Virginia Military Institute DEI Head Quits

| June 5, 2023

Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive VMI Cadets

VMI’s lurch to woke has been reported here in the past. All has not gone well there since then.

VMI Superintendent resigns after losing the confidence of Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam over allegations of racism

VMI Alum Defy Woke Policy

Military college’s chief of diversity quits amid debate over DEI

By Ben Finley

The chief diversity officer of the nation’s oldest state-supported military college, Virginia Military Institute, has turned in her resignation amid a debate among alumni over the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Jamica Love took on the new role in July 2021 — a month after a state-sanctioned report found VMI failed to address institutional racism and sexism and must be held accountable for making changes.

Love’s resignation was announced Thursday by VMI’s first Black superintendent, retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Cedric T. Wins, and was first reported by The Washington Post.

Love, who is the only Black woman to report to VMI’s superintendent, declined to comment in an email to The Associated Press Friday.

Military Times

I don’t suppose the precipitous 25% decline in student admissions since going woke had anything to do with the shake-up.

Then there’s this:

Pentagon disbands DEI unit after chief accused of ‘racism’ against Whites, injects agenda deeper into agency
DEI specialists will further entrenched to push their agenda in every aspect of the Pentagon’s schools, servicing thousands of children
By Hannah Grossman | Fox News
Fox News

Once is an anomaly. Twice is a trend, and Navy just pulled Gay Pride bunting from social media for a three-pete. Is this the beginning of a sea change?

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Yeah, DEI is what our nation’s military needs to ensure the defense of the nation…said no Patriot ever.


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No permanent change until the people at the top pushing this crap are removed.


I never thought a chick with a dick on a beer can would have been the tipping point to start the change, if that is what is happening.

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No telling if the debacle that Bud Light and its woke marketing manager created set the precedent, but I think a lot of us are tired of both the DEI and LBGTQIA+ nonsense being forced down our throats.

The average American, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or other attributes, wants to be fairly and honestly treated. Students should seek to learn all they can and strive for good grades, employees should want wages commensurate with their job position while performing their duties to the best of their abilities, and Service Members should want to selflessly serve while receiving adequate training with good leadership and potential to advance in both rank and position.

My problem with DEI is that it promotes the selection of people based on their attributes rather than their abilities and qualifications. It, like the LBGT movement, creates a tiered system that is contrary to fairness and equality (not to be confused with “equity”). As a straight White male, I’m admittedly biased, because neither DEI nor LBGT activism is advantageous to me, but the thing is, I don’t expect to be rewarded based on race or sexual orientation. If a minority or genderqueer type is better qualified for a position, they should get it. If I have the better qualifications, I should get it.

The military instilled a sort of color-blindness in me. I suspect that most other Veterans can identify with the fact that it’s not who you served with, it’s who you served with. Black, Hispanic, gay, straight, whatever, those men and women we had the honor of serving alongside usually earned our respect and admiration. With that stated, we often also have experiences of self-serving individuals who made their way into positions of authority based not on merit or qualifications, but because “they” were what was “needed” at the time.


Testify, fm2176. Nailed it! I’d venture to say that at least 96.69% of us feel the same and experienced the same.

White Americans have done more to promote the betterment of ALL races on this Blue Orb than any other group in history. Yes, there have been bumps in the road and mistakes were made, however, what would this world look like if we hadn’t been here? I’ve yet to read documented evidence of any great past African Civilization that was found. Did hear about a movie that was made on that subject.

“The Institute will be heard from today.” Strange how history does repeat itself.


While I agree with you 100%, in theory and on principle, appearances still matter.

I remember walking through the food court (can’t recall if it was the Salmon Run Mall in Watertown or the Carousel Mall in Syracuse) while stationed at Drum, and one of the restaurants had an obvious transvestite with garish makeup offering free samples….

Now, I don’t give a damn what consenting adults do in their own time – but the impact of this person bringing that aspect to his job, being the face of that business, was the opposite of its intent.

I don’t know if it was the transvestite aspect or the whorish level of makeup, but it was the opposite of appetizing and all it did was make me want to never touch their food.

That doesn’t mean this individual was a bad person or even that we could never be friends, and I’m sure the food was perfectly fine – but there’s a magic of association and I wanted nothing to do with any food he may have touched.


For all the “woke” rhetoric, it’s just “Hey, little kid, want some candy?”
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VMI enrollment being down does not have a monolithic cause. School is getting a lot of bad press, and there are a lot fewer college students. Work ethic among kids seems to have declined some.


Interest in the military has taken a nosedive since the Afghanistan debacle and with the war on masculinity and gender wokeism why join. The military has a new found reputation as incompetent and political, it presently has little to offer anyone but those with little options. The rainbow bullets of last years Marine Corps pride campaign definitely changed my opinion of my service. I know many young men have decided that the military isn’t very tough or challenging anymore and they might as well get on with their lives.


We all know DEI is code for quotas based on skin color/race/gender instead of merit and hard work.
I’m all for giving anybody the opportunity to succeed, but this “Equitable Outcomes” is bullshit.


I’ll tack this story on here, since it’s DEI, even if not military focused.

Also, speaking of sea changes here, one can hope – here’s an article in The Atlantic about the DEI ‘industry’. It’s paywalled, but this should show it:

Forest Bondurant

VMI can shutter its doors for all I care. Fuck em for going woke.


My roommate at IOBC was a VMI grad. He was an arrogant prick. He was apparently a big cheese during his senior year. So, he still thought he was something on a stick. Fortunately, his Ranger class was the one just before mine, so I didn’t see him anymore after the 5.5 weeks of IOBC for Regular Army officers.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Hopefully people have woke up after seeing what the woke peeps are doing to the country

A Proud Infidel®™

I saw some results of DEI before i retired, and they often were mediocre at best Officers and NCOs who were obviously promoted and/or assigned simply because of their ethnicity and/or gender.

Just An Old Dog

I’m betting DEI Billets are just like the SACO/ Building and Grounds and Career Planner Billets of old. Somewhere to put a useless, incompetent fuck that you want to keep out of sight and prevent from fucking up an important task.

A Proud Infidel®™

Like we did on AD with putting certain people on Gym or Library Duty? I’ve seen some DEI quotas get put in Command Slots and it sent units down the shitpipes in no time!


Not racism when Democrats do it! /sarc


DEI is an IED that, if not stopped, will cause our freedoms to DIE.


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Good bye. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.


Off topic. Marine SgtMaj ruins an exemplary career. One aw shit erases a thousand atta boys.
Marine Sgt. Maj. Beth Ellen Abbott arrested in DUI crash that seriously injured 2 teens: police (

A Proud Infidel®™

That’s a really cute “OH SHIT!!!” look in her eyes in the mugshot!


Zero sympathy, given the tendency of SgtMajs to hammer the tits of junior Marines who get a DUI. She knew the potential consequences before she got behind the wheel. They should skip the NJP and go straight to a court martial – reduction in rank and shown the door. She’s probably over 20 anyway and will just quietly retire.


It would appear that a couple of young people are going to be sharing the soon-to-be retired SGT MAJ’s pension.

Old tanker

Sounds like the trash took itself out. Well done.