Democrat New York City Council Member-Why won’t men call out attacks?

| March 29, 2024 | 46 Comments

There have been a series of incidents where women have been hit on the head in New York City. According to videos posted on TikTok and elsewhere, women were walking while looking at their cell phone when “wham”, someone hit them on the face, or head area. Democrat Council Member Amanda Farías posted a tweet on X asking where the men, calling out the violence, were.

From Fox News:

A New York City Council member — who last year demanded “justice” for an “erratic” homeless man who died while being subdued by subway passengers he was threatening — is being cast as a hypocrite for questioning why ordinary citizens have seemingly ignored a recent string of violent attacks against women in the Big Apple.

“Where are the men calling this out?” Amanda Farías, a Democratic member representing the 18th District, asked in a post on social media app X.

Farías was responding to a post in which the New York City Women’s Caucus stated it was “deeply disturbed [and] concerned about widespread reports of attacks against women in NYC that have been confirmed by the NYPD.”

Several women have posted to TikTok and other social media in recent days claiming that strangers have punched them in the face or the head while walking in New York City.

Shortly after she shared the comment, Farías, who was first elected to her post in 2021, began facing an onslaught of criticism from users who countered that most people choose not to defend others in the city due to fear of retaliation by government officials.

Fox News has additional information here.

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Y’all wanted that, progressives.
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Not sorry for them…not one tiny bit
I’m sure they are all Libs/Dems/Progressive that posted black squares for BLM. They worship at the feet ST. George Floyd. They cheered at NYC’s Sanctuary City policy. They wore their pussy hats and booed Trump. They curse anything “manly” as toxic masculinity. They think AOC should be the President…
Phuque them. They got what they voted for. Elections have consequences.

USMC Steve

Stupidity and ignorance are their own rewards.


Ahhhh the hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

If a man tackled and subdued an attacker, they’d probably turn out to be an illegal (errrr newcomer) with a criminal record a mile long and bussed to another city for their own protection with the blessings of this administration and the corrupt NYC DA — all while the hero vigilante sat in jail faced with the full weight of the law squarely on their shoulders.

As I said before — if leftists really don’t want people to lash out (violently) they have a really funny way of showing it.



The unintended consequence of charging people just trying to protect others.

This is the shit the powers that be created, this is the shit they get to live with. I’m sorry some women are getting their bell rung from out of the blue, but after her black eye, or knot on the head dissappear, but the person come to their defense will still be awaiting a court date.

Sorry to hear about your luck, but put the phones down and be aware of your surroundings.

Forest Bondurant

“…but put the phones down and be aware of your surroundings.”

Sage advice.

More frequently than not, I observe people with their eyes glued to their phones (while sometimes wearing headphones). It occurs to me how they are oblivious to their surroundings, and how it’s short of a miracle they don’t get pushed kicked down a set of stairs, mugged more often, or hit by or pushed in front of moving vehicles.

People who are smart and have self-awareness keep their head on a swivel, survey the area, and constantly size up others within striking distance without looking paranoid, worried or panicked. The phone can wait.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Even in Florida retirement, I stay in Cond. Yellow when ever I and my Springfield XDe 9MM go out.

Hack Stone

Can this be filed under “Elections have consequences”? The citizens of New York voted the George Soros District Attorney puppet into office, and they were warned that this would be the result. And the District Wis laser focused… on destroying Donald Trump for an alleged crime where there was no victim who suffered damages.

Hack Stone

And the District Attorney is laser focused…

Hack Stone gave up regretting the errors when he refused to upgrade from his phone issued by the IT Department of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells overpriced and outdated Red Hat Software to the Federal Government. Seriously, a cell phone that you have to deposit a quarter in to use?

Forest Bondurant

Before she gets any more press coverage on this, Amanda Farias should have to appear on every major news network and first define what a woman is.

(After all, some of those “women” who were attacked may actually identify as a “man”, or whatever it is people identify as now days.)

Biology and cold hard facts are difficult concepts for the Demotardic party.

Green Thumb

That is fucking hilarious!

You win the day!


The Daniel Penny indictment serves as evidence that there is no reward, only risk. In NYC and other Dem-controlled hellholes, being a white knight is punished. Of course, that very term (white knight) is supposedly racist nowadays, especially used alongside black knight. It is rather odd that those committing these assaults are usually on the dark side, complexion-wise. As an aside, how can Star Wars get away with their blatant racism? The Dark Side? Why’s it gotta be dark?

So, I’m walking down a Manhattan sidewalk and see a shady guy eyeballing an inattentive woman. Available options for intervention: put me between them, or approach one or the other. If the guy has violent intent, I’ve made myself a target. If I decide to do nothing and the woman is assaulted, do I react? Probably not, if I can go about my day with little more than a guilty conscience for simply minding my own business. That’s preferable to dealing with potential criminal charges.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Or you could catch the woman’s attention, “Hey Betty (any name will do), how’ya’doin”? Let me walk you home.”
If she agrees, friendly enough, you’ve at least awakened her out of her walking stupor, made her more situationally aware. You walk, you talk, you’ve put yourself (Defender) between her & the baddie without being confrontational. You walk her home, wish her a good day, ‘bye.
She calls you an a*hole, starts swearing at you. You apologize, you thought she was someone else, sorry ’bout that, and walk on, leaving her to her fate with Mr Baddie. No longer your problem, no confrontation, no arrests, you’re golden.

If they did nothing else, the annual SHARP training videos showed decent scenarios where someone intervenes on a potential victim’s behalf. Assault is assault, and being able to approach a stranger to try to get them out of a bad situation is admirable.

