Pentagon official charged with running dog fighting ring, executing losers

| October 4, 2023

Straight out of the “WTF?” news of the day. Frederick Douglass Moorfield Jr, who does not seem to share much with his namesake, stands accused of running a dog fighting ring. A Pentagon official, he allegedly electrocuted the losers with a pair of jumper cables. Anonymous sends us the tip.

From Yahoo! News;

A communications official in the Defense Department was arrested for allegedly running a dogfighting operation in which he electrocuted the losing dogs that he trained, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr., 62, of Arnold, Maryland, trained the dogs, fielded bets on the matches and used jumper cables found at his home to allegedly execute the animals that didn’t die in the ring, according to court records cited by the newspaper.

In an early September raid on his home and that of an alleged accomplice, Mario D. Flythe, the FBI and other agencies said they also discovered about a dozen pit bull-type dogs, veterinary steroids, weighted vests, collars and chains to increase the animals’ strength, and “an apparatus that is used for involuntarily inseminating female dogs,” the Post and CBS News reported.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland noted that Moorefield, a deputy chief information officer, and Flythe were charged with promoting and furthering animal fighting ventures.

A Pentagon spokesperson said Moorefield was “no longer in the workplace” but gave no details.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the defendants, who allegedly used an encrypted messaging app to promote their illicit enterprises, made a court appearance on Sept. 28 and were released pending trial.

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Green Thumb


Maybe the cables should be applied to him as well.

Save some time and money.


Only after he is subject to a few hours of
‘ involuntary insemination ‘

A Proud Infidel®️™️

IMHO he is in need of being taken far out in the remotest woods, kneecapped with a ball peen hammer and left there to suffer.


Let the wolves have him.


Drop him into Isle Royale in Lake Superior. It has at least one or two wolf packs. He will be much easier to take down than a moose, the other large mammal on the island. It would make an exciting episode for the TV series, “Alone.”


Has he been neutered?


Please let me do it!


I did a quick search and only came up with, “Frederick Douglass Moorefield was a deputy chief information officer for command, control, and communications for the Office of the Secretary of Defense”, and that he was engaging in dog fighting for over 20 years.

Can someone translate, please, exactly what this monster did in his job? What were his responsibilities, and his career path? I’m also wondering if he is a veteran. Because normally, that fact would be the headline as in, “Veteran, now working for the Pentagon, engaged in dog fighting and torturing dogs”.

Hack Stone

At least he didn’t steal luggage from Reagan National Airport. //S//

Now the troops and contractors can look forward to mandatory training on why running a dog fighting ring as a side hustle is a bad thing. It could have been, he could have been in a multilevel marketing business to supplement his income as Bidenomics is negatively impacting his cash flow.

Daisy Cutter

I can see the training now:

“In the case scenario that you just read, choose the correct answer:

A: Robert did not violate any policies since this occurred during his off-duty hours.
B: Robert should have increased the voltage to make the deaths more humane.
C: Robert should have registered his business with SPCA and PETA.
D: None of the above.
E: All of the above.


Change that to; “was never caught stealing luggage at Reagan National airport”. I’m sure this cat had a top secret SCI as well, not just a secret.


“Moorefield is accused of being involved in dogfighting throughout his career as a civilian employee for the Defense Department, which began in October 2008 when he was hired as director of strategic planning for the Air Force Spectrum Management Office.”

“Since then, he has held various Pentagon leadership positions before taking on his current role in March 2020. He also served nine years in the Air Force before leaving the service in 1998, according to his profile.”

Frederick D. Moorefield Jr.:


“Deputy Chief Information Officer for C3 at DoD”

“DoD University of Dayton”

“Deputy Chief Information Officer for C3
DoD, Mar 2020 – Present, 3 years 8 months, Pentagon”

“Acting Deputy Director to the CIO for C4IIC
Department of Defense CIO, Mar 2019 – Present, 4 years 8 months, Arlington, Virginia”

“Director, United States Department of Defense, Oct 2012 – Present, 11 years 1 month, Arlington, Virginia, Director of Spectrum Policy and International Engagements”

“Director of Strategic Planning, Air Force Spectrum Management Office, Oct 2008 – Oct 2012, 4 years 1 month, Ft Meade MD, Responsible for strategic planning”

“Electrical Engineer, USAF AFRL, Sep 1989 – Oct 1998, 9 years 2 months, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, EW and Radar R&D”


“University Of Dayton”

“Master’s degree Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2016 – Present”

“Activities and Societies: Kappa Alpha Psi, Prince Hall Masons, Nobel Order of the Mystic Shrine, BEP”

“Wilberforce University::

“Bachelors Degree Mathematics Mathematics”

“Wilberforce Univetsity”

“Bachelor of Science – BSMathematics:


See, look at that. Most of the time engineers don’t find a practical use for their training while in government service. But electrocuting dogs is about as practical as it gets. They just need to apply that machine to the military recruiters and get their ass in gear.

Black Bart

Ninja, you never fail to impress. 👍


Stop that. You’ll just encourage her.


Very impressive profile of bullshit.
Masters this, bachelors that yadayada…….


Did his TS/SCI/Whatever clearance background check not get this or “equity”?


I bet they’re going to add the question; “Do you now or have you ever run any illegal dog fighting ring?” To the security questionnaire. That will trip them up in the future.

Hack Stone

Well, there is always a career in the NFL.


Michael Vick approves!

Hack Stone

Will the Yentas on The View leap to his defense and say that it is part of his culture like they did with Michael Vick?


Hack Stone,
He obviously learned nothing from Michael Vick,
except perhaps the tools and tricks of the trade.

This is not the only article making the Vick comparison.


Ya beat me to it.


