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| April 30, 2024

Ruger Super Redhawk

Atlanta Police Department
Person Shot: 1469 Campbellton Road SW

Preliminary Statement: On April 26th, 2024, at approximately 11:11PM, officers responded to 1469 Campbellton Road SW in reference to a person shot. Upon arrival, officers located a 32-year-old male who sustained multiple apparent gunshot wounds to his torso. The male was alert, conscious, and breathing, and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Preliminary investigation indicates that the male who was shot was the primary aggressor involved in the incident. Investigators with the Aggravated Assault Unit responded to the scene and assisted with charging the 32-year-old male with Possession of a Firearm By a Convicted Felon and Cruelty to Children (3rd Degree). The male will be transported to the Fulton County Jail following a medical clearance.

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Atlanta PD

Not on my watch: Off-duty Jasper County cop shuts down robbery at Ridgeland grocery store

Evan McKenna
A Georgia man picked the wrong day to nab a wad of cash from a grocery store clerk in Ridgeland. An off-duty Jasper County deputy waiting in the checkout line chased the suspect out the front door and tackled him in the parking lot.

Lt. Adam Thompson quickly took notice of a masked robber who entered the B&T’s Food Fresh Market on East Main St. around 2:10 p.m. Sunday and made a beeline for a cash register. Telling the clerk he had a gun, the suspect reached over the counter and grabbed about $850 in cash.

Thompson followed the man, who “punched him in the mouth” near the store’s entrance and ran out, said Chief Jeff Crosby, a spokesperson for the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. Noticing the man was not actually armed, the off-the-clock cop tackled the suspect in the parking lot. A store employee helped hold him down before Ridgeland officers arrived and arrested the man three minutes later.

The unlucky robber was identified as Ronald Bruce Barnard, 58, a resident of Hinesville, Georgia. He was wearing gloves and a wig to conceal his identity, according to Lt. Chris Warren of the Ridgeland Police Department.

Despite not being armed, Barnard was booked at the Jasper County Detention Center on a charge of armed robbery because he used the threat of a gun to carry out the crime, Warren said. He was denied bond at a hearing Monday morning.

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“How ’bout the one on the right?”
Lone Watie

“Never paid him no mind; you were there.”
Josie Wales

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Ah, the injustice of our justice system… “I was just tryin’ to feed my baby momma’s habits when that pig came flying at me for nothin’. I didn’t even have a gun and they still charged me with armed robbery.” “Me and Lil’ Jay Jay was hangin’ out when we saw this YT man stop his Benz at the corner store. We figured we’d go on a joyride, so we ran up and asked to borrow his car. Lil’ Jay Jay pulled his knife and I hit the man, but he pulled a gun and shot Jay. Now they charging me with murder and I ain’t done nothin’.” Good on the deputy for both acting and for recognizing the suspect was unarmed. If the cop had used lethal force on the assumption that the robber was indeed armed, this would probably be national news. Going back to the earlier sarcasm about injustice, my oft-mentioned friend is the poster child for poor decisions. When he was arrested in late-2016, he pulled out a vape pen like it was a pistol. Friend or not (and despite the longevity of our friendship, I realize that my actual friend left the arena over 20 years ago, this guy is a shell I try to lend an ear to and coach to better himself), I’ll be surprised if he makes it to 50. As usual, he’d been doing a bit better, and was working at Amazon making more money than he ever had ($15/hr.) and enjoying it. That vape stunt (probably in hopes of the cops putting him down) got him a few Assault on LEO charges. Nearly four years later he was released and was certain Amazon would take him back. Instead, his application was denied because he was now classified as a violent felon. It didn’t surprise me to read the account of his arrest last August, where he had a lighter that looks like a Glock. Felons and their fake guns. BB guns, airsoft, lights, you name it, I guess that when you can’t have the real thing, you want the appearance… Read more »

RGR 4-78

my oft-mentioned friend is the poster child for poor decisions”

Everybody should have at least 1, if nothing else they serve as a “not how you want to live your life” example for everyone else.


Exactly. I made my mistakes as a teenager, spending a few weeks in juvie and another couple of weeks in jail, and finding out really quick that I didn’t want that life. The funny thing was that both of my charges were due to ignorance much more than malignance.

That friend is a rinse and repeat cycle of bad decisions. Get released, start nicotine and booze, then go back to pot and harder drugs, mixing it all with women and driving around like he owns the roads. If there’s an addiction, he’s probably got it. Spiral downhill, get popped on a traffic offense or for showing his ass, and go to jail for months awaiting his court date. Get ever-longer prison sentences to serve or have hanging over his head (his latest convictions see over nine years suspended; given his propensity for violating probation, he’ll likely end up serving that time), clean up while locked up, then get released and start over again.


Shut it down, Afroman just won the Internet:



Watched that a couple of days ago, and then again and again.


The Almighty Algorithm put it before me this morning and I’ve been spreading it far and wide! Honestly, if Afroman were to come up with a Trump diss track to be “fair”, I’d be fine with it because his Hunter track is 100% BOOM 💥!


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Play stoopid games, win stoopid prizes.
One got shot, the other got (hopefully) parking lot rash from being tackled.

And that Super Redhawk looks like a mean mo’fo’.
Gun Bunny, I think you just found your next Portable Hand Cannon to reinforce that North Wall. Now ya just gotta select the right caliber.
I know there are some guns that are back compatible;
357 Mag -> 38 Spl
454 Casull ->45 Colt (would 480 Ruger work in the same gun?)
44 Mag -> 44 Spl

.480 Ruger won’t work but get a .460 S&W and you can shoot .454, .45 Colt, and .45 Schofield as well.

We got a Super Redhawk Alaskan in a while back, which another employee called “dibs” on. It looks like the gun in the picture, minus the smaller diameter barrel (this one is 2.5″, aka ‘ouch’ with full-power .454 Casull).

There are the multiple cartridge guns like the S&W Governor (.45 ACP, .45 Colt, .410) and Taurus Judge (.45 Colt, .410; some people shoot .45 ACP but it’s technically not rated for the pressure). Then there’s the Medusa, which shoots some 25 .35-caliber cartridges (9x19mm, .38 SPL, .357 MAG, etc.), but I guess they only ever made a couple hundred and those sell for a premium nowadays. I recall seeing them in American Survival Guide back in the day and thinking, “that looks nice”.

Today’s used gun haul includes a S&W M&P-15 with an EOTech and some aftermarket goodies. I’ll likely buy it once it’s available. Asking price will be less than a new EOTech, and we sell the gun new for $800. This looks like an earlier M&P-15, with a 4-digit serial number and the date on the EOTech being 2012. Both the rifle and the optic look virtually unused. Best of all, the lady is coming back tomorrow with the other half of the collection. besides the AR15, there was a Century Arms M70 Kalashnikov, Mini-14, Para-Ordnance Warthog, and a handful of other goodies circa late-2000s.


FG: A glizzy with a switch off the skreets.

Dude almost took the sidewalk temperature challenge and we almost got subjected to the ‘he was a good boy’, ‘he didn’t do nuffin’ bullshit.


Mama’s little baby boy, mamas little pride an’ joy…


Maannnn… ‘dem switches is where it’s at. Nothing like dumping a stendo in three seconds and hitting everything but the gangbanger you’re tryin’ to bang.


Very handsome revolver, I’d go with the .44 Mag/Spcl option if I had any reasonable expectation of needing that much power.

About the only human I can think of that would be well served with it is probably that fat little bastard from North Korea.

OTOH, hog hunting sometimes offers select opportunities for consideration. .357 is plenty for the usual setup but some of those porkies can get on the heavy side.