Jane Fonda blames the “climate crisis” on the patriarchy

| May 31, 2023

Jane Fonda made a statement at the Cannes Film Festival where she claimed that racism and the patriarchy caused the “climate crisis.”  She also criticized the hierarchy associated with the patriarchy, specifically one that places White men above everything else. She offered a solution by suggesting that men from specific industries should be arrested and jailed. She targeted oil companies, gas companies, and plastic refineries in her statement.

From Fox News:

Fonda called the climate crisis, caused by racism and White men, a “tragedy” that must “absolutely stop.”

“There would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy. It’s a mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way,” Fonda said. “White men are the things that really matter, and then everything else with nature at the bottom, sacrifice zones, right? It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop.”

“We have to arrest and jail those men. They’re all men running the oil companies and the gas companies and the plastic refineries. We have to make them stop. This is really serious,” she continued.

Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, R., called her out during “Hannity” for her “ridiculous” remarks, noting her energy hypocrisy in driving a Tesla.

“I love how being an actress for a living and being able to match legwarmers makes her an expert in climate change, and now she’s going to go arrest people,” Dixon said. “I don’t know how her Tesla will even run if she can’t power it, which is most likely powered from gas. So how is she actually going to get anywhere if she decides to do this? And then will she also jail her friends like John Kerry and all of her friends that are flying private jets?”

“It is absolutely ridiculous,” she continued.

Meanwhile, one of the women on “The View,” Sunny Hostin, criticized White women for wanting to protect the patriarchy and for following their husbands’ voting patterns. Fox News has additional information here.

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This too.


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she can eat a bag of dicks

Um, Friend…..you’re not helping….you’re just encouraging bad behavior.

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What a bunch of Fucking Ass-Holes


thebesig wrote:

“Meanwhile, one of the women on “The View,” Sunny Hostin, criticized White women for wanting to protect the patriarchy and for following their husbands’ voting patterns.”

As shared yesterday, Sunny Hostin is a maroon.

Not all White Women have Husbands.


Hack Stone

And not all white women have white husbands.


Some white women have wives!




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Amen, brother.


They all look like White Men to us…



Another White Dude she married…🤭


Yup… if she’d gotten to bang Che, he’s still white– both parents were Irish emigres.


Not only was “Che” white, motherfucker was racist as hell.

A Proud Infidel®™

I still wonder how many times she gave head to General Giap when she went to North Vietnam?


As many as he wanted, I’m sure.


Her Dad and Brother…

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Yeah, Henry was a pretty likable guy.
Jane must really have Daddy Issues to keep this up this long.


For that amount of grief, he should’ve at least gotten to whup her ass like David Crosby’s dad did his. Fair’s fair and all. Just sayin’.

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Politically Henry wasn’t that far from her.


True. But he wasn’t a holier-than-though asshole about it.



Her Son sure looks White…


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A prime example of “rules for thee, but not for me” rich bitch.


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Here’s something else that she did to gain the reputation she has with veterans:

That son in the picture carries the name given by her and Tom Hayden in the memory of the Viet Cong “martyr” that attempted to assassinate McNamara and Henry Cabot Lodge.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Is anyone actually surprised that she, of all people, said something this fucking stupid?

An entitled little white girl born into privilege still trying to prove to the world that she’s not a product of all that privilege and access that most people white or otherwise will never receive…

She’s been saying dumb shit for damn near 60 years now.

But in our society popularity outweighs intellect, we value celebrity more than knowledge and education…and because of that we’re sort of getting the society we deserve right now.

We place little value on education and little value on the ability to create, but we place immense value on the notion that our lot in life isn’t our fault it’s always some lucky rich bastard who’s taken away our chance at happiness…

This is more of the same but from a public figure whose voice will sadly carry more weight not because of her knowledge of the topic at hand in any meaningful depth but simply because she was fun to watch in some stupid fucking movie she was in according the general public.


She’s like Hillary without the army of flying monkeys.





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She forgot the film industry. They need to go to jail first as they produce no useful products, consume fossil fuels at an astonishing pace and are a bunch of whiny bitches.

A Proud Infidel®™

You mean hypocritical shits like Leonardo DiCaprio who ride a private jet to some airport, then take either a helicopter or stretch limo to some hotel suite at least twice the size of a middle class home to attend some “Environmental Confersnce’ to tell US to eat bean sprouts and ride the bus, then off in their lavish yachts.


Mental Illness Is A Terrible Disease….


For instant recognition and credibility, nothing adds gravitas to one’s cause like purple hair.


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In Nature, some animals show off their toxicity by displaying bright colors!


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I did and I realized that I remembered reading about how this dude died in the Chicago Reader, a free counterculture paper from back in the day. Riot broke out at his gig in a small venue, he kept carrying on and OD’d at a friend’s apartment. Couldn’t remember the name, but your post led me to look him up on Wikipedia. And yeah, punkers are weird. Punk fans used to spit on acts they liked so Allin’s fans pissing and shitting on his grave doesn’t surprise me.

A Proud Infidel®™

Punk Rock has its “heroes” like Sid Vicious who died of a heroin overdose while awaiting trial for murdering his girlfriend.


Yeah, but Sid was a ponce whose own band mates didn’t care for him. He was literally a body that they hung a bass on (he couldn’t play) after their original bassist, Glen Matlock quit. They had already finished their Never Mind the Bollocks album before he even joined the band. You want a funny story? Look up on YouTube about the time Freddie Mercury kicked Sid’s ass at their recording studio. Sid tried to crash a Queen session and Freddie wasn’t having it. Simon Ferocious, indeed!🤣


His finale spot is about 12 minutes away from me, they removed his stone to reduce incidents.


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Hack Stone

It should be interesting to see how she plans on getting back to North America without any conveyance that uses oil. Maybe she’ll just decide to stay in Europe with all of those racist White Europeans.


My wife does not just go along with whatever I say or do. Sometimes I am amazed that we had three kids together.
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IMO the best thing we can do to “HANOI Jane” Fonda is to ignore the commie traitor whore because she thrives on any and all attention she can get!


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Retired Mustang

Jane Fonda…this despicable anti-American can’t go to hell fast enough.


Good to “meet” you, “tocayo.” Another Mustang on the board. Good stuff, good stuff. 🙃


Beyond irony that someone with a “face” like that would want to target plastic refineries.


Yeah… the patriarchy and those darned white folk are why Barack Hussein Obama was twice elected our (second worst) President.

I ALWAYS forget that… 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


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I just ignore the old bag. She is trying so hard to be relevant and the only people that pay attention to her are dried up old libtards and hairy toed lesbians. She will actually say anything no matter how stupid too get attention.