VMI Superintendent resigns after losing the confidence of Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam over allegations of racism

| October 26, 2020

GEN J.H. Binford Peay III

Losing the confidence of a guy who supports the medical murder of newborn humans, repeatedly wore blackface or a Klan robe (he still can’t remember which), and who will happily dance a jig for you like he did when dressed in blackface as Michael Jackson really has got to take the sting out of resigning.

General Peay (US Army Ret) has been the Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute for 17 years. After accusations of “ongoing structural racism” at the school, General Peay has resigned as Superintendent as the Virginia state Democratic Governor “Coonman” Northam has called for an investigation. This is especially ironic as Northam was a VMI student, which is where he was known by his Coonman nickname.

This comes a week after state officials ordered an outside investigation into the Virginia Military Institute in response to a report by The Washington Post that described Black cadets and alumni facing “relentless racism.”

Northam, a Democrat, co-wrote a letter with other state officials and lawmakers to the state-supported school’s Board of Visitors expressing “deep concerns about the clear and appalling culture of ongoing structural racism” at VMI. The letter said the state will fund an independent probe into the school’s culture, policies, practices, and equity in disciplinary procedures, the Post reported.

In addition to Northam, who is a VMI graduate, co-signers of the letter included Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, Attorney General Mark Herring, and top Democratic legislative leaders.

You’ll recall that Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was credibly accused by two women of rape in the early-2000’s. You’ll also recall that VA Attorney General Mark Herring also spent some time in blackface in his younger days. Having your leadership and character called into question by these three is like trusting Hunter Biden to not be an enormous fuck up.

Thanks to KoB for the story tip. Source; Fox News

If you’re curious about what the accusations of “structural racism” are at the school, the impeccable and unimpeachable journalistic integrity of the Washington Post seems to be the source of all this.

As you read the article, you’ll probably wonder about the political affiliation of the professor who seems to have such fond memories of KKK parties. E. Susan Kellogg previously served (for a whopping 10 months) as a political appointee of a Maryland Democratic governor. Her Twitter account shows that she implored Coonman himself not to resign (unsurprising for someone with sunny recollections of racist gatherings).

She also appears to like to eat the onion, which is when someone (in this case a person who has taught college for 50 years) doesn’t get that an article on theonion.com is obvious satire;

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And there it is.

“…and equity in disciplinary procedures…”


I don’t recall any unrelenting racism when I worked there but who knows, maybe under the leadership of the new Guv’ things have changed.


Is wearing blackface and/or sexually assaulting someone a requirement for running for office in VA as a (D)?

Combat Historian

I don’t think Racist Ralphie wore the blackface; I think he was the one wearing the klan hood…


You are correct. Ralphie didn’t wear glasses then, and still doesn’t. The student in blackface is wearing glasses.


Welp, I’m sure that the ninja family is stewing over this one too. They are stuck in the PDRofVA for a time still. If you really want to get your Blood Pressure up and/or read some certainly idiotic or historically inaccurate statements read the WaPo article…and some of the comments.

If all else fails in the destruction of something, just scream RAAAYYYYCCIIISSSIIM. Being perceived as a racist is worse than being a supporter of murdering babies, isn’t it? What about if you believe in murdering babies AND have a history of racist behavior? Oh, my bad…if you have a (D) in your political resume`, you can have both.

Here’s a more balanced article about VMI that was written by/for a Black Alumni.



Coonman is a disgrace. The first time l ever saw him on TV, the first word that came to mind is doofus. His wife was sitting next to him; it was obvious who was driving the boat.

Green Thumb



Northam must found out Peay is a Republican.

Combat Historian

I was still assigned to CENTCOM when GEN Peay assumed command from Gen Hoare in 1994. I remembered attending the change of command ceremony at the MacDill AFB hangar, and served for about a month under GEN Peay before my CENTCOM tour ended. I personally think GEN Peay is better off leaving VMI at this time than to have to endure serving under this bunch of SJW proggy clowns currently running that state into the ground…

E4 Mafia '83-'87

The General is the first domino. VMI, as we have known it, will cease to exist. If the progs continue to hold power in ‘Old Virginia’, they will dismantle that school brick by brick.

Forrest Bondurant

If they don’t dismantle it brick by brick, they’ll change the culture of the school and make it a liberal bastion of thought where people like Spencer Rapone (or Commissar) would be greeted with open arms.


it was a hit job orchestrated by dems on the state house/gov because peay didn’t remove the confederate statues and dig up the heroes buried on campus. they were furious and vowed to get him.

Mustang Major

Totally agree.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I concur!


