Sarah Cavanaugh: Have A Heart

| December 18, 2023

Sarah Cavanaugh

We’ve written about the woman in Rhode Island that posed as a sick Marine and bilked people out of a quarter million dollars. Although currently in prison, there’s a good chance the laws will change and she can get out early, but apparently that’s not good enough for Sarah – she wants released now citing compassionate reasoning.

RI woman imprisoned in stolen valor case seeks compassionate release
by: Eli Sherman | Dec 18, 2023

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The East Greenwich woman imprisoned for stealing a sick marine’s identity to defraud victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars is seeking early release, claiming she and a group of inmates were denied access to food and water while quarantining with COVID-19.

Sarah Cavanaugh, 32, who was sentenced earlier this year to nearly six years in federal prison, filed a motion for compassionate release Friday, arguing she and 16 other inmates were being subjected to abusive conditions. Cavanaugh is currently incarcerated in federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut.

“We are currently isolated from the general population, in a building where the water fountains do not work, the overhead lights do not turn off, and we must wait for food to be brought to us,” Cavanaugh wrote in a letter to U.S. District Court Judge John McConnell on Dec. 10.

“However, as of today, day 4, we have run out of water 4 times and are not allowed to leave the building for any reason, or risk a ‘shot,’” she added. (A “shot” is a colloquial term meaning a mark is put on an inmate’s record for violating the rules.)

Earlier this year, Cavanaugh pleaded guilty in a notorious stolen-valor case after investigators discovered she’d stolen the identity of a Marine with cancer. Using the stolen identity, Cavanaugh fraudulently collected a quarter million over five years from charitable donations and employee-benefit programs.

“I am asking for compassionate release due to the extraordinary, compelling and distressing circumstances of being held without access to water and food,” she wrote. “I am asking for help for each woman here with me.”

The letter to McConnell was sent a day after Cavanaugh and 16 other inmates signed a letter to a private attorney, claiming they were sleeping on cots in a cold room with only one shower.

“We were given 17 rolls of toilet paper and told to make it last 5 days,” Cavanaugh wrote. “The lack of food is intensifying — last night the dinner was ground beef and two inmates, with existing religious and medical diets, did not receive alternative meals. Breakfast was not served this morning.”

Requests for compassionate release — meaning someone asking to get out of prison early because of extraordinary circumstances — have become far more common since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether Cavanaugh will qualify, however, is likely a tall order considering the severity of her crimes.

“Sarah Cavanaugh’s conduct in the course of her scheme is nothing short of appalling,” Rhode Island U.S. Attorney Zachary Cunha said in March when Cavanaugh was sentenced. “By brazenly laying claim to the honor, service, and sacrifice of real veterans, this defendant preyed on the charity and decency of others for her own shameless financial gain.”

McConnell has ordered Cunha’s office respond to the Cavanaugh’s “allegations about abusive conditions” by Wednesday.

I can relate. Often when I go to a restaurant I have to suffer the indignity of having to wait for someone to bring me my food.

Then, “We were given 17 rolls of toilet paper and told to make it last 5 days.”  SHOCK!  How can any human being be expected to tolerate such conditions?  I go through 25 rolls myself in a day and a half, and that’s not counting using it for Kleenex-related purposes. On the other hand – clearly, she has never been to the field in her imaginary time with the Marines. How many MRE TP packets equal one roll?

Then, she had to sleep on a cot vs. the hard ground. Again, it’s obvious that she has not been to the field in her imaginary time with the Marines.

A shower?  She had a shower?  Clearly, she never took a field/helmet bath in her imaginary time with the Marines.

G.I. “Helmet Bath” (NOTE: NOT Sarah Cavanaugh in photo)

Appalling! I say… appalling.

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I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight…


My heart goes out to all of the cell mates of the stupid felonious woman. Making them live with her has got to be some kind of cruel and unusual punishment.


Poor thing.


Paging IDK SARC, we need your input of this…


I think that our IDC SARC would prefer this pussy instead…

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Haven’t heard from IDC SARC in a while. Hope he’s okay.



A Terminal Lance Coolie

Since IDC SARC hasn’t been around for a while, I’ll take one for the team.

I’d hit it.

Definitely a fake phone number and hotel room, though.

Has anyone heard from IDC recently?


Sadly, unless colleges have already released for Christmas, on more than one campus, gender studies and art history majors will be holding candlelight vigils for this specimen. 🙄


Unless she’s Palestinian, they won’t have any fucks to give either.


Excuse me while I go look for a fuck to give. On second thought… nahhh.


Never again will I..

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Exactly. Why waste time and energy looking for something you know you’ll never find.


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Whats wrong with bread and water


Is Phony Sarah practicing her impersonation of Howie Hamburger?

Army-Air Force Guy

Wow, she’s describing prison exactly as it supposed to be, a very unpleasant place. Go figure.


I see no elements of penitence, contrition, remorse or self responsibility. Early release DENIED.

Better that this one should have more opportunities to rehabilitate herself within a controlled environment and be gradually introduced into the general population in Danbury Federal Prison as she develops personality traits with folks of a shared background.

Working in the kitchen (git your bitch ass in the kitchen and make me some pie!) or facilities maintenance, housekeeping and laundry services.

The Al

Behold, the field in which I grow mine fucks. Lay thy eyes upon it, and thou shalt see it is barren. Clearly, I hath no more fucks to give


The Track Master Chief at Rescue Swimmer School had the heart of a young lad.
In a jar on his desk.

Bubblehead Ray

Being in prison sucks?

A Proud Infidel®™

Mmmm let me see, in the dusty corner of the bottom drawer I haven’t opened in months? No. In the back corner of the Garage in that box I haven’t opened in over a year? No. Up in the attic? No. Just take my word that I have looked everywhere by now and HAVE NOT found even the tiniest FUCK I could give about her or the situation she has landed herself in, tough ka-shitski for her!!!


She obviously needs more TP because she is so full of shit.


There was a funny tale about directions on how to use the TP
that came with C-rats. Details escape me but it had to do with
how to fold the paper and tear off a small piece to save for
cleaning finger nails.
Maybe someone here remembers the details.


Rot, bitch. Merry Christmas.




Lots of people here seem to be low on their supply of fucks to give.


A con is gonna con, I know she knew she was breaking the law and stealing in a most despicable fashion. She is just continuing her deplorable behavior by another con to get an early out. Six years sounds right for what she did. I hope she doesn’t succeed in conning the system and peoples good nature again.


These conditions don’t seem to tough for a Marine to handle. Particularly after all she’s been through.


Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Green Thumb

Lori Benton seems to be getting it done!


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on…
Also, go piss up a rope while you’re at it…

Daisy Cutter