He needed it to supplement his income. It’s tough to make it as an underpaid GS 15 with locality differential for DC. It’s no crime to be poor.


The Elephant In The Room…


“Nancy Pelosi Evicted From Her Private Office In The Capitol By Interim House Speaker”


Not the only donk evictus, apparently.

I think the Speaker Pro Tem may be establishing a claim on the formal job.




Throw some bacon grease on him and put him in a pit with a bunch of hungry fighting dogs. Repeat as needed.



Fuckhead Dickless Morefool


In 14 short years we have gone from being one of the most respected nations on Earth to literally running a f****** circus. Our government is full of freaks and clowns and apparently dogfighters. I once had hope, that hope is now dead.


Keep your hope.
Throughout American history,
a LOT of drama, and no shortage of crazy.

Yet, about every 8 years or so,
changes for the better occur (again),
the tightrope wire umbrella act wowing the crowd,
at least until the next drama… and some new crazy.

Enjoy Curly on the tightrope wire (jump to 10:20)


Oh yeah, tell me when we last had a bald woman with a penis and a mustache, guarding our nuclear program, stealing luggage so that she could wear stolen designer dresses to Washington galas?

When did we last have a president who could not make a coherent sentence, walk up a flight of stairs reliably without falling, distinguish fantasy from reality or even know where he was most of the time?

Why does the woman of the year have a penis? If that isn’t the biggest insult I have ever heard I can’t even think of one that is bigger than that. Unless you want to pretend that men can be women athletes and let them set all kinds of records. And then make real women shower with them. That would be more insulting.

Pick any policy you want I don’t care what it is, It is covered in failure. There isn’t one single thing that they can point to and say: well that was a success.


You know what, never mind Marine Dad you’re right. The Army is still full of wonderful and creative leaders that support puppy rights. They are not all clowns, freaks and perverts.


Totally not nuts…


5JC: As long as our country has you and these other patriots, we’ll be good! I am an old girl (if you count 84 years old) but my generation and I are still saluting our beautiful flag (arthritis in right shoulder or not!) and shed tears of gratitude when hearing our National Anthem.The men in my family served in Army, Navy, and Air Force. I am offended when we are forced to witness the removal of statues of our founding fathers, and the desecration of my flag and my response is not ladylike!
I pray for our country and the valiant men and women who are standing watch. Your service was / is not in vain.
May God bless you.



Motherf**ker had an assembly line and disassembly line!

How does someone get this far down a road like this without realizing how messed up they are or getting discovered by someone?

I don’t know what the federal guidelines are for sentencing, but if this turd doesn’t draw 15 I hope [redacted].

Wish DMX was still alive ‘to give it to [him]’. (RIP X!)


Gee whiz, I wonder how he obtained that SES appointment to the DoD.


Won it in a dogfight.

Anna Puma

Consumed by a million sand fleas.


Is he related to fauci with his treatment of animals?

Maybe a set of jumper cables with 00 gauge wire, a 24 volt battery and clamps strong enough to lift a building attached to the family jewels.

Rinse, lather, repeat.


Purely despicable sorry ass vile POS of a human being scum. May he have every punishment administered to him as listed in the above comments. If he ever makes it to prison, (I’m thinking he’ll get off with a fine and possibly “early retirement”) would be too bad if everything he did to these pups gets done to him.


This! Having just lost two of our fur babies far too young, this pisses me off even more than it usually would.. It’s a very good thing there’s zero chance of me running into this POS, but here’s hoping he gets what he deserves, which is what he did to these poor animals..

Fah Kheem!

Hack Stone

He has never been in a budget and heard to utter the phrase “I don’t have a dog in this fight.”


I piss a lot of people off by establishing that I’m not a pit bull fan. Sorry, I associate them with the felons and methheads I know in Virginia, who all seem to love the breed. Even so, my brother’s pit bull used to get a lot of treats from me because, regardless of breed, he’s a dog that deserves to be loved and spoiled.

As I type this, I have a dog bite on my hand. The husky mix I’m fostering usually plays with the mountain cur but when treats or food get mixed in, things turn serious sometimes. A few days ago, she decided to attack the nearly 14-year-old lab. I picked her up and got a little action myself. No big problem, she was carried to her room and a few minutes later I went back to make amends with her. Dogs get territorial, defensive, and occasionally make mistakes, but we shouldn’t abuse them or worse, except in very rare cases.

It takes a special breed (no pun intended) to raise dogs to fight, then to kill them afterwards. We don’t live in a third-world nation (yet…give Joe four more years) and have countless other ways to entertain ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go full ATF in a heartbeat if a vicious dog attacks me or one of my dogs, but these creatures (the damned cur is snoring next to me now) are considered “man’s best friend” for a reason. They should be nurtured and raised to be the companions that so many humans are incapable of being, not considered gladiatorial combatants who exist solely for the amusement of cruel people.

Moorefield looks so satisfied in his photo. Hopefully he is equally satisfied if he gets a bit of prison time, where a 62-year-old pampered employee convicted of dog fighting will probably experience a little of what those dogs did.


Another dog story.
Work through solutions?
How about putting the Biden family’s mangy mutt in a cage,
and keeping it the f away from any humans not named Biden.

Elizabeth Alexander, the first lady’s communications director, said Biden and his wife care deeply about the safety of White House staff and those who protect them every day.

“They remain grateful for the patience and support of the U.S. Secret Service and all involved, as they continue to work through solutions,” she said in an emailed statement, adding,
“Commander is not presently on the White House campus while next steps are evaluated.”
(end paste)

[Biden’s dog Commander no longer at White House after biting incidents]


Nothing worse than an asshole dog,
than an asshole dog owner.