Boomer’s Sunday

| April 7, 2024

I’d say find your own wretched hive of scum and villainy but since y’all are already here, enjoy.

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Ah, Star Wars…I enjoyed the original trilogy quite a bit. The prequel trilogy was much less enjoyable, though Episode III was somewhat redeeming–I think I watched the first two once each and the third a handful of times. Rogue One was good, in my opinion, with the characters all meeting their fates and the final scene harkening back to the opening Star Wars scene being incredibly nostalgic. The sequel trilogy? Nah, Woke Disney nonsense. The various spinoffs and TV shows? Same.

I’ll refrain from commenting on the political memes. Sad state of affairs we’re in under this Admin.


All of that ^^ with one exception. I thought the Mandalorian was enjoyable. Watching IG-88 blow away a bunch of people was pretty fun.


I was a big fan of Star Wars growing up. When the books started coming out, I read them all. The prequals had directing problems, and Episode 1 can be forgotten. I felt like we got the dress rehearsal not the movie (Great actors who sounded like they were just reciting lines, not acting).
Then came the new crap. First they said all the books were not necessarily canon… ok, George has that right. I tried to watch them, and put them slightly higher up than Episode 1. Right until the purple haired Admiral decided she had to drive the ship, and instead of slowly having people slip off unnoticed had them all leave in mass. Then she hyperjumped into the enemy and they all somehow exploded… which had always been accepted as not possible or this whole issue with big Imperial ships would have been over long ago! (Take that Death Star… says one random pilot in an X-Wing!!!)

And don’t get me started about the new books explaining the movies that showed how no one but the main characters do anything, and no-one can make a decision unless you are a main character (not sure how governments work). Everyone trusts random strangers, because they are told to, until they prove to be completely evil and do exactly what you should have been worried they would do.


good stuff


I get memes.

I know zombie thread, who cares


Thanks for the Sunday smiles. And I’ll take the GTO too please.

My, My, My

Always nice to read these 1st thing Sun Morning.
Nice GTO. I’ll add a ’64 Impala.

My, My, My

And number 2.

BlueCord Dad

I’ll see your ‘64 Impala and raise you a ‘57 Chevy like this one that my parents owned…


That is a 65 Impala.


The taillights wrapping around the side says 66, but it’s hard to get the picture blown up. 65s have round taillights while 66 have thin horizontal taillights.


Good eye. I had 2 64s. One a red 2 door hard top red w black interior and the other a white super sport w blue interior. One my brother killed and the SS is in Japan.


Car cruises started this past weekend and a lot of the old iron was out. Small farm town full of wealthy, or at least well off farmers. One of them has 3 409 4speed cars. 2 64 hardtop and 1 65 convertible.


She’s real fine, my 409…
Brian Wilson, 1962

My, My, My

I will be up in the NE picking it up shortly. Belonged to my wife’s father who passed away. He said it was ’64. Yall know better than me. I will confirm the year when I have the title.

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My mom and dad looking at their first vehicle.

59 Cheverolet Parkwood Wagon. Strait six. 2 speed powerglide.
I wrecked it in high school.

BlueCord Dad

My contribution for next week…

Hack Stone

That squirrel meme should does take us back to the days when posers knew how to pose. Who could ever forget the Flaming Squirrel from The Stunning Agency? So many great comments in that thread.


The sooner that you realize that YOU are the carbon (((THEY))) want to reduce and YOU are the target that Trump has been in the way of (((THEM))), the better off YOU will be.

It is no laughing matter that the Buydem (mis)administration is hell bent to continue the cool blaque dood’s mission to “fundamentally change the face of America…” What we have here is a blatant, pre-planned assault, aided and abetted by the despotic uniparty. Phuque sniffy creepy joey…and his puppet master, the community organizer…and the uniparty.



True, America’s Great Savior and First Half-White Black President led (and still leads through his proxy) this country into its current divided state. The “face of America” used to be represented by patriotic and law-abiding Americans–a diverse group of people who may not agree on everything but who generally want the best for our nation. Obummer and Co. weakened our military leadership, encouraged the war against cops, worsened race relations, and welcomed criminals into our country.

The Uniparty in general seeks to subjugate the classic “face of America”. Elites–be they politicians, athletes, celebrities, media personalities, business owners, millionaires, or otherwise–are propped up, so long as they preach The Word. Climate change, good. Guns, bad. “Fiery but mostly peaceful” protests, good. Cops, bad. Undocumented migrants (or whatever catch phrase of the week they’re using), good. Property rights and self-reliance, bad.

The “face of America” THEY want is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive group of compliant people who are weak and incapable of even questioning the actions of government. Citizens and non-citizens of all races, genders, religions, and body types populating areas with large infrastructure, who own nothing and gladly conform to the demands of their masters.

The sad thing is that the fools who are advocating the most don’t see the forest for the trees. Sapper3307’s meme saw me looking up the SRA this morning. Typical socialist group, albeit one that somehow thinks their guns will be used for “good”. Funny how many armed Antifa types and groups like the NFAC are running around with the warped impression that carrying a gun is enough to intimidate others. If they have their way, and we move to a more socialistic and “inclusive” form of government, they’ll be among the first to be disarmed and placed into camps. Useful idiocy has a shelf-life that expires the minute they’ve “won” their cause.


Jus’ sayin’…

comment image

RGR 4-78

Gretta Bugeater, patron saint of communism.


And the look that seems to be constantly on her face is one of happiness and contentment.


Too busy this week to compile a spread for the droogs and droogettes, my apologies. (see consolations)

Gotta do chores and batten some hatches right quick. Someone to whom I’m married ‘figuratively’ beat me into submission to go see that watch me pull a dis’pearin sun outta my hat thing.

Hopefully “moon’s out, goons out” don’t play out.

If the traffic we experienced back in ’17 is any indication: SP at 0700 from Belmont NH to make Island Pond VT by 1500 is gonna be tough. It’s 125 miles but the volume of people is suggested to be the largest migration of people, by raw number, in all of human history. So I got that going for me…

See you on the otherside!


I coulda/shoulda trimmed that mehme…

Not dawgs all:


I’m not asking for mouthpieces across the world to be likable, just logical to the point their detestability is lessened to a point where their faces become less… hatchet-able?


Too bad the train doesn’t still go there. Well it does but you would have to hop a box car.


Roh-Dog…all leashed up and ready to go…

comment image


She must have some kinda special “skills”. Wait till he finds out she keeps all the goodies and he gets the bill.


She knows how to make him “heel”.


I/we lived. But at what cost….

That 125 miles took 8 hours. Interstate 93 ain’t really an interstate, bee tee dubs.
Luckily the majority of people with whom we were trapped are of decent stuff.

Got home a bit ago, spent 12 of the last 24 in a moving-ish vehicle… sober.

The beer lite is lighted!


Also, shout out to the tax & bottle/can redemption policies of New-but-best Hampshire!

A buy a carton of smokes and they’ll throw in two 30 racks for free*!

*at least compared to CT prices. (I won’t tell anyone)


Oh Lawd!


Here’s one


Damn I forgot to send mine in


I wonder who is gayer….Petey Buttgig or Justin Turdeau?