Peter Lawler; phony Beirut Marine/sex offender

| February 2, 2014

Peter Lawler

Scotty sends us his work on Peter Lawler also known as Pedro Lawler and Pedro Miranda who pretends that he was a Marine at the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. Of course, he’s not;

Peter Lawler FOIA

What he is, actually, is a sex offender;

Peter Lawler Sex Offender

He even skipped out of prison and went on the run when his fellow criminals reported to prison officials that they saw him talking to a 17-year-old girl (who was apparently and rightfully “creeped out” by Lawler according to local news;

Mahoney says that Lawler allegedly made contact with a 17-year-old female while out during a volunteer program. He did not make any advances but he asked if he could see her again. The female reportedly told authorities Lawler creeped her out.

Other inmates learned of this, and Dane County deputies were alerted. Speaking with the 17-year-old is a violation of Lawler’s parole. When Lawler found out that deputies were about to speak with him on the matter, he fled from his dorm door.

It looks like he was on the loose for about 14 hours. I hope it was worth it, Peedro (intentional misspelling).

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Old Trooper

Yeah, he earned a trip back to the jug. Good.

A Proud Infidel

“Stolen Valor is a side effect of something worse…”
That statement is proven true once again.
My Dad is a retired Judge, and he said that Sex Offenders, especially pedophiles have THE highest recidivism rate among criminals, they ought to be locked up in General Pop.

A Proud Infidel

Aaaw, CRAP!


Was that an order, Proud?

A Proud Infidel

@4, Nah, I took too long writing my post, and OT beat me at getting to be first. I just looked at the top picture, and Lawler Has the facial expression of a puppy that knows he’s gonna get paddled for pooping on the rug!!


I wonder if “Hotel” in his resume is code-word for “jail,” and front desk staff is code-word for “fellow inmates.” It looks like Peter likes to stick his peter in the wrong places.

Green Thumb





I think that pedos should be locked up with each other, and no gender sepration. Yeah, there are women who are pedos, too. Put them all in the same warehouse and throw food at them twice a day.

Green Thumb

Wherever this scumbag is I hope is in a lot of pain.

OIF '06-'07-'08

This is truly disturbing.


This low-life, scum-sucking fatass worthless piece of shit needs to be thoroughly corn-holed, both for being a Truth Molester and (much much worse) a sex offender.

He says that he was with 3rd MarDiv at Camp Lejune. NFW, 2nd MarDiv is there. He says he was awarded the Purple Heart. He says he was trained as an embassy guard. *snort*

And claiming that he was a Beruit veteran…a turd of the lowest, smelliest, worthless kind.


Naw, PH, they do not deserve to be protected from the general population of prisons. Just make sure that they wear something that ID’s them as what they are.

Open Channel D

Even your average douchenugget knows it’s “Marine Corps” not “Marine Corp”. (See bottom of his “resume.”)

This, obviously, proves he is a below-average douchenugget.

I predict he will be sorely treated in county.


Phony. Check.

Claims Beirut. Check.

Sexual deviant. Check.

Looks like we have Blake’s long-lost “brother” here!

2/17 Air Cav

As soon as I see a false claim of Purple Heart, my blood begins to boil. To me, that is the singlemost despicable claim anyone can make. You know why. There is no need to detail it. It just gets to me like no other false claim does.


I believer the correct spelling is “Pendejo”, but that’s just me.


A little birdie has informed me that he is using multiple SSN’s in order to hide his past.


Attention any Lenoir, NC residents reading this:

Do you see the similarities here with William Derek Church? You need to drop the hammer on that felony waiting to happen.


NHSparky: a-ha! So that’s what “Mike G” looks like! (smile)

jackie nadeau

I run a page for Beirut marines called the Peacekeepers..this pos lawler was accepted cuz he claimed to be a marine from the bombing…he is not and I want to get him exposed! no pun intended since he is a sex offender as well…..

jackie nadeau

he kept messging me and sent me copies of his paperwork which I promptly posted on my pageMN state police have been notified as well as facebook….im so upset I trusted his stories to allow him on my group that is for the true heroes of that awful event…my best friend died in that bombing and this jackass claimed his boots were shot off from the blast………don’t get me started….find him and eliminate!

Green Thumb

And who in the hell wears those hats?

Sam Naomi

I’d like to put this S.O.B out in the middle of one of our corn fields during picking time, and see just what our JD corn picker would do to him, might loose a hopper of corn, but well worth it.

2/17 Air Cav

Here’s a dated link but it’s well worth looking through when you have a few minutes to yourself. Maybe that SOB will take a look. Some of the Moms lost sons in Beirut.

