Jon Vigue – Another Phony Beirut Bombing Survivor

| February 5, 2024

Jonathan Vigue

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Jonathan Mark Vigue. Vigue comes to us from Ellijay, Georgia. At the time of this post, February 2024, Vigue is 65 years old.

Vigue appears to have recently passed away. GoFundMe

Vigue has embraced a Santa Claus image complete with the nickname “Semper Fi Santa.” Vigue has been referred to as “Gunny” but this could be just a nickname vs. any claim of rank. In this post, he also posted the logo of the Beirut Veterans of American (BVA) which is an organization in support of those that served in Beirut, Lebanon.   I am  a Lifetime  Member  of  the  BVA…  I do  not know  any  Vigue.

NOTE: It were challenges with outlining all of the claims of Jonathan Vigue because they were all over the place. We will start with the claims of length of service, then whether he was wounded in Beirut, Lebanon or not.


In the Facebook profile on a page for Jon Vigue, it claims 1977-1998 and he retired, which would give him 21 years.
However, in this 1997 article, there was a claim that Vigue served for 14 years.

Here is the article in its original format: Tampa Bay Times Article

It also claimed in the article that he was not wounded. It claims he was in Beirut at the time of the Marine Barracks Bombing in 1983. In this more recent article, it is claimed that Vigue was in the Marine Barracks building when it was hit.  I was there until the very last Marine left to head home… I do not know Vigue.

In a Facebook post in 2018, Vigue claims he was in the Marine Barracks building in Beirut in 1983 when it exploded, and he was wounded quite severely.

Vigue repeated this same post in 2022. Vigue claims that he was awarded the Purple Heart from President Reagan in the following Facebook post, as with the Facebook post in 2018. Then, another post on Facebook claims to be Combat Wounded, but it is unclear if this is tied to Beirut, Lebanon.

. . . . .


Jonathan Vigue’s military records were ordered through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. We filed with the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).

. . . . .



FOIA Results – NPRC – Summary Sheet – Jonathan Vigue

NOTE: We will discuss this more, but it appears that the NPRC only listed Vigue’s active duty for his second enlistment. The DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA results below captured the dates correctly.

FOIA Results – NPRC – Assignments – Jonathan Vigue

. . . . .

OTHER RECORDS (DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA)

DoD Manpower Data Center (SCRA) – Jonathan Vigue

. . . . .



There is much discussion about the timeline for Vigue – which is provided for your reading pleasure over on Military Phony.  The bottom line is that Vigue appears to have went to boot camp in 1977 after high school, then went in some reserve status while he went to college in Arizona. He joined the police force in Fairfield, Maine in January 1982, then enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1983. Other than being on active duty for boot camp in 1977, it appears his active duty started in 1983 and that fact is supported across all records.


In Vigue’s Facebook post, he implies that Forrester, Elliot and Hart were in his unit. Forrester was a Combat Engineer (1371) and would have been billeted with the Combat Engineers. Hart was a Food Service Specialist (3381) and would have been billeted with Food Service. Elliot was a Hospital Corpsman (8404) and would have been billeted with H&S Medical.


The NPRC summary sheet states a final rank of Sergeant (E-5). As stated, we don’t know if the “Gunny” (E-7) reference was a nickname.


There is nothing in Vigue’s records to suggest he was in Beirut, Lebanon. He was with 2nd Battalion/2nd Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC according to his assignments.


Vigue did not have the required military training to be Recon (0321) or Sniper. He loosely referred to himself and his unit as being “Counter-Snipers” while in Beirut in 1983, so may not have been formally claiming the MOS. He was an 0351 – Anti-Tank Assaultman. He does not have the supportive “Scuba Bubble” or “Jump Wings” as one would expect with a Force Recon Marine.


Vigue’s records do not support the claims that he has a Purple Heart. Also, there are no Combat Action Ribbons (CARs) listed. Claims of either one of these medals are covered in the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.


The awards on the summary sheet from NPRC do not support Vigue’s claims of combat or being in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.


If Jonathan Vigue has used any of these claims to gain anything of value, he could violate the Stolen Valor Act.

So, the entire story claimed by Jonathan Vigue about his daring-do while in Beirut does not appear to be supported by his service records. He may have hurt his wiener, but it was not in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. 

I don’t know Jonathan Vigue.  I would love to take clowns like this guy out to sea and throw them in the water with a bunch of Dive Gear so he can demonstrate how he earned his Scuba Bubble.  We just came back from diving the West Wall off Cabo Roho, PR  and Jonathan Vigue was not there.  It seems Bubble Boy did earn his Marine Corps EGA. Why that alone is not enough for him to be proud of is beyond my understanding. 

Jonn would have loved to talk with him about his fictitious experiences in Jump School.  I miss those moments. 

In any event, Bubble Boy has probably been spewing his bloviated  nonsense for so long most of the people around him assume it may be true.  Living a lie around those who have come to love you… must really suck.  My advise is for would have been for him to show he still has had a pair and stop parading around with that Combat Wounded Plate and man up to to his lies.

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Good morning, Dave.

MORE to this story.
A LOT more.
I’ll put this 1 out there right away.

Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake

Daisy Cutter

Three Purple Hearts and a CAR. Not to mention a Silver Star.

Vigue died last month. His GoFundMe page claims he was a 1stSgt with 24 years of service.

Just An Old Dog

Almost 2500 bucks raised. Its going to his widow, so hope it helps her. Looks like they were married not that long ago. She probably has been bullshitted by him for years.


She needs the money…not the dead Vet you are attacking.


Wouldn’t attacking dead people also apply to Jon Vigue himself when he invoked the memory of dead Marines and applied his own fake story to events? What would you say to those family members?


He Dishonored his service by lying about repeatedly in order to enrich himself. Every time somebody does that they do it at the expense of a real hero. If he had been who he said he was, a retired Marine, his wife would have been taken care of. Now, because of his lies, she has to rattle the tin cup.

Last edited 5 months ago by 5JC

Just an old dog….attacking dead ppl. How about using your energy to go after the abuser and not Widows! Shame on you!


Welcome to the group, Laurie. I think if you read for comprehension, you’ll find that nobody here is attacking the widow. She’s the number one victim here. And the “dead people” being atacked has proven to be a fraud, liar, and all around phony. The proof is all here.


What SFC D said. And, BTW, we held back a bit from the piling on because the waste of oxygen, lying, embellishing, Valor Thieving POS that this dude became is dead. And he died taking his lies to the grave with him. The troops that actually did die in that bombing, died an Honorable Death and this worthless POS stood on their bodies and in their blood, knowing full well that he WAS NOT there.

We do have a measure of sympathy for her because he probably lied to her the entire time they were together. This is not our FIRST Rodeo, we have seen way yonder too many stories just like this one.


If we would have posted weeks ago, it would have been an issue about him being sick and dying. They go with what they have when they have the proper evidence gathered. By they way – are you involved in the “fundraiser”? How do you feel about raising money based on lies? You know, since we are talking about ethics.


Laurie, simply ask the widow if she would rather have known, or not known, of the truth in regard to Jon.

It is not for you to assume what she feels or what she would or would not like to know.

As someone stated, I don’t know of anyone that “went after the widow” as you claim. Unless you are making the stretch that exposing Jon’s story is hurtful. Jon caused this hurt by lying. You really can’t see that?


If “the widow” had known the truth, she probably wouldn’t be “the widow”.


Laurie, No one is attacking the widow, as she is main victim here, but all anyone needs to do is to read this dude’s multiple BS versions of his BS story to know that he was lying. So sorry for his widow because she probably did not know of his BS daring-do, but you must use your common sense and see the lies. It’s in print for God’s sake. In one version he was outside of the building leading a patrol when the MAU was bombed and, in another version, he was in the building. That’s my personal favorite, because even though he was impaled by rebar and pinned down by concrete, he was still able to crawl over to “his” Marines. Hell, Audy Murphy and John Wayne together could not have pulled that off. He even claimed to be a DI. What the guy did with the Santa thing was good, but the phony Marine DI, sniper, recon, PH award, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Gunny, etc, etc, is just despicable. Plain and simple.


