Stolen Military Grave Markers Recovered

| February 5, 2024 | 17 Comments

Recovered Markers

Military grave markers stolen from cemetery, two people arrested

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WTVG) – Two people were arrested after military grave markers were stolen from a cemetery in Sandusky.

According to the Perkins Township Police Department, Amy Christiansen, 51, and Chad Burdue, 40, of Sandusky, were arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Criminal Mischief in connection to the case. Police say several brass Military Cemetery Grave Markers were stolen from the Perkins Cemetery in the 5900 block of Milan Road. A motive for the crime is unknown at this time.

Police say the department learned that cemetery markers were being sold on Facebook Marketplace but they didn’t initially know which cemetery they had come from, which made the investigation more challenging. Officer Ryan McDermott spent hours combing the cemetery and identified the involved cemetery and veterans.

Investigators recovered several of the markers but they were in rough condition, the department said. Erie County Veteran Services provided brand new markers and display poles for all those veterans whose military markets were stolen.

Officers and members of the Perkins Township Public Works placed new markers this week.

13 ABC

Can’t imagine why Ms. Christiansen and Mr. Burdue found the markers worth pilfering- that’s just methed up.

BZ to the Erie County Veteran Services, Perkins Township PD and Public Works Department for stepping up.

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“…that’s just methed up.”

Exactly, my foray into the world of tweakers bore witness to exactly how they operate. Granted, I never tried anything myself, but I’ll be damned if my brother, my friend, and their acquaintances weren’t petty as all get out. As soon as I saw this post, my mind went to “how methed up were these people?”

Of course, I’m assuming the thieves are meth heads, but tweakers do some weird stuff. When I first moved back to Louisiana, all of the local Walmarts had decapitated toys. Someone had stolen all of the heads from action figures and such. I picked up a third set of pool balls last year, which were marked down 50% because someone had stolen the cue balls from about 10 sets.

Old tanker

The only thing I can think of for the theft is the online sales. I doubt they had any recycle value.

RGR 4-78

Clean scrap brass sells from $1.50 to $2.00 a pound.

If they show up at the scrap yard with any kind of grave marker the scrap yard immediately calls Law Enforcment.


Is supposed to call enforcement is what you meant to say.

We had a scrap yard out here that took over 500 catalytic converters from the same unemployed meth head. Funny that.

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RGR 4-78

The yard I sell to is fairly rigorous in reporting the bad.


The really great thing is when the meth head steals from the salvage yard. I didn’t pay much attention to the F-450 that was parked on the investment property last year. I figured it belonged to one of my brother’s “friends”, though I found it odd when I pulled up one weekend and the 12′ flatbed had been removed, with a couple of guys installing a standard 8″ Super Duty bed. We gave them until the following weekend to remove all of their stuff from the property.

The next weekend came, and the truck along with most of the miscellaneous parts and other junk was gone, but three big salvage bins were left, so we called the company they belonged to and found out they had been on the back of a white F-450 that someone had stolen a couple of weeks earlier, crashing it through the gate at 0200.

I tracked the truck down, ironically to a trailer my brother had lived in 30 years ago, but the VIN was covered, and the county police couldn’t do much other than let the trailer park know about it. I contacted the salvage yard to let them know the truck’s location, but the trailer park had it towed. After that, it was completely out of my hands.

The truck thief had worked at the salvage yard a few years ago, so I guess he knew where they kept the keys. It was odd, because my brother knew nothing about the truck until he got locked up on a warrant and suddenly remembered all the work he put into it. The Meth Crew couldn’t afford to keep diesel in that 7-mpg rig; the thief would put $10 in it, and wonder why he needed more fuel after driving 20 miles.


Empty houses and new construction routinely get torn up for the copper plumbing pipes & electrical wiring. Scrap metal is good money if your costs are low.


They sell as scrap metal.


I will take “people are assholes” for a thousand.

RGR 4-78


Prior Service

It’s posts like this that remind me why I have zero sympathy for the druggies. I’m sure there are some single-digit numbers who didn’t turn to drugs through a series of self-inflicted choices, but for the most part, screw ‘em. Someone has to be the dregs of society.


Still maintain druggies should get one shot at rehab before a stiff sentence at hard labor. Dealing to be an automatic death sentence. I freakin’ hate hard drug dealers.


Hanged by the neck until dead…and leave ’em hanging until the other vultures pick the bones clean…you know…to encourage the others.



The $10 they got from a scrap metal place went up in smoke quick…


These POS dopers will probably only end up w/ community service. I f so, the comserv should be at the same cemetery as grave diggers (by hand) and maintenance.

Green Thumb


The cemetery should have “free” labor for the next five-ten years.


They should each be sentenced to a Cottonmouth chomp right on the mushroom tip.
If it turns black and falls off, call it free Gender Afirming Care 🤣