Leave no man behind. Unless you’re Joe Biden.

| September 6, 2023

Joe Biden awarding the Medal of Honor to Captain Larry Taylor

Anonymous directed our attention to yesterday’s Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House for former US Army Captain Larry Taylor. Tune in this Friday for a deep exploration of just what earned Captain Taylor the nation’s highest honor in my weekly Valor Friday bit.

At the ceremony, as the heroic captain wiped a tear from his eye in what is surely one of the most moving and proudest moments of his life, President Biden just does one of his trademark wandering off. He literally just left Captain Taylor standing there all alone. To the bewilderment of the scores of people in the room. Watch for yourself;

Biden, with his deep knowledge of military policy and procedure, said that when presented with the option to leave four men to die at the hands of a reinforced company of Vietcong, by “Army standards, he could have left the fight.”

We shouldn’t expect any more grace, dignity, or respect for an American hero from the guy who bungled the Afghanistan withdrawal and then constantly checked his watch after the dead servicemen were coming home.

The Gateway Pundit has an article on Biden’s performance yesterday.

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For anyone that knows, why does he wear armor branch insignia? Were Cobra pilots considered armor? I remember seeing pictures of pilots from the 60s wearing transportation branch insignia. Never before noticed armor branch insignia on a pilot.

Peter the Bubblehead

Why would a gunship be considered part of the Transportation Branch?


Well, his was used that way, once.


I don’t know if they were gunship pilots. But they were pilots


During Vietnam, I doubt a gunship pilot would have been a Transportation branch officer. Normally, such an officer would not be assigned to a combat arms position. Every gunship officer pilot I saw over there was wearing crossed rifles, crossed sabers, or the Armor branch insignia. Of course, many pilots were warrant officers and wore the warrant branch insignia.


I believe early-era pilots had a “real” branch and were then detailed to Aviation duties. It was later that there was a formal Aviation branch.


Aviation branch began in 1983.




After the AF split off in ’47, the Army didn’t have a single unified Aviation branch again until ’83… so everybody who could make an argument fly (no pun intended) about needing their own aircraft got them. Transportation had the lift aircraft. Gunships were originally “Airborne Rocket Artillery” so Artillery. Then Armor needed their own for CAS on the Fulda Gap. Etc., etc. Viet of Nam made it all interchangeable… then folk waited ’til ’83 to make it all one again. CPT Taylor got out when Armor still had helos.


P.S. Granted, the Army still had common aviation stuff (training, facilities, etc.) the AF didn’t take with ’em and still went on a as before providing aircraft and support to everybody, but people seconded to be fliers usual flew for their home branch then in some manner.


RGR! Thanks for the clarification. I knew he was legit, just wasn’t sure how the branches were being assigned.

The split between AAF and Army makes sense. I have some WWII insignia and now see pilots (Army) wearing them. Shinier now than the old brass that I have

E-4 Mafia 4 Life!

I was a Cavalry Scout (19D10D300, Armored Reconnaissance Specialist, Bradley Gunner) and wore the Armor Branch insignia and the Cavalry crossed sabers.
It depends on what unit you’re in.
On graduation from the US Army Armored Reconnaissance School I wore the Armor Branch insignia.
When I PCS’d into an Infantry Battalion, the Battalion Commander made us wear Armor Branch. And of course, Scouts in a non-Cavalry unit were always treated like the red-headed step children.
Finally I PCS’d into a Cavalry Squadron and we wore crossed sabers.


Back in this period, a pilot could be part of a number of branches, as there was no aviation branch as there is now. I was an infantry officer and was about to put in my papers to go to flight school. Had I done so, I would have remained an infantry branched officer as a helicopter pilot. My first company commander was a West Point commissioned officer who went to flight school and was a Huey pilot, he remained an infantry officer. Captain Taylor was most likely an Armor officer before he went to flight school. As a pilot, he remained an Armor officer.


That all makes sense. Thanks for the info.

Daisy Cutter

It’s obvious that Joe Biden does not want to be trapped with any question, even if he gives a non-answer to that question.

At some point, people have to realize that Joe is compromised – most likely because of the bribes he has taken, directly or indirectly – and therefore cannot effectively execute the office of the presidency.

This behavior of avoiding the press and questions is only a small indication.