Daisy Cutter,
GoFundMe organizer Ernie T is still commenting at others
over at the Phony Jon V page on the Book of the Fake.

it’s now over 2 days later,
and Ernie T STILL has not edited to remove the words
“1st Sgt” and “24 yrs. in the Marine Corps”.

What is Ernie T waiting for?
February 25? The day AFTER the fundraiser event?

Also, is that photo of the huge rack of phony medals and ribbons still up on the Semper Fi Santa FakeBook page?

Let’s see how quick the Semper Fi Santa page admin over there makes that right.
Today? Tomorrow? Or February 25?


Marine Dad, Please note, The picture caption says “metals” not “medals” so technically he is correct, Don’t know why people would get the wrong idea 😔🤫


Full Retard, he went– go big or go home. (Glad he didn’t have an MoH with OLC, at least.)

Last edited 5 months ago by Anonymous

“…he went home empty handed”


Speaking of Tropic Thunder… Vigue could be:

Last edited 5 months ago by Anonymous

You Vets are represented by a Trans fat old man and instead of worrying about how you are being represented….you are attacking fellow Vets wives. Hope you are so lucky. Check your paperwork so that your greiving wife doesnt have to deal with vultures. Dead ppl should bevoff limits as they cant represent themselves. Karma is a bugger.


Nobody here is afraid of karma or a sock puppet like yourself. How’s YOUR background, Laurie?




Looks like Froggy is winning this one going away! The Frog is UNSTOPPABLE!




No, the Vet’s that we represent are the ones that this Gentleman sang about. Rest Easy, Toby, you’ll be sorely missed…unlike the lying POS that is the subject of this thread.


The wife and I got the chance to see Toby in concert back in 2021 at a nearby county fair just before his cancer diagnosis. RIP Toby.


And for the ones that do the dedicated work outing these lying embellishing POSes …”we’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces…” and provide…

Last edited 5 months ago by KoB

I’d be punching out a bunch of horses, Mongo style, to get to that beer. Especially if it was Yuengling!🍺


Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

Over on the Book of the Fake,
on Phony Jon V.’s “took me 35 years to write” post
(memorialized here at VG for posterior)….

Laurie T compared this website,
and the fans and followers who left comments,
to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Cuckoo. Cuckoo.


Those were legit veterans that they targeted, not embellishers. There’s a difference.


I have no idea what a “Trans fat old man is”, but I’m guessing it was an attempt at an insult. Laurie, there are men on this forum that actually served where this posing tub of guts claims to have been. So forgive us if we all take this a wee bit personally. You may go now.


Maybe she’s mocking Dave’s famous pink robe?


Nobody mocks Dave’s robe! It’s got mystic powers…


Was it the mystic power of the robe that got Dave The Soviet…or the mystic powers of The Soviet that got Dave in The Robe?


That’s kind of a chicken and egg scenario, isn’t it?


Sometimes it’s best to just take the win and shuttup.


MustangCPT, SFC D, tshe, and KOB,
Laurie T was clearly making a reference to
“Admiral Levine”.

As before,
I’ll spare everyone the photo upload.


The simulated female simulated admiral is nowhere in my chain of command.


Trans fat used to be a good thing, now it’s bad.


Making fun of a fat (and now dead) liar, not wives– his gut’s fairly impressive, but he was just a few pizzas away from his own My 600lb Ass show on TLC network. (Still wouldn’t have made up for his stolen valor BS though.)


Laurie: You Vets are represented by a Trans fat old man The commenters here have seen more than enough comments from this “old man” to know that he is not what you claim. If you’re going by the Rumble videos, then you most certainly would have seen another video proving this claim wrong. Laurie: and instead of worrying about how you are being represented…. What? Is the sight owner an elected official? Who knew! The commenters on this website know how things really roll. The site owners provide a platform and present information that is of interest to the community. The posting community posts their comments and shares their views. Laurie: you are attacking fellow Vets wives. Providing information to these wives, that reflects reality, but contradicts what they’ve been told, is not an “attack.” Instead of getting mad, these wives should consider it a favor. The non truths about what a person did in their military career need not be continued. Instead of accusing the person “representing us” as being a “trans-fat guy,” you should be thanking him. Laurie: Hope you are so lucky. Yes, we are lucky. It had been a while since confirmation arrived in droves needed to shine the light on people’s claims. Laurie: Check your paperwork so that your greiving wife doesnt have to deal with vultures. Something bigger is happening here. You’re upset that what you thought was the case is not the case. The man that you were married to was not the person he claimed to be. Now you have to deal with the reality that the man you thought was some sort of a Rambo had a relatively uneventful career. There is appreciation among the veteran community for anyone that served honorably. Laurie: Dead ppl should bevoff limits as they cant represent themselves. These individuals carried their false tales until they passed away. Exposing the truth about them will occur after they’ve passed away. A message for others who would like to do the same… The graveyard does not provide immunity from the truth. Laurie: Karma is a bugger. More applicable… Read more »


Surprisingly few women misgender people as an insult. So I guess you must be a dude. Be there as it is nobody is attacking the wife.

John M

Laurie STFU, he was a dishonorable liar and phony who humiliated himself. Get a life cupcake.


He rates an NDSM, although it’s not on the FOIA.

Maybe he stole all that valor in retaliation for being dissed.

Just An Old Dog

Looks like during his second enlistment he re-upped to go on recruiting duty and promptly failed out of school, Went back to the fleet then Barracks Duty in Cuba then Discharged In August of 91 He would have rated it


Going by this post, MD 61, we would say that this embellishing semper slut santa took his lies to the grave? What a despicable POS! Standing on the bodies and in the blood of True Warriors that DID make that Supreme Sacrifice. I’d venture to say that there are at least 241 Marine Sentries standing their Post at the Pearly Gates, ready to give this embellishing POS a new grid square to a hotter location. Haven’t been able to find an obit listed, and my Book of Farce access is limited to public posts/screen shots. Maybe this post will find it’s way into the “Tribute Wall” somehow.

I would say ESAD, mofo POS, but it’s a little late for that.


NPRC delays and backlogs failed everyone.
Phony Jon coulda shoulda been exposed while alive.

Why no free VA medical care for Triple Purple Heart Santa?
The things some people never figure out,
or never put together.

Semper Fi Santa screwed over his wife,
leaving her broke upon his hospitalization and death.

The Widow Vig is now left dredging for cash.
Not only the GoFreebieMe,
but an upcoming
“Charity Auction” / “Memorial Fundraiser” on February 24.

BONUS – Now that the Widow Vig will soon know
that the rack of “metals” is phony,
someone can bid on those in 2½ weeks.

Follow the trail here, on the
Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake.

Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

That menu should be featuring Imitation Crab, Mock Turtle Soup and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

All Points Logistics will be a corporate sponsor.


I wonder if the imitation crab will wrapped with Fakon?


Micky Dee’s McRib sammiches, also known as “Faux Q.”

A Proud Infidel®™

IMO the McRib is the Deadbeat Dad of fast food, it only comes around about once a year expecting everyone to fawn all over the place about it!!!

Green Thumb

I used to like them when I was younger…back when fast food was cheap!

Green Thumb


With all of the cream and churning in Phildo’s ass, that butter will be like gold!


I’m focusing on the “Viking” part…I wonder if we’ll see an ‘80’s vintage Jaguar parked in the lot at that event.


What the hell? Is he a former 1stSgt? Former Gunny? Former SSgt? No one can keep his lies straight.


