The last post on James Ferris’ medals

| May 19, 2013

You probably remember that we noticed that the president of the Korean War Veterans Association, James Ferris was wearing awards he didn’t earn. When we notified the Syracuse Post Standard of this after they wrote an article about Ferris going to the White House, they sent a reporter to Ferris’ house in Liverpool NY to confront him. Ferris told the reporter, as well as the board of the KWVA that he had been wearing his brother’s medal to honor a deathbed promise. One of those medals was the Combat Action Ribbon, another was the New York State Conspicuous Service Cross. We discovered from Albany that neither James nor Francis Ferris had been awarded the New York State medal and we just got Frank Ferris’ records, and he hadn’t been awarded the CAR either;

Frank Ferris Awards

Frank served in the Marines from January 1944 until May 1946 and he went back into service from 1957 until 1965 and spent his entire career as a cook, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s awful difficult to imagine that somehow he earned a Combat Action Ribbon that wasn’t somehow annotated on his records. So it looks like James Ferris not only lied in wearing medals he didn’t earn, he also lied to the reporter and the KWVA Board about his brother’s awards.

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Lemme guess–he resigned because he knew eventually the whole shithouse he built would be coming down around his ears. At least in a perfect world that would be the case.


Not too shocked by that news.

Mr. Showtime Formerly C2

Same here, old guy who is probably going to continue lying no matter what. At least he used an appropriate lie for his resignation.


I spent a few hours today helping the widow of my best bud ever writing his obit. TAH was in my mind full time to make sure I didn’t exaggerate…at least in important areas. I had his 214 in front of me as I wrote.

My bud was the epitome of a great Airborne Signal Corps officer. He served with distinction with the Big Red One in VN on the front lines. I was on a parallel sideline of his career. His units were disciplined and mission ready. His troops loved him. In very high level assignments on the Army Staff and Joint Chiefs of Staff he was a huge advocate of the soldiers that he had served with. Oh, by the way, he never talked about his service.

It’s guys like Doug that make me hate posers. Doug: Airborne! RIP! That’s an order.


Like none of us saw that coming.


What a chickenbutt.


SJ: Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Doug’s widow and family.


Good. I’m all for letting this man feel the ground swallowing him up and people that once trusted him, see him for what he really is. In reality there isn’t a punishment better than that. Growing up, I knew and hung out with a number Korea vet’s. They never asked for much and those that could, gave all they possibly could to the local community. Had one (his name was Ol Dan, a cowboy. That’s all I know about him) that kept telling us boys, “If you keep calling the thunder, prepare for Hell to come with it”. I think this applies to this man as well. He kept calling down the thunder, now Hell has arrived.

My condolences as well for your friend Doug, SJ.


I have a NY State Conspicuous Service Cross medal and can tell you they are tracked by NY State because they actually have a Serial Number on them, and they have issue records to 1919.

A Proud Infidel

My condolences, SJ.

As for the poser asshat, I wonder how his kinfolk feel about him now?


SJ: sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, amigo.

As for Ferris – yeah, I can’t say I’m particularly surprised to find out he was lying about his brother’s service, either.


A lie to cover up his lie? Sounds like Stolen Valor SOP.

Club Manager

I have a New York State Military Department award. The drill was since I joined the military from there, received a couple of MSM, GCM, etc., I qualified for this high award. I had to apply and they sent me a neat looking military cross medal. Impressed the hell out of the grand babies. Then one day at lunch with a former CSM and the local Arsenal CSM, I showed it to them and asked what do I do with it. They were tactful enough, didn’t laugh, and suggested I display it in a closet at home.

Mailahn's Twin

People don’t change.

Liar’s lie.

Once, twice …


Oh shit … someone hacked my computer box … # 14 was me!


Latest from the KWVA website.

Special Announcement…

KWVA National President James Ferris has resigned his position effective midnight May 18, 2013 “due to circumstances both personal and professional.” 1st Vice President Larry Kinard will assume leadership of the organization in his absence. A small group of Board members is being organized to assist with this transition.

The excellent leadership that Jim Ferris has provided KWVA, over many years, will not soon be forgotten. We wish both he, and his lovely wife Felice, many years of health and happiness.

Larry Kinard, 1st Vice President
Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.