Thursday updates- Fortson, Biden, Lee, and 6/6

| June 6, 2024

You should recall Roger Fortson, the young airman killed by a deputy sheriff in Florida after answering his door with a gun in his hand. For a good start – the deputy has been fired.

Deputy Eddie Duran, an Army veteran who had been with the department since 2019, was fired from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office when it was determined that his “use of deadly force was not objectively reasonable and therefore violated agency policy,” according to an Administrative Internal Affairs investigation released Friday.

Yeah, when even your own bosses say you screwed the pooch and fire you this fast – this isn’t over. Jail time is ugly for ex-cops, I hear.

The Administrative Internal Affairs investigation, released to the public Friday, showed that “Mr. Fortson did not physically resist [Duran] in any way, and the investigation concluded that Mr. Forston did not point the gun in the former deputy’s direction.”

Additionally, Duran told investigators in the report that “when I saw his eyes … I saw aggression”…

Mr. Duran is a former intelligence weenie (2003-2007) who switched to military policing for 2007-2014.


A VA budget bill may be facing a White House veto due to several riders attache to the bill by GOP representatives which walk back many initiatives on abortion, trans care, etc.

The bill as written by House Republicans “includes numerous, partisan policy provisions with devastating consequences including harming access to reproductive health care, threatening the health and safety of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Americans, endangering marriage equality, hindering critical climate change initiatives, and preventing the administration from promoting diversity, equity and inclusion,” the White House budget office said in a statement Monday.

At issue now is the fiscal 2025 VA and military construction appropriations bill that was advanced by the House Appropriations Committee last month and that the full House is scheduled to vote on later this week. II

Best to read the article on this – the riders are a mixed bag – banning abortion even if the life of the mother is in danger, barring paying for illegal immigrant health care, barring some LGBTQ care aspects, etc.

And on Tuesday the White House rolled out a “new” border plan. One of its key provisions is closing the border to migrants if a daily limit of 2,500 encounters between illegals and CBP is exceeded.

Saying that Republicans “have left me no choice,” President Joe Biden issued an executive order today that would bar most migrants entering between ports of entry from seeking asylum when illegal border crossings reach a seven-day average of 2,500 — a threshold below current levels, meaning that the president’s directive should take effect immediately.  Fiscal Times

Ain’t nobody – no body – happy with this. Conservatives say it is too little, too late and a showboating move for Biden to appease critics. Liberals say it will divide families, be inhumane, the usual…zzz. Oh, sorry – I suppose asking whether maybe the families should just stay together someplace else where they are LEGAL is verboten? Or set that quota of illegals at, say, ZERO?

And it’s not like Biden is going to get any help from Mexico, their new President Claudia Scheinbaum,  is cut from the same cloth as outgoing President Obrador  (albeit with possibly less support) AP and is a confirmed leftist activist. Sounds like a rampant case of SSDD to me.   MSN

UPDATE 6pm – The New York Times (“All the News That Fits, We Print”) reports that if an asylum claimant illegally jumping the border doesn’t have his own lawer already (abogado? Avocado? Something like that) they have 4 hours to find one, or be able to make their case on their own and if unable they’re out. Usedtabe they had 24 hours. NY Times

Almost last – Sheila Jackson Lee, the Houston Congresscritter, has announced that she has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Jackson Lee wrote on Sunday, “As I pursue my treatments, it is likely that I will be occasionally absent from Congress, but rest assured my office will continue to deliver the vital constituent services that you deserve and expect.” CNN

Due to the nature of her diagnosis I will withhold my usual snark. I will say that from what I have read of pancreatic cancer, her optimism is admirable.

Last but certainly not least – today is the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Please remember appropriately.

I read of one old English vet, George Chandler, age 99,  who said:

“Let me assure you, what you read in those silly books that have been written about D-Day are absolute c—, it’s a load of old rubbish.

“I was there, how can I forget it? It’s a very sad memory because I watched young American rangers not shot, slaughtered. The Telegraph

He must be reading different books – that pretty much agrees with most of what I have ever read.

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Its worth a watch…

Old tanker

It came up on my you tube feed yesterday so I spent the afternoon watching it. It may be a really old movie, then again so am I, but I didn’t mind the B&W format.