KoB (and Hack Stone, Daisy Cutter, Anonymous,
HTC, and TheCloser),

It’s a gettin’ ugly over at Phony Jon’s Book of the Fake.

And (link above),
the Semper Fi Santa page on the Book of the Fake
is now DELETING new comments.


Satan has a pineapple waiting for him.

Green Thumb

I would not let any kids near that dude.




why screw up a good service record

Amateur Historian

I don’t understand why anyone would lie about it either. Just having served is reason alone to be proud. I got out after 5 years as an E-3. I was a REMF and I don’t see any reason to make myself something I wasn’t. I’m proud of my service and I can’t see why this moron couldn’t just be happy with what he actually did.

Keepin' It Real



“rebar vasectomy”

More likely rebar fantasy. Probably used some #7 or #8.


He hurt his wee-wee.

RGR 4-78

Probably used some #7 or #8.”
As an anal probe, with a liberal application of “I can’t believe it’s not KY.


His claim of Kennebec County Sherrifs Office should be easy to check. I’ve lived in Maine for decades and the name
Jonathan Vigue rings a bell. Might have been a newpaper article
in the Bangor Daily News which would have been the paper.


It is interesting to see how his story changed over the years. He must have started out with something plausible, then when that went unchallenged, it became more embellished.

He married his current wife in 2014 – I bet she has NO idea that his experiences in Beirut were all a big farce.


She wears a white dress.
He wears unwashed wrinkled baggy pants,
like he just got back from a bachelor party
at a chili feed or chili cook off.

(Hack Stone – See what I did there? lol 🙂 )

Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

Well played MarineDad, well played. Your post is worthy of a free one year subscription to some Y3K software.


Hack Stone,
My brother could use a Red Hat update.
Not me.
I’m entrenched in Ubuntu Linux (on my travel laptop).


MD61 – The date of the FOIA request was 22 Nov 2022 – over one year ago (14 months). The response was received on 01 Feb 2024, weeks after Vigue died. We did not “wait” until after he died. We would have much preferred to confront him while he was alive, but we have no control over the NPRC. Thank you for defending the process.


His gut is fairly impressive, although if he got much fatter he could have his own My 600lb Ass show on TLC.

RGR 4-78

He is currently enrolled in THE most successful weight loss program ever.

Army-Air Force Guy

He would’ve had a ways to go to match fellow Beirut bombing survivor Daniel Wall.


He’s been eating his feelings as a result of PTS of the D.


I’m betting she’s getting educated even as we speak.


She needs to stay out of her granddaughter’s closet. The “Taylor Swift” look is not working for her.


This has to make your blood boil if you were actually there…
I’m guessing his second wife/family didn’t know about his bullshit. This fucker is taking his Stolen Valor to the grave.

Doc Savage

MFO ribbon second award?
I don’t recall any Marines during my MFO tour….perhaps I am mistaken.



We were wondering the same.

One of us has the MFO ribbon with “2” because we did a straight tour in the Sinai for 14 months (Short Tour).

Don’t recall any Marines while we were there.



Hack Stone

So, the guy passed on?


I grew up in the generation that tried and died on the Oregon Trail game.

4th grade Grunt and his friends thought it was the funniest shit ever to put “pepperoni and sausages” or other pizza toppings on our tombstones when the river washed us away or the indians killed us or we got scurvy and died in Oregon Trail.

Thirty years later, it’s still funny shit.

Last edited 5 months ago by Grunt
Green Thumb

Damn, I remember that game!

Old school.


Guy was a pig. Ate himself to death likely. Six lunches on Veterans Day?

I wonder if Jonn is Standing up there at the gates next to St Pete checking DS-214s?

This guy comes sliding up…Jonn whispers quietly to St. Pete… St Pete gives secret pig Santa the East-West…. “Sorry bud there is a problem with your paper work…. Let me show you to this room over here till you get it sorted”

Last edited 5 months ago by 5JC

Should be DD

Hack Stone

No, for this guy, DS would be appropriate, DS being Dip Shit.


He also claims to have been a DI in the article.


DD. Same as his moobs.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Maybe Jonn gave him his famous “Why don’t you go unfuck yourself first?”


Fatass poser is gonna need 12 pallbearers.


12 ton crane




“Vigue said he served in the Marines Corps from 1976-2000, which found him stationed in Okinawa and Moscow, as well as serving in Operation Desert Storm and the U.S. invasion of Panama.”

“I was stationed pretty much all over the world,” he said.”

Hack Stone

That guy qualifies as his own world. He’s so fat he qualifies as his own duty station.

Hack Stone

Word on the street is that Moscow Idaho is a rough duty station.


Too many Vandals.


…or fast food places, from the gut on Vigue.


Admins can now expect contact from a Ralph D,
high school classmate and friend of Phony Jon.

Ralph is angry about his hero buddy Jon being dumped on
only after his death, not while still alive,
and not given a chance to be honest and come clean,
you know, while still alive.

Ralph D is learning the Les Brown 101 lesson the hard way,
blaming everyone else but his Phony bud.

Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61
Hack Stone

Does Ralph D. have a door on his mailbox? Inquiring minds want to know.


Hack Stone,
IDK. Ralph has the link to find his own way here.

IF Ralph shows up here today,
I see the comment count doubling,
and not in a good way for ol’ Ralphie boy.

Green Thumb

No, but he probably has an office at All-Points Logistics.

Hack Stone

Phil Monkress is on the phone with him right, wanting him to head up the Reston Virginia branch. This guy is definitely All Points Logistics material.

Hack Stone

You may want to direct Ralph D. to reach out to a former executive at the Reston Virginia office of All Points Logistics to find out what happens when you go on here to defend the lies of a poser.


Sock Puppets! I want Sock Puppets!!

A Proud Infidel®™

DITTO, heeeere, dummydummydummy!!!


Ready on the right. Ready on the left.

Cleared hot!


So… it’s OUR fault that his best bud was a liar and a fraud…

This is gonna be fun!


Finishing off my first bag.
Still stocked up on Cub Scout fundraiser popcorn.



Ralph Duquette is from PA.

Check out this 2016 article about him:

“Democrat School Board Member Defends Anti-Trump Tweets”

“PALMYRA, Pa. (AP) – The lone Democrat on a central Pennsylvania school board is defending profanity-laced tweets criticizing president-elect Donald Trump on election night.”

“Palmyra School Board member Ralph Duquette tells, “Should an elected official drop the F-bomb? … Maybe not.”

“Still, Duquette says he won’t resign and plans to run for re-election despite criticism and calls for him to step down.”

“Among the tweets Duquette sent are, “I hope the Trumpster bites you in the (expletive)” and another in which Duquette used the F-word to call Trump a “flaming dumpster fire” when the stock market dropped suddenly after Trump’s victory. The market rebounded to historic highs later in the day.”

“School board officials say they have no authority over Duquette, though board president Christopher Connell called the tweets “unfortunate.”


Small world.

High School best friend of a
Phony 3 Purple Hearts Phony Beirut Survivor,
who ends up as an angry Dem in a small red town,
with a red town council and red school board,
not far down the slo mo US highway from here.

I’ll guess Angry Ralph and Phony Jon
haven’t been talking politics (nor elections) for years,
certainly not over Thanksgiving turkey,
not at a Memorial Day Parade,
and not even over (free) beer (for Phony Jon)
at a 25mph US highway dive bar.

Angry Ralph can now grab a bargain,
and bid on Phony Jon’s phony bling and ribbon rack,
as the likely highest bid for the rack just took a nosedive.


Angry Ralph showed up over at MP, too.
Reply to a Beirut survivor commenter…

[ “You clearly did not read the article.
Cannot jail a dead man.” ]

Army-Air Force Guy

He left that comment and got the hell out of there. He knew his sock puppet ass was going to get chewed to shreds.


Wow. Just F this guy. Can’t even keep his own lies straight.

