Peter Lawler; phony Beirut Marine/sex offender

| February 2, 2014

Peter Lawler

Scotty sends us his work on Peter Lawler also known as Pedro Lawler and Pedro Miranda who pretends that he was a Marine at the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. Of course, he’s not;

Peter Lawler FOIA

What he is, actually, is a sex offender;

Peter Lawler Sex Offender

He even skipped out of prison and went on the run when his fellow criminals reported to prison officials that they saw him talking to a 17-year-old girl (who was apparently and rightfully “creeped out” by Lawler according to local news;

Mahoney says that Lawler allegedly made contact with a 17-year-old female while out during a volunteer program. He did not make any advances but he asked if he could see her again. The female reportedly told authorities Lawler creeped her out.

Other inmates learned of this, and Dane County deputies were alerted. Speaking with the 17-year-old is a violation of Lawler’s parole. When Lawler found out that deputies were about to speak with him on the matter, he fled from his dorm door.

It looks like he was on the loose for about 14 hours. I hope it was worth it, Peedro (intentional misspelling).

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Green Thumb

There has been quite the surge lately in these Beirut posers.

Tom Johnson

Would like to ask this asshole, “What time did the explosion happen?”

Johnny Conroy

His alleged wife has just given the information that he is fleecing the government by using VA in Minneapolis when he is not a veteran. Inferring he is drawing VA benefits/Compensation gives her a motive for her indignation.
How about putting him where he belongs – in Federal prison? Submit FOIA and his wife’s statements to the US District Attorney for the region and ask for him to press charges, with media on hand.

Green Thumb


Peter Anthony lawler

I have given great thought to your blog and weather response was warranted or not. Setting the record straight means nothing as it seems you only are on a witch hunt. I offered and did post my dd214. It meant nothing. I went in sept 15th 1982 out of Wisconsin. I went to meps out of Milwaukee. My mos was 0431 Embark/logistics. I went to school in coronado,ca. I was also stationed on camp foster in okinawa. My last duty station was det “a” 1st fssg 29 palms, ca. While it is true I have a record. My cases all discharged in 2012. My right to vote and to be called for jury duty was also restored. The sexual case in question was a 4th degree misdemeanor. I’m not proud of my criminal past. But even that was miss represented by this blog. What was posted was the initial record. Not its status now. People make mistakes and I know I’m not the only veteran to be incarcerated. When this was posted it was done so with malicious intent. My question is what does this blog do when a mistake is made. Even posting a retraction will not fix the damage done. FYI I have been off supervision and two years. My felonies where discharged in 2009. The misdemeanor case in 2012. As for my ex wife making that statement. Ms Warner states it never happened. While I’m sure posting things like this make for excellent reading and your site getting numerous hits. But what happens when you are wrong?

Peter Anthony lawler

My military service was not a lie. I was accused of never serving at all. What about that lie?

Peter Anthony lawler

I apologize for those that were offended by my criminal record. I offered to set the record straight. But my posted dd214 meant nothing. Me posting the status of my cases being discharged meant nothing. Is there not room to admidt the blog jumped the gun in posting all of this. It seemed as if Sensationalism was more important then accurate research. Is there not room in your own hearts to admidt to error?


Do you even have a military record? And come on, its whether…guy. not WEATHER.


Originally posted by Peter Anthony Lawler:

I apologize for those that were offended by my criminal record. I offered to set the record straight. But my posted dd214 meant nothing.

Peter, read the blog articles on you, then read the comments that follow these articles. Focus on your military claims that we have issues with, then formulate your responses on that.

Hint, neither Scotty’s site nor this one shows evidence that you even served. How about apologizing for trying to make people believe that you were a Beirut veteran, or a veteran in general? How about apologizing for claiming to be a veteran?

This half azz dragging apology is an attempt to have it both ways.

Green Thumb

So is stealing the virtue of underage children.



Your mother should apologize for not swallowing.
Since you still are breathing though, could you at least take a few basic English classes, spelling and grammar at the very least.
Also, please explain to your wife what a lying scumbag loser you really are.
What Social Security number did you use at the VA?


