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| September 23, 2023

Video shows school employee hit 3-year-old nonverbal autistic child in head

The parents of a 3-year-old nonverbal autistic child released video that appears to show a school employee hitting their son in the head and then carrying him upside down by both ankles.

The 17-second video, which Taneshia Lindsay shared on her Facebook page, shows security footage from the hallway of Rosa Parks Early Learning Center in Dayton, Ohio on Aug. 21. She and the child’s father, Robert Tootle, accused administrators of downplaying the incident and failing to release the full video.

Lindsay said she was initially told by a school administrator that her son, Braylen, had been “swatted” by a school employee. But security video from inside the school painted a completely different picture, she said at a news conference Wednesday.

The employee has also since resigned after being placed on administrative leave, Interim Superintendent David Lawrence said.

In the short video, Braylen is seen running down a hallway. The school employee chases after the child and then appears to strike him in the head, causing him to fall, the video shows. The employee then appears to carry Braylen upside down by his ankles.

“When she [the principal] let us know, it wasn’t the full truth,” Lindsay said. “As you guys can see, it was way worse than that.”

Their attorney Micahel Wright said the school “lied to this family” and “kept them in the dark.”

“They were not being transparent and they have to be held accountable,” he said.

Lindsay said she had to email Dayton Public Schools three times before she received the short clip. She was given the video on Monday, three weeks after the incident.

More at the source; NBC News

Former Philadelphia Police officer sexually assaulted vulnerable women and girls in his police car, prosecutors say

Prosecutors shared disturbing new details Monday in the criminal case against a former Philadelphia Police officer, showing through videos, photos, and witness interviews how Patrick Heron strategically targeted and sexually assaulted vulnerable women and girls — often in the back of his police cruiser and while in uniform.

Heron, who retired from the force in 2019, was arrested last year and charged with indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, stalking, and witness intimidation after prosecutors said he posed as an active officer to lure girls, including some of his daughter’s friends. He would groom and coerce them into sending him intimate photos, officials said. In some cases, he touched them inappropriately.

After investigators searched Heron’s tech devices, they said they uncovered dozens of photos and videos showing that Heron’s predatory behavior spanned years and included dozens of young women and girls — many of whom were vulnerable and had run away, been arrested, or struggled with addiction.

In total, Heron, from Northeast Philadelphia, faces more than 200 counts of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, kidnapping, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault, child pornography, and related crimes.

During a hearing Monday in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, prosecutors shared a video that they said showed Heron encouraging a young woman to use heroin in the back of his cruiser.

“Finish that needle,” he told her. He then videotaped himself assaulting her while she lay unconscious in the back of his car, said Lyandra Retacco, chief of the Special Investigations Unit of the District Attorney’s Office.

In one case, Heron was responsible for driving a girl home from the hospital after she had run away, Retacco said. In another, he encountered a teen who had been arrested. Routinely, Heron would then give the girls his cell phone number and tell them to call him if they needed money or help.

Before forcing one girl to perform sex acts on him, Heron told her that, “It would help you in court to have a police officer on your side,” testified Sgt. Gerald Rocks, the investigator on the case.

Heron met many of his victims while on the force, Retacco said, and prosecutors say his crimes occurred over a roughly 17-year span, from 2005 through 2022. Investigators have identified 48 victims, though many of their identities remain unknown, Retacco said. There are likely more who haven’t come forward, she said.

“When a person chooses their victims so that they are vulnerable, then it can be difficult for them to make reports and it can be difficult for them to come forward,” she said.

Heron’s lawyer, Anthony F. List Jr., declined to comment Monday. He said nothing in Heron’s defense in court.

More at the source; Philadelphia Inquirer

Oakland has a PIRATE problem

You can’t make this shit up.

Drunk stripper gets frisky with cop in awkward traffic stop: video

Body camera footage captures the moment an Ohio stripper calls a police officer “handsome” and tells him to tase her because she likes it “kinky” after admitting she downed six shots of Patrón during a hit-and-run arrest.

Grace Spoonamore, 20, was behind the wheel of a Buick Enclave when she allegedly struck a Chevrolet Cruz at an intersection in Brunswick and then took off. An officer witnessed the accident, according to an incident report obtained by Fox News Digital.

Officer Dominick DeMedal pulled her over April 30 near a car dealership and noted she had bloodshot, watery eyes and reeked of alcohol, the police report alleges.

The car was registered to a man with felony warrants for strong-arm assault of a family member and a probation violation for cocaine possession.

After DeMedal handcuffs her, he asks if she has anything in her pockets. “I don’t know. You want to check me?” Spoonamore replied, giggling.

While Spoonamore, wearing a midriff-baring top and jeans, waits in the back of the police cruiser, she playfully dangles her leg outside the car.

DeMedal orders her to put her leg back in.

“Listen, handsome man,” she says coyly. “You feel some type of way because my leg ain’t in the car?”

“Get your foot in the car. Just stop!” an irritated DeMedal replied.