Army-Air Force Guy

Operation Just Cause? I’m surprised he didn’t claim the Urgent Fury as well.


Man O Man, I know Dave Hardin mentioned earlier that this story was on the way, but I’m surprised he has yet to reply to this post. I bet he is shivering with anger!! As a Beirut vet myself, these fucktard turds piss me off beyond belief and I know that there are probably just as many phony Beirut vets out there as there are real Beirut vets. However, the one thing that gets me about these POS asshats is that they never mention their actual unit down to the company or platoon level and no one seems to call them out on it.


LOL, Semper Fi brother!


His Widow is stating that she has to give up the dogs and cats because she is getting ready to lose her home.

We found their home. A bit confused if they bought it or are/were renting it.

There is also a comment that future plans for Jonathan include him being buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


Dave, Yep.

Sadly, it’s always Family Members that have to suffer because of a Phony’s lies and embellishment.

Jonathan Mark Vigue was a very Selfish, Selfish individual (“Look At Me!”) who only cared about HIS ego and well-being.


And the Million Dollar Question is “Why?”

Hack Stone

You ask why? How else would you get the waitresses at Hooters to pose for group photo with you? We’re looking at you, Round Ranger.

RGR 4-78

This would be more likely.

How else would you get the waitresses at Hooters to pose for a grope photo with you?

Green Thumb


Shaming their families from beyound the grave.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yep, members of Jonathan Mark Vigue’s family will now remember hm as the one who LIED about his Military Service to God and everyone.

RGR 4-78

LIED about his Military Service to God”

If they take it to the grave.


This is the “Steven” that Jonathan Mark Vigue frequently referenced when he talked about his “Black Friend” who died from injuries sustained in the barracks bombing, October 23rd 1983 at the airport in Beirut, Lebanon.

Rest In Peace, SGT Steven Milton Forrester.


Never Forget.


Rest well


Amen, Skippy…



Well, we give Jonathan Mark Vigue credit for not wearing bogus military awards/ribbons while dressed as Santa Claus….😉😎


Sent the FOIA request 22 NOV 2022. Received response 01 FEB 2024. 14 months. (Actually not bad with COVID)

Forest Bondurant

Apart from the inconsistencies in his military record, his timeline doesn’t work either.

In the Tampa Bay article, Vigue claimed he was returning to the BLT headquarters after leading a few Marines on patrol through the streets of Beirut. (According to the blast investigation, it states that “…during August 1983, Marines received rocket, artillery, and mortar fire, and on 28 August, began to return fire for the first time. Following the death of 2 Marines in a mortar attack on 29 August, the USMNF responded with artillery fire. On 31 August, Marine patrols were terminated considering receiving sniper, RPG, and artillery threats.” Vigue could NOT have been leading a patrol in the streets of Beirut. In the same Tampa Bay article, Vigue also claimed he was “about 80 yards from the barracks” when the explosion happened.

In his 2018 Facebook post, Vigue claimed he was getting ready to perform mass while the chaplain was administering mass “on the line”, except that CDR (Father) George Pucciarelli (Catholic) was in a different building with Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff (Jewish) 75 yards away (not administering mass “on the line”). Vigue also claimed that the last person to be removed from the building was “the chaplain”, except that Chaplain (LT(jg)) Wheeler (Lutheran) was still in bed at the time of the explosion (also not administering mass “on the line”). Chaplain Wheeler was the last survivor removed from the debris 5 ½ hours after the explosion, not the last serviceman to be recovered.

Vigue went on to claim he was in the building when the explosion happened (pinned to something, then managed to break free) followed by “…we were in a pocket as our area was next to a support column”. 

There was no “our area”.

Forest Bondurant

HM3 Elliot would have been berthed on the 3d floor, SE corner of the building (where Corpsman berthing was located). Berthing for recon Marines (1st Platoon, Company C, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion) was on the 2d floor, northwest corner (different floors and opposing sides of the building).   He claimed he found LCpl William Hart, saying he was the youngest at 19, except LCpl Hart was 22. Vigue also claimed he heard Cpl Forrester say his last words, except other records suggest Cpl Forrester died at Landsuhl Regional Medical Center on 29 October.

Vigue went on to say that he woke up a week later in Bethesda (not RAF Akrotiri hospital in Cyprus or a military hospital in Germany as one would expect), and that after his miraculous recovery, he was sent back 11 months later to help with the withdrawal.

(From the day of the attack in October 1983 to 11 months later would make it about September 1984. The 22d MAU deployed on 17 November 1983 and completed its deployment on 9 April 1984. The Marine withdrawal from Beirut was completed on 26 February 1984. They had already embarked on their ships and returned to the states 5 months before Vigue claimed to return.)

Forest Bondurant

You’re absolutely right. I didn’t account for 3/8’s deployment, only accounting only for the 22d MAU.

Even still, it’s impossible for Vigue to have been assigned to any deployed MAU after being released from a hospital. Chronologically, nothing adds up.


Forest, I can confirm Dave’s account as I was there in Beirut at that time with Lima 3/8 at the Embassy Annex along the Corneish (sp).

Forest Bondurant

Trust my comment wasn’t to challenge or attempt to discredit anyone who was actually there – just to provide key facts that were left out of Vigue’s account.


Forest, no worries, no offense taken. Just confirming that our unit (3/8) was the last to leave the Root. Not many people, including other Marines know that. A few years back I another Marine on this site questioned me when I mentioned that I have completed two tours in Beirut with Lima 3/8, once before the MAU headquarters was blown up and once after. His comment to me was that he was not aware that 3/8 had boots on the ground twice.


I don’t recall how many of us were there at the Embassy, but from what I saw, it was not a large group of Marines (of course I did not see everyone who was there, as those of us from Lima were manning the sandbag bunkers along the Corneish).


Was Jonathan Mark Vigue a former member of the American Legion Post 82 in
Ellijay, GA?

If so, would they not have his DD 214/DD214s?


You had me at a Legion post checking DD214s.


Lol, yeah not so much. Legion is a step below VFW and mostly useless.

Prior Service

💩 in life. 💩 in death.


Amen !!!!!!!!


From an article in Oct 2023 on bombing anniversary:

“I was the only one in our room that lived,” said Vigue, a resident of Ellijay. “I couldn’t move. It just felt like something heavy had me trapped; it was cement. A piece of steel, a rebar, went through my lower abdomen, and I was pinned to the building. When they found me alive, it took about four or five hours to free me.”

Fookin’ POS.


“intense pain in his lower abdominal area where a piece of rebar had impaled him, and the shouts of fellow Marines trying to pull him from the rubble filled his ears”

Must have hurt like hell when they pulled him off the rebar or
maybe they just cut it with a sawzall. Or even better used a
cutting torch.

Forest Bondurant

Can’t help but wonder if he might have received a surgical scar on his abdomen after his 47 day stay in a hospital in Jacksonville, FL (Sick status: 881003-991119)- and he just made up a story from that?

(He also spent about 2 days in the hospital from 17-19 May 1985.)

Hack Stone

It took the Doctors two days to get the 1st Sergeant’s boot out of Vigue’s ass.


I’m going for the cutting torch. I am imagining that scene, with him screaming in pain as they cut him free of the fixed end of that rebar.


I prefer to believe they just yanked it on through.


Both hands gripping the rebar, one boot braced on his back. Shoved a K-Bar handle in his mouth and told him to “Bite down. This is gonna hurt.” Yanked it out. Cauterized the hole with another knife glowing orange from being in the fire.


And according to the story:

“When his fellow Marines found Vigue still breathing, they frantically tried to free him. In the process, they actually caused more damage to his body.”

“When I woke up in the hospital, I was totally out of it and it was good news, bad news,” Vigue recalled. “The good news was you’re OK, the bad news is you’re not going to have children — the damage was so bad they could never fix it.”

