Pride of Iran’s Navy in the news/ News from Mars

| July 8, 2024 | 16 Comments


Yep, remember not long back Iran was bragging about becoming a real blue-water navy? Going to conduct operations around the world, but most especially in our back yard. Yeah, they’re gonna show us. They’re gonna show us.

Well, they showed us:

Iranian naval destroyer has sunk while it was being repaired in a port near the Strait of Hormuz, state media reported Sunday.

State-run IRNA news agency reported that the Sahand destroyer, being repaired at a wharf lost its balance due to water infiltration into the tanks.

The agency added that due to the low depth in the waters, it is possible to bring back the destroyer to balance.

Sahand, named after a mountain in northern Iran, took six years to build and launched into the Persian Gulf in December 2018. The 1,300-ton vessel was equipped with surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft batteries and sophisticated radar and radar-evading capabilities.

Can evade radar but not someone flooding the bilges?

You wouldn’t think it that easy to capsize your own ship at dock. This isn’t the first, by the way.

In January 2018, a naval destroyer, Damavand, sank in the Caspian Sea after crashing into a breakwater. AP

Maybe they forgot to install that breakwater-evading radar.



Then we get to Mars. As you know, Earth and Mars have different orbits and different orbital periods, so the distance between is variable. Although the closest they theoretically can get is 33,000,000 miles, in reality this is very rare and the best they’ve done in the last 50,000 years was in 2003 when we were only 33,900,000 miles apart. Safe to say, though, it’s a trip.

But, human nature’s monkey-curiosity about everywhere else has us trying to explore Mars, just because they are our closest planetary neighbor. We’ve even flown helicopter-like drones there, notably the Mars Expedition  Ingenuity a while back.  Flying an Earth craft in another planet’s skies…makes all those battlefield drones seem kind of, well, insignificant.

But Ingenuity’s life span was short. Three years, and it was done – bent in a one-meter crash. It managed 72 flights, though, which is ‘way cool. The amazing part – the current Mars rover found Ingenuity’s wreckage on Mars.

Over 34,000,000, miles away at best. Call that roughly 130 times as far away as the Moon is from us.  And they found it. Utterly amazing.

Heck, there’s times I take a couple of tries just to find my car at WalMart.




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A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe I ran is just as capable of building a Destroyer as they are at building a Fighter Jet, whatever happened to the Stealth Fighter they said they were coming up with?


Truth in advertising man, so stealthy no one has ever seen it fly.


The Stealth Carpet?


Iran does have a navy destroyer. He’s called seaman snuffy.


The Sahand was actually named after the Frigate Sahand that was sunk during Operation Preying Mantis.

The Damavand likely capsized because they tried to stick too much up top, basically shitty design.


Nothing unique about the vessel’s mast and arrays- I’d say an engineering causality occurred based on the non-typical pier side behavior and causalities incurred. Inshallah.


As a wise engineer once said, “Ye cannot change the laws of physics”.

Last edited 4 days ago by SFC D

Saved us the trouble of sinking it. Pity…Big Navy could use the target practice.

It someone could rove around and find my lost mind, that would be great.


That’s ok,Obama using ole pedojoe will just send them some more billions and build another one.


Sell ’em those wonderful LCS boondoggles.

Army-Air Force Guy

They’d have better luck taking that Nimitz- class mockup they built as a floating target and turning into a real carrier.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Maybe the mars rover will find mars bars candy wrappers from 1957.
I put a full tin can in the sink and it sunk which I had a sinking feeling that it would

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Wonder how many underwater welders Iran will lose trying to patch the hole in the hull?

RGR 4-78

Any of you Navy types know how much damage the salt water will do to the electronic and other systems now that it has been “Guamed” at port?


Iran today announced that it’s latest submarine began testing …..


Gotta love that ‘Inshallah’ approach to maintenance and repair.