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| November 4, 2023

Florida Man Cited for Impersonating Police with ‘Booty Patrol’ Truck

A Florida teen has been cited for “impersonating a police officer” while driving his truck decked out to look like a Border Patrol vehicle, besides one minor detail — it actually says “Booty Patrol.”

The funny decals on the back of the white Chevrolet pick-up truck “aren’t really the issue,” NBC2 reporter Gage Goulding said Tuesday. “What deputies cited him for was having red and blue flashing lights… that look as legit as the real deal.”

Eighteen-year-old Gabriel Luviano, the “proud” owner of the truck, responded to the accusations during an interview with the local news channel.

“Was your intention on building this truck to make it look like you’re impersonating a police officer?” Goulding asked.

“No, it wasn’t. It was just to have a little fun, you know?” Luviano replied with a grin.

Luviano claimed he spent thousands of dollars on the decals and lights on the truck.

“I was just bored, you know? And I just decided on that,” he said.

According to the truck owner, he’s had cops who didn’t think it was a big deal come up to him and ask for pictures with the truck, but he ran into bad luck with a Desoto County deputy on Sunday night.

As NBC News reported, the teen was “cited under a law that deals with prohibited vehicle lights that resemble those of law enforcement or other officials.”

Despite saying he never uses the red and blue lights on the road, Luviano’s ticket will cost him $113.

Source; Breitbart

Burglary suspect accidentally shot himself while fleeing scene, SAPD says

An 18-year-old burglary suspect accidentally shot himself while fleeing the scene of a crime, according to San Antonio police.

The incident happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday in the 3700 block of Newrock Drive, not far from Colony Drive and Interstate 10 on the North Side.

Police said it appears the suspect burglarized a vehicle, and while fleeing, he possibly shot himself in the leg on accident.

He was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK, police said.

The shooting is under investigation.

Source; KSAT

Georgia man slapped with $1.4M speeding ticket for driving 35 mph over limit

He was fast and then furious.

A man caught speeding down a Georgia freeway was bewildered when cops slapped him with a $1.4 million ticket last month.

Connor Cato was driving home through Savannah on Sept. 2 when the Georgia State Patrol caught him doing 90 in a 55-mile-per-hour zone, he admitted to WSAV-TV.

While he expected a hefty fine, Cato was astounded when he was handed the seven-figure charge.

He called the court, assuming the fee was a typo, but reportedly was told he either had to pay the sum or appear in court.

“‘$1.4 million,’ the lady told me on the phone. I said, ‘This might be a typo’ and she said, ‘No, sir, you either pay the amount on the ticket or you come to court on Dec. 21 at 1:30 p.m.,’” he told the local outlet.

Criminal defense attorney Sneh Patel said he had never seen such a high fine for a misdemeanor.

“Not $1.4 million — that’s something that goes into cases that are drug trafficking, murders or aggravated assaults, something of that nature,” he told WSAV.

Luckily for Cato, the massive price actually was a “placeholder” that he was never expected to pay.

The staggering figure was generated by e-citation software used by the local Recorder’s Court that is automatically applied to “super speeders,” anyone caught going more than 35 miles over the speed limit, said Joshua Peacock, a spokesman for Savannah’s city government.

A judge will set the real fine — which cannot exceed $1,000, plus state-mandated costs — at the mandatory court appearance.

“We do not issue that placeholder as a threat to scare anybody into court, even if this person heard differently from somebody in our organization,” Peacock said in a statement.

“The programmers who designed the software used the largest number possible because super speeder tickets are a mandatory court appearance and do not have a fine amount attached to them when issued by police.”

The city has been using the new system since 2017, but is “working on adjusting the placeholder language to avoid any confusion.”

Source; NY Post

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I’m gonna have to start setting my cruise control!!!


I say this guy tops the Booty Patrol dude:

How’d you like to be THAT cop? Gets his ass kicked by a naked guy who steals his cop truck…that’s some Reno 911 or Sheriff Lobo type shit. 🤣


I do feel bad for the innocent people that were injured at the end of Nevada Man’s high speed chase.


The booty truck is pretty cool.

Cops can’t take a joke.

Dennis - not chevy

The kid was so close. If only he had used the truck for photo sessions at a dog and pony shows and charged (I don’t know) say $10 per photo, he’d be richer than the dreams of avarice.


All he had to do was use Yellow and White flashing lights…almost every state has on their books laws against civilians using blue or red lighting, to include under car lighting effects

Had fraternity Brother in college with a leg inspector badge…he got a lot of mileage out of it, but I don’t think he ever tried to pull it out in public


Lots of green and white BP pickups around here.
I need to pay more attention to who’s driving.


Oh, shit!!!
I better ditch my FBI shirts…
You know…


“Something’s burning” (ht2 KR & The FIRST *grin* Edition) It isn’t love in this case…It IS teh stoopid…and it’s a Burning Ring of Fire (ht2 The Man In Black, JC) “…goes down down down and the flames go higher…”


This story could fit several VG article topics.
SPOTW is definitely a good fit for this “pastor”.

>>> Alabama mayor and Baptist pastor F.L. ‘Bubba’ Copelandshoots himself in the head after he’s outed for dressing as ‘transgender curvy girl Brittini Blaire’ and ‘uploading explicit photos to porn site’


Problem solved, problem staying solved!


Now with internet infamy.


comment image


To quote LBJ …

God DAMN, son!


Wait, Black Hebrew Israelites aren’t Jewish? Aw Dadgummit !!!
Woman allegedly plowed car into what she thought was Jewish school: cops (