“Vigue knew he would never have the chance to have children of his own. However, an idea was hatched. He married the woman who was helping him to get through PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and he and Michelle became Semper Fi Santa and Mrs. Claus.”

Betcha anything Joanathan Mark Vigue really had Erectile Dysfunction, but did not want to admit it….

“Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a physical or psychological condition. It can cause stress, relationship strain, and low self-confidence.”

Also caused by diabetes, high blood pressure…

“Low Self-Confidence”…

Yep. Ole Jonathan seemed to have all those mentioned….🙄🫣


Short version: He hurt his wee-wee.

Green Thumb

Or got his two-hole stretched.

Hack Stone

Someone should have reminded him to remove the BFA from his weapon.

Prior Service

On the contrary, not having children is the good news.


You know, it’s plausible that when his new wife brought up a desire to have kids, he crafted the Beirut story. Just sayin’.


So, the rebar went right through both testicles. What bad luck.


Does that make it a bar to reproduction?


I see what you did there.



“I went with Semper Fi Santa because the Marine Corps was my family. I ran away from home when I was 17 years old and joined the Marine Corps. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life.”

Jonathan Mark Vigue was born January 1959.

So he ran away from home in 1976 and joined the Marine Corps?

Hmmm…Somehow he managed to play sports in the 1976-1977 timeframe for his High School and graduated in 1977…

Another Embellishment….🙄


I see that he wasn’t in the Math Club.



Hack Stone

Maybe someone placed you on Gunny Santa’s Naughty List?

Green Thumb

I would not let kids around that turd.


He said he “ran away from home when he was 17 and joined the Marine Corps”…

He was 17 from January-December 1976.

As mentioned, he joined the Marines in September/October 1976 and yes, agree that he joined thru the Delayed Entry Program (we did the same when we joined as Enlisted).

However, we did not “run away from home” to join the Army.

In September/October 1976, he was a Senior in High School playing football for that school.

We doubt very seriously he “ran away from home to join the Marine Corps” in September/October 1976. We are pretty sure we found old newspaper articles about him playing football in 1976..

IMHO, we believe that was another embellishment/lie that Ole Jonathan told to draw attention to himself for the news media…”Look At Me!”




We checked those old newspaper articles.

In a 1 September 1976 article, he is mentioned as playing Guard for his High School.

He is also mentioned in several other September and October 1976 articles as playing football.

We agree he joined via the Delayed Entry Program. We doubt seriously he ran away from home in September/October 1976 to join the Marines.

Plus, since he joined via DEP at 17, would not he had to have his parent’s permission/signature to join?

He lied. Embellished.

Hack Stone

Below the age of 18 requires Parental Consent to enlist. They must be at least 17 on the day of initial enlistment (Delayed Entry Program). You can ship to Basic Training while still 17, but by law you cannot enter a combat zone until you reach the age of 28. Hack Stone learned that last bit of information from reading an interview with Jonathan Winters, who enlisted in the Marine and completed Basic Training when he was 17. He was assigned to a unit participating in the Okinawa invasion, but he was held on ship until his 18th birthday. Ironically, while waiting on that ship, his ship was hit by a kamikaze.

Hack Stone

That should read you cannot enter a combat zone until you have reached the age of 18. If it was the age of 28, we would have no more wars, because by being in ten years, we finally wised up.

Hack stone Publishing regrets the error. Leave that misprint as is, as to (see what Hack did there?) being the subject of ridicule from the Adorable Deplorables is the only way that Hack will learn.

RGR 4-78

28/18, you got confused doing the Vig’s math for him.

Hack Stone

Yeah, that must have been why Hack fucked it up. Nothing to do with a cheap ass phone and the failure to proofread before posting.

RGR 4-78

Let me guess, you bought your phone from the same fellow who sells the Red Hat software.

Daisy Cutter

Spring track meant he was there in 1977.



You are SOOOOOOO young….




So, he was in Fairfield Maine HS class of 77.
I was in the area during that time frame so like I said earlier,
the name rings a bell. It’ll come to me sooner or later.


I bet he started with his fake, embellished stories back in high school. I can just see him starting one of his phony stories to his classmates: “There was this time at band camp….”

Army-Air Force Guy

He waited until he graduated, then he ran away from home.



Amateur Historian

Dead, bearded, fat dickhead.


Dead, bearded, fat, lying dickhed.

Green Thumb

Deflated, decomposing, dead, bearded, fay lying dickhead.






One of the reasons that fuckers like this piss me off is that they are seeking your respect and unless you suspect they are phony from the start (I have met several over the years) they pull you in right away and if their story is a said one, they tug at your heart and your human emotion of empathy. You then tend to believe their bullshit. When they do this and then you find out that you have been lied to, you feel duped and even violated. Fuck these assholes, but unless his widow knew of his lies (which I suspect that she did not), then I feel most sorry for her, because she has to deal with the shit stain that this ass-fuck left behind. Nowadays when I meet someone who claims to be a veteran, if they start to claim daring-do, I typically ask three or four questions that can catch them off guard and when they start to stammer, then I make the decision to listen no more. Just met one such turd at a family funeral viewing back in November who saw my US Marine Veteran lapel pin. Ten seconds into his stupid bullshit stories I knew he was a liar, but because it was a viewing and out of respect for my brother-in-law, I walked away.

Green Thumb

Another old ass, gnarly, dead toxic fucking turd.


I know it feels like piling on but this turd deserves it.

Did anyone else spot these from his page 3?

851026-851106 Student, Recruiter School, MCRDSD. Eleven(11) days TEMINS. Definitely not a Recruiter or even a Career Planner in the short span. No supporting MOS/ school completions noted on Pg.3 or FOIA summary. Likely a drop from whatever he was there for.

881003-881119 NARC JAXFL. Forty seven(47) days SK(sick) while assigned to SOI at Camp Geiger. If my memory stands, that was the Naval Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. If so, it looks like he got Level 3 (minimum 30 days) to dry out. Not a show stopper but does allude to personal issues.

Just An Old Dog

It looks like he reenlisted to go to/ or was just ordered to recruiting duty. He only spent 11 days there. I expect once he got there and was screened for the duty by the School they found he wasn’t qualified and he got booted back to his old unit.
There was something that set off red flags, could have been the psyc eval or some type of negative paperwork/ page 11. They also screen for alcohol abuse. Or he could have just said he didn’t want to do it,

Hack Stone

Recruiting Duty is like Drill Instructor Duty, they send out a Screening Team out to the Fleet to interview prospective Recruiters. Hack Stone was at ELMACO 2nd Maintenance Battalion in the latter half of the 1980’s. Hated being at ELMACO, wanted to get back to the “real Marine Corps”, that being a Division unit. Hack screened for DI Duty, did good with the interview, but you needed two years on station. Then one day after formation, the 1st Sergeant took Hack aside and said that he submitted Hack for Recruiting Duty. Hack went to the interview, did well, but told them that Hack was waiting for his two years to run out in order to go the Drill Field. They just laughed, and said Recruiting School does not have a two years on station requirement. Before you could say “Let me tell you about the Marine Corps, son”, Hack was in San Diego going through Recruiter’s School.

Just An Old Dog

There was and still is a Command Screening before going to DI/ Recruiting Duty. Your Package/ orders have to have CO’s screening done and approved.
HOWEVER, once you report in you are screened again. It’s pretty much the same type of screening but they can delve a bit deeper.
Also once guys get there and realize what the school and duty is they may rethink their answers and suddenly become unqualified.

Hack Stone

We had a few who pulled the pin on the grenade and jumped on it to get out of Recruiting by taking out a big ass car loan.

