Meet Sgt. Major Ronald Mailahn, the youngest Marine SGM

| May 19, 2013

Bumped back up to the top because Mailahn wants us to take it down. He threatened us with a law suit until I sent him our attorney’s email address and now he just wants me to be cool (You used to be cool). Just some background; he’s ALLEGEDLY behind on child support, he ALLEGEDLY stole $12k from his daughter’s Little League Association. He ALLEGEDLY got fired for making $800 worth of phone calls from the fire station where he worked for phone sex – but I’m the reason he can’t find a job.

Lately, every time I try to be a nice guy, I get it stuck right in my ass, so those days have passed and Mailman is a fixture here. I think he started in again because the Stolen Valor Tournament is gearing up this week and he’s shooting for another one seed. But he even failed at winning the tourney last year.

Yeah, that’s Sgt. Major Ronald Mailahn who claims to be the youngest sergeant major in the Marine Corps. He’d have to be with only nine years in the Corps, according to his hash marks on the sleeve. The good folks at POW Network decided that he needed broader exposure so they sent him to us.

They tell us he’s a 43-year-old car salesman who lives in his mother’s basement. He was a fireman until he ran up the firehouse phonebill with more than $800 in telephone calls to phone sex numbers and they fired his horny ass. According to his own profiles, he graduated from high school when he was 20 years old – a real over-achiever.

Did I mention that he was arrested for embezzling over $12,000 from the Barrington New Jersey girls little league association? Well, he did – that over-achiever thing working for him again. his defense in that case? He’s a Marine and he’d never violate his code of ethics and do something like that.

Well except that the NPRC has no record of him ever serving. Ever.

He has a philosophy that the more websites that he posts this information, the more credibility he has. So here’s his information posted on yet another website. let’s see how that philosophy works for him.

Oh, by the way, he just sent the good folks at POW Network an email threatening to…guess what…sue if they don’t remove the information from their website that he himself posted on the internet;

U have my info on your site I want it removed asap I gave no permission to have any of my info pix or anything on your site I would also like to have the name of whoever put my name on there I have the collingswood police dept looking into to who put it up there but I want it removed forthwith

I’m sure that “forthwith” had Chuck and Mary shaking in their shoes. I know it gave me a feeling.

I will keep sending u my request till u do oh and I contacted my lawer if its not down with in 2s hrs I will sue u

If I ever start typing like a twelve-year-old girl, I’d hope that one of you fine people would put me out of my misery.

So, now his “info pix” are posted on yet another website…I wonder what his “lawer” will advise. I’d better call my “lawer” and tell him that there will be one more in the “I’m here to sue TAH” line at the Mineral County Courthouse next Tuesday.

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Ron Mailahn

Ok this has gone on long enough.
When my Fience and her daughter get messages on facebook this has gone to far it’s time to stop cause now it’s affecting
Lives of people who have done nothing to Ior this site.


ty ty ty Mr Lilyea, what a scumbag to talk about the USMC that way, they were great when he “pretended” for years to be a sgt. major, he had it all over facebook, he had it all over his ford explorer {at that time} he loved telling everyone about his find hero adventures, he loved telling the story of how he saved the life of a recruiter at the firehouse, who was having a heart attack, and he saved their life, so the USMC made him a sgt major, he even wore his Marine uniform at his beloved grandmother;s funeral, he bragged to his HS alumni that he was a sgt major USMC, all his friends were told thats what he was, if anyone doulted it, well he would want to fight them, he only used this ploy, to push people around, he is nothing but a bully, and will always be a bully, now he is telling people that everyone is lying, that he never said he was a marine, i dont think he even knows how to tell the truth to anyone, cause he dont know what the hell it is to be honest

That Guy

Cry some more. No one is messaging your family, and everyone here knows it.
Happy New Years, douche.


Damn good to hear from you Ron!! I was hoping for more of the old dead threads to come back prior to the new year but so far you’re it. Now GFY and do it quietly so we don’t have to ever deal with you agIn.
Happy New Year bitch!

OIF '06-'07-'08

What the fuck is Fience? If you are describing someone you are engaged to get married to, then it is fiancé, IDIOT.

Buy the way, post links to the so called threats jackass.

A Proud Infidel®™

Ronnie-poo the teinkle-toed candyassed glitter-farting tinsel mouse of a Sparkle Pony, you may PRACTICE COPROPHAGY while you cry to the moon. We see that someone who might give even a tiny fraction of a damn about you )NOT ME!!) needs to call a *WAAAAHHH*mbulance to come gice you a peanut butter sandwich, some fresh Kool-Aid, and a group hug while singing “Kun-ba-yah”. Keep up the bawling ‘lil rudy-poo, and we’ll keep laughing at you!!!


Well thank you “SGT Major” for reviving a very dead and almost forgotten thread. Don’t blame us for the collateral damage, consider it a reminder that Stolen Valor is NOT victimless. Are ya proud of yourself?? Have a shitty New Year.


Awww crap, Mailman , are you going to make me put you on my score card for 2015?

Just your picture alone is worth about 12 to 14 points but I’d have to track down all the old posts about you to make sure I get an accurate count.

Don’t make me reread all kinds of old stuff about you, I’m putting the final touches on my scoring system for this year, you could seriously screw up my database.

Oh and you’re a shitbag.

Pinto Nag

Zombie alert, Aisle 3.


If somebody will give him a Woobie and a warm can of Fresca maybe he’ll go away.


I have to disagree. This fine chap is in dire need of a hearty handshake and a warm cup of soup followed by an ice cream sandwich served good and cold!




Whaaa fucking whaaaaa, Ronnie.

Big Steve

Another poser in all his finery.. with the pic taken inside a home.
Dude, surely you have at least one pic of yourself in the field, graduation from a military course, overseas, with comrades.. or something other than a messed up pic of you inside a house.
Please put such a pic up, and convince me of your vet status. I won’t hold my breath. 🙂


His Fiance” ? so is this the giant bigfoot who was into the whips and chains thing? or somebody else he hired on craigs list?

I wanna know. This shit is better than soap operas.


This is not the same fiance. This one he did not meet on any BDSM websites. The fiance refuses to believe that DB can do any wrong. He now is making death threats against his kids whole family.

Jail House Justice

Hey Ronald the retard. How does it feel knowing you’re a total failure at life. How does it feel knowing that your mother was a cock recepticle for a bunch of bar room drunks and a couple Great Danes and you are the result. Ronald face it. You’re a waste of skin

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