Huh, is that a faked DD214? Because the FOIA makes it pretty clear that you didn’t serve. Let me repeat that. YOU ARE NOT A VETERAN. So if you faked a DD214, an official government document, and are scamming VA benefits, because you aren’t a veteran, then stand by. I think you may be heading back to prison.

Just An Old Dog

How about your claims to have been blown up in Beruit? You just slid right past that didnt you?
What is untrue about this post? Did you lie about serving in Beruit? Simple question.
Were you convicted of being a sex offender?
You did the damage yourself, not this blog.

Peter Anthony lawler

I know where and how I served. My dd214 wasn’t accepted simply because you wanted to sensationalize the story. My so called sex offense is a misdemeanor. Discharged one at that. I’m not proud of having a criminal past. But deserve to be able to live my life. I played my dues.


Because NOBODY in the history of the United States military has EVER forged a DD-214.


Tell you what–answer ONE question and I’ll drop the whole thing:

Why the discrepancies between what you claim and what the FOIA shows?

Just An Old Dog

Dude, No one “lied” about your service. The letter from the archives is what it is. Perhaps they made a mistake, or more than likely its because you like to give different names to agencies.
Point is no one fabricated that letter. If something had came back saying you served, that would be a lie,,, do you ubderstand the difference?,
If you did serve, it was not in Beruit. If you bullshitted the VA into giving you a pension based on injuries suffered there you can stand the hell by.
How about you come clean on the Beruit claim, then we will go from there?

Peter Anthony lawler

*played not played…
Again it was not my intent to offend anyone. I deserve to live my life in peace.

Peter Anthony lawler

Payed. My phone types what it wants at times. I’m not saying ” welcome me with open arms,” I don’t expect that. But you have the accurate dates of service. My name at my time of service was peter anthony lawler dob 11/05 1963 date of entry 9/15/1982. Please research that. And when you have my record. I ask that you print the retraction. That’s all I ask. What I say means little. I get that. So get the record yourself. Then you will know.

Peter Anthony lawler

I hope that is a fair solution. My birth name is Pedro Antonio lawler. The product of a Spanish mother and Irish father. I went in the service as Peter Anthony Lawler


There we go again, blaming the Irish!

Kinda old ET1

Well… Its just so damn easy to do!


Isn’t that the name on the request?

Just An Old Dog

That one sentence should read:
“If something came back that said you served and the blog posted you didn’t that would be a lie”

Peter Anthony lawler

What I say or post on this sight has little relevance. so instead of taking only part of what I say and posting it. You have the info of my dates of service. Research and print. Aparantly my dd214 meant little. Research and then post. That’s all I ask

Peter Anthony lawler

“Old Dog”
The blog posted I never served. Read the comments from 2/2/2014.

Just An Old Dog

Are you saying you served in Beruit or not?
What type of retraction do you think would do you any good?
You would go from the “never served poser” to
“embellishing poser” still a poser buddy.
In a way its worse. A Marine who served should know better.
And you are still a know sex offender.


He’s never going to answer that. You know that, I know that.

And Pedro/Peter, there’s a very good reason your 214 “wasn’t accepted”. I know. Will you admit you know as well?

Peter Anthony lawler

No I don’t know why it wasn’t accepted. I have it

2/17 Air Cav

Hey. I have only a single question. Did you or did you not receive a Purple Heart?


So where is this dd-214 Peter Lawler ?

Peter Anthony lawler

Scotty, how can I post it to where you can see it? Let me know where to send it and I will.

2/17 Air Cav

So, I guess I’ll have to pose my one lousy question again. Did you or did you not receive a Purple Heart?


Send it to Jonn here at TAH. He’ll make sure we see it.

Now this is the one that will show the ribbons and medals of you serving in Beirut correct ? Including the Purple Heart ?


Hurry the hell up too Lawler. You’ve had plenty of time since your exposure to send your dd-214 if in fact you did serve.

2/17 Air Cav

So, let me see if I can recap this. Petey insists he served in the military and overlooks that business about Beirut and a Purple Heart. Thus, he thinks he can sidestep his lies simply by insisting that he served–whatever that means in terms of time, duration, MOS, awards, and character of service at discharge. Second, Petey harps on one or more of his crimes being “discharged” as if someone here gives a shit about that.