Stupid but cunning, abysmally corrupt, and now angry senile.

And he has quite a few more opportunities to fornicate fido before January 2025.

Anna Puma

Sam ‘Fido’ Brinton is out of prison?

Army-Air Force Guy

He was frustrated that he couldn’t come up with some rambling lie to top CPT Taylor’s heroic actions.


It could also have to do with Joe Biden’s understanding of what it means to “be a man” derived from watching spaghetti westerns or showering with his daughter and, when in the presence of a real man, he had to leave the room before his diaper started overflowing.


Dude, ya got me about what all’s going on there. That’s just what happened.


If you ever wore our Nation’s uniform and still support this pathetic, embarrassing excuse for a CinC, you are betraying your oath and every other person who ever wore the uniform.

A Terminal Lance Coolie


Now, its been almost 20 years since I swore my oath, but, the last I checked, the enlisted man’s oath says to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all threats, foreign and domestic.”

Does an old, senile man at the “helm” of a corrupt political party count as a domestic threat? Asking for a friend…


I don’t recall hearing about recinding that oath when I got out.

Tell your friend the oath probably still stands.


Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say, What should be the reward of such sacrifices? Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship, and plow, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom–go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen! — Samuel Adams, Address to the Continental Congress (01AUG76), link abridged.

In our course, the river of history is of different composition but the contemptuous creatures living on the detritus of our Forefathers’ fortitude-forged Freedoms furnished to us are of the same ilk that has feasted on the Natural Rights of Man since words were pressed into clay.

We have fed these eels and leaches by forsaking our duty to rebel against tyranny.

We allow them their continued success in erosions of Independence’s promise.

The crown and Her satanic systems of bastardized banks and perverted law will fall eventually, and thank God Almighty for that.

While we mark time before the hearts of man yearn once more to be free:


Make George Proud Again.jpg

He’s absolutely a domestic threat, no different than a drunk driver being a threat.


Worthless fuck makes me want to go toss my ribbon rack over the White House fence, but I’m not going anywhere near that cesspool we call a capitol city. Besides, Lurch Kerry already cheapened that. I guess I could send them Fedex.


Careful about any fence in/ around DC. They will consider anything tossed over or anybody leaning against worthy of enhanced domestic terrorism, and they will have to pipe sunshine to you.

Where is our resident orange man bad cheerleader. Does he support this behavior?


Yes, Tario was just give 22 years in the federal penitentiary, and he wasn’t even present in DC during the Jan. 6 unarmed “insurrection.” In DC, a jury will not only indict a ham sandwich, they will convict one as well.


If the four people were Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Antony Blinken and Rachael Levine I would leave them all behind and never look back.


The whole time saying ” sucks to be you” or ” sorry about your luck”.

Anna Puma

Make them do the Mogadishu Mile.

Prior Service

I once had the opportunity to attend an MoH ceremony in the WH. I was there as the current CDR of the unit the decreased recipient was from during Korea. Much as I despised O’bolo, to his credit he presided over an exceptional ceremony and did/said all the right things. I kept my flipped bird—in dress blues—down below seat level. This current guy couldn’t pull off a cake presentation and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

Green Thumb

He was probably hungry.

It was lunch time.

Senior citizens don’t like missing that shit.


I did some work at an old folks home, reminded me of livestock lining up in the chute.

Unbelievably sad to see those that have given all their years reduced to automatons.

Tears and rage, and a profound fear we all go that way haunt me still.


And have you noticed how he often fails to return the salutes of Air Force One and Marine One personnel?


I’ve noticed that. Seems that most times he returns a salute is when an AF officer or Jill is right there to remind him of what his duties are.


FJB doesn’t give the 1st, 2nd or 3rd crap about anybody but beau, and his corvette.

I don’t recall hearing about him going to Ohio after the train derailment. Correct me if I’m wrong.

He certainly is a piece of work.

Prior Service

I’d salute the position. But I wouldn’t want my salute returned.


Remember when Trump stopped to grab the Marines cap that had blown off? Tried to put it back on him, but apparently the wind had other ideas, or Trump couldn’t place it correctly. Either way, he was looking out for this one marine.

I’m sure he had a small conversation with him that would be interesting to have heard.

I’m sure that Marine will never forget.