I have a nephew, who is black, that attends VMI. The only complaint he has is over the stupid covid rules. The real issue here is they do not like the confederate monuments and history so they are screaming “IT’S RACISS!” until they get rid of all of it. As a side note, the Governor has got the legislature to expand his powers during a declared emergency to fine and jail, at his discretion, anyone who doesn’t follow his royal decrees. He has also declared that “Racism” is now a state emergency and we will be under his thumb until he decides different.


IMO its a political hit job. I was surprised that the General had been Superintendent for 17 years. When I looked at his Bio I realized he was 80 years young.

With 35 years active duty, another 17 as Supe, he deserves a peaceful retirement.

Where are our cannon cockers. He commissioned in Field Artillery

5th/77th FA

Oh we here USAFRetired, see my comments under KoB. Gotta agree with what Cowpill wrote, 100%. And yeah, we have been following the destruction of American History for decades. Yes, Southern Confederates considered themselves Americans in every sense of the word, and even stricter Constitutionalists than other people in other areas. Many forget, or do not know, that the New England States had threaten to secede before. That is one thing that brought on that whole Compromise of 1820. Before the WBTS America was considered more of “A United States of Americans” v “The United States of America.” Our neighbor to the South is officially known as The United States of Mexico in many references. But again, I digress. Many people’s loyalties at the time were a lot more toward their State v the Country. General Peay is as fine an officer that ever wore the uniform of this Country, and just as millions before and after swore an oath to defend the Constitution of THE United States of America. At 80 years of age and the retirement pay of a 4 star, he was NOT working to keep food on the table or pay the light bill. I feel that he wanted to impart his decades of experience on the young men and women of this Country that planned on taking that same oath. “Coonman” Guvonator is a real piece of work, along with his LT Guv, and like so many others in Government “Service” who will say and or do anything they think is needed to maintain their grips on power, including subverting the Constitution and selling out to the domestic enemies of the USA. Very odd that multitudes of polls and votes in re Confederate War Memorials are in favor of leaving them alone, in place. Our History is our History, warts and all. The destruction of our History will NOT end with the removal of these monuments. NOLA removed the four monuments in that town. Have you noticed a decrease in the street crime and political graft? Yeah, me neither. How about Memphis where the Statue… Read more »


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”, used by Kaiser Soze in The Usual Suspects originated with the French poet/essayist Baudelaire. IMO the second greatest was the 10-15 % of slaveowners who got the non-slaveowners to fight for them in the Civil War. One thing I read and firmly believe is – Civil Wars ain’t. So whether you call it Civil War, War Between the States or War of Northern Aggression.it was a war and what occurred is a historical fact. And those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.I can’t help but wonder if just as the Treaty of Versaille following WWI sowed the seeds for WWII. How much did radical reconstruction and the backlash slow progress towards racial equality in the US. Like a lot of folks here daresay most I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. One of the key elements of that is the Bill of Rights and an often-overlooked portion of that document is the 10th Amendment. It reads “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” The Constitution did not set up an all-powerful Federal Government. The States and IMO more importantly the people are not serfs under some benevolent despot in Washington DC. Literally, the Constitution acknowledges the power of the people. My favorite graduate of the US Naval Academy had this to say. “The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to a group that self-interest has to individual.“ When it comes to demographics I am a member of the Human Race and an American and a male, there is no need to try to break that down any further. The very first Rap album was done by a fellow named Marion Morrison who used the stage name John Wayne. One of the ten different cuts on that album is called The Hyphen. You can here it here on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcYGk6Z65Ag&list=OLAK5uy_m8FLJE4LmyseOu_HWYV8_g8w1z0tjXgvU I was born… Read more »

5th/77th FA

And the Choir all said…”AMEN!”

Mustang Major

I just finished a long drive and, while doing so, did some thinking about the recent news concerning General Peay’s resignation. I have concluded that the Governor of Virginia doesn’t know what he may have uncorked by messing with VMI.

VMI has the most prominent and robust alumni “mafia” in the state of Virginia. I can think of no organization that does a better job of looking out for one another and their institution than VMI alumni. Most of the state’s wealthiest and most influential families have at least one, but more likely, many VMI connections over many generations. They are proud of VMI. Many VMI alumni are leaders in industry, finance, health, and government. They have dollars and influence to throw around at election time and gum up the works anytime they want. They are also significant donors to the school.

Just because the University of Virginia rolled over and is now “woke, doesn’t mean VMI leadership has collectively lost its mind as an institution. Governor Northam will soon learn that he messed with the wrong school in Virginia. Hopefully, he will suffer the consequences of his actions, which will quickly pass as a bad memory.


The Governor should know better as he is a VMO Alum. Perhaps his hubris has got the best of him and forgotten as much.



Mustang Major

I know. Governor Northam is spineless, as he won’t dare speak up due to his “cultural appropriation” crime while in medical school.