Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 21, 2024

I assume she’s talking about a Biden

And people think American politicians are nuts

We already knew grammar was racist

His best speech so far

Everything is transphobic

His you say?

Got ‘er

You don’t say?

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Book these idiots a seat on the next Iranian whirlybird.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Hope they don’t get lost in a fog.

They’re already lost in a fog of their own making, an impenetrable cloud wafting off the bullshit they spew.


So, let me see if I understand the English Language Race Baiter……..trying to teach people to talk like they have some level of intelligence is racist? AND, encouraging them to keep talking like simpletons is acceptable and not ray-cyst. OK, I get it now. So, she wants society to encourage her people to function at a lower level than that which is expected of the average person in society because that’s how they learned in the pre and post-Civil War era. Hhhmmm, isn’t that ray-sis-um at its finest?


So, is Barbara Billingsley not racist since she speaks jive? Could she even say jive anymore? Is there a new and improved version of jive? Or is it called hood speak, and it’s the whites fault they can barely keep a job at popeyes.


LOL, Biden has got to be the biggest liar that ever graced the lineup of politicians. I think he might even rival Stalin, Hitler and Goebbels. If there is anyone out there who believes anything that comes out of his filthy sewer that he uses as a mouth, they are bigger fools than he is a liar. Aside from being of low intelligence, he can’t open his piehole without telling lies. What a tool.


A useful tool. Give proper credit please.


Trans “woman”: If you won’t date me, you’re transphobic…
Me: Would you date a gay man?
Trans “woman”: No. Not my preference…
Me: Doesn’t that make you homophobic?
Trans “woman”: Reeeeeeeeee <boom, head explodes>

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Well said! This needs to be spread far & wide.


We are all hate-mongers, at least those of us who are White heterosexual males, and–most importantly–identify as such.

If an attractive young “lady” catches my eye at the bar, and we hit it off only for me to find out later that “she” was born a man and decide against going any further, I’m transphobic.

If a gay guy tries to buy me a drink and I politely decline because I’m not into men and don’t want to mislead him, I’m homophobic.

If I approach a group of women and ignore the Black and Hispanic ladies while trying to talk to their White friend, I’m racist.

If I’m having a conversation with a well-spoken and educated person who disagrees with me politically, it’s only a matter of time before I’m labeled a close-minded MAGA extremist, whether by that person or their friends.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

English language and grammar aren’t racist.
You NOT SPEAKING English language and grammar just proves that you’re an idiot, too low-IQ to learn basic rules of speaking and communications. Basic. Rules.

seems that many other waves of immigrants, German, Irish, etc. overcame adversity and integrated within one or two generations, and didn’t continue to whine, make excuses, and actually backslide for over a century… interesting that..

Careful, Bill Cosby got jacked-up over his pervy sex life for saying such stuff.


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Whitey ain’t the only ones that can “fail up”.


We can’t all sleep our way to the top. Well, almost to the top. What say you, Kamala?


Can’t talk right now, because, you know.


…the thing again?


I’d think instead of white men failing up, she’d be more concerned about what that barber keeps doing to that head of hers.


Maybe she has an aversion to hair pulling or something 🤔


For the Language Racist: that’s a lot to unpack. I like the fact that she points out that when it was illegal to teach a slave, there were those that did it anyway. I like how she hits on the fact that this country has steadily moved forward to make things right. I also like that she is one of the few that actually lumped European countries into the slave trade instead of blaming it all on the U.S.

So, in her mind if you try to teach a black person to speak correctly, you’re racist. If you try to correct a black person you’re racist. If you don’t teach a black person and leave them alone, you’re a racist. I have a black kid that I have taught a lot to. Does that make me a supper racist?


All I think about when I read, hear, or watch these insufferable cunts whinge, is Scanners.

Amateur Historian

The English Language is racist? That’s rich coming from an ideology that thinks referring to Latinos as Latinx is perfectly acceptable.


And it’s hard too

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Amateur Historian


Forest Bondurant

Sick fucks.