Combat Historian

Hey, Pedro the Pedo, take off that PH combat wounded cap, you fucking perverted pedophile. You were never a Marine nor were you combat wounded, just another degenerate posering lying sack of shit who deserves to be castrated. Enjoy prison, you scumbag…


I noticed that Peedro has an email address on his ever-so-mediocre resume (see Scotty’s page about him), so I emailed him the links to this TAH thread and Scotty’s page. Hopefully he has just enough G-2 to know how to click on those links and read about his new-found fame.

Hey Peedro, how’s it feel to be permanently enshrined in the Stolen Valor Hall of Shame, courtesy of Google? The Marines have a warm message of welcome for you – FUCK YOU.

Susan Warner

My husband, Peter Lawler, is a Marine. He has a DD214 to prove it. He also has suffered PTSD and behavioral issues resulting from the blast, which has been undiagnosed most of his adult life. Issues that caused him to be incarcerated in Wisconsin for minor issues — check fraud. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Corrections System did not have a Veterans Court or community supports to help a struggling vet. So he’d get out on probation, panic and run from custody. Over and over and over.

This sexual offense happened during one of his probation periods. He was lonely, on a chat line. Nothing happened. But, because she lied and was a minor, he was slapped hard.

You who are without sin, cast the first stone. You call yourselves comrades in arms? You are nothing but a bunch of bullies.

I have known Peter since 1993, have witnessed first hand his physical and emotional and behavioral issues. I’ve been next to him at VA medical appointments, and found a lawyer to take on his disability case, on contingency. I highly doubt this successful attorney, who reviewed Peter’s records, would have taken his case if he wasn’t in Beirut.

Peter may be a lot of things. But, one of the proudest decisions he’s ever made in his adult life was to join the Marine Corps. My brother is a Marine. My brother-in-law is a Marine. I get it.

Sempe Fi my ass boys. That’s all you are. School yard bullies.

Why don’t you do something worthwhile with this blog and actually reach out and help someone who’s struggling?


How can you expect us to “help” someone who is unwilling to be honest with us?

But, keep on enabling his antisocial behavior. Maybe you can keep him emotionally dependent on you that way.


Susan–hit the “contact us” link at the top of the page and send Jonn a copy of the 214 with PII redacted. That is a good first step.

Otherwise, you’re just the latest in a long line of smoke-blowing enabling spouses who believe his line of bullshit.

YMMV, but we’ve seen your (and his) act too many times.


Oh hells bells….Here we go again… not like we haven’t seen this kind of thing before, now.


NHSparky, ChipNASA: yep. As Yogi Berra put it: deja vu all over again.

I wonder if the claimed DD214 (a) actually exists and, if so (b) what it looks like. It might be interesting.

Ball’s in your court, Ms. Warner. Time to put up or shut up. Photocopy, redact the photocopy, scan, and send. The process is easy.

Just be prepared for the fact that the results could possibly be other than you expect.


Rockin’ THREE different Purple Heart hats. Must be legit. Yea GreenThumb, who in the hell would wear that bullshit? Hey everybody, look at poor me, I need some sympathy.
And your money…

Susan, do what Sparky says and submit what he has. That’s a start. OR, since you must have have his true SSN, do your own FOIA request. Easily done – and then you will know the truth. It might be painful, but you are better off knowing the truth than defending his lies. I hope you are looking at and reading the many other Poser Posts here at TAH under the Stolen Valor link. I think you’ll notice a very disurbing pattern that you may find all too familiar.

Jackie N: What’s your page? I didn’t find it via google, at least not anything related to our boy here.

Army Medical

I bet we never see the DD214.

Maybe someone should photoshop a new hat on him. … a pedo hat.

Let’s see proof of the Purple Heart! I would bet my life it doesn’t exist.


And Susan, it would seem that your husband forgot the first three rules of trolling the Innerwebz:

1–Men are men.
2–Women are men.
3–Children are cops.


I posted Pedro the Pedo’s Facebook info on my own Facebook page. Within a few hours he had taken down all three. He still has his Pinterest page up with his pony Marine veteran and PTSD claims though. So Ms. Warner, if Pedro’s claims were all true, why yank his pages down so fast? If he has nothing to hide, then why not defend himself? I’m waiting for someone with a Pinterest account to take him to task there. Ask yourself this, Ms. Warner. If he really is a veteran, why hasn’t he sought help through the VA? Why the need to scrub his pages when confronted? I can and will back any and all claims I’ve made over the years, as will those who post regularly here. We have nothing to hide concerning our military histories. If you feel that Pedro has been unfairly treated, then do as others have requested. Send a copy of his DD-214 to the contact addy at the top. The very fact that a FOIA has already been done with zero result doesn’t bode well for him though. But please, prove us wrong if you can.


Also, Susan–there are a couple of folks who lurk/irregularly post here who WERE in fact in Beirut in October 1983.