Just An Old Dog

You are talking yourself in circles. If there is a legit DD214 that gets dug up on you, its a minor point.
So what if they post your service? What kind of “apology” do you expect.
At best you will get that records were found from someone who uses muliple names. You still havn’t addressed your claims of being in Beruit for the Bombing.
You say you went to Coronado for 04 Logistics training, Camp Foster Oki, then to 29 Palms.
You never said anything about your discharge date.
I served during that era buddy. I was in Camp Lejuene when the MEUS went out. Guys from my Battery went over to replace some of the casualties.
If you went in in Sept of 1982 like you said you would be done with Boot Camp in Dec 1982. Following Leave and Log School you would have went to Okinawa about March or April of 1983.
Okinawa was usually a 1 year tour for individuals. Following that and some leave you would be back stateside and in 29 Palms in April of 1984.
The Beruit Bombing was in Oct 1983. You wouldnt have been there.
The way things worked you would have spent the last 2 1/2 years at 29 Palms.
Thats if you weren’t kicked out.
So come clean. You lied about being in Beruit, you are sporting a purple heart on your cap and spouting bullshit.
You are a LSOS buddy.


Why did you shut all of your FaceBook accounts down when your were exposed as a phony Beirut Marine Peter Lawler ?

2/17 Air Cav

Okay, I see this is more difficult for him than I thought. Those yes/no questions can be toughies, I guess. So, we’ll build up to it. I’ll ask a couple of questions that are answered with yes or no to show you how it works, Petey. Then, you do the third one. Here we go.

Question: Does 2 + 2 = 4?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Have you ever visited this blog? Answer: Yes.

Question: Were you awarded a Purple Heart?


Uhm…2/17 Air Cav I think you went to far on that one. That whole yes/no business can get out of hand in a hurry. Especially for a brainiac like Peter Lawler. Can you maybe put any simpler? 😀

2/17 Air Cav

I am struggling to find a simpler way. Maybe if we had one of those voting things here–you know, where he could put a dot beside YES or NO. That might do it. He couldn’t possibly be evading the question.


2/17 Air Cav “He couldn’t possibly be evading the question.”

Hey…I never thought of that!!! Who knew? You think he would? Nah! He’s a straight up guy! Says so right in his own posts. Why would he duck the simple answer to a simple question like,

“Were you awarded a Purple Heart?” Yes or No?

Just An Old Dog

The Petey Lawer Defense:

Acuser: Petey, they say you eat shit sandwiches, wear women’s undergarments and blow goats.

Petey: Thats a lie! I don’t like bread.


Lawler, you are an absolute piece of shit.

OIF '06-'07-'08

So, Peter Anthony Lawler the SEX OFFEDER(RAPIST) is trying to crawl up the tourney ladder.

Tell you what Peter, GO FUCK YOURSELF. You are not, nor have you ever been a Marine. You were not in Beirut. You Did Not Earn A Purple Heart.

I would watch wearing that hat now Peter Anthony Lawler, SEX OFFENDER(RAPIST). You may come across some one like me who is a combat vet and they will insert that hat six ways to Sunday up your worthless ASS. 😉

OIF '06-'07-'08

Well then Mr Lawler, I will correct my statement about you never was a Marine, you were, but according to your records, you still did not serve in Beirut, nor did you recieve a Purple Heart.

My last statement still stands though.

Green Thumb


Just An Old Dog

Way to bring up an old thread, dumb ass… Peter “Plunger” Lawler. Bringing older shit up because they are lying jackass who want to talk in circles.


