learned the suspect had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, responded to the call and tried to talk to the 23-year-old man. That’s when a struggle started between one of the officers and the suspect, Pfohl said. He tried to take the officer’s gun and got it partially out of the holster.

The gun went off.

The bullet went through the pants of the officer but didn’t hit him and hit the ground.

The other officer saw what was going on and fired one round, hitting the suspect in the leg, Pfohl said.

The suspect then ran off but the officers were able to catch up to him and he was taken into custody.

He was taken to the hospital. His injury is not considered life-threatening.

In Puebla, Mexico, for your entertainment;

A woman was waiting for a taxi in the middle of the street when the two mentried to steal her handbag.

One of the thieves was holding a gun and pointing it at her during the attempted robbery.

When she tried to defend herself and struggled with the thieves, one of the men punched her with in the head with his gun, but shot his pal by mistake.

The man is seen in the video falling to the ground.

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Doc Savage

heh….head punch leads to lead poisoning…


Women need to wise up, when someone grabs them, kick the living shyt out of them, go for the eyes, the thief is hanging onto the purse, can’t defend themselves and expect the victim to be passive…show them how it REALLY IS!!

Frankie Cee

Legally armed citizens who are familiar with their weapon are no match for the thugs, most of whom have never even fired the weapon that they carry, and don’t know if it will actually fire, or jam, or otherwise malfunction.
One of these miscreants even shot his buddy while trying to rob a lady.


“Lt. Teel is a perfect example of a responsible concealed carry permit holder,” said Chief Bill Duerson. “He acted heroically in the face of extreme danger and avoided a tragedy.”

So a good guy with a gun prevented a tragedy? Isn’t this the kind of thing the Brady Bunch and the Moms Demanding something or other tell us never, ever happens and is just unpossible?

I’m so confused…


Since the event didn’t end in the weapon being fired or no one shot, it won’t make it into any of the crime statistics used by either side of the gun lobby. So, the use of a handgun for good will be lost forever while moms hate guns used skewed statistics from the FBI to argue their point.

Deplorable B Woodman

I call Pfohl play on the Phoenix story!

Carlton G. Long

That’s quite enough tompfohlery for one day, Mister.


3rd story.

Boom Head Shot!!!


Probably just a “dreamer” that was upset he got sent back home

RGR 4-78

At the end of the video, a person walks up to the lady laying on the ground, kneels down to check on her condition, then grabs her purse and runs off.
That is one hell of a good Samaritan.