More or Les Putting Elko NV on the Map

| July 30, 2019

Just when you thought it was over – there’s more.  Just like those commercials when they say — “but wait, that’s not all.”

Since it is getting challenging finding anything significant in the comments due to the sheer number as well as the formatting, we thought we would highlight a couple of recent developments.

1) NV AG – Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford’s office has been submitted a full and comprehensive report complete with evidence, links, photos, and other pertinent information.  The AG’s oversight was specifically requested because there seems to be a “circling of the wagons” in Carlin, Elko and Spring Creek.  This strikes me as strange because anybody that knows me well as a friend has been told that if I’m ever full of the brown stuff, I expect them to tell me.  Often, I’ve heard — “Steve, I love you like a brother but you’re wrong on this one.”  Apparently, Les’ friends define friendship differently.

2) PHOTOS – New photos have surfaced that show a “MSG/E-8” Les Brown speaking at a local area children’s Christian academy for their 2018 veteran’s day event with his cammies on.  Sewn to those cammies are the rank of E-8, Master Parachutist Badge, Ranger Tab above the MP sleeve, and the coveted Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB) which is a clear violation of the federal Stolen Valor Act of 2013.  We know that some people around Elko, Carlin and Spring Creek are very forgiving of Les, and in the eyes of some he can do no wrong, but there is no getting around the fact that this is a federal crime.  Let me repeat that – this is a federal crime.  No more hiding behind the vests. This is clear and indisputable evidence. I would not want Les around my kids and being an influence on them, so I imagine others may feel the same.  The academy said that many gave Les a hug afterward.


3) NATIONAL GUARD UNIT – Members of Les Brown’s National Guard unit have stated that he missed drills and was eventually kicked out.  All of the years that he served may not be “good” years since a Guardsman has to fulfill minimum requirements for drills and one two week active duty per year unless it is waived.  Members are being solicited for sworn statements since this entire case may have to go the distance.  Les could save us some work by coming clean, but it seems he is not going to blink first so we have to put the necessary time in.  I will guarantee you this – if he blinks at a later date after a considerable amount of time has been put into this, people are not simply going to shrug their shoulders and toss the work to the side.  Les had his chance to come clean and he squandered it.

4) NPRC REVISITED – We pressed a senior technician at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) to double and triple-check Les Brown’s military records. We supplied both DD-214’s – the one that he had for “IN SUPPORT OF DESERT STORM” and the one that was for “IN SUPPORT OF OPERATION GARDEN PLOT.”  The NPRC holds the official military records for Lester Kent Brown.

Since it is the policy of the NPRC to rarely release DD-214s, the technician was provided these DD-214s and asked to compare with what was on file for Les Brown.  The senior technician took considerable time to review these along with Les’ records and confirmed that they don’t have any information beyond the 1994 period. Further, the technician said that the 1992 DD 214 we provided is the last one that is shown in his record.  The technician also tried the Electronic system and said that no records were found there so said that it appears 1994 was the end of his Les Brown’s service records.

5) RETIRED MILITARY ID CARD – Although we have not seen it, we have been told that Les Brown is flashing around a retired military ID card with the rank of MSG on it. Based on his military records, this card simply cannot be authentic.  That is probably why he is not posting it.  If he has used this card for goods or services, he has a lot of explaining to do.  Maybe someone that worked at a place where Les has used this card will come forward?  Until that day, we challenge Les to post a photo of this ID card.  He won’t of course, because it is probably designed for people in his “circle of trust” so he doesn’t have any defectors, but we’ve seen a few defectors already that are wondering about a few things that Les told them that don’t add up.  Yeah, your instincts are good – question, question, and question.

If Les has a retired military ID in his possession, I think that should be the very first thing that law enforcement confiscate and take a photo of.  Do it before he destroys it because he’ll soon be denying that he ever had one and the people that he showed it too are going to be told another story such as they didn’t see what they thought they saw.


To recap, we would like to provide some photos with annotations provided to us by members of this community.  These are provided for the benefit of civilians out there that do not understand the names and significance of medals.

The leverage of rank and combat experience is clearly established going back to 2010 and 2011.

Because books are closed due to being a non-profit not earning over $50,000 per year, it would take somebody in law enforcement or a governmental body to require an audit.  Because Stolen Valor and misrepresentation are closely tied to past fundraising, it is my opinion that there is potential fraud involved but law enforcement would have to make the final determination.  Since Les has worked or is working as a law enforcement officer, it may take some oversight to ensure that any potential investigation is fair and impartial.

The big questions are these:

  • Is Les Brown going to single-handily put Carlin, Elko and Spring Creek Nevada on the map?
  • Will Les be known as the Brown Stain on their community?

Things are just getting started.  This should prove to be interesting to watch.

To Les Brown – Look at this as an opportunity.  An opportunity to show the people around you how you handle adversity.  People want to be inspired.  Inspire us – show some integrity.  Your behavior so far only displays the age-old tactics that many a Stolen Valor thief before you have employed.  Be different.  Do it for the kids.  Reach down deep and say something like:

I didn’t think I was good enough, so I created a version of myself that wasn’t authentic.  You tell the thing the way it ought to be because it is much better than how it is.  I did not trust those closest to me to accept me for what I am. I see now that I hurt others.  I see now that I pulled others unfairly into covering for me when I was discovered.  They are loyal and good friends, but they don’t deserve to be tainted by what I brought upon them.  Neither does this good city.

I remain hopeful and optimistic to hear something like this, but I won’t be holding my breath.

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Les may be having trouble convincing a lawer that he has a case here and that Bingo square will
remain blank. Still plenty more room on the card
so I expect this will go on until someone yells