And you thought he was just a commie asshole

| April 29, 2024

Let’s go back in time to WWII and after. There was a group of English spies for Russia known as the Cambridge 4. If that isn’t a household word, perhaps you  older guys will remember names like  Donald MacLean and Guy Burgess –  still nothing?  Howzabout Kim Philby – he fled England to a hero’s welcome in Russia after the first two defected. Back in the ’60ss, this was a HUGE intelligence black eye for the Brits.  Good families, good schools (Cambridge, right?) and should have been above suspicion.

The group were recruited by the NKVD during their education at the University of Cambridge in the 1930s, but the exact timing is debated.

Eventually two more names were added, Anthony Blount who was outed in 1979 a few years before he passed in ’83, and John Cairncross, whose identity was withheld until 1990.

A Fellow of Trinity College, Blunt was several years older than Burgess, Maclean and Philby; he acted as a talent-spotter and recruiter.

The five were convinced that the Marxism–Leninism of Soviet communism was the best available political system and the best defence against fascism. All pursued successful careers in branches of the British government. They passed large amounts of intelligence to the Soviets, so much that the KGB became suspicious that at least some of it was false.Wiki

Helluva note when agents are so effective their own bosses are suspicious, isn’t it? Says something about ‘loose lips’ and why the US became reluctant to share many things across the pond. The Brits had leaks, and we knew it.

Turns out Blount wasn’t just a talent scout – he had a bit of a side hustle, too, one which his Soviet bosses would no doubt have frowned upon.

The former Army intelligence officer, who was a distant relative of the late Queen, was often regarded as one of the least treacherous of the Cambridge spies, whose activities were largely confined to the war years when Moscow was one of the Allies.

However, a new book claims to have unearthed evidence suggesting Blunt may have also been responsible for leaking vital intelligence to the Nazis, warning Hitler of secret plans to drop 40,000 Allied troops into the Netherlands to secure bridges over the Rhine.

Known as Operation Market Garden, the airborne invasion took place on September 17 1944 and was intended to clear the path to Berlin and hasten the end of the war.

We took over 17,000 casualties from 40,000 men dropped, one of the bloodiest noses taken by the Allies.

Robert Verkaik, the author of his new book The Traitor of Arnhem, describes how Berlin was aware of the plans, thanks to a Dutch double agent called Christiaan Lindemans, who had the codename, King Kong.

However, he claims the Nazis also had a second source of information about Operation Market, which came from another spy with the codename, Josephine.

As well as halting the Allied advance and prolonging the war, the failure of the plan also meant Stalin’s troops were first to reach Berlin, redrawing the map of post-war Europe and paving the way for the Iron Curtain.

In 1944, Blunt had a pivotal role at the heart of British military intelligence and would have intimate knowledge of the plans for the airborne drop.

Just a year earlier, he had been tasked with tracking down Josephine, meaning he was effectively hunting himself, argues Verkaik.

After spending several years studying the archives, the author is now convinced Blunt and the mysterious Josephine are the same person, insisting he had “the means, the motive and the opportunity”.

He said, while he does not have a “smoking gun” linking Blunt directly, he argues, “he was the only person who could fit the profile of who Josephine had to be.”  The Telegraph

One would think the NKVD would have frowned on him passing info the the Germans – however, they could possibly have run him as a double to gain long term advantage over the Allies post-war. Like the best spies, Blount was more of a background figure – or possibly one of the most influential agents of the last 80 years. Interesting… makes you wonder about some of the American college Hamas recruits now.

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And the Americans have obama and pefo Joe. No need for spies.


Barry was/still an Islamist sympathizer/activist. All the shit going now can be traced directly back to the day swore in as “President”. Richard Condon was close in his book except it should be called The Tehran Candidate. Nobody championed more the spread of the Islamist disease then Barry and possibly Merkle. He’s running Pedo Joe. The only interesting thing is how they reconcile the queer/trans/gay lifestyles with the complete intolerance of Islamic ideals when it comes to women and sexuality. I guess they figure there are al lot of tall buildings in the US…


ZerO ignores the Islamic insanity reality of Iran the same way he ignores the Marxist insanity reality if Russia.

Their philosophy of despotic megalomaniac rule seems to be “We will do it better. The dents will buff out later.”


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There is a recent book out by David Garrow on Obama:

“Rising Star” the making of Barack Obama.
It makes horse shit out of previous attempts to sell Obama.

Anna Puma

Roosevelt had Joseph Kennedy Sr at the Court of St. James during the Battle of Britain. He was such a German sympathizer and defeatist that FDR sacked him.

Anna Puma

Sorry mate, the British in their grandiose plan shot themselves in the foot without any help from a spy or two. Though I won’t dismiss it out of hand. Venlo Incident and how the SOE agents in Holland were flipped by the Abwher come to mind. The NKVD might turned a blind eye if true because the capture of the Poles at Arnhem would mean fewer for them to deal with after the war, cf the Polish Home Army.

So many airborne troops were called for, it would take two days – two days – to carry out the mission. So much for the vaunted surprise an airborne operation is known for.

XXX Corps only had one route of advance from their staging area to Arnhem and into Germany. There were no alternative roads.

The plan depended 100% on the airborne forces taking the three key bridges. If the Americans had failed at their two bridges the British and Polish forces would have faced the same bitter fate that did suffer because XXX Corps took so long to advance.


“I consider Operation Market-Garden to have been 90% successful.” –Monty

“My country cannot afford another Montgomery success.” –Prince Bernard of the Netherlands


Kind of like a surgeon telling the next of kin of a patient “The operation was 90% successful”.


Brits stopping for fucking tea-time regularly didn’t exactly help.

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In my experience, ‘commie asshole’ is redundant.

To wit:

The five were convinced that the Marxism–Leninism of Soviet communism was the best available political system and the best defence against fascism.

I guess they discounted the covetousness of truly evil men.

Cultists gonna cult.


Retards gonna retard.


“Fascism is that which opposes Worldwide Socialism.” where “worldwide” equals Russian.

Note: Trotsky was thus right-wing and fascist.


Reductio ad Hitler, as practiced by Stalin.
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Hack Stone

Replace Cambridge with UC Berkeley and update the year to 2024, and you can run it as breaking news.


John Walker is the only modern day spy (1986) I know of. Life sentence. Should have been a death sentence. Was caught passing operational plans to the soviets. One of them Navy Warrant Officers.


John Walker Lindh too perhaps.
I know he’s not a pinko but a wannabe goat fucking savage


Aldrich Ames. Robert Hanssen. Christopher Boyce – Andrew Daulton Lee.


Edward Lee Howard


So, it’s proposed that Blunt and Josephine might have been one and the same. Hear, hear, we must celebrate this revolutionary Transwoman’s stunning and brave LBGTQIAMAPHLMFAO (Free Palestine!) trailblazing.

Green Thumb


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yes, the name Kim Philby is familiar…may he burn in hell for eternity.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’ll be Blunt about this but I don’t believe he could do a side hustle at his age.


Season 3 premier of The Crown dealt with this issue and Anthony Blunt.

A Proud Infidel®™

One story I remember reading about Philby was written by Oleg Kalugin in his book “The First Directorate”. Kalugin was a KGB General who defected to the West and his story about Philby was his “rehabilitation” due to Philby sinking into isolated alcoholism in the small apartment he was given in the USSR after he ran off. IMHO fuck Philby and his ilk.


Probably one of Commissars heros..