Petey, ol’ boy. If something is wrong here about you, it’s incumbent upon you to correct it. The FOIA was for Lawler, Peter A, the name you said you entered the Marine Corps under. It came back saying that there was no record of a Lawler, Peter A. having served. If you are saying that’s mistaken, then you need to send Jonn your DD-214, or better yet, a signed SF-180 so all your records can be requested from the NPRC. That’s simple enough. If the records show you served, that will be posted here. As for your criminal record, if it is incorrect, then again it’s incumbent upon you to send the correct information. We have what we have. Now, why do you keep dodging the questions posed to you about your supposed service in Beirut and the awarding of the Purple Heart? It’s simple enough to answer. You either served at Beirut during the bombing and was awarded the Purple Heart or you weren’t. Yes or no, which is it? Coming here acting all butthurt and claiming that everyone here is mistaken will not get a single word changed. You have to provide evidence from unbiased sources. So, to put it simply, put up or shut up. BTW, your Twitter page still shows you as a combat veteran. Now be honest. I think we all know the answer to that one. You aren’t. So you have a decision to make, choices to ponder over. Will you provide what’s been asked of you and clear your name, or will you admit you are a liar and a poser?

Just An Old Dog

I would love to see this fuck-sticks REAL record.
If he served it doesn’t excuse his claims of being combat wounded or the fact he is a convicted sex offender.
He is taking advantage of his current spouse, lying his ass off to her.


I have his dd-214 & another reply back from the NPRC.

He was so nice to leave his SSN on the dd-214 that he posted. So we were able to find his ACTUAL. It sucks when these dirt bags use multiple SSN’s trying to cover up their past.

He served on active duty from Dec. 15,1982 to July 1, 1985 and was discharged a Pvt. ( E-1 ) 2 and 1/2 years on active duty.
He was an 0431 Embarkation Man .

He was sent to Okinawa right after school and was there during the Barracks bombing in Beirut.
He was then sent to 29 Palms CA. And that is where he stepped on his dick & was kicked out of the Corps.

The Sea Service Deployment Ribbon is the only thing he earned. He was NOT in Beirut. And He does NOT have a Purple Heart. He doesn’t even have an Honorable discharge !

He may be able to get VA Medical if he only has an OTH discharge. But he did NOT complete a full active duty enlistment. Even if he was open contract.


So I didn’t get to this comment until after I posted above. But it would probably help those who don’t take the time to read all the comments to post a copy of his DD214 with the images in the original post, minus SS of course. Then add body of this comment to the original post so we can see he was indeed a veteran. A disgraceful one, but still a veteran. And we can also see he didn’t earn a Purple Heart.


It appears that he did two months in the brig right before discharge also.


His BoS has been updated. The heading stayed the same as he is still a Combat Wounded Beirut POSER !!

2/17 Air Cav

What!!? No Purple Heart? He wasn’t wounded in combat? But his hat and other writings he generated say HE WAS COMBAT WOUNDED AND THAT HE DID RECEIVE A PURPLE HEART! This is one of those quandaries that requires me to choose between his word and the official government record. Ummmm…


Are we luck enough to have had him run out and get PH plates for his vehicle as soon as the ink was dry on his “DD-214”?


He’s not gonna man up and address the questions that he’s being bombarded with. He’s too chickenshit.


Nor will his “wife”.

Dave Hardin

I can make statements about Beirut that would spike anyone’s bullshit meter. I will give you a few. I am the last Marine as a member of the Multinational Peace Keeping Forces Beirut Lebanon to head home. I had written orders to and carried out classified operations even after MPKF was gone. NIS knocked on the door and informed my wife that my whereabouts were in question while I deployed. Pretty bold claims for an 0811 Arty guy with a secondary MOS of an Admin Clerk. There were only 4 Marines that filled the position I did during the entire existence of the MPKF and I have met all 600 of them. I read all kinds of nonsense about that time period. A few more facts for you. BLT 3/8 had boots on the ground during and long after PFKF was in existence. I am ashamed to say I knew Lawton however, this idiot I have never heard of. No disrespect intended to the memory of or the families of the 241 that died in one day but there were many other days and many other Marines killed or seriously injured before and after that one day. Some member of BLT 3/8 ought to write a book and set the record straight, I doubt what I did will be in it. I have a great title, ‘The Forgotten Few’. People like this guy and his wife make it that much harder for me and a woman that was guilty of nothing more than loving me.

Green Thumb

A Grade “A” scuzzbucket.


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