With the benefit of hindsight, Illinois sees that cashless bail is a bad idea

| December 18, 2023

Jason Lee Willie, a transgender that goes by Alexia Willie, communicated threats that involved harming children. He stated that he would walk into areas where there are kids, and either shoot or sexually abuse them. He allegedly made several comments like these. Willie had already made threats like these when he was first arrested. However, due to cashless bail, Willie was released. The charges were later dropped.

The Federalist has more on this story:

Feminist magazine?Reduxx reported in October that Willie initially was apprehended in Perry County, Illinois, a rural enclave of about 21,000 people approximately 70 miles southeast of St. Louis. Sheriff’s deputies had gotten word that Willie was seen making “disturbing threats towards schools and local children, specifically indicating there were plots in-progress to commit a school shooting, though no single institution was named,” according to Reduxx.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations, Reduxx reported Willie was released at the time on non-monetary bond about two days after being booked on a charge of resisting arrest. The suspect was initially charged with disorderly conduct as well, but Perry County Sheriff Chad Howard told the publication that the charges related to the threats were dropped due to a lack of a specific target.

He also cited Illinois’ SAFE-T Act, suggesting law enforcement’s hands were tied.

A little less than a month before, the state Supreme Court had issued its ruling upholding the law and making Illinois the first state in the nation to eliminate cash bail entirely.

Howard said that even if Willie is convicted on the resisting arrest charge against him, jail time isn’t likely.

The Federalist has more information on this story.

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Shut up.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

So mote it be. Amen!

Someone should make “him’ just…..disappear. Quietly. Silently. Just. Disappear. No sign. No trace. Nothing left behind but a bad memory.

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“Buzzards gotta eat” *spits* “same as worms” (and feral hogs)

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Unfortunately, that leaves bones and other forensic evidence in plain sight.
Best for all concerned to leave the pickings for the worms and plants (soil fertilizer)
As the joke goes, plant a rare and endangered plant on top of the grave site.

Find a wiling farmer with a backhoe, an empty field, before planting, and bada bing, problem solved. Take cell phone before planting and toss into first questionable neighborhood you come across.


Or a shredder. Insert one adult Willie, end up with thousands of little Willies.


You forgot a few before the Shoot:



Bolt action or revolver. Leave no shell casings behind. Hazmat outfit, gloves and shoe protectors.

A Proud Infidel®™

A Shotgun leaves no Ballistic Evidence behind that can be traced back to a specific firearm *COUGH!*, that’s the rumor I heard! OH, and a Sounder of hogs can consume a human corpse in minutes, I hear, as long as the indigestible teeth are removed from said corpse.


Or, use this.


Make him a flaming bundle of sticks.
They would make a great alternative heat source for the winter


It’s weird, how the same people that think that you should get stuff for free without any incentive, believe that people will just show up for court without any incentive.


This is such a bullshit take. A two tier justice system is absolutely unacceptable and a cash bail system has as many if not more failure points than a cashless system.

There are thousands of examples of how a cash bail system is ineffective at protecting the public as well. And it has the additional negative consequences of fostering a two tiered justice system where the rich get privileges and freedoms the poor do not.

Both systems will have examples of someone released on bail that flee or commit other crimes – even horrendous ones. The issue is what works best overall. Balancing public safety, public good, and individual rights.

Under a cash system the amount of your bail is a combination of the seriousness of your crime, your flight risk, and some guesstimate of how much money you would need to put up to make sure you would rather face criminal consequences than lose the money.

That system does not work for the rich because they can afford to lose it and flight risks are always underestimated for the rich. People assume that a rich person is less likely to flee because they have too much to “lose” with respect to their place in our society. That is flat false.

Roman Polanski, Christopher Skase, Robert Vesco, Marc Rich, Yuan Hongwei, Norman Hsu, Rajesh Saxena, Tony Mokbel, Abdel-Karin Serhani, Marcus Schrenker…

And countless others.

Cashless bail works just as well as cash bail overall if it is implemented correctly. And it doesn’t contribute to the two tier justice system that plagues us now.

Under the cash bail system the seriousness of the crime, the level of flight risk, evidence of you being a potential danger to others, prior criminal history, and mental health, as well as other factors determined relevant by the court are used to determine if you are eligible to be released pending trial.

It is not perfect. Some of those released will commit other crimes or flee. But that happens with a cash bail system as well.

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Fuck off, Lars.


How’s it working out in that liberal urban utopia you call home? You still awash in human feces and crime? You’re a fraud, a victim of the progressive/liberal policies you endorse and vote for. Cashless bail is effective on crime as the “promise to appear” citation given to illegal aliens is. They are both a “promise to disappear”. You don’t have the brains God gave sheep.

A Proud Infidel®™

He doesn’t even have the sense God gave a Goose OR a domestic Turkey.


OR a brass monkey.


Great song!


Look at the numbers…
Cities/states with and without have much different crime rates. Add in those states also have gutless Democratic/Soros bough-and-paid for DA’s, and have a crime wave reminiscent of the 70’s and the crack epidemic of the 80/s/90’s. Add in other failed Democrat policies like failed public schools, incentivized single-motherhood, demoralized police, and no penalty for crimes and you have SF, LA, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, Twin Cities, ect….
Oh, yeah and WIDE OPEN border with who the fuck knows who’s coming across the border trafficking drugs and people and you have the Fall of America just as the Democrats/Globalists/Lars want.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Don’t forget the unknown, untracked diseases being brought in with those illegals.

comment image


If you’re a communist that wants chaos and poverty like Lars, then you support all the ridiculous policies and dumb ass ideas the left is offering up. No prosperous, well governed country with a majority contented people and strong values is going to go socialist/ communist. Have to destroy all we love and have known as normal and right so they can offer that poison solution. Cashless bail and soft on crime policies is just one of many things they use to undermine the foundation of our society which they hate.


Then the commies never fix that (and just make it worse) when they take over, too.
comment image


Exactly! everything you mentioned is NOT an unintended consequence as some on the left claim, but rather the actual goal of such policies, all with the end game of complete power for our “betters”..

Forest Bondurant

Christopher Skase was Australian; and he, Vesco and Rich are all dead. (Bill Clinton gave Rich a pardon, so…). 

^^^You fail at this station.

Norman Hsu became prominent with the Democratic party for his fundraising, so he gets a pass.

Rajesh Saxena’s criminal case was between the government of Canada and Thailand, not the U.S..

^^^You fail at THIS station.

Mokbel has been incarcerated in Australia since around 2008, and received another 30 year sentence in 2012.

^^^You ALSO FAIL at THIS station.


Flag on the play, illegal use of facts!


Rich was given a pardon because his wife bribed the Clintons with over a million dollar donation to the Clinton presidential library.


If she had offered,(and she probably did) Bill would have done her wherever, whenever.


Ah, it’s a good old “our stupid ideas will work If implemented correctly”. So, to avoid wasting everybody’s time with your drivel Just show us where it was implemented correctly.

Oh wait, it never was.

Well, don’t let hundreds of years of proven jurisprudence get in the way of a bad idea.

Last edited 5 months ago by 5JC

It never ceases to amaze me that you’re able to look around the cesspool you so proudly call home and say to yourself “Yes, this is a good place, this is a successful place, I like this”. Seek help.

Forest Bondurant

Yeah, he talks about a 2 tiered justice system and leaves out how hundreds of people were charged, then charges dropped, after the Summer of Saint Floyd of Fentanyl riots of 2020, and the incarceration and suspended bail for those awaiting trial for January 6th.


That was the two tier justice system he was talking about. Loot and burn your city down; case dismissed. Walk around the Capitol building peacefully; go to jail forever.

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Dennis - not chevy

Hey hairball. Some years ago I was asked to bail a close relative out of prison; the charges were of a violent nature and I knew he was prone to repeat the crime. There was no alleged to it, he did it, everyone knew it, and nobody would say they believed he did it (possibly out of fear he’d do it to them). This was not his first offense.

I refused to bail him out. Had there been cashless bail, he would have been out of jail and at large to reenact his nefarious activities.

I am not proud of my felonious relatives; and as much as don’t want to see them unduly punished, I want them to grow up and take responsibility for their actions.

I know full well “for example” is not proof. I know full well that I don’t want innocent people thrown in jail to ensure no guilty ones go free.

However, the crimes committed are committed against we the people and, as one of the we the people, if I know that someone should not be let out I should be heard. Should the rest of we the people disagree and the person is released, so be it; I’d hold no grudge.

If you want a felon to live in your house, say so and let society see your wish fulfilled.


This Holiday season, go chow down on a big, juicy, veiny lady dick


Go swimming through those shit-filled streets. Watch the needles!
Oh, and don’t ever leave CA, Lars. Ever.


You forgot Soros on your list of rich dirtbags…

And you forgot to include reality, that cashless bail generally means that violent thugs end up back on the street before the arresting officer is done with the paperwork..

Green Thumb

I wonder what you would think if this clown was around our kids in your neighborhood?

I doubt Mr. Rodgers could prepare you for that one.


The other system could happen to let a bad guy out of jail, the new system lets ALL of the bad guys out!

“Let’s ignore what’s actually happening and focus on the -feels good-“



Can one use an EBT card for bail?
Asking for Lars.


Yes, but you have to take your local drug dealer shopping. He will figure out what he wants, You pay with the EBT card, and he gives you 50% on a dollar in the parking lot. Or you could just get drugs and not worry about it.


Nobody uses EBT in the bay area, you just take what you want. You can do that when you’re “disadvantaged”.


In Oakland and Berzerkeley, dey jus be collectin dey reporayshuns.


Obligatory for ’em:
comment image

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Surely you’re not suggesting that the word of someone who might want to murder children might be less than honest when promising to appear for punishment proceedings at some future point in time?

I’ve no issue with cashless bail for certain crimes, especially if it’s something non-violent like a check being bounced and the person is likely to be able to pay the damages and restitution…we’ve received bad checks at my business and I don’t want anyone to go to jail, I just want my money…if the threat of prosecution gets me my money great…I don’t need jail time for that. Not all non-violent crimes should be cashless bail, but certainly there are some that don’t require someone to be locked up pre-trial longer than the potential punishment for the alleged crime. If you’re in jail awaiting trial for 90 days for a crime that allows for no more than 30-60 days behind bars I think we need to have a discussion about just how piss poor our current system is in resolving cases in a timely fashion.

On the other hand someone who represents a potential danger based on the nature of their alleged crime or their own threats to the public keeping them under lock and key until you can resolve the criminal charges shouldn’t be unavailable to the government as an option to protect the public.


Somebody needs to cut off Lee Willie’s wee Willy.


Don’t threaten him with a good time. That would be a reward.

Green Thumb

Just a matter of time…..