To those who sacrificed, in all manners on that day, thank you for our freedom. May you all RIP.


Plenty of vets on both sides in appear in this film. The best story is a brit, Richard Todd.


Hey, I resemble that comment! “Mr. Duran is a former intelligence weenie”… though his duchebagery probably has more to do with his time in Policy than in “intelligence”. I am suprised that the part about “shooting first then saying put down the gun” did not come up in the investigation.
May he get all that he is due, and live a long life!


In short:


Duran may go to jail but Fortson will still be dead.

If you were 19 on D Day you would be 99 years old today. I watched the ceremony this morning and Joe Biden told everyone how he lost his son during the D Day invasion.


I must say it is a first that a president assigns blame for issuing an executive order to his competitor party.

USMC Steve

Everything with that senile motherfucker is someone else’s fault. Typical modus operandi for the socialist democrat party.


Square Joe ShitsPants


I am no fan of Sheila Jackson Lee, quite the opposite, but still pray that the doctors are able to help her with this very dangerous cancer, and even more that it brings her into humble submission to God. Which would improve her politics a lot, but even more keep her out of hell.

Deputy Eddie Duran is guilty of murder, plain and simple. Therefore I support the death penalty being imposed upon him.


Unless they caught it super early the five year mortality rate is close to 100%. So getting right with God would be number one on my to do list if I were her. It’s a terrible disease and I do feel bad for her.

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Lost a friend & coworker – a father of elementary age kids – within 2 months of finding his. We were all in shock.

When the doc looks at you and says “You’re dead.” it’ll shake you up.


One of my friends outlasted the 5 year mortality rate, he made it to six and a half years. I just found out that another friend, my brother from another mother, was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He seems to think the docs caught it early, He’s doing infusion treatments.
And, as that cancer suddenly seems everywhere to me, I recalled that my dad passed from it. He lasted 6 days after diagnosis.


That weenie wasn’t very intelligent, was he? His OODA skilz were lacking, too.

Congress…*spits*…IMHO at least 69% of them need to be introduced to the effects of a pissed off JAL wide body driver. TL Davis has an interesting post on Kongress Kritters (spits again).

I have ZERO (0) phuques to give for SJL. Karma is a cast iron bitch with titanium teeth. What you wanna bet that she will NOT be getting her health care from the VA?

Anybody think that we could duplicate today what was done on 6 June 1944? A Salute to the ones that did their duty in all things. It is really surprising that the casualty rate was not higher than it was.

Hack Stone

When Eisenhower gathered his Generals together to plan the liberation of Europe, were “critical climate change initiatives” a priority?


Don’t think they were as “woke” as folk are today:
comment image


Anyone who gets off a landing craft into hell has got to be one brass-balled MF-er and I mean that in the highest form of ultimate respect. Those guys were just a different breed. I commend all veterans, but to me, when you are riding into some beachhead and you know that the machine gun fire will be in your face the second that hatch drops, man, that is some kind of brace. God bless all of those tough ole birds still living and may all those that are no longer with us rest easy up there with the big guy.


I meant to say BRAVE, not brace, but while I’m in here I must add, that I would like to reach out and hug every one of these living hero’s. I think that much of them. I think that much of all veterans and to all those sniveling, little left-wing tootsies, cowards who want to hate our county, had you been put in their place on that landing craft, you would have dropped down in a curled-up ball like a little crying schoolgirl. You think you are brave while you stand there and degrade our country and flag. Shame on you.


Heck yeah.


Amazing people, like this rescue swimmer who pulled maybe 75 wounded soldiers out of the water during the assault. Terrified the whole time. Heroic, beyond reproach.


Imagine the hailstorm on Omaha Beach — and those kids still moved FORWARD into hell. It really amazes me beyond words to think about that. They thought about their buddies and their objectives and they succeeded. Absolutely incredible.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Duran-Duran was FIRED. Good.
Now that leaves him open for CRIMINAL and CIVIL lawsuits, without limited immunity.
May the friends and family take Mr Duran-Duran to the cleaners down to his socks and skivvies, for as long as he lives, and is working to try to earn enough for roof and food.
(I hope that no judge kicks out the girlfriend because she has “no standing”)


Lars’ CA buddy at DIA who resigned in protest is runnin’ his pie hole ’bout Israel again:

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