(Eat my) Friday Shorts

| April 19, 2024


Okay, I freely admit it – nothing of great social or political import today. So let the deep thinking occur in the other posts.

Command. Where only (theoretically) the best and the brightest get to. Repeated command slots says you’re a rising star, a comer, someone who is going places. Now, what could be the ultimate  – an independent command where you are solely in command of a power which can start or end wars, where the faith your command has in you is such that you are trusted to make the right decision totally independently – say, commanding your own submarine (apologies to Tom Clancy). In the West it’s supposedly only for our studs, right? In China… it’s for the duds.

Based on China’s college-entrance exam — called the gaokoa — the People’s Liberation Army Navy engineering university ranks No. 2 in test scores among the military academies, while the submarine academy consistently ranks in the bottom three, according to a paper written by Roderick Lee, an expert on the Chinese military at the US Naval War College. Business Insider

So bring a more seniorofficer, too, , sort of a giant ride-along. Then let’s throw in what the Russians call a zampolit political officer. Maybe there is a reason after all…anyone would would accept that kind of command threeway had better be pretty dumb to start with.

Now let’s move onto Dubai, where they got a bit over 6 1/4 inches of rain in one day. Hereabouts, that is a spring sprinkle. In a country with a bit over 3″ of ANNUAL rainfall, that’s a bunch. As always, conspiracy theorists are out in force:

After nearly two years’ worth of rain flooded the Dubai region Tuesday, attention quickly shifted to cloud seeding and whether it could have been a  factor in the deluge. The geoengineering technology has successfully produced rainfall over the arid United Arab Emirates in the past.  WaPo

Never fear, say scientists. It’s actually – wait for it – global warming did it. Don’t you feel better?

By the way, Dubai’s precise annual rainfall is 3.14 inches.

And let’s close with the  Transgender American Veteran’s Association – hitting the news – again.

The Transgender American Veterans Association, or TAVA, filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court seeking to compel the VA to cover the surgeries, its second lawsuit this year related to the issue.

The earlier lawsuit sought to force the VA to formally respond to a petition TAVA first filed in 2016 calling on the department to cover the surgeries. In February, the VA denied TAVA’s petition, making the earlier lawsuit moot.

Covering surgery could cost the VA anywhere from $3.5 million to $78 million annually, depending on the number of patients and the types of surgeries they get, according to a 2016 VA analysis. Military.com

$78 mill? How the hell many TGs are there in the military, anyway? I know we have been waiting for that flood of patriotic TGs to join up and swell the military’s ranks. How many have we enlisted so far?

At least the surgical equipment is already in stock…


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Hack Stone

Remember when “transgender” veterans were saying that they just wanted be treated like every other veteran? Congratulations, you are being treated like every other veteran.

Give it a month until we read about the spike in suicide attempts by transgender veterans who are upset that they have not be issued their new “tactical gear” yet.


So what exactly is the “service connection” that caused or
exacerbated an existing condition?
If it is “pre existing” then how can one enlist in the first place
unless welcomed by the present recruitment screening.

Gotta be Agent Orange wreaking havoc with the DNA of our
Viet of the Nam Veterans and their offspring.


Enjoy the VA, girls– you’ll get treated the same, no matter who you imagine ya are!

Green Thumb

The girls get paid more.

Not being rude, just candid.

The VA does no go deep on some “claims”.


I would suggest a simple solution. Not being a doctor I don’t have it all worked out yet, but I’m sure someone can come along and help fill in the blanks.
Males seeking to become females: Provide one 1/4″ rubber band each week until they fall off.

Females seeking to become males: Much more expensive; surgical removal of the ovaries.

Both results in castrated individuals with little to no sex drive. The study is out, on whether this also results in changes of mental state, which may result in decision to not continue the sex change procedure. Either way we are left with the true third gender (according to language experts) of neuter!


I guess the ChiComs figure their bubblehead crews are expendable when they have to go against our ASW Troops. It may not be the case now, but seems if I recall that our ASWs were the best of the best.

Glo-Bull warming causes earthquakes and the sun to hide behind the moon, too. But more tax on We, The People will fix that.

Nice surgical tool you gots there, Mister. Use an Estwing 28oz Framer for the anesthesia application?


A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall…, got umbrella? (Prepare!)

In short: F Shitcago. The good people still there need to resist every little bit of communist fuckery like this “organizer” functionary-of-the-machine talks about at 3:45-7:30.

May you have a great weekend, I will be surrendering the keys to TAH WOT: FoF Throne Room and Tyrant Hunting Club.

Today this Veteran is heading to the country in order to ‘build affordable housing’. Hopefully my ladder be dry and hammer unbloodiéd, Bobby D.


Off topic, but sharing for the laugh…kinda needed given most of the current news.

The sibling and I have been at toy war since mine was two, when the sibling got the child a talking Bart Simpson doll. Pull the string and it would say all sorts of things any parent would want their two-year-old repeating, such as “Eat my shorts, man”. For the duration of the party the kid ran around pulling the string and repeating it, which the sibling (and everyone) thought hilarious. I was not so amused.

“Eat my shorts, man” to this day cracks me up and sends the sibling into gales of hilarity.

Green Thumb


The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls.