Charles Barkley called eclipse viewers ‘losers’

| April 10, 2024

Charles Barkley was among the hosts covering the Connecticut Huskies and Purdue Boilermakers national championship game. During the course of their interaction, Berkley asked the others if they were among the “losers” that watched the eclipse. One of his co-hosts countered that opinion; Berkley doubled down on his view. He indicated that those who waited for the eclipse were “idiots.”

From Breitbart:

On Monday night, during TNT’s coverage of the national championship game between the Connecticut Huskies and Purdue Boilermakers, Barkley called those who stood outside to view the solar eclipse in the U.S. on Monday “losers.”

“Were y’all some of them losers standing outside watching that [eclipse] today?” Barkley asked his co-hosts.

“They’re not losers,” Ernie Johnson shot back. Barkley responded, “Yes, they are. Hey, we’ve all seen darkness before. Stop it.”

Kenny Smith backed Johnson, “Not in the daylight.”

“Come on, Chuckster. Don’t hate on the eclipse,” Johnson pleaded.

“Well I’m not going to sit outside like an idiot and wait on the darkness,” Barkley explained. “I could’ve waited… It’s going to be dark when you go outside.”

It’ll be at least 20 years before the next solar eclipse in North America. We’ll have to wait and see if Barkley chides the “losers” then.

Breitbart has the story here.

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MF that A hole.

Some of us are made of tougher stuff?

(My praise for the thousands and thousands of people with whom we suffered)

When The Grand Architect serves you up a rare beauty between three objects in His domain, basking in awe is the very least one can do.

It’s kind of the thing one must see and maybe he don’t ‘get it’?


Gotta wonder what kind of idiot he is going to be when he’s standing in line at The Ultimate Processing Center and The Final Judge sez…”So you don’t like the way I arrange things? Too bad you won’t see, or feel, any cool stuff where you’re going.”


Especially the cool stuff.

A Proud Infidel®™

I hear you about The Grand Architect.


He should have viewed this one.

Hat tip to Helicopter ASW Squadron 4, the Black Knights, for the cameo.


It’s hilarious and the work of a master showman.


Thank You for sharing, AW1Ed!

That video is now making its rounds around several Army/Air Force/Navy/Coast Guard installations in our AO as well as the Deep South…😉😎👌👏👍

A Proud Infidel®™

OH, HELL to the YEAH!


Sheila Jackson Lee did it better….😆😅🤣😂

“Space Cadet: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Tells Schoolkids That Moon Is A ‘Planet’ And ‘Made Up Mostly Of Gases’”

“Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) stunned attendees at a high school solar eclipse event Monday by claiming the rock-solid moon is a “planet” that is “made up mostly of gases” — before adding she still wants to be “first in line” to learn how to live there.”

“You’ve heard the word ‘full moon.’ Sometimes you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gases,” Jackson Lee, 74, told teenage pupils who gathered on a sports field ahead of the rare celestial event.”

“And that’s why the question is why or how could we as humans live on the moon? Are the gases such that we could do that?” the congresswoman said.”

“The sun is a mighty powerful heat, but it’s almost impossible to go near the sun. The moon is more manageable.”

“Jackson Lee made a series of other questionable statements, including saying the moon, which reflects the sun’s light, gives off “unique light and energy” and misstating the scientific reason for the eclipse.”

“You have the energy of the moon at night,” she told the kids.”

“The solar eclipse was happening because the Earth was unusually close to the moon, she said — though, in fact, the eclipse was the result of the alignment of the sun and moon.”

“I don’t know about you, I want to be first in line to know how to live and to be able to survive on the moon,” Jackson Lee added. “That’s another planet which we’re going to see shortly.”

“Jackson Lee has not deleted from her X page the footage of herself providing the miseducation to local students.”


In this 1 minute video, Sheila Jackson Lee struggles to put on eclipse glasses…



She’d struggle with a jar lid that had instructions on it.




Woman couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel.


She is one of the dumbest Congressrats. I am glad we haven’t had to see her “moons.”




No edit button to delete picture.

Oh, Well…

SFC D and rgr769 nailed it!


Her boots Have TGIF embroidered on them so that she knows Toes Go In First


Just act like you can see. Next time she starts spouting off about how much smarter she is than we, give her a pair of eclipse viewing glasses and have her show us how it’s done.

A Proud Infidel®™

Does she TRY HER HARDEST to be that stupid, or does it come to her naturally?

Askin’ for a friend.

IMHO the closest she’ll ever come to a brainstorm is a momentary light drizzle.

Sheila Jackson Lee strikes me as the type who would scream for help while on a stalled escalator.

Last edited 2 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

I feel dumber after reading that.


Hank Johnson had a daughter…

Army-Air Force Guy

Hey, the public really needed to be informed if Guam would capsize or not with additional troops on it. On an unrelated note, my fellow union members didn’t like it when I referred to them as midgets.


She takes the cake for being the stupidest congresswoman in the House. She is right up there with the congressman who opined that Guam would capsize if another battalion of Marines were garrisoned there, like an overloaded canoe.


I’m only gonna get wound up over an eclipse if the sun doesn’t come back out.



RGR 4-78



Ah, yes, another rich person who thinks their opinion matters because, well, they are rich. He’s an idiot.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

She didn’t blame Pres. Trump????
She’s the same age as my Sister and she sounds like an A-Hole with her B.S. I wonder if she ever went to school

A Proud Infidel®™

I simply wonder if she didn’t go to some school that simply passed her due to skin color and gender?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was thinking of that API but didn’t put it in.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Off topic
Earlier on Dan Bongino’s show, he mentioned that an NPR whistleblower said that his station was biased against the right.


Whistleblowing on stuff we already knew? Hope they didn’t pay much for the expertise.


Spending my time watching low iq diversity enrichment dribble a ball and jump is for true losers.


You can’t fix stoo-pid


I used to make fun of politicians like this until I saw Guam tip over.


Leave it to him to have zero appreciation for astrophysics and science in general.
Just think of all the urban youngsters that idolised this moron.


comment image?w=1024&dpr=1&q=75


And anyone cares what the guy who played a kids game thinks?

Green Thumb

He dunks on the Dems.


Basketball was invented by a Canadian who was too big a pussy to play hockey.


I was more wound up over a Total Eclipse of the Heart 😢. Or maybe wound down.

Green Thumb

Sir Charles rules!


Chuck Wagon aka The Brown Mound of Rebound used be good for few funny sound bites. Now he’s just “Get-off-my-lawn-guy”. What a dick.


San Antonio women are fat. Chuck wasn’t wrong! 😆


F**K Chuck!

Green Thumb

He dunks on the Dems.


Missed that. Thx.

Old tanker

Sounds like he and jackson lee share some of the same “issues”.


And in celebrity news… Death done squeezed The Juice– O.J. died: