Hate Speech Reference Guide for the Perpetually Outraged

| June 14, 2023

“…abridging the freedom of speech…”

Attempts to label language use as a hate crime has been around for years in America. Efforts to condemn symbolic acts of violence such as flag or cross burnings has expanded over the years to include new efforts to ban so called hate speech.

Today any public statements against, say, rampant criminal activity or grooming school children is immediately labeled hate speech. The Southern Poverty Law Center routinely includes pro-family groups in its list of “hate” groups based solely on their opposition to abortion.

In order to help military leadership navigate these explosive issues, a group has kindly listed a mere 300 words, gestures, and symbols of white supremacy, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs, antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, religious discrimination, anti-woman activity, and gender bias. To name but a few.

Directory of 300 hate symbols a new tool for identifying extremism

By Nikki Wentling

An anti-extremism nonprofit launched an online directory of more than 300 hate symbols Tuesday that it hopes military leaders will use to stop the infiltration of extremist beliefs among their own ranks.

Hand signals, online memes, tattoos, patches, flags, graffiti and pins are among the items the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism catalogued in its database of symbols used by extremists around the world to identify one another and spread ideologies.

The group’s leaders believe it’s the most comprehensive directory of its kind and can be a resource for police, technology companies, policymakers and journalists to identify and combat hate and extremism.

The organization’s co-founder, Wendy Via, noted obvious applications for the U.S. military…

Military Times

The list is not finite, but will be constantly updated with new examples of speech crime. You will be tested and found guilty for the slightest infraction of the arbitrary list. There is no appeal or redemption.

I for one am happy the Military Times editors saw fit to publish this timely and informative article. It’s right up there with the Okinawa drag queen’s angst over changed performance venues.

Global Project Against Hate and Extremism

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Think the SPLC/ADL will be the leading contributors to “the list”?


Those moms who don’t want their kids “probed” ain’t gonna get villified all by themselves…
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Kinda feel like attaining the ‘problematic list’ from SPLC, either by hook or crook, to confirm my friends ‘being on the right side of history Liberty’.

I always wonder given the billions of dollars SPLC has, much of it overseas in countries with tight banking disclosure laws, how much of it comes back to the USSA for them to have something to report on…?

Corruption is an affront to God, limited by His hand and grace.

thought police.jpg
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Knoke Knoke!


I’d welcome them in… warmly

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Build a man a fire and he’s warm for the night. Light a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life!🤣 🔥


Everything left/libtards don’t like or understand is “racist”?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

It’s ok to burn the American flag but a person burned one of the LSMFTBQUTHA flags and is being charged for a hate crime


Yes; left/libtards like LGBTQRTSUVWXZ and not “AmeriKKKa,” you know.


Well, we will see with these poor middle schoolers having an “unpopular” opinion and ‘mostly peacefully’ removal of kink virtue signaling laid ‘fore their minor eyes:


The age group that finds accusation of being “gay” a fate worse than death and left/libtards expect them to celebrate LGBT-o-rama? What are left/libtards smoking?

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What are they smoking? Don’t ask, you don’t want to get near it.

Whatever it is, they’ll want to legalize it.


Ladies and Gents:

Meet Wendy Via:


“Wendy Via is an expert in the intersection of technology and far-right extremism and the effect on democracy as well as in achieving change and influencing narratives and actions around some of the most pressing civil and human rights issues of our time, including far-right extremism, systemic racism, economic inequality, immigration, criminal justice reform, and LGBTQ+ rights. For the last two decades, she has successfully directed high-impact philanthropy initiatives, exposed hate and extremism in institutional systems, designed influential policy and advocacy campaigns, leveraged research, and highlighted storytelling to educate the public and create lasting change.”

“In 2020, Via cofounded the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism to address the transnational nature of hate and far-right extremism and how these movements harm flourishing and diverse democracies. She serves on the core committee of the Christchurch Call Advisory Network, founded by the governments of France and New Zealand, which seeks to stop the proliferation of online violent extremism and terrorism, and is the author of numerous reports on transnational extremism. She regularly provides expert advice to members of Congress, including testimony to the January 6 select committee and the Canadian Parliament, and other intragovernmental bodies, is regularly interviewed by leading media outlets, and serves as advisor to various tech companies.”


“Prior to co-founding GPAHE, Wendy was the Chief Communications and Development Officer at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where she led numerous teams. She also helped launch Justice for Migrant Women, dedicated to ensuring that migrant women can live and work with dignity and free from violence, and worked with Jeremiah Program, dedicated to disrupting generational poverty for single moms and their children. She holds a BA in Humanities from Auburn University, Montgomery.”


Another perpetually outraged white woman. It’s the new klan.


Is it just me, or does anybody else see an old dried-up see-you-next-tuesday in that picture?
She looks like she’s catching a whiff of a nasty clam with that scrunched-up nose. Not a more worthless human being can be found.
Anything from that organization can be immediately be 86-ed.


Ku Klux Karen.


One problem with their definition is that they label me as “fat-right” because I want responsible fiscal spending from our government. Among some other things that were never before “FAR- right” ideas. Anything that is opposite of their ideologies labeled as far-right.


The cray-cray is strong in that one …


If it includes antisemitism and anti-Muslim movements, will it also include pro-Muslim movements which, as a basic tenet, are antisemitic?
I didn’t think so.


They wouldn’t dare say anything against the radical islamists or Isis. They are afraid of of receiving a fatwa and having their heads removed.


I was afraid of that too during my times in the ME. It led to my personal rule to never be taken prisoner. I would’ve been swinging my EMPTY M4 like a baseball bat till they had to kill me.

Mine was a different reason. F ISIS


The United States of the Offended.


Being offended isn’t a real thing — it’s a tool used by the weak, the unintelligent and the lazy to gain leverage in a losing argument or situation.

If people would collectively tell the perpetually butthurt to STFU and get on with their lives a lot of headaches would be avoided.


You perfectly described Herr Kommissar, and laid out how to handle him perfectly. Nice job!!!

USMC Steve

Nah. We been telling that boob to shut up for years and he just gets more shrill.


This just in today… Experts warn about far-left tranny extremist (yes, “Trantifa”) violence out there:

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Not a very useful list. They left out the black hate groups that are attacking Jews in New York on a daily basis.



Don’t forget the folk going after Asians, too.


They are already making death and bomb threats.


This was intended to refer to the trantifas that are calling in bomb threats to Target stores.


Also nothing on Islamic hate groups either, which is really weird given the fact that they murdered thousands of people in the US. It’s almost like the Orlando shooting and the San Bernardino shooting and 9/11 never even happened. Or Fort Hood or wherever just about everywhere.

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Commissioner Wretched

Meanwhile, north of the border in Canada, a teacher lambasted a young Muslim child for not participating in a “Pride” month event.



Go ahead and stir that pot. Can’t help but wonder what they will cook up.



I have to say the audio is spectacular.


It WOULD be funny. I’d imagine that the father of that child may decide to “discuss” this with the school.


Methinks this may not be holding up much longer:
comment image

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Let me just remind everyone what we served for in the military.  😝  /s


No, not butthurt! /sarc
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I didn’t see BLM on the list



— No mention of Antifa

— No mention of BLM

— The Bonnie Blue Flag is listed!!!! Whaaaaa?

— The Confederate battle flag uses the “St. James Cross”??? [no, it’s the St. Andrew’s Cross]

— The Iron Cross is no longer used by Germany [tell that to the Bundeswehr]

— etc., etc., etc., [channeling Yul Brynner as HM King Mongkut in “The King and I”.]

Well, at least it is okay to display the Confederate First National flag. I have it in my office and no one has ever noticed.

Bonnie Blue Flag.png
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Who are these ignorant libtards?