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| May 1, 2024

A Delta 767 flight from New York’s JFK en route to LA had an unusual problem last Friday.

The pilots of Delta Air Lines Flight 520 from New York to Los Angeles reported vibrations and a banging not long after takeoff, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The plane turned around and landed back at JFK at 8:35 a.m., after spending roughly 33 minutes in the air, according to the FAA.  ABC

Seems one of the exit door emergency slides had detached itself from the plane in flight. Yeah, I bet one of those things flapping around in the windstream would cause a little commotion as it tore itself loose.  Shows how self-absorbed travelers are nowadays, you would think at least one of them near that door would have called the attendants about a giant yellow thing flopping around out there like the world’s longest Best Buy shopping bag? At least it didn’t stay gone for long.

Jake Bissell-Linsk, a New York Attorney, found a new addition to his seascape Sunday.

There — trapped on the rocks within feet of his front yard in a freak coincidence — was the emergency slide that fell off the Boeing 767 jetliner, he told The Post.

While officials had been searching for the missing slide in Jamaica Bay since Friday afternoon, it turns out the slide was more far-flung than they expected — as Bissell-Linsk’s home faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Belle Harbor is located six miles southeast of JFK International Airport.

But in one of those “you can’t make this stuff up” twists:

Bissell-Linsk is a partner at law firm Labaton Keller Sucharow, which sued Boeing on Jan. 30 in an Alexandria, Va. federal court alleging the company made false and misleading statements about safety following the Alaska Air door blowout.

Labaton’s case has now been consolidated with other similar suits, and Labaton, which is co-lead counsel in the consolidated suit, expects to file an amended complaint within two months.

“We haven’t decided if the slide is relevant to our case,” Bissell-Linsk said.  NY Post

Pretty sure it ain’t gonna help Boeing’s side of the case any.

Recommendation: more range time for the cockpit crew at the bombing range if they are ex-Air Force. They missed. Close, but only due to the tides.

H/t to a fine-looking redhead with an atavistic fondness for Sig 45’s of long acquaintance for this one.


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Hack Stone

Someone really Bernathed up there.


Speaking of that joker. It’s May 1st, Dan’s favorite day. How do I know? Because it was the last thing he said. MAY DAY!

AW1 Rod

Too funny!

Hack Stone

Why did Daniel Bernath never make hotel reservations while traveling?

Because he knew he could always find a place to crash.

Hack Stone

What do you call a pilot who crashes 200 yards short of the runway due to lack of fuel?

The Plaintiff.



He had just enough fuel to make it to the crash site.


Fuel is overrated.

-Lynyrd Skynyrd’s pilot


Hey, Navy pilots bomb stuff too! Ask the owner of Fat Boy’s Burger place in Brunswick Maine. A P-3 on a MINE-EX dropped a string of MK-55 bottom mines in his parking lot just after takeoff.
He called the Base Duty Office and surrendered.


Enriched by a diversity hire.


The Woke DEI shit isn’t working well for Boeing

Amateur Historian

Boeing is the Ford of the Skies.


The Harley-Davidson of the skies

Hack Stone

Still better than flying Spirit Airlines.

Amateur Historian

Never flew with ’em. Closest I got was fueling their aircraft when I used to work at DEN.


Or Flying Tigers Line, the pride of the fleet during Viet of the Nam times. / s

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AW1 Rod

Yeah, they splashed one in short of the runway at NAS Naha, Okinawa in the summer of 1970. Closed all of the beaches for quite some time, thanks to all of the fuel and other detritus.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

On our way back from Honolulu, the pilot requested that all the window shades be pulled down during takeoff. Why? I’dunno? But something like that could be why no passenger saw anything untoward during takeoff.


We lost a drag chute off an EA-3B when I was stationed in Rota. The doors popped in flight (the pilot swore he didn’t touch it). The speed was too high so the attachment point (IIRC called the “monkey fist” for some reason unknown to me) sheared (which it is intended to do under such circumstances) before the drogue deployed the main and the whole chute pack fell free.

A few of hours later an irate Spanish farmer dropped the chute pack off at the main gate complaining that it had fallen into his pasture.

I don’t think it rose to the level of “international incident” but I distinctly remember some hate and discontent between our command and the local authorities over it; I was a junior enlisted at the time so worrying about that was over my paygrade. My job was just to use my high school level education to fix the airplanes that the college graduates broke.


Does the USAF do solatia payments for things like that?

I was in the G5 shop at Tongduchon and we often had to pay cash to bar owners, working girls, and yes — even farmers (helecopter crashed hard-landed in his field) — when GIs do stoopit stuff. Had to “apologize” without mentioning fault or guilt.


It was the Navy and they did do solatia payments when warranted. I don’t recall if there were any in this case as the farmer, as far as I know, didn’t have any actual loss, just inconvenience and annoyance.

My guess is that his position was more of a “what if” thing than anything else….”what if this had fallen on my house, killed some of my herd, smashed a fence” etc.

Green Thumb

We had micro-funds in the box (on us) for things of that nature – granted on a much smaller scale.


Speaking of flying…
Did you know that snakes can be ‘ therapy animals’? My shrink actually suggested it.
I have a 7.5′, 10lb False Water Cobra ( Cleopatra, Cleo for short)
I started chuckling at the thought of bringing her on public transport. She’s an absolute sweetie, has never bitten anyone.
But when unfamiliar people come around, Cleo instinctively puts on a ‘ don’t F with me’
display. I.E. she hoods up, hisses and perhaps a close mouth strike or two.
It got me thinking. I would never have to worry about anyone sitting next to me ever again!


I have a 2″ King Cobra that provides all the therapy I need.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Two inch?

Otherwise known as a hand-held flamethrower


Yes sir.

I think he means something like this.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sailorcurt



Perfect for when you don’t JUST want to put 1/3″ish size holes in the baddie, but also blind, deafen and set their threads on 🔥
I’m waiting on a nice ( British not Belgian copy) Webley RIC in .450 Adams/.455 Webley. I have been looking for a nice example at the right price for years.
Thanks to Comrade Turdeau-Castro, pre-1898 ‘antiques ‘ are the only handguns one can exchange.
Antiques are also the only handguns that one can shoot anywhere and not just approved ranges.

Mike B

We had a MC-130E hit turbulence and one of the 20 man life rafts deployed somewhere over the Pyrenees Mountains.

They figured this out as the crew reported loss of certain systems after landing, some antennas were found to be missing, and then the raft was found to be MIA. So they connected the dots. Raft deployed and took out the antennas

Turns out the lanyard for deploying the raft was a bit too short (No play in it). A Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) or a One Time Inspection (OTI) came down because of it.

So some Shepherd ended up with a inflatable pool, tub, spa in Pyrenees. Bet he was the life of the party.

USAF Retired


Pilot’s reaction on hearing the BANG was somewhere between “what the fuck” and “not again”.

That Sig Girl

You know what they say…

That Sig Girl

Action shot…


Think you’ll get along pretty well here, TSG. Welcome aboard.