Had one guy sitting next to Hack who highlighted every line of every page in the Recruiting book they gave us. He lasted about a week. Probably got toxic poisoning from the chemicals in those highlight markers.


 highlighted every line of every page in the Recruiting book they gave us

I remember sitting dumbfounded watching kids do that at college. You’re not highlighting anything by highlighting everything! You’re just coloring the page, stupid.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone was working as a slimy contractor at the Pentagon. Had to set the priorities for circuit restoration in the event of a catastrophic communications failure. Hack Stone engaged his EGC (Esteemed Government Colleague) to set the priority for circuit restoration.

Hack Stone: I need you to prioritize the circuits that need restoration if everything crashes.

EGC: Everything is A1 Restoration Priority.

Hack Stone: Every circuit cannot be A1. You need to rank the circuits in the order to be worked for restoration.

EGC: They are all important.

Hack Stone: They all can’t be Priority 1. If they are all a priority, then none of them are a priority.

EGC: They are all important.

Hack Stone: I am aware of that, but what is the absolute priority that needs to be fixed first?

EGC: They all need to be fixed.

Hack Stone: I know that, we already discussed it. But if a meteor struck the Pentagon and wiped out all the Comm, which circuit needs to brought back first?

EGC: They all need to be restored.

This conversation went on for about ten minutes before Hack determined that EGC is not the guy to answer this question. Hack’s own version of Who’s On First.


A government employee with myopic autism? Unconscionable!


When I was a recruiting company Commander, most of my guys got out of it by banging a teenage DEP. They were on the E7 to E6 in 90 days plan.


I was in the barracks Day room, when two State Troopers escorting an attractive young female (who was apparently a Full Col daughter)(who did LOOK 16) asked her “Do you see HIM???”
YIPES, everybody froze as she SLOWLY scanned the room….
Finally, she shook her head no, and they left.

Green Thumb

The tendency to leer at young men…..

Hack Stone

Hack Stone got so much positive feedback from Saturday’s FOIA thread, he made an extended club mix for Gunny Santa, AKA Jonathan Mark Vigue.

Son, we live in a world that has Stolen Valor thieves, and those Stolen Valor thieves are exposed by men with access to military records. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Dave Harding? I have a greater imagination than you could possibly fathom. You laugh at Bernath, you curse Wittgenfeld and you still cannot fathom how Phil Monkress got Paul of The Ballsack to commit career suicide defending Phil’s lies. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know; that Bernath’s death, while comical and inevitable, probably inspired dozens of TAH threads. And my body odor, while grotesque and intolerable to you, *saves lives*. You don’t want my half-assed excuses because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that thread. You need me on that thread. We use words like Sniper, SEAL, records fire, and “caught the PTSD”. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending our lies. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the integrity to explain myself to a man who researches and posts under the blanket of the Freedom of Information Act, and then questions the forged DD-214 which I eventually provide! I would rather you just said “thank you for your service” and give me my free Applebee’s Veteran’s Day meal and a therapy dog. Otherwise, I suggest you review my actual records and start a thread. Either way, I don’t give a *damn* what you think you are entitled to!

Green Thumb

Make Jack Nicholson’s character into Phil Monkress, and we have an Poser Oscar!

Hack Stone

A Few Good Mental Cases


Phil Monkress as Colonel Nathan Jessup
Daniel Bernath as Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee
Sarah Jane Cavanaugh as Lt Cdr Galloway
Joe Cryer as Captain Jack Ross
Thomas Turd Bolling as Judge Julius Randolph

Green Thumb

Too funny!

And Jarrett Otto Gimble as one of the accused Marines….


DAMN! Now that’s a blast from the past.


I feel like I am entitled to the truth, but I can’t handle your body odor.

Daisy Cutter

At “SSgt Vigue’s” fundraiser, it’s kind of fitting that they are having a Cornhole Tournament.


Daisy Cutter,
No shit.

Daisy Cutter

If they combined it with a Chili Feed, I’m all in.

Hack Stone

They need to raise awareness about being cornholed.

Daisy Cutter

Just announced: Out of an abundance of sensitivity surrounding Vigue’s imaginary rebar injury, they will not be having Shish Kebab at his Fundraiser Awareness…

… or weiners.

Last edited 5 months ago by Daisy Cutter

Rocky Mountain Oysters, perhaps?

Hack Stone

The fundraiser should be held at The Re-Bar. After seeing that photo of him in a tutu, maybe The Blue Oyster is more appropriate.


Keeping in the tradition of the deceased, they will be using fake axes (inflatable) for the ax throwing contest.


Man, fuck this fat POS. Sorry to his wife, but she was married to a lying sack of shit.

Green Thumb

Well-stated, my man.


Fuck this dude. I reported his GoFundMe for fraud. Hopefully they’ll shut it down.

Just An Old Dog

Actually I’m not mad about the Go Fund me as it’s not benefitting him. It’s for his widow, who was left destitute after he passed. Until something comes up proving she was an accomplice I figure she’s just a victim of his shit- baggery. They weren’t married until 2014. Chances are he could have been able to get a small VA Pension plus SSDI and supposedly he claimed to be a retired 1st Sgt. If he actually had been retired she would have gotten over 200K from a VGLI policy.

Green Thumb

Hopefully All-Points Logistics has a fund set aside for this nonsense.

I mean, really, with all of the money that the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) has raked in based upon his highly questionable and potentially felonious Navy SEAL, Native American and LEO claims, there would be a little set aside for “widows” in his world.


So he got blowed up. Had rebar stuck through him ,did over 20 in the CORPS AND HAD NO RETIREMENT. Bullshit, she knows because all the sock puppets and her would have run to the VA looking for benefits, he had to of had retired buddies trying to help her out. They know that’s why they are not here. Fuck fat boy and the sleigh he rode in on. Piss on his grave. That’s from a real Sgt of that time frame that fixed trucks for the Corps.


Yessir. That’s why I reported it. Wanna say: “My husband, former Marine passed away…” and shake the tin cup? Fine, but don’t put it out there he’s a damn retired 1stSgt. Fuck that dude. With a cactus.


I don’t think most vets opt for a high-payout VGLI policy due to the cost. SGLI is a great deal since the max payout is now $500K for a $30 monthly premium. VGLI premiums are considerably higher. To use our friend here as an example, the monthly premium for a 65 year old for $200K insurance benefit is 294.00 a month. Honestly, I would just keep a small policy for maybe $20K to make sure there were no unexpected expenses associated with putting my ass in the ground.

Army-Air Force Guy

“Honey, don’t you receive a pension? I thought you said you were retired from the Marine Corp?”

“Baby, I turned it down. If those guys I left behind in Beirut can’t receive it, then I’m not either!”

Hack Stone

“Honey, how come you don’t have any retirement photos of your retirement from the Marine Corps. I would think that Battalion would host a retirement ceremony for a 1st Sgt who survived the Beirut Bombing.”

A Proud Infidel®™

ONE thing is for sure, and it’s that THE INTERNET IS FOREVER.


A Proud Infidel***,
That day,
when the Fu of Google is no longer your friend,
has now arrived.

#2 – MP

#3 – VG (this)

#6 – October 18, 2023 – Times Courier newspaper story
[ Monday is 40th anniversary of Beirut barracks bombing ]
[ When Jon Vigue came to after the blast, he was trapped by slabs of shattered concrete and struggled to breathe with concrete dust in his lungs. There was intense pain in his lower abdominal area where a piece of rebar had impaled him, and the shouts of fellow Marines trying to pull him from the rubble filled his ears.
All three of Vigue’s roommates were killed.
“I was the only one in our room that lived,” ]

#7 – Book of the Fake – Jon Vigue

#8 – GoFundMe – Semper Fi Santa Fund
[ 1st Sgt. Jon Vigue – Semper Fi Santa Fundraiser

  • 24 yrs. in the Marine Corps
  • 10 yrs. in law enforcement ]


2am UPDATE –
The Phony Pinned Post “that took 35 years to write”,
shown in this VG article with
9 comments before yesterday, is now up to

Some are ranting “unproven accusations” (1 example shown).
Some are blaming everyone else but Phony Jon.
Some are blocking others.

