Donald Trump willing to be jailed vice complying with gag order

| April 7, 2024

The Judge in one of the cases that Donald Trump is involved with placed a gag order on the latter. This gag order was extended to also include statements about the judge’s daughter. Trump is not willing to remain silent. Taking to Truth Social, he described the judge as violating the Constitution as well as the law. The gag order did not stop Trump from doing what he normally does.

From the Post Millennial

On Saturday, Donald Trump expressed that he would consider it a “great honor” to face imprisonment if he violated a gag order, signaling a heightened level of criticism directed towards New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan and other judicial figures involved in the Alvin Bragg trial in New York.

On Monday, Merchan, the judge presiding over Trump’s hush money trial scheduled to commence on April 15, broadened his gag order against Trump to encompass not only the judge’s family but also the family of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Posting on his Truth Social account, Trump wrote, “Now, we have Merchan, who is not allowing me to talk, thereby violating the Law and the Constitution, all at once. It is so bad what he is trying to get away with – How was he even chosen for this case??? I heard he fought like hell to get it, and all of the rest of them also! If this Partisan Hack wants to put me in the “clink” for speaking the open and obvious TRUTH, I will gladly become a Modern Day Nelson Mandela – It will be my GREAT HONOR. We have to Save our Country from these Political Operatives masquerading as Prosecutors and Judges, and I am willing to sacrifice my Freedom for that worthy cause. We are a Failing Nation, but on November 5th, we will become a Great Nation again. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The Post Millennial has additional information here.

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This is how it all began…

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Democrats suck.


The day is coming when all their shenanigans is going to whip back on them so fast, they won’t have time to say “wait, what?”.

Adam Schiff, for one, is already saying Trump will lock him up if reelected. Well, if you weren’t pulling some skeezy shit on both him and the American people, you would have nothing to worry about.

Will try to find the story, but it’s been out for a couple of days.


Just another reason to vot for Trump


We’re already in a Cold Civil War.

If people don’t stop pushing, it won’t take much more of anything to quickly turn it into a hot one.

Which of course would be very bad.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Very bad….for whom?

It would be very bad for everyone.

The last one we had was the deadliest in American history (600,000 dead). I would imagine next one’s body count would be much higher.


Much, much, much, more higher, QMC. The 600K+- figure is generally accepted as combat (mostly disease) deaths to soldiers between ’61-’65. Some studies show that figure to be higher, somewhere near 1.2 million, and could go even higher if the deaths in ’65-’68 are factored in. That higher number would include the boys (on BOTH sides) that died after the war from the effects of their wounds, disease, exposure, etc. And none of the bandied about #s talk about the civilian deaths, especially in the South. Many civilian deaths were due to combat from the bombardment of cities (Vicksburg, Atlanta, Charleston, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and so on). Many civilians died from the effects of sherman (sic) *spits* and his marches thru Mississippi, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Starvation took out a lot of them in the winter of ’65. % wise, going by the total population in 1860 to the number of deaths and the same % in 2020 we’re looking at casualties in the millions, if not 10s of millions. Throw in a big EMP strike, tied together with millions of military aged males roaming about the country and we could see up to an 80% casualty rate with a year or so.

“Gentlemen…Prepare to defend yourselves!” SarMaj Basil Plumley…LZ X-Ray…November 1965 in The Viet of The Nam. His words of Iron still ring true today.

USMC Steve

I got no problem with Sherman. He waged total war against the side that started that war. FAFO.


Indeed. We like to joke, what could a bunch of purple-haired dildo lickers do to a bunch of GWOT dudes, right?

The reality, and I may have read it here, is that if the civil war balloon went up we’d soon find on the battlefield all of the Chechens, Wagner-men, Quds Force guys, ISIS, etc, that liberal money could pay to fly over here. If they’re not already here.

I’d eyeball-guess the death toll at whatever would happen in a peer-on-peer conflict, plus:

Deaths inflicted by jihadi fucks who just want to kill
Deaths inflicted by American fucks who just want to kill


I don’t know…..more deaths were caused by illness and infection than outright from wounds. We are pretty good at handling those issues now as well as beginning medical care within the ‘ Golden Hour’.


Why Democrats are hoping for “migrant”/terrorist 9/11 event from open borders so they can crack down on conservatives and impose “social justice”/Great Reset BS.

Last edited 2 months ago by Anonymous

That is an interesting theory on the migrant crisis and No Bail policy. However it is easy to backfire on them and only happen in their backyard since they don’t control the other locales. “The Purge” only works if you can’t control the revelers, if you can to an extent it just become sending fodder to the cannons.


Is this bait for LARS?


Come out, come out, wherever you.




I don’t think he’s got the cojones.


I think he’s still “tied up” from Transgender Day of Visibility.


This is a surprise to nobody.

Green Thumb

Trump is an idiot and a moron, but he ain’t wrong.


Besig, now you’ve done it! You have used the “T” word. This will obviously trigger the Marxist Mollusk aka Berzerkeley Beria aka Commissar. He will pounce with his bag full of TDS inspired. Soros-paid blather at some point.


Nooooo! He’ll use his empirical data!


If he would just shut up and do his job. He wouldn’t be in this mess
He’d instead be finishing his second term as POTUS.



USMC Steve

No he would not. The left, the establishment political system, and the Never Trumpers feared him, because he could not be controlled by them, thus he skewed their little worlds and that could not be allowed.


More mean tweets please. They used to say he had no New York values. Have you seen what passes as New York values lately?


Trump’s worst recommendation is his mouth. His mouth and a duck’s ass. If anyone had the ability to get him to STFU, sit on his social media stuff for even a few hours and stop poking the pig when he has NO ability to anything without being elected, it might help him actually get into a position to do something.

If he does find his way back into a position to do anything, I surely hope that he will just get on with it and not run his godawful mouth.

That lady from New York, Stefanik IIRC, could be ideal for tempering him as a V.P.