Monday shorts – Kamala, India, Trump spokeswoman

| May 29, 2023

Some good news at last from Kamala Harris – she spoke at the West Point commencement Saturday. This marked a trifecta of “firsts” in a first-hungry administration which seems more bent on notching up firsts to, well, doing things to help the country. First woman, first partially black, first partially South Asian.  Harris was joined at the commencement by Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth, who in 2021 became the first woman to hold the military service’s top civilian post.

While Harris visited West Point, about 60 miles (96 kilometers) north of Manhattan, President Joe Biden heads to Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Thursday to address graduates at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III addressed the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, on Friday.   NBC News

The good part? She does not seem to have screwed it up or degenerated into word salad as has so often been her wont.


Moving on, we go all the way to India, whose pols act a lot like ours:

In India a government official has been suspended after ordering a reservoir drained so he could find the phone he dropped while taking a selfie.

Food inspector Rajesh Vishwas, who dropped his phone in Kherkatta dam while taking a selfie, asked divers to find the device.  Telegraph

Seems to be a paywall on Telegraph articles now, but it seems that  Mr. Vishwas told divers his phone had confidential government information on it. When divers failed to find the phone, he ordered two MILLION liters of water, enough to irrigate 1500 farms, drained. (The phone was recovered, and found to be waterlogged and irreparable.)   I’d wonder  at his mindset, but after following American politicians – SSDD, right?


And finally, a pissing contest was started by Trump campaign chief spokesperson Liz Harrington, who said:

“Ron ‘Dee-Santis’ has run for 4 different offices in the past 7 years. That’s not someone who’s in it for the country, it’s someone who’s in it for himself,” Harrington said in a tweet.

The DeSantis campaign responded with these shots of DeSantis (the second one is from when he was deployed to Iraq in 2007.)

Doubling down on the stoopid, Harrington fired back her crushing response – