“C.Q.” Brown’s Gaza Advice

| May 21, 2024 | 31 Comments

Where are my Air Medals?

Biden’s top military adviser chides Israel for losing ground to Hamas

Gen. C.Q. Brown has rarely spoken negatively about Israeli forces.

The Pentagon’s top general offered a rare critique of Israel’s war strategy on Monday, warning Israeli troops’ failure to hold ground they had taken from Hamas in northern Gaza could have long-term effects.

“Not only do you have to actually go in and clear out whatever adversary you are up against, you have to go in, hold the territory and then you’ve got to stabilize it,” said Gen. C.Q. Brown, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, drawing on his years in the Middle East.

Brown, who rarely chides Israeli forces, stressed that the Israeli tactic of pushing Hamas fighters out of one area and then leaving makes achieving lasting stability more difficult. Instead, he suggested, they are ceding ground for Hamas to return and undermine humanitarian efforts to help the population in Gaza.


Where was military genius “Conditionally Qualified” Brown during the Afghan rout? The irony is deep and wide here; the DEI hire needs to tell this to Medicated Joe’s String Pullers and not the Israelis.

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Forest Bondurant

Says a guy whose adherence to an ideology (DEI) that denigrates and marginalizes those under his command.


AW1Ed tell us how you really feel about GEN Brown, I’m not sure it coms out in your words!


Ed, sorry to criticize but I think you missed the point. It is a set up to be able to blame other than Hamas, or, God forbid, Biden’s policy for when Hamas steals whatever aid that “humanitarian pier” manages to get delivered…which then means US personnel will need to deliver it, to ensure it gets into the correct Hamas, I mean Palestinian, hands.

they are ceding ground for Hamas to return and undermine humanitarian efforts to help the population in Gaza.”


Black Hawk Down II: Democrat’s Supposed Short, Victorious Election Year Rematch… watch.

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Just in… NONE of the aid delivered at the “humanitarian pier” has reached people in Gaza… UN not happy that “several desperate Gazans intercepted trucks delivering aid”:

Forest Bondurant

Another Biden foreign policy failure. Go figure.


Why is it so hard to understand that these people hate u and don’t trust us, so even if they were terrorist supporters, this whole operation would be a fools errand..

To hell with them all!


Pushing fighters out of one area and then leaving worked so well for the US during The Viet Nam of The Times, wonder why it wouldn’t work for the IDF? Oh…wait…

Maybe the good gnrl should concentrate on what his primary job should be…defending these states united.


It’s that “failing to learn from history” thing again. You know, kinda like that communism/socialism thing: “We’ll get it right this time”.


You only hold ground when you want the war over. You need a different strategy for Endless War.


Winning the war is bad for business. Much like curing cancer.


I don’t disagree. The Israeli strategy offers no long term solution. Even if they wipe out Hamas, some other faction will fill the power vacuum. Ten years from now Israel will have the same problems.


I don’t believe the problems will ever go away as long as Islam exists. And eradicating Islam is just not an achievable goal.

USMC Steve

Maybe not, but it is certainly an admirable goal.


They do kinda like dying for their ideology.


Once again, you beat me to it.


…As a Wise Man once said: “No, you can’t kill an idea – but you CAN kill all the believers and burn their documents.”


Sounds like he’s critiquing US military strategy since the beginning of Viet Nam.

Not that he’s wrong…but the irony is palpable.

Old tanker

Can someone explain the history of what ground the Air Force has held since 1947? I seem to have missed that in my history study.

Drag Racing Maniac

Well, there is the golf course at Shaw AFB…


and Andrews, where Obama used to hack divots as big as fighting positions.


This is actually quite a departure for an AF general. Air power types have told us since the beginning of air power, Douhet for example, that ground forces are irrelevant; air power is all you need for Victory.


Bombing is very accurate– it always hits the ground.


Kind of like Dan Bernath?🤣🤣🤣 🥥 🥥 🥥

Army-Air Force Guy

Gravity wins. Every time.


My dad was career USAF, (WW2, Korea, Vietnam) and a faithful follower of Curtis LeMay. BUT… he never bought into the “air power alone” argument. His feelings on that were along the lines of “We can bomb a piece of ground till every living creature and plant is dead, but it’s not over till some poor muddy PFC with a rifle is holding it”.


Yup. As the North Vietnamese demonstrated, airplanes may drop bombs on your things but they run low on fuel and leave… and then you can bring over Jane Fonda and yank your enemy’s chain.
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Patton updated for the modern era:

Prior Service

1) their goal is to eradicate Hamas, not stabilize Gaza. They know they are in a war of attrition.
2) killing all they find and withdrawing is far easier than would be “holding” or stabilizing Gaza and being presented with the never-ending series of new Hamas. They know they can’t “win” a long term occupation and aren’t going to try.
3) if I was unsure of my “ally” actually supporting me (by which I mean the Biden-led US), I also wouldn’t put myself into a long-term occupation.

Green Thumb

CQ “No Combat” Brown.