And now some are trying the nice tack,
since the previous efforts only brought MORE attention
to Phony Jon’s Book of the Fake and his Phony Pinned Post.

Wait, there’s more (< taken from late night TV commercials)….

Unlike the Semper Fi Santa page,
where new comments were being deleted yesterday,
and the page now appears to have gone POOF….
(Verify here?)

It appears no one has the Phony Jon account password
to either delete the Phony Pinned Post, delete comments,
or (as many other phonies have done before)
to shut it all down and make Phony Jon’s Book of the Fake go POOF.

Witness the collateral damage of a fat Phony Beirut Survivor,
who made himself so popular
by sporting a Purple Heart,
making his wife/widow and others believe he had 3 Purple Hearts,
and years of attention whoring himself in print media,
and how now…

Some who knew him, and actually cared about / for him,
are dealing with a slap of reality, and not taking it too well.

Oy vay!! Commence and monitor the comments count here…


Semper Fi Santa on the Book of the Fake
is now BLOCKING anyone
who left previously deleted comments.

Can’t have anything or anyone getting in the way
of the upcoming charity auction.

Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61
Old Colonel

So, if his Stolen Valor is being used to raise money in the charity auction, et. al., does this come in violation of the law? (They have posted pictures of his bogus ribbon rack, Purple Heart medal, etc.) Can it be 2d generation Stolen Valor? Has anyone contacted the Legion post sponsoring this?


Old Colonel,
Good questions.

I now can NOT see the Semper Fi Santa page,
BLOCKED when signed on,
and now (new) a sign in screen when signed off.

I believe page changes have recently been made.
Did the Semper Fi Santa FaceBook page go POOF?



This may help explain what they did…

Old Colonel

Nope, all still up & active. Someone in the area should have a chat with the leadership at AL Post 82.


I’ll point out a few facts for ‘Ralph D.’ since he is defending Jonathan Vigue with passion.

First, it is very common to have people attack the PROCESS when they cannot dispute the FACTS.

Second, one did not need military records from a Freedom of Information Act. You can see inconsistencies in the newspaper articles – in 1997 Vigue said he was not wounded, then in a later article he said he was wounded and awarded a Purple Heart by President Reagan at Bethesda.

Third, in spite of ‘Ralph D’s claim, we did not “wait” until after Vigue passed away to post on him. The FOIA request was made on 22 NOV 2022 and came back dated 01 FEB 2024 but due to mail time, it was a few days later. Weeks after Vigue died. We would have preferred to post on him while he was alive, but this was impossible because we did not have the FOIA results. To be honest, we don’t have a policy to NOT post on someone once they die. Makes little difference, really. Death, although tragic and painful for the loved ones left behind, does not exonerate someone from their lies. Those lies benefitted them during their lifetime and many persists in newspaper archives and Facebook postings.

It sounds like ‘Ralph D’ believes that Jon Vigue’s death should offer him some kind of a sacred privilege. Vigue did not extend this privilege to the fallen in Beirut. He accosted their deaths and twisted them to his own benefit. What about that? Don’t those men deserve an honorable memory? Why does ‘Ralph D’ hold Vigue’s death with higher sanctimony that those men that died and were wounded in a foreign land while serving this country?


‘Ralph D’ – You don’t have a corner on death. Your attempt at leveraging grief for a known and proven liar does not trump the deaths of those that stood on the front line and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Ask yourself – Wouldn’t you rather know the truth about Jon Vigue than not? As you raise champagne at his fundraiser and generously donate, wouldn’t this temperament of truth help?


Over on Phony Jon’s Book of the Fake,
now we have “nice tack” (female) LT
playing both sides of the phony defender fence.

She now politely asks for some to delete comments,
while simultaneously turning ugly on others,
specifically grouping new commenters as “ghouls”, and calling a veteran Marine 1SGT a “disgrace to our Country.”

Now up to
66 comments over there, and
161 comments here.


Ooops, forgot to attach a fresh bag of Cub Scouts fundraiser microwave popcorn.


Over 200 comments now.
You know,
due to Laurie (LT mentioned above) showing up.

Is she learning yet?


All LT’s eventually learn to never take on a large group of grumpy old men, many of them senior non commissioned officers, some commissioned. I, for one, take great pride in furthering her education.

Hack Stone

Can’t say it any better.

Green Thumb

My name is “Ralph D” and I demand respect,
I defend fucking losers to get a paycheck…..


There we go, kickin’ it ol’ skool!


PTBH, Green Thumb and MustangCPT,

2 days later, and Ernie T still hasn’t learned.
He’s still poking and jabbing with insults and criticism over at Phony Jon’s Book of the Fake.

Apparently Ralph D is also still at it,
but I can’t see his comments, only the replies,
as Ralph D blocked me early on.

And it appears Ernie T is sticking with
“unproven accusations”.

My February 25 guess above appears correct.
No sign of anyone wanting to edit the GoFundMe, or take down the photos of Purple Hearts, medals, or anything else phony,
including any Beirut BS,
over at the Semper Fi Santa page,
which I also can’t see lately.

You know, not until after the February 25 fundraiser event.

Yet they want all the new comments to be deleted.
Frankly, I don’t see it happening.
Not with their (plural) scapegoating and shitty attitudes.

Last edited 5 months ago by MarineDad61
Daisy Cutter

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive’  – William Shakespeare

Hack Stone

“Oh what a shitstorm we make,
When I get my employees to defend my life of fake” – Phil Monkress

Green Thumb

” I brought nightly fire and drunken pain from my house in the suburbs,
And then Phil Monkress stuck it to me, canned me and kicked me to the curb” – Paul-mer (of the ballsack) Wickre

Hack Stone

Coming up in a few weeks of the 10th anniversary of the night that Hack Stone’s mortal coil was scheduled to be sprung in a blinding blizzard on the streets of North Philadelphia. Hack Stone has survivors guilt for sending his girlfriend out into the storm to pick up a cheese steak and a 2 liter bottle Pennsylvania Ditch Birch Beer when she was shot in the fucking face by crackheads with pliers and blowtorches. Things were a bit awkward the next day when Hack Stone strolled into the boardroom with half a cheese steak and Hack declined to share it with the Vice President of the proud but humble woman owned company that sells outdated and overpriced Red Hat Software to the federal Government.

Green Thumb

The Phildo Wars.

TAH should issue a ribbon to those of us that fought in the campaigns.


Especially to Ex-PH2, may she rest in peace. She laid into Palmer something fierce when he decided to grace us with his illiterate, Thunderbird-fuelled presence.


Daisy Cutter, Green Thumb, and Hack Stone,
New pic, 1/25/2024, on the All Points Book of the Fake.
I’ll leave the adjectives and superlatives to you guys.


Hack Stone,
Substitute “vests” for employees,
and “- Les Brown” for – Phil Monkress

The Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass(es)
should have known better.

And here we are, 4½ years later,
and Elko, Nevada has no more Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass.

More or Les Putting Elko NV on the Map Steve Balm | July 30, 2019

Hack Stone

As to (see what Hack did there?) Jon Vigue’s claim of surviving the Beirut Bombing, this clip seems appropriate. As a bonus, 50 years ago tomorrow, February 7, 1974, the greatest comedy ever was released.


Rest In Peace, Toby Keith.


Brilliant minds and Radar Love working today, ninja. Posted a version of this way up thread a coupla hours ago in a reply to the sock puppet. I’m sure you’ve read the articles in various news feeds on Toby’s passing. The comments are full of Vet’s thanking him for all of the shows he did for the deployed troops. See you on The Other Side, Toby.