By all means, please list what unit your husband was in at that time. FULL UNIT, not just the standard, “He was a Marine in Beirut” bit. You know specific information, like, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines, 24th MAU, etc., etc., etc…

Should be interesting.

Combat Historian

Ms. Warner, as others have stated here, a real Marine/Veteran would have have plenty of personal copies of military documents to back up their claims of service. I personally have literally a three-foot tall pile of personnel documents I have collected during my 33-year military career, including movement and assignment orders, efficiency reports, travel vouchers, medical treatement records, awards, and yes, real DD-214s. If your husband genuinely served, he would be flying mad at the accusations, and would be sending reams of personnel documents to TAH to prove his authenticity, I know that I would. If he is genuine, I’m sure Jonn and others here would loved to be proven wrong. Send those documents, if has them, and let the chips fall where they may…


Jonn, Hondo, et al:

Check your mail box for an email I cc’d you on. It went to the President and Founding Vice President of the Beirut Veterans Association I gave them the links to this page and Scotty’s, and asked them to verify whether or not Lawler was there when the bombing occurred.

If anyone knows, they would.


Questions for Susan:

1 – If Peter/Pedro is so very innocent, then why is he using three aliases? Only people in the creative arts use pseudonyms or pen names.

2 – Some guy tried this on me, but then, I’m not stupid so it didn’t work. So has Peter/Pedro asked you for YOUR social security number, so that he can get a job?
Where I come from that’s quite illegal.

3 – Do you want to explain to everyone here why a middle-aged man on a chat line made contact with a minor female not related to him, and wanted to continue with it?
Lonely? On a chat line? That’s a red flag right there, you idiot. I’d believe that 17-year-old girl before anything you have to say.

4 – Using PTSD is the biggest excuse in the world for bad behavior. I’ve known someone for nearly 50 years who went through a hell of a lot more mind-blowing stuff than your old man and he hasn’t used that as an excuse to break the law left and right. So where the hell do you get off trying to justify criminal behavior when the statistics easily refute your claim?


@27 Ms. Warner you would not be the first spouse to be duped in this manner. It is an old, old story here. For your own sake, I recommend you have someone with the knowledge of DD-214s look at his. A member of your local VFW or American Legion, posts would be a great resource. Or you can, as suggested, copy, redact the personal information and send to the Administrator here. The folks here will be honest with you and if we are wrong, will be the VERY first to apologize and correct this thread. Please protect yourself in this situation. I wish you the best. You have to want and demand the best for yourself in this situation. That means looking at some hard truths perhaps. I wish you well. Your husband is doing all the wrong things in this matter if he is innocent of what brings him here, Stolen Valor. It is easy to defend the truth. But you have to FIND the truth first to defend it.

Green Thumb

She married a crook, fraud and pedophile all rolled into one.

I’m impressed.



@41 Green Thumb, succinct and to the point. I should have just cut to the chase in #40.


#1 seed in the tourny?

Green Thumb


“My brother is a Marine. My brother-in-law is a Marine”.

If this is true, then ask them.


Susan G Warner

Chat Conversation Start
6 hours ago

Not that it matters because your blog is deep into defamation here. I’ve know Peter/Pedro since 1993. He is a veteran, with full VA Medical benefits. We married in 2009 while he was still ensnared in probation and parole.

Peter has PTSD. Bad. Brain injury, which has led to years of behavioral issues, including poor decision making. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin corrections system had no community supports for Peter.

I was with Peter last spring when we found a lawyer who took his case on contingency fighting for VA disability benefits. This lawyer is one of the best in the country. I very much doubt he would have taken Peter’s case if he weren’t indeed a vet and indeed, wasn’t in Beirut.

Peter and I are now separated, pending a final divorce decree. He is very ill with liver disease and could well be dying. He reached out to me yesterday because he was so hurt by these untruths.

One of the few good things, one of the few good decisions, Peter made in his adult life was to join the Marines. Please don’t continue to disparage him this way. You are totally out of line.

Just posted a comment to the blog. Bunch of school yard bullies is all you are. Spreading rumors before really fact finding.


Ms. Warner: see comment 31. DD214: copy/redact copy/scan/send via e-mail.

It really is that simple.

Execute. Or zip it.


There is really only one thing to say. Ewwwwww


Susan, if he’s SUCH a wonderful person, why are you and he divorcing, huh? How much did he sting you for?

Get the confounded paperwork yourself and stop being a nincompoop. Otherwise, shut up. And try to learn the difference between being lied to by a weasel, and reality. You have been had, but good. Liver disease, my fat Aunt Harriet. What’s next? Faking his funeral?

Do I smell Stockholm syndrome here?

OIF '06-'07-'08

Ex-PH2@48, “STOCKHOLM SYNDROME” in capital letters.


@48 OIF, spot on.

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