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| April 11, 2024

Marlin 336 Classic

Bibb County Sheriff’s Office investigating fatal shooting at Riverview Hotel
The shooting occurred within the 200 block of Broadway.

Monica Diaz-Meek
MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that took place in the 200 block of Broadway on Tuesday at 3:01 a.m.

Deputies found an unresponsive male with a gunshot wound at the Riverview Hotel.

According to an incident report, a male was attempting to enter into a parked vehicle and was shot by the occupant who was asleep inside.

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41 NBC

Another fail on the steep thug life learning curve.


Our usual suspects are usual. Thanks!

We know that advanced economies with stable governments that borrow in their own currency are capable of running up very high levels of debt without crisis.
Paul Krugman

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BS alert , and extra PISSED off.
I keep getting Facebook links to pages that us a disabled vets manipulated pics. “I need money to buy prosthetic legs” .
Somebody needs a KARMA JDM.


The healed over stumps with a fresh head wound just add to it.


The guy in the top right is a dead ringer for a guy I served with at Benning, Ryan Estes (of 101st fame/infamy).

If it is him, whoever is doing this best get their affairs in order.




My escort duty will take me into that AO today. ’bout need a re-enforced Rifle Squad to go anywhere these days.

The Marlin 336 is like the Sunday Gunz Girls…Classic Form, Function, and Beauty.

Y’all BEHAVE!…I’ll be back.


Head on a swivel, KoB.
Want you back behind the wire in one piece.



Even though that northern wall is in dire need of Sniper support.


Head shots mean the bad guys’ friends are warned. That position on the TO&E is still open.


Tanks, Gb…Shucks, I gots my head on a swivel just going to the mailbox. There were 4 DRTs by gunfire in Macon over the last 48 hours. Mostly the trash taking out the trash. The AO that the defensive shooting was is within a rock throw of the popo station and the building in the background of the video in the news article is the Federal Courthouse. All kinds of law dogs hanging out around there. The hotel is known for nefarious types to be hanging around and the only time you see a strong popo presence is during the Cherry Blossom Festival doings. Can’t have any tourists being set upon, now can we?

Mr. Kahr and four (4) mags on the EDC Belt, a round chambered, and within easy pull. Mr. Taurus rides in the cup holder by the gear shifter (even driving the automatic on escort duty, I still ride with my hand near the shifter). I walk thru the K Roger like I own the place and make solid eye contact with everyone in there, but only the manager and I know that I’m strapped.

Good report from The Lady’ s doc, knee surgery from two (2) years ago was a complete success and no further follow ups are needed. Caught me a real good mark down special on some grounded chuck beef beast @ $3.69 a #, some seasoned boneless yard bird chests @ $1.69 a #, and drew rations from my favorite to go cafe. Country style beef beast, whipped taters ‘n gravy, cabbages with bacon, real cornbread dressing, and the House Wine…Sweet Iced Tea. I hurt my self.


Long time friend has 336 handed down from his dad.
Quite a few deer been taken with it.
Super smooth action for follow up shots without taking the butt
out of your shoulder pocket.


Oh, gee… DoJ to issue a “rule” eliminating “gun show loophole”:

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I will sell whatever property I legally own to whomever I please.
Don’t like that? Ok, let me rephrase that.
I will “give away” whatever property I legally own to whomever
I please.
Don’t like that either? Ok, then make gifting illegal.


The rule says “predominantly to earn a living” so if you are just selling off a couple guns or bartering you are fine. Bet they will come after that next.


Never, ever allow vague wording in a law or some legal SOB will misuse it to their advantage. Example: Roe v. Wade hinged on a “right to privacy”. If it isn’t defined precisely it’s too indeterminate.


SPotD, whoever the F wrote this line:

The barrel chamber appears to be tucked into his jeans.

 From a Faux News article (link)…

CBP seizes multiple weapons headed for Mexico, including AK-style rifle taped to migrant’s bare chest


SPotD, Number B:

An Alabama man was arrested and indicted this week on charges that he detonated an explosive device outside the Alabama attorney general’s office in late February, the U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday.

Kyle Benjamin Douglas Calvert, 26, of Irondale, was charged with malicious use of an explosive and possession of an unregistered destructive device, the Justice Department said. 

The explosion outside Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office occurred around 3:42 a.m. on Feb. 24. No injuries or major damage were reported.

Link to NBC “News”

Pretty sure I’ve the same welding goggles. I’ll make it thru the embarrassment.


SPotD, Letter 3:

Teenage Girl Brutally Assaulted By Thugs In Byram Park In Greenwich, While Onlookers Cheered, Recorded Attack

Link to Connecticut Centinal

Waiting on the state-subsidized Outrage Machine® to kvetch about the word choice of ‘thugs’.

If the Ones fit….

My state is rife with outcomes from infantilizing the yutes.


If that were my grandchild, her Grandpa might wind up in prison, but those thugs would have a lesson pounded into their heads first.

BlueCord Dad

O/T, but an FGS. OJ Simpson has assumed room temperature….👍


Hell, anyone with a healthy prostate should be able to do
better than that.

BlueCord Dad

I for one would be proud to piss on that murdering asshole’s grave…


Tackled short of the end zone by cancer. Now facing judgement that can’t be bamboozled. Hope he found Jesus or the prosecution is going for max sentence. Asbestos underoos recommended.