Just that, for what it shows, makes me want to vote for Trump.


That small act of kindness, or whatever you want to call it, speaks volumes of Trump’s character.


The absolutely most worthless, brain-dead, bought-and-paid-for piece of shit to ever occupy the oval office. 81 million voters should be hanging their heads in shame, if they exist. To paraphrase the crazy airplane lady, “those motherfuckers aren’t real”. Obama has his hand shoulder-deep up Biden’s ass making his mouth move. I’m proud of my country, but I’m embarrassed by and ashamed of our “president”.


“Voters”. LOL.


There may have been 81 mil votes that doesn’t mean there were that many live legal Biden voters.


BZ Captain Taylor! Well done! Glad that you finally received the recognition that you deserve for your actions in combat.

As for Brandon: UNSAT. I can’t believe how rude and disrespectful Brandon was at this hallowed ceremony.

Can you imagine what was going through Captain Taylor’s mind when Brandon just turned his back on him, walked off smirking and then left the room without a word?

Captain Taylor must have been APPALLED.


Not surprising. I can’t get mad at Biden for losing his mind. The millions who voted for him though…that’s different.



  1. High respect, as that shown for special merit; recognition or esteem.
  2. Great privilege.
  3. Good name; reputation.

One man has one ample. One has three not.

The lacking One should have two removed.






Because Kamala.



Another Worthless Douchebag…


Nope. A douchebag actually serves a purpose. Kamala’s only redeeming skill is oral support.


We should go back to the President of the Senate being the non-select by the Electoral College, and if differences separate them in sufficient magnitude they can Burr/Hamilton that shit out on pay-per-view.

I’d fork over good money to see these assholes ventilate each other with a fucking flintlock.


Just say when and where, I’ll bring the beer.


Oh drat. Someone loaded both pistols with buckshot. Good help is -so- hard to find….






Time To Go…


This Is Your Brain On Drugs….


Ninja-I want to agree wholeheartedly but I am afraid of what will come next. I’ve made the prediction before-next summer, I’d not sooner, he’ll have … an event … Kamala will be sworn in and she will name Michelle Obama as VP. That will be the winning ticket because “they” believe they can control Kamala for 8 years, to be followed by Michelle for 8. If they can’t control Kamala sufficiently, she’ll be Clintoned or sufficiently scandaled so she can be removed. By then Newsome or some other equally loathsome toadie, Buttigeig? will be installed as VP. If the country lasts that long. I literally pray I am wrong but my only hope is not to be alive for o see it all come to fruition.

Like others I mostly blame the libtard voters like those who think this is anything other than a limo-liberal virtuous stunt and are too blind to see-or care-about the staggering implicit insult… https://wgntv.com/news/north-suburbs/highland-park-hosting-poverty-simulation-event/amp/



Everything…EVERYTHING you wrote is 100% SPOT ON..


OAM, you should run for Office.

We need more wise, intelligent, commom sense folks such as yourself.

We need more folks as yourself who LOVE our Country.

A Salute To Our Very Own Gold Star Mom.

IMHO, our “Commander In Chief” has insulted OAM and her Son.

Thank You so much. OAM, for sharing. You are indeed a breath of fresh air.

Looking forward in reading your next post. Perhaps your prediction about Kamala and Michelle?

Please? 🙏

24065 (1).jpeg

Thanks Ninja but I’d have to self medicate HARD to write that one out. Also, I wouldn’t need campaign contributions but I would need bail. Lots.


OAM, you did get into my head and read my mind while you were in there. Hope you didn’t take too many notes to use for future posts. Or possibly, you have paid attention to my comments (not just the flirty ones where I declare the undying admiration and respect I have for you) and see that I have written pretty much the exact same thing on several occasions. Could even be “Great Minds Think Alike”? Putting “Big Mike” in would give us the 1st (ht2 CW (WOT) & MD 61 (HOT) ) blaq man prezzy. Who knows, “Big Mike” may even be the true “Big Guy”? Odd how the JEF was Church Mouse poor, but has accumulated a vast fortune and prime real estate since ’16.

The March to “…fundamentally change the face of America” was interrupted by The Bad Orange Man in ’16 when it was supposed to be “her turn”. The shenanigans that have gone on since then was not to control Orange Man, but to control We, The People…Orange Man was just in the way. The Sewer Dwelling Uniparty is alive, well, and hell bent on the destruction of these States United. We have seen the last truly fair (s)election, on a National Level, and it happened in 2016. “They” have smelled the smoke, “They” know what works and what doesn’t work. Truly Patriotic, Constitution Loving Americans are spread out all over the Countryside and are being watched very closely by our domestic overlords.

These thoughts/comments are mine alone and are in no way to be construed as the opinions of Admin/Editors of this site. I in no way advocate an unlawful change or violence against a legally elected official or government. YMMV



KoB – these thoughts and comments may be yours and not necessarily reflective of the Admin/Editors here, but from where I sit, they are not far from a portion of the rank and file. As always, your words are appreciated


His Blessing be upon you, Mi’Lady. My exercise program is going well…

comment image


Truly Patriotic, Constitution Loving Americans are spread out all over the Countryside and are being watched very closely by our domestic overlords.

I’m of the inclination they can watch all they’d like. Touching however will cost them.

And I ain’t talking no lot lizard type fees here…

Speaking of, I have a meme for you: (don’t know iffy I’d sent it b’fore but “at this point, what difference does it make?”)

For KoB.png

A Repeat What He Did A Year Ago.

Disrepect Our Troops (Unless It’s Beau Biden…🤮


Have this bad, bad feeling that he was wearing an earpiece…and that someone directed him to leave…

Possibly The White House.

So obvious that his own Party does not want him as the 2024 Democrat nominee.

Possible behind the scene theater (his own Party) to make Ole Brandon Boy look bad
i.e. senile, stupid to the American people without taking responsibility that they put him in office in the first place.

The Liberal news media is starting to turn away as well.

Possible set up that is being stretched out before 2024, because Dems know Kamala is a walking time bomb as well…and don’t want her in office.

All Games. Political.

And We, The People Are Suffering And Are Screwed Because The Games Dems Are Playing..


So True…


Biden should be impeached and those controlling him brought up on elder abuse. Yes, that even includes Dr. Jill as well. How much are they paying her to to keep silent, to go along with the obvious mental impairment.


I’m thinking maybe Jill is the “big guy”, not Joe.


Maybe Jill has taken over those accounts where the “Big Guy” gets his 10% of everything?


Rumors are flying that “44” was a “Leave no man’s behind” sort.


Still waiting for Impeachment or invoking the 25th….

Have this bad, bad feeling it ain’t gonna happen.

We The People Are Getting Screwed…


The White House AND Ole Brandon Boy owe CPT Taylor a HUGE apology.

Sadly, we all know that ain’t gonna happen…



-Wednesday Addams


Biden always has been, and always will be a piece of shit. He just showed it again with this gentleman and true hero.






Bite-Me wandered off the set of MSNBC. Rule is the guest remains seated until the commercial break.
Biden walks off set before MSNBC host is finished talking: ‘The Biden presidency in one clip’ – YouTube


The Leader Of The Free World…


Not Good. Not Good At All…


Joe couldn’t lead a turd down the bowl.


Stolen. Thanks.

Skivvy Stacker

I didn’t make an exact prediction, but when this was announced on TAH the other day this is what I said;
“And Cotton Eye Joe will probably say;
‘Well, you know, my son Biden was killed in Vietnam, and he had the Medal of Congress….and was dear and had the oil cancer…after his mother was killed by a drunk truck. But we’re not here to remember me…’ ”
with a few more following comments.
So, I have to ask; was a really so far from wrong?


Found this on a news feed…

“While many have reacted with fury, some have speculated that the commander-in-chief was trying to give the veteran the spotlight, leading to an awkward moment where Taylor was left alone on stage.”

IMHO, those that speculate that may be in denial that Biden has cognitive problems….

So obvious.


Those that speculate that are more often than not paid very well to spin the facts and create a smokescreen of bullshit. They’re not in denial, they’re lying.


LC and Commissar…

We know you both are out there and may be reading this.

We also know you both don’t care for Ole Brandon Boy as well.

Without bringing up or addressing DJT (please, lets leave him out of this post as well as the upcoming 2024 election) what do you both think of what Biden did to CPT Taylor?

