Kansas lawmakers pass a bill that bans adversaries from purchasing land near military bases

| March 29, 2024 | 11 Comments

The Kansas House passed a bill that would prevent Chinese linked companies from purchasing land near military bases. If it becomes law, adversary linked outfits would be prohibited from purchasing land within 150 miles of a military installation. Cnano USA, a part of China’s Cnano Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd., would be among those immediately impacted. They have plans to build a 333,000-square-foot manufacturing plant about 35 miles from Fort Leavenworth.

From the Daily Caller:

If it becomes law, the bill could prevent Cnano USA, a subsidiary of Chinese-based firm Cnano Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd. (Cnano Jiangsu), from carrying out its plan to build a 333,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Johnson County, Kansas. That would be located 35 miles from Fort Leavenworth and 70 miles from the Whiteman Air Force base, the “only operational base for the B-2.”

Cnano Jiangsu employs several dozen members of the CCP and promotes party ideology, the DCNF previously reported. The company’s website says it has “undertaken a number of national 863” projects, in reference to a program “which provides funding and guidance for efforts to clandestinely acquire US technology and sensitive economic information,” according to the U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI).

Following the DCNF’s investigation, Kansas officials and lawmakers raised concerns about Cnano Jiangsu’s presence, with Attorney General Kris Kobach seeking to block its plant construction. Cnano executives defended the firm in testimony to the Kansas legislature earlier this month, expressing their opposition to legislative efforts targeting their development.

Business filings reveal that the Chinese government has awarded Cnano Jiangsu with millions of dollars for its participation in several PRC-backed initiatives, including one that works to secretly acquire foreign technologies. The filings also show that Cnano Jiangsu has established a CCP Party Branch and supports corporate integration with the CCP.

The Daily Caller provides additional information here.

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This makes sense, so Dems will be against it.


“C’mon man! My bosses in Beijing will be upset if you pass this cause then they won’t be able to build, you know — the thing.”


Yep…spot on. The useful idiots will not realize that they were useful idiots until just before they are executed and thrown into the mass grave.

“…if it becomes the law…” It should already be the law of the land…in every state. Just curious if the CCP allows the US, or any other country, to own land in Chynuh?


35 miles seems like a nice number but to me a bit excessive – keeping it regional that’s saying nothing between Topeka and Independence. I foresee legal challenges.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And what about land already near military bases already bought up by the CCP?
Do they have to sell & divest?


Maine is being over run with China buying up all the old farms
and growing weed in the farmhouse.
Still appears to be an abandoned farm but step inside and you
will see the latest crop. Nobody around though.


You would have thought that this would have been done scores of years ago. When we ever learn.

Harry D

Since the feds wouldn’t do anything to secure Grand Forks AFB from Chinese snooping, the mayor of Grand Forks did…he refused to provide utilities to the proposed site and the deal fell through. Great work!



We should ban adversaries from buying or owning any land in the US except consulates and embassies.


Most intelligent comment I have seen you make. What have you done with our Commissar?