Given the nasty attitude of so many women these days, though, and the tendency for younger women to record TikToks for internet clout, I’d probably be more willing to intervene for an older lady than an attractive young woman. I don’t want to be in a viral video titled “Weirdo Perv Tries to Follow Me Home”. 😀

Forest Bondurant

He should call the police and tell them a crazy woman is interfering with delivery of the US Mail.

Cops arrest her and she spends a little time in lockup. That’ll teach that bitch.

Green Thumb

What you do is call “Turd” Bolling of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency (both national and international) and let get him involved.

His training in the military forces will be a game changer.


All kinds of hilarity would ensue…🤣

Just An Old Dog

The eater of ass and slurper of cod ( POS prosecutor) said

“Penny, a former Marine, put Neely in a fatal chokehold “that lasted approximately six minutes and continued well past the point at which Mr. Neely had stopped purposeful movement,” prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney’s office have said.”

While he was being restrained the position of Penny’s Arms were not adjusted to be cutting off oxygen for 6 minutes


These chicks were enriched by diversity.

Equal rights and equal lefts.


Right or wrong, that made me chuckle more than I should have. Well played.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Two words. Daniel. Penny.
Can you say “Daniel Penny”, boys and girls?
I knew you could.

You punish the good, and then wonder why the bad come out in full force. I’d say that The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences is here to show you the error of your ways.

Amanda Farias should first and foremost humbly apologize to Daniel Penny for condemning him, then do whatever it takes to help him.


The former Marine and white dude arrested for defending others on the NYC subway from a black thug enters the chat…

And says…

Hack Stone

So, is she calling for “toxic masculinity” to make a comeback?


Of course not, that would be “racist,” oppressive or something.
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A lack of proper home training (keep your hands to yourself) and a total lack of swift and sure real punishment for ne’er do wells…and here we are. Reasons why The Gun Bunny doesn’t mind providing escort duty to several Lady Friends when they need to go into the Big City.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ahhhh…..but these Lady Friends consented to the escort, did they not? No unwanted attention was forced upon them?

Very willing to be escorted and revel in the attention. My “cookie jar” stays full. 😉

Old tanker

Lets see. Oh yeah a guy named Daniel Penny took action on his own to protect passengers on a subway. Now he is charged with murder. And this dim bulb dem thinks other men are going to risk their freedom to protect strangers???


The Almighty State didn’t direct him to do that. Citizen may only defend themselves when directed by the Almighty State, for progressives.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Especially blue haired, multiple pierced, screeching harpy, DildoCrat Libtard strangers.

Or red… some weird hair color:
comment image

Green Thumb

Self-serving cunt.

Her comments alone should be more ammo in Penny’s defense.


I’d think it will — but she’d correct herself by saying “what I meant was… men should be more vocal in calling out this kind of thing as it happens, not making violent physical encounters even worse.”

Leftists can never admit they were wrong. Ever. Even when proven so… it’s far easier to double down despite how much stupider it makes them look.


“Ignore it and it won’t exist” (a.k.a., The Snub) is a favorite game if theirs– you’re supposed to sufficiently chastened by not being dignified with a response to mend your wayward ways.

Japs tried it after Hiroshima. We nuked ’em again to make sure they knew it wasn’t an accident.

Forest Bondurant

Reminds me of a joke my son told me, which goes like this:

Q: Why is it so difficult to break up with a Japanese girl?
A; Because she didn’t hear you the first time, you have to drop the bomb twice.

(Yeah, pretty bad – I know.)


Back when a plate of spaghetti was less than a buck the waitresses would say: When a customer tips you a penny, they may have thought they tipped a dime, don’t be offended. When they tipped you TWO pennies, they meant
to do it.


To Farias:

Because fuck you, that’s why.


I think an element of FAFO exists.


This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I stand by it:

How Daniel Perry was treated is an embarrassment for a nation that largely set itself apart from the old world by the fairness of its legal system.

Also, fuck Ms. Farías with a bent piece of rebar. Still, the sentiment is not baseless….

I don’t care what has happened in the past -Daniel Perry was railroaded and I’m more than willing to join in any attempt to free him. The question remains: What kind of man steps aside while an innocent woman is being brutalized?

Wrong is wrong, and the idea of ‘stepping back to allow wrong to happen because it might be inconvenient’ has never fit any definition of “man” that I’ve ever known.

Folk here seem to love the old saw that it is “better to be tried by 12 than carried by six” when it comes to self defense, which makes it appalling how many seem so accepting of cowardice when it’s a matter of defending others.

I’m not suggesting the commenters here are cowards, that’s just how it comes across when you suggest innocent women deserve what comes to them just because of where they live or how they vote. I hope most of you would act different than how you talk but, well, when someone tells you who they are….

Anyone who suggests a progressive woman deserves to get hit because she’s progressive… well, you’re little better than the fuck who hit her. Probably as bad, just too lazy.


Penny*. Fucking autocorrect.


A good citizen is a helpless citizen, comrade– only agents of the government who give a sh*t only about their pension and not you or you family’s safety should even have guns (along with criminals) because all violence is wrong, you know. /sarc

This is what progressives have prepared people for since they suspended kids for getting their ass kicked by a bully in school just for being “involved” in violence– cower in place and don’t make the thug angry!

Last edited 16 days ago by Anonymous

That’s what saddens me; even on a site populated by bona fide warriors, we have folk suggesting these women deserve what’s being done to them and that it’s just not worth it to step in.

It’s far easier to become a hero when you expect to be lauded – far different to know that many will view your right actions as wrong and to do the right thing, anyway. There are a few different levels of cowardice at play in some of these comments. Daniel Penny remains a hero, no matter how much shade may be cast over his legacy. Anyone who looks at his story and learns the lesson that “it’s simply not worth the effort to get involved” has learned a coward’s lesson.

It’s quite understandable, the coward’s choice. It should never be acceptable.


They need a man like a fish needs a bicycle? Let them prove it.