Black women’s group supports affirmative action at service academies

| December 18, 2023

The National Association of Black Military Women, allied with leftist legal organizations, supports affirmative action at the military academies. When Chief Justice John Robers exempted the military academies from the decision to overturn affirmative action in universities, a chain reaction began. The door was opened that allowed for litigating service academy affirmative action in the courts. The National Association of Black Military women filed a brief in support of affirmative action.

From the Military Times:

In the fall, Students for Fair Admissions, the same anti-affirmative-action advocacy group that successfully challenged affirmative action in civilian universities, turned its attention to the service academies. It filed lawsuits against the Army’s U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, and the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, for what it characterized as unlawful racial discrimination.

The National Association of Black Military Women, the American Civil Liberties Union, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund argued in a friend-of-the court brief filed Nov. 29 that affirmative action at the U.S. Military Academy, which educates future Army officers, was “critical to the success of Black women in the military and to the military’s success.”

Friend-of-the-court briefs, also known as amicus briefs, are filed by entities that aren’t directly involved in a case but share their insight or expertise.

Nearly the same set of groups, with the difference being the addition of the ACLU Foundation of Maryland and the subtraction of the New York Civil Liberties Union, on Dec. 6 filed a similar brief in the case against the Naval Academy. That academy educates future officers for the Navy and Marine Corps.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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 “critical to the success of Black women in the military and to the military’s success.”..
Sorry, but when I read that, I hear them saying black women can’t cut it without stacking the deck..Seems an odd position for a supposed advocacy group to take, but that’s the left for you…

MLK weeps..


Playing Devil’s Advocate here…

Women have played a pivotal role in our nation’s military since its inception, usually in support roles such as nurses. In the early ’90s women were allowed to fly in combat, and it’s been nearly 11 years since every combat MOS was opened.

Our military’s greatest successes were before women were permitted to serve, and largely before the Army was even racially integrated. This organization considers the success of Black women to be getting a free pass at the Academy, excellent OERs, and promoted ahead of [superior] peers to diversify the force. If only we had more West Point educated Black officers back in August 2021. Things would have gone so much better with an underqualified, but Diverse, group of planners and commanders.


When you’re judging people by the color of their skin instead of the content of their character, MLK does indeed weep.


Individual merit and having character is “racist” now.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

With you 100% Brother. My late friends son back in the day scores close to a hundred on the FDNY test but was rejected due to the quota system the city was running, so he’s now an NYPD Lt. if he’s still on the job.


BTDT, took the test for SGT at my PD, there were 8 immediate openings, and another 4 down the road, retirements, promotions of SGT to LT. I finished #6 on the list. Told I was going to be promoted.
Then, the minorities filed a federal suit, claiming discrimination. Everything was thrown out by the city, And they instituted a promotion system drawn up by their lawyers. None of them finished in the top 20 on that test. They did get half the promotions on the new test.
I went to 3rd shift for the rest of my time.

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 “critical to the success of Black women in the military and to the military’s success.”..

That is the only thing that matters. Your color, gender, any other box you want to label yourself as just doesn’t matter. you either contribute to the success of the military or you do not. You want equality, you got it. You want equity, you can go fuck.


THIS! I’ve shared before my myopic views when I joined. I quickly learned that, in the words of Michael Jackson, “It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White.”

And, “Dang Me” (h/t Roger Miller), I looked up the lyrics and found this verse:

“Protection for gangs, clubs, and nations
Causing grief in human relations
It’s a turf war on a global scale
I’d rather hear both sides of the tale
See, it’s not about races, just places, faces
Where your blood comes from is where your space is
I’ve seen the bright get duller
I’m not gonna spend my life being a color

Like him or not, Michael Jackson was an important figure in American music, and lyrics like those seem to be misaligned with what we see from “Black advocacy” groups today, who capitalize off of “being a color”.


What’s old. is new again?


“I was born a poor black child”
I don’t think this movie will be remade, EVER.


Well, he did find his special purpose 😏

Prior Service

The real question isn’t whether non-standard-meeting applicants get in based on their gender or ethnicity but whether — once admitted—they can keep attending if they can’t make the academic / leadership cut. If whitey gets cut, but black/brownie doesn’t, now we’ve got two issues: 1) how’d they get there and 2) why’re they still there?


You’re not allowed to question that.


You know left/llibtards on that:
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If they can only succeed if we don’t have standards, what happens when they face an enemy who does? /sarc
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Great! More useless unqualified people in the military, that’s what we need.


Especially if they are going to be officers, making decisions that can get people killed.


I’m all about equal opportunity for anyone that wants to try to do anything.

This is what I have for “equity”…

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The National Association of Black Military Women has every reason to be concerned. Corporate America is on notice and the Service Academies will be next. Five to four.


From the National Association Of Black Military Women Website:

“The National Association of Black Military Women is open to all military women and we welcome both male and female associate members regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnic background.”

We don’t get their statement. If they are open to ALL Military Women AND Men “regardless of race, gender, ethnic background”, then why do they call themselves “The National Association of Black Women Association”???????

Does Not Make Sense….

What Are We Missing? 🤔


We don’t get their statement. If they are open to ALL Military Women AND Men “regardless of race, gender, ethnic background”, then why do they call themselves “The National Association of Black Women Association”???????

This is what is called “black people logic”, sir.

USMC Steve

That is because they are mostly dumbfucks without a clue, but with a plethora of greivances.

Professional shit agitators.


They wonder why quality kids don’t want to join anymore!! Maybe it’s because they are smart enough to know that 4 years of being subjected to forced stupidity and woke rhetoric is a waste of time. I can’t imagine how many dead kids we will have at the beginning of a near peer war we will have, until we smarten up I tell kids stay away this isn’t your father’s military anymore.

USMC Steve

There is no valid, nor can there be any valid support for reverse discrimination, and that is precisely what affirmative action is. You are either qualified to be in the military, or you are not. Your plumbing or melanin content are totally irrelevant. Far too many people don’t grasp that no one has any RIGHT to serve. It is a privilege to do so, or used to be until Senile Sammy got hold of the country.

Forest Bondurant

As Thomas Sowell put it, “If preferences were truly meant to remedy disadvantage, they would be given based on disadvantage, not on the basis of color.”


I’ve said it here before, third-world population, third-world military (and economy, and society, and corruption). It’s the inevitable result of mass immigration, particularly Republican support for that immigration, and your acquiescence as voters to it for the last half-century. Just like CRT, and the statues coming down, and crime and chaos are the inevitable results of that immigration. The military leadership has been playing the same dirty game that the rest of our institutions have been playing for the last 50 years, keeping the leadership mostly white (with some tokenism) while shunting the growing cost of multi-cultural destruction off on the lower and middle classes (the rank and file). But they can’t play this game forever, and we’re right on the precipice of third-world takeover. You have to laugh at people on sites like this who spend so much psychic capital worrying about the future of America as a military superpower. It has no such future.

USMC Steve

You’re here.