Once again, you, my Friend, NAILED IT….👏👏👏

Thank You so much for posting…Amen on Brilliant Minds and Radar Love..👌

My Cousin, a US Army Retired MSG, posted this song by Toby today on his Facebook:




Aw Shucks…(kicks rocks, blushes) Thank ye, ninja…it’s what I do. I have a full set of Estwing Products for nailing purposes.

Toby WAS a True American Patriot, just a down to Earth all around Good Guy, that never sold out his Country Roots. Betcha he’s jamming with all the Greats as we speak.



An education for the folks in Georgia.

Flashback – Another Phony Beirut Survivor from almost 4 years ago.

This is the network TV news story celebrating Daryl Edwards
on ice at a National Hockey League / NHL Florida Panthers game.

After Phony Navy Seal officer Phony Beirut Survivor Edwards
was exposed online, he put out a teary apology video,
hiding behind God, church, and his cancer.

Days later, he DELETED his apology,
only because he thought it would get the website articles taken down.
It didn’t. So he bailed on his own apology.

2½ years after his apology fail,
and all the webpages (both ways) still up,
cancer came back, and Edwards passed away in 2022.

This CBS TV 4 Miami story stays up, because some media outlets don’t like to take down their phony hero stories, even after they are proven false.

Watch carefully. Then search this site for Daryl Edwards.


This is interesting reading.
Yet another contemporary consequence of Stolen Valor.

AI Obituary.
AI Obituary generated outside the USA.
AI Obituary generated outside the USA with a link we know.
AI Obituary generated outside the USA with a link we know comes up on page 1
of the Fu of Google.

Includes [ Affiliation – Beirut Veterans of America (BVA) ]

[ Jonathan Mark Vigue Obituary
– Remembering a Unique Personality from Ellijay, Georgia ]

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From the hit Sci-Fi movie “FADE RUNNER:…

VIGUE: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Angry farts on fire during barracks grab-assing. I watched Camp Lejeune water glitter from all the chemicals at the Camp Geiger Gate. I’ve watched Court Street sparkle with lights before they shut it down. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain. Time to die.”


I am not sure what Vigue’s medical problems were, but it seems like his widow can sign up Vigue’s estate for the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination lawsuit. This is provided that some of his medical conditions qualify. I say this because I assume that the government does not have him on the military retirement roles and therefore – no money for 24 years of fictitious military service.


They did a lot of buyouts during the drawdown in the ’90s. However 91 would have been too soon. If He failed out of recruiting school It was probably due to being overweight, and therefore he would have gotten a chapter and nothing else. She can try the lawsuit route, but only for a covered illness. Dropping dead from a heart attack because you’re BMI is 75 likely wouldn’t be covered.


ICYMI,Not that long ago,Phony Jon V claims Beirut PHOTOS.Along with more phony details.

(Paste-o from the Book of the Fake)

Jon Vigue
October 23, 2020
This always a rough time of year for me.
This year was especially rough.
Between all the covid crap and my own health issues that have plagued us this year. physically I’m ok but mentally I’m a little worn out.
Spending last night in a hospital looking out the window 2 stories up .
Sometimes was disheartening. here I cried to my wife at home then to the nurses in my room.

I couldn’t believe that 37 years later here I sit with wounds so very close to the wounds I suffered in Beirut.
I felt like I was still there.
Boy what a kick in the ass. with the flood of emotions from terror to anger to just pain sadness .

For those who don’t know I am A survivor of the Beirut Bombing in October 23rd 1983.
I was found a few hours after the bomb detonated one the last be found alive.
I was attached to the 8Th Marines at the time as a Reconnaissance Marine.
we were a 4 man team, I’m the only one who survived.
So with that comes a lot Guilt Honor and Responsibility to remember these men who fought and died for Our Flag that Day.

(paste-o continued below)


(paste-o continued)

Jon Vigue
October 23, 2020

For so very few do remember this day it was just a blip in time to most .
But to me and those who survive it means every thing us .
To Honor our Brothers To remember their sacrifice.
Every October 23rd at 0600 I go out into my yard and Pray on my hands and Knees.
I Thank GOD that I was given the honor to serve with these men.
I ask for their forgiveness that I do them proud and remember them.
That Today I have at least told someone don’t Forget Them because they deserve to be Honored !
Then I ask God that I can continue on to remember and honor them.

To bless my wife to be able to deal with me.
For if not for her strength I couldn’t do this.


The pictures are of us in a firefight in Beirut
the second is APO picture of where in the building they found me,
The Chaplin that was with us told me this is where he I was found and given my final rights along with my brothers.

Somehow I survived my team was lost.

(end paste-o from the Book of the Fake)


Despicable. Wonder if he got down on his knees and prayed to God to forgive him for all of his lies?


I’m guessing he’s been doing a lot of that lately.


Too late for that now, Little Brother. Only thing he’s doing on his knees right now is servicing the Barbed C*ck of Satan. IIRC, one has to repent of one’s sins and ask forgiveness BEFORE you die. On The Text that Moses downloaded from The True Big Guy, that whole, “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” was a big no no. Number 9 on The Top Ten.


KoB and SFC D,
Dozens of 3 year old comments on that post above, including some from veterans, and some who call Phony Jon a hero.

It sure is tempting,
for reasons of truth and awareness,
to want to cherry pick the most vivid of those comments, and give some of them a “Sad” click, and a reply comment to this VG article.

Does anyone need the link?


Won’t do me any good, MD61. Not on Farce Book. Any links to them you post, direct me to “sign in” or “create account” to see. I do appreciate the copy paste things you put up

I also feel sympathy for his widow, family, and friends that he lied to all of these years.


Here’s another,
the next Memorial Day 2021.

Phony Jon names names.


Jon Vigue May 30, 2021
Today is Memorial Day.
A day for us to remember those who gave the Ultimate sacrifice for this Great Nation.

This is the day that I remember my fallen Brothers from Beirut in 1993. They are always in my thoughts. I / We need to remember these Marines who lost their lives for this Country.

I can see the faces of my friends their unique personalities the laughter we shared and the days we feared for our lives.
WE became grownups really fast.
I remember the 3 man that were my teammates .

Stephan Bland who after we were hit was the only one besides my self who had survived .
I held him in my arms and we cried he knew he was dying. the words we spoke I will always remember he said V please tell my Mom and my sister I love them that I will always be with them .
Then he passed.
I was still holding him when rescuers found us.

It had been several hours. they recovered My self
Gilbert Hanton
John Wolfe
Steve and my self from our corner room.
We were on the 4th floor which I was told was now the ground floor.
I don’t remember much after that untill I woke up here in the States.
My story is like many others.
We live with it everyday.
Somedays are better then others.

So on Memorial day I remember the good times the fun that we had, I get to cry a little but I get to let them know they are not forgotten.

That we are still the 4 Horsemen.

So please take a moment to recognize all those that Gave their lives for this Great Country ‘ Enjoy your day because these men and women lived.

(end paste-o)


These three guys from his squad are different than the names he recalled in an earlier story. I guess he was blown up twice in the MAU headquarters with two different squads and six different men?

Green Thumb

Do not know about blown up. But he probably blew a six different dudes…


And of course, he did all this with a huge piece of concrete on him and while impaled by rebar between his wee-wee and raisin sack. Impressive.


Any updates on this Semper Fi Santa ?

Any progress on the 2nd expected article,
the Phony Navy SEAL?


Yesterday’s auction event was reworked into a new event
“Viking Fest”
with this new page on the Book of the Fake, and
with proceeds going to the widow.

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What was on the menu? Besides Imitation Crab, I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Mock Apple Pie? All Points Logistics was a corporate sponsor, so they got going for them, which is nice.

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The “Not Butter” came out of Phildo’s ass with all of that cream and churning, turning and burning over the weekend.


Hack Stone and Green Thumb,
Oh, and Cornhole.