Soros turf updates

| February 5, 2024

Seems time to revisit the old Nazi collaborator George’s world.

First off, ol’ George is dropping serious bucks into trying to turn Texas blue. Three million of them, to be specific.

Billionaire George Soros has invested over $3 million in Texas to support Democratic efforts to flip the state.

His contributions have primarily gone to the Texas Majority PAC, which aims to turn the state blue.

Other left-wing groups have also received substantial funding from Soros. MSN

There was a negative comment this weekend about the Bexar County (San Antonio) DA, who got about $900,000 from Soros. You have to wonder about this – what’s a DA make? And ONE DA gets almost a mill in campaign funds? There is some serious influence being bought, and when you look at how blue the most populous cities in Texas are already – this ain’t a purely red state, guys. Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Austin are solid blue, along with a lot of South Texas (although the immigration crisis may be shifting that last.) Keep an eye on Texas this year.

And up in New York, the NY DA, Alvin Bragg, is under fire – a gang of six illegals attacked a couple of New York’s finest – and walked away scot-free .

Bragg told reporters he did not request bail because he is proceeding cautiously to ensure they have the proper suspects identified in the case.

“That is what is required to secure a conviction and get accountability and send the right people to jail. That’s what we’ve been working on all week,” Bragg said, noting that the one who was “deemed to have committed the most serious crimes is currently on Rikers.”Fox News

Six attackers, identified, only one remains in jail, and a religious non-profit bought bus tickets to California for four of the rest. (mumble ‘religious my rosy red Irish ass’ mumble.) They have them identified and know they re illegal..and Bragg let ’em go. You know you are seriously to the left of center when the New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, questions your action. Bragg, by the way, is another Soros recipient, not only to the tune of as much as a mill from Soros, but also receiving donations from Soros’ son and daughter-in-law who have not donated to anyone else.

Changing direction a little, in Maryland (remember that proposal last week wanting to require liability insurance on all legal gunowners?) One county over, Montgomery County seems loathe to keep an identified MS-13 member in jail.

He was most recently convicted of illegal possession of an unregistered gun in September 2022, and sentenced to five years in prison. However, the Montgomery County Circuit Court then suspended four years of his sentence and dismissed his remaining charges.

The man illegally entered the United States in June 2014 through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas as an unaccompanied minor, authorities said.

Fox II

He has been arrested multiple times, and immigration detainers issued by DHS multiple times duly ignored by the county. One would suspect the cops must be getting tired of their judges by now. Perhaps instead of just turning him loose, they should consider handcuffing him to the judge for the balance of his time in-country. Or, like the rest of the illegals who break the law, tattoo “Pendejo” on his forehead in big letters, deport him, and let him know that if he comes back he’ll get kneecapped as a dissuader. A fella can dream, can’t he?

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Phase two.




Thank God Alex is a soyboy…


It is getting close to the time to evacuate the country.


It is getting close to the time to hang these mofos by the neck until dead.” There…5Guy…I FIFY.

Cry havoc and release the Dogs of War. The Republic we save is our own.



“…let slip” the dogs of war….

While there are several theories on what Shakespeare literally meant when he pulled this eloquent symbolism from Mark Antony’s mouth, my personal favorite is one any Redleg should appreciate. The phrasing matters:

Rather than the actual attack dogs or the figurative soldiers for which one is slipping the leash, the dogs in this phrase could be a reference to the mechanical devices that would bite down (like a dog’s jaws) on the retaining devices of loaded siege engines such as ballistae, onagers, and catapults. To “let slip” these devices, one is opening their assault with hell from afar.

Slow Joe

What’s the origin of the expression “scot-free”?


It means you took a clean dump and got away without the need
to wipe your ass.

Green Thumb



What a ghoulish face on that man.

Army-Air Force Guy

Well, for all intents and purposes he does want to take over the world, so the Bond villain look is probably appropriate.

Hack Stone

Intensive porpoises. 🥴


His favorite roles models (center) as a kid:
comment image

Amateur Historian


Old tanker

There has been a bit of controversy with the San Antonio DA. There were multiple complaints by the Police union regarding light treatment for suspect regarding bail. Several got little to no cash bail then re offended. Some of them ended up in gun battles with the PD shortly after being released. The DA has denied he had any input as “judges set bail” but the reality is the DA Office sets recommendations and provides historical criminal background to the judge to consider for bail;.

A local news station, KSAT, started an investigation into the situation and uncovered an ongoing relationship by the DA and his #1 assistant with a “criminal justice reform” non profit called the Wren Collective out of Austin. Seems the DA has been discussing cases and strategy of the cases, especially regarding charging Officers criminally. He says all he gets is info on how to manage press releases and “spin” about them. The thousands of e-mails recovered by the news investigator says differently. I have no doubt personally that the wren collective is a soros funded operation.

Here is a link to the stories.


Not sure why they would fight it out with police? They were just going to get out of jail again


To provide ammunition for the gun ban agenda of course..

Hack Stone

The Koch Brothers using their money to finance the campaigns of politicians who they support is bad, but George Soros using his money to finance the campaigns of politicians who he supports is good. Does Hack Stone have that right?


Not quite. David Koch died in 2019. If you are confused it is because the media still refers to Charles as the “Koch brothers”. I don’t think that they noticed that David died.

Also when Charles spent millions defeating offshore wind off of Cape Cod It was bad. But every liberal on Martha’s vineyard signed up with it as well but somehow their names have been left out of the papers. It was good that he opposed it because offshore wind is stupid expensive.

Hack Stone

Yep, Hack is aware that the Koch Brothers have “split up” with the passing of one of them, but when Bobby Hatfield died, we did not refer to Bill Medley as The Righteous Brother, did we?



They were able to easily identify one by tattoos. Bragg is keeping his campaign promises of letting people out of jail and not pursuing criminals. The Democrats are achieving their goal once again of having NYC overrun with organized crime. There was an article the other day about how the gangs now will almost exclusively steal in California and NYC now because there is no chance of going to jail.


Yes, many of them travel to Florida to spend the proceeds for their crimes. When asked why they don’t commit crimes in Florida, they responded: “Down there, you go to jail when they catch you stealing.”

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I heard the same thing onWFTL 850 AM radio last week. When bragg got the job, there were complaints about his releasing perps and nyc mayor whats his face said that they would wait and see if he did the right thing and and he mentioned it to the ny governor to wait and see but it seems that they are doing nothing to fire bragg. nothing to brag about but this guy is another Bronx j cut em loose bruce.


Also, one of the pendejos assaulting the two officers was trying hard to steal the pistol from one of the officer’s gun belt, while he was trying to assist his partner. Good thing for the officers that the holsters seem to do a good job of securing the pistol.


The level IV ones are harder to operate. Even if you know how it requires the proper angle.

Green Thumb

Guns don’t kill people.

I do.

pookysgirl, WC wife

*scratches head*

Wouldn’t that make you a “black thumb”?


Soros and his POS son really needs to face consequences for their crimes against humanity

A Proud Infidel®™

Unfortunately, they will not likely face the law in this life, but they’ll certainly face Justice in the next.


I’m really surprised the Nazi hunters haven’t killed Soros a long time ago.