Am not trolling. We are sincerely interested in your perspectives on what took place yesterday. We feel you both may be thinking the same as the rest of us…that what Biden did was despicable to CPT Taylor, his Family and his service to our Country.

Thank You Both.


They won’t be able to respond without using the words “But Trump”.



We are going to give LC and Commissar the benefit of the doubt.

We are really interested on their perspectives on yesterday’s incident…and believe they will give their assessment without bringing up DJT.

We are not trolling or trying to instigate a food fight. LC and Commissar may not always agree on what others comment on TAH and visa versa, but we feel there may a unity of this situation, i.e. what Biden did was a dishonor to CPT Taylor and that Biden is mentally impaired and not fit to serve as POTUS…

Thank You, again, for your feedback, SFC D! As always, You Rock…👍😉😎


I, too am legitimately curious. And I don’t rock, I’m that guy in the background enabling others to rock. But thank you!


Kind of like the background music in a movie.


Commissar voted for Trump twice. He straight up said he didn’t support Biden or Clinton and thought they were both terrible.


So commisar voted for Trump twice but has nothing good to say about him.

Can you imagine how he talks about people he doesn’t like?


Sadly, there are probably around 50 million or so people that will still vote for this asshat.

I’m sorry, but at the end of the day I have almost nothing in common with the general population of places like Portland and San Francisco. This is what it looks like when their guys run the country.


Meant to say liberty brand safe owners.

Forest Bondurant

Good thing I have a safe that will open by using the combination I set, not the company.


At least he didn’t check his watch…


For the benefit of those interested, CPT Taylor rescued a Long Range Recon Team. That is why there was only four of them. LRRP teams normally consisted of six men. But it was SOP to position a smaller team of three or four men as a radio relay team to be able to communicate with the team “in the hole,” the Ranger box (area of operation). Once discovered by the enemy, such recon teams have to be extracted as soon as possible, since they only have sufficient ammo and fire power sustain contact with a larger enemy force for 20 to 30 minutes. These four lrrp’s would have likely been killed or captured if Taylor hadn’t done what he did.


rgr769 – Thank you for this. I admit to holding a large share of the blame for hijacking this thread about the long overdue honor and reverence this hero deserves.

CPT Taylor, his family, friends and all those with whom he served have my sincere, unreserved apology. In our collective knee-jerk response to the dishonor with which you, and by extension all those who have worn the uniform, we have taken our eyes off what actually mattered in that moment. I look forward to learning more about you, that day and those who were saved because of your refusal to leave no man behind.

Perhaps we will see, in an upcoming Valor Friday?, a full, detailed essay on your actions that fateful day. BZ good sir, BZ indeed.

Sir, your actions are the stuff of legend, the kind of selfless care and concern for your brothers in arms that epitomize service. This recognition is long past due.


Yes, CPT Taylor’s heroism is extraordinary. I am unaware of any other incident where a Cobra gunship pilot landed in the middle of active combat to rescue soldiers on the ground and take them out on the skids and rocket pods. When he landed, his aircraft was out of ammo and extremely low on fuel. This man flew over 2000 combat missions during his Vietnam tours. His citation is available online and should be published in one of our future Valor Friday pages.



comment image

Anna Puma

Classless jerk, that is Joey in two words. Wonder if he talked about Beau? Probably.


So the Corps is shitting on itself…

Lemme guess, USMC’s recruiting numbers are about to join my formerly-beloved Army’s numbers.

Go broke, get woke, ultimately croak (stolen from Rageaholic)

These fucking two shouldn’t be running a fucking chow hall, let alone a wholeass Infantry Battalion:


She dumbz!


And female infantry, quota promotion

Green Thumb

That’s an understatement. Love the run on explanation (apology) that really was incoherent and made zero sense.

Probably will not see her in the field that much….and good luck saying anything about it.


But she has medals on her chest, if that counts as anything.


I had a CSM 2002-2004 that was her spiritual twin. And just about as useful.



Came across this article this morning and didn’t know where to put it. About 20 minutes, very informative for me, a non law background guy.

Any lawyers or legal background folks here? Is commentor making sense or just wishful thinking. He seems to know what he’s talking about, or just saying it fast enough to baffle with BS.


Sorry, I see I forgot to add that it’s about Atlanta DA Fanni and her “case”.

There appears to be some worry floating around.