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| September 4, 2007

The Wall Street Journal’s Jackie Calmes writes that Hillary is easing her “husband” back into her campaign in “Two-for-One Deal” – as if we’ve completely forgotten that 90s brought us to the point where we are today;

Hillary and Bill Clinton kicked off her fall campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, a rare joint effort calling to mind the uncharted waters of a White House with an ex-president in residence. Many voters in their audiences, even some nonsupporters, saw the potential precedent as a plus.

The Clintons’ Labor Day weekend of stumping in New Hampshire and Iowa, the states with the first nominating contests in four months, was the third time they have publicly campaigned together this year. The campaign has focused on letting the New York senator make her case independently of her husband.

Yes, she made her case independently of her husband – and her campaign, using the tactics of her husband’s 1996 campaign, began taking in money from shady characters, as documented quite thoroughly by Curt of Flopping Aces, Gateway Pundit and Michele Malkin.

mRed at Invicible Armor tells us that, in true Clinton form, Bill says you could have knocked him over with a feather when he found out that yet another Chinese businessman handing the Clinton campaign cash was a crook. You’d think that it’d be the other way around, wouldn’t you? I’d be more surprised that legitimate Chinese businessmen were contributing to the Clinton campaign.

Bill Gertz in today’s Washington Times recounts some of the events we have forgotten from a decade ago;

The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee investigated what it called the Clinton campaign fundraising “scandal” in 1997 and issued a report showing that four persons were linked to large illicit contributions thought to have come from China’s government through Hong Kong.


William C. Triplett II, a former Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff member whose 1998 book “Year of the Rat” highlighted the 1996 funding scandal, said he suspects that the Chinese are involved in Mrs. Clinton’s presidential bid.

“What we saw in 1996 was similar,” Mr. Triplett said. “Whenever the Clintons have money trouble, they turn to the Chinese and the Chinese don’t let them down. Perhaps it is only a coincidence that both 1996 and 2008 are Years of the Rat in the Chinese calendar.”

The WSJ story quotes the most ominous statement from Hillary yet;

“The day I’m elected,” she said, “I’m going to be asking distinguished Americans — including my husband — of both parties, to start traveling around the world, and not just talking to governments and leaders, but talking directly to people and telling them that America is back.”

Yeah, that crooked, panty-waisted America that kept turning the other cheek towards al Qaeda, handed out money to bribe corrupt governements and apologies for things we’d never done  and sold off our defensive technology to China in exchange for illegal campaign cash will indeed be back.

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Bob Agard

Thanks for translating Hillary for us. You are providing a valuable service. Self-confident though he may be, Rush cannot do it all by himself!


Jonn Lilyea wrote: Thanks for dropping by, Bob. I used to listen to Rush years ago, but I changed jobs and there’s no time.