Spoonamore initially denied drinking, then later admitted in the footage to a second officer, Robert Dugan, that she had three double Patróns “with a lime.”

After telling the officers she’s a stripper who works at Hustler, DeMedal asks where the club is located.

“You know. Don’t play dumb with me. I ain’t that dumb b—-. Don’t play me like that,” she rants. “At least seven different officers want to report me as I f—ed up because I won’t sleep with them because I work there.”

More at the source, including video for you…ahem…curious types; Fox News

Helicopter Gets Wedged Under Highway Overpass

I can’t park here? Don’t tell me how to do my job!


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Ukrainian forces’ American spokes-tranny suspended for making obnoxious video toward U.S. legislator:


Balls o’ Steel award goes to this guy who shooed bear out of yard and only got swiped-at by the critter once:


‘Pirates ransacking a major US city’ was not on my FJB ’23 bingo card.

Also that mayor is a f**king moron, just like Joey Bribe’m.

retards be like.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

Wow, that 911 Operator was obviously hired from the bottom of the bucket, maybe got the job because of who she knows or is related to?


Yes, I praise the pilot for not punctuating one of his statements to her with “retard!”


The payout from the school system will be enough so the young’un will be able to go to a private school…and then some.

Popo showing a little too much “Brotherly Love” in Philly?

Whole new meaning of the term “Oakland Raiders”…Arrrr Matey!

Her saving grace will be doing more spooning. IDC SARC would “hit it and quit it!”

The driver is responsible for the load. And knowing route with clearances. Fifteen feet is a little low for an Interstate Overpass (most are seventeen or better). In Georgia the maximum, nonpermitted, load height is 13.5 IIRC. Oops… Dumbass.


Hey Bunny of the Gun. Ever seen these videos on Tube of Ewe? I’d have hated to be this guy’s Company Commander…


Yep, seen most of them. LMAO. Have driven under that bridge, waaaaay back yonder, albeit in a car. They’re several similar bridges in and around Macon, GA that are WITHOUT the warning/stop lights or camera to record the fun. And, yep, they’re owned by the RR and yep, the RR has told DOT/City Fathers to piss up a rope when it is suggested that the RR raise them up. Several widening projects have been put on hold or canceled due to pissing contests between the various entities. Not sure who is gonna win the one involving the reconstruction of the I-16 I-75 interchange there. The rail line has been there since the 1840s so….

I’ve had a Class A CDL for years and driven just about anything with wheels. My Ma Bell Bucket Truck had a clearance of 12.6, I knew the local area quite well, but still had a height stick to measure from ground up (and pole attachment height). Some of the techs that didn’t pay attention have torn off booms, smashed buckets, and destroyed drive thrus at fast food places by NOT PAYING attention to what their primary job is while operating Company Equipment. It was stated Company Policy that NO Company Vehicle, no matter what size, was to go to a drive thru window. Saw that “protected class” in action when a whyte dood scraped a little paint in a drive thru and got fired on the spot and a blaq dood only got a 2 day suspension when he completely destroyed a drive thru and did $20K worth of damage to the boom/turntable mech.


Locally here, a tree trimming company just lost their big boom truck, when the operator failed to lower the boom and bucket to the stowed position. Ironic to your story, he hit a RR bridge that every other truck since 1904, has been able to easily pass under.

A Proud Infidel®™

Had that been one of my Joes, I’d be looking at giving him a Statement of Charges, one of my Platoon Mates from Basic & AIT once got a No Pay Due for two months for stripping out the transfer case in a 5 Ton Truck!


Helicopter is loaded on a trailer with *oversize load* banner. You can see plainly it’s over width, over length and most likely over height.

Did nobody where he loaded out from not have a ladder, a man lift or a tape measure?

My son works for a large corporation that has Gulfstream, citations and the like. Some of the replacement parts prices are very much eye watering.

Somebody will have watering eyes when the checks for repairs or replacement come time to be written.


Worked for a few years for a local charter, flying Bombardiers and other high end private jets. Was perusing their supply room, and came across a simple screw that is used in myriad locations on the Global 6000. Less than a 1/2″ long, metric threads, Phillips drive, stainless steel…..$14 each.

A Proud Infidel®™

Well GEE WHIZ, more problems with homeless in Oakland, that alleged piece of paradise? Maybe that’s what happens when you “Defund the Police” and other shit that liberal wackos espouse? I’ve had a Class A CDL for over 20 years and have seen some real Rocket Surgeons “top off” in locations, but transporting a helicopter? I’m sure that will be at least a six-digit sum of money with that outfit looking for a new Driver! Oh yeah, and “Dat Po-Po” using his badge like that? If he isn’t connected enough to skate, Bubba, Thor and Company will have a ball with him in lockup, and IMO he deserves every bit of that misery and more!

AS TO homeless out on the water, here’s another video of it in CA, which IMO is what the left wants to inflict on the rest of the USA:

Homeless Population Looks To Floating Camps On Sacramento River – YouTube

Hack Stone

Send those Pirates to Tommy Lee Jones’ locker. Keelhauling is too good for those sea critters.