Pro-Palestinian rioter punches female DC cop, gets 48 hours of community service

| May 21, 2024 | 31 Comments

Arthur Camacho slammed a female DC police officer against a wall and punched her in the face. He was a part of a cease-fire riot that occurred outside of the Democratic National Headquarters near the US Capitol. During the riot, Camacho blocked federal lawmakers from an exit. He was charged locally in the DC court system. Unlike the J6 protesters, Camacho escaped federal prosecution in favor of being locally charged.

From The Post Millennial:

The incident occurred during a ceasefire riot outside of the Democratic National headquarters near the US Capitol on Nov. 15. Police said Camacho slammed a female officer against a wall and punched her in the face. Camacho was charged with one count of assault on a police officer, which is a felony offense.

He also resisted arrest and blocked an exit used by federal lawmakers during the riot, according to court documents.

Camacho escaped federal prosecution and was charged in DC Superior Court by DC US Attorney Matthew Graves. This is the same Biden-appointed prosecutor who has been arresting J6 protesters on charges including assault on police. US Capitol Police said six officers were injured during the ceasefire riot.

Journalist Julie Kelly, known for her reporting on J6 defendants, emphasized that the case demonstrates the existence of a two-tiered system of justice in the United States. She compared the difference in treatment given to Camacho the way Jan. 6 defendants have been treated under the law.

“Camacho was not denied release from jail pending trial or plea; he was not condemned as an “insurrectionist” or “domestic terrorist” by federal prosecutors. Because Camacho participated in a protest sanctioned and funded by Democrats, he got a slap on the wrist,” said Kelly.

Despite being charged by the same DC prosecutor, Kelly said Camacho “did not have to face Judge Beryl Howell or Judge Tim Kelly or Judge Royce Lamberth in the DC federal courthouse” unlike the J6ers.

Additional Reading:

Daviscourt, K. (2024, May 19). Rioter who punched female Capitol Police officer during ‘ceasefire’ protest at DNC sentenced to 48 hours community service: report. The Post Millennial. Link.

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It’s okay when Democrats do it!

Last edited 25 days ago by Anonymous

Remember back when assaulting a cop in such a situation would’ve earned said dirtbag a nice hickory shampoo??

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Of course, these Communist judges carry on this system of justice from their communist country counter parts


And this surprises no-one.. though I’m sure commissar will show up to explain why this is totally reasonable…

Just for reference, the Founders would NOT accept this…


Anxiously awaiting The Spapos Seagull’s ‘splaining to us all why this is not an example of the two tiered level of (in)”justice” we have in this country now. “…despotic at home…” (ht2 Marse Robert)



Camacho deserves the Bogs treatment from Shawshank..

“Two things never happened again after that. The Sisters never laid a finger on Andy again… and Bogs never walked again.”

Commissar's Butthurt

These lawful protestors were trying to kill Jews not overthrow the government. At least not the US Government.

Empirically, it was Trump who created the 2-Tier justice system. By his many crimes and those of his supporters the justice systems was forced to get around the constitution to keep them from getting away with it. Once the Supreme Court is fixed and certain Justices like Thomas and Alito are removed he will have no where to hide and he will go to Prison. Probably put him in Alcatraz so he can be by himself and just stare at a mirror all day long and pretend he is president since he is the ultimate narcissist. This isn’t some third world country, we have laws in this country and accountability for those who go against the system, I know this because I rode the streets and served with the best as a policeman, not like this DC wannabe that didn’t understand she was interfering with a lawful protest. She needs to go back to school and learn. Preferably Berkley.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

He was never spanked as a child nor punched in the face as a yute. And it shows.

Bullies generally find a new game once they’ve tasted their own blood.

Old tanker

The dems don’t care to hide their actions anymore because they know nothing will happen to them as long as they maintain power. They know you can’t do a damned thing about them.


“Justice is blind”.

Bullshit. And that scale is wayyy overdue for calibration. It’s skewing heavily left.


Yeah, somebody took care of that.
comment image


Yes, excellent.


48 hrs for assaulting a cop, but diddly squat for the cop who murdered an unarmed “insurrectionist/rioter”.

Both are indefensible results of our double standard legal system.

Ashley Babbit unavailable for comment.


Paul Pelosi’s attacker is looking at 30 years and he’s no cop.
No respect for the law, deport this terrorist.





Never bring a hammer to a sword fight




Equal justice for the cop puncher in DC .Should also get 30 years.


Paul? Was Paul attacked?


Just a comparison to the dc cop puncher getting 48 hrs. Pelosi attacker got 30 years.


The 30 year sentence took away any and all mention that Paul was hanging out with this guy in his underwear.


With a drink in his hand…..
Very obvious they were having a crazy, gay, liquor and hammer party.
DePape is a political prisoner.


Now, I’m enlightened that I hear the rest of the story! I didn’t know that it was a thingy between them too.

A Proud Infidel®™

OF COURSE he got off easy, IMHO that proves just what a WHOREHOUSE our so-called Justice system is these days.



Commissar's Butthurt

Take your fake news elsewhere. Biden talked all about Lincoln Riley being killed by an illegal in the State of The Union Address. But he used the term “illegal” in a totally unoffensive way, unlike when Trump uses it to dehumanize killers of loose college women.

If Lincoln had gone to Berkley, which is internationally recognized as the greatest leftist training academy University on Earth, she would still be alive.

Commissar's Butthurt

Biden would have gotten her name right but butch body Marjorie Taylor Greene made him get it wrong. She also made him say illegal so it doesn’t even count. It is all her fault, it was reported by the AP so you can see it is completely true.

The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news. It says so right on their web site so it must be true.


For his 48 hours of community service he can try to learn how to untie a rope from around his neck.

Forest Bondurant

Rhetorical question: How is it nobody has heard anything about any “extrajudicial killings” the cops have been known for?

You know?! The ones that empirical data and social justice dogshit used to claim, and unsupported by the DoJ?

Maybe UC Berkeley is doing a taxpayer funded study on that?


Ah, it’s because you are not fluent in liberal.

All killings by the police are extra -judicial. It doesn’t matter if it was self-defense, it doesn’t matter if the dead guy was shooting up a school or driving his SUV through a parade of dancing grannies, it doesn’t matter if they were trying to pick up a prescription at a local pharmacy or make a bank withdrawal for a “friend” But forgot their wallet and were trying to trade a gun.

If the police do it, it is wrong and it is extra judicial.