This is the End of American culture

| February 8, 2007

I read about those idiot college students who made the fake beheading video out there on Long Island and, yeah, I thought it was tasteless and insensitive to the families of beheading victims. Until I saw the usual “outrage” statements of the Muslim community;  

“I think it’s not a prank,” said Ghazi Khankan of Long Beach, a member of the board of the American Muslim Alliance, which he described as a regional and national group that advocates for Muslim participation in the political process. “Campuses are for enlightenment and for teaching us to get along, to respect each other, to know how to live together.”

Funny, I thought college was a place where we learned. I didn’t realize that it’s a big social laboratory. Guess I was wrong. I always figured that college students were accustomed to blowing off steam in unusual ways – like swallowing goldfish and packing phone booths.

Maybe the outraged Muslims can teach those folks who behead and set fire to buses a little about respecting each other instead of focusing on a college prank, for pete’s sake.

Habeeb Ahmed, president of the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury, who said he was a C.W. Post alumnus, agreed. “People are testing the waters again and again, and the Muslim community is always at the receiving end.”

Always? Since when? Maybe if Muslims would stop testing the waters, I’d feel for ’em a bit more. The only ones on the receiving end are those of us who hear and read endless lectures about tolerance from an entire race of intolerant people.

I wonder if they were this outraged over the news of actual beheadings.

These five students are only guilty of putting the video on YouTube where they’d get busted for being rambunctous youngsters. If people are going to start losing jobs for being funny, I think it’s the end of our civilization.

Afterall, who can forget the other comedy team who dared to poke fun at our enemies (it is only our enemies who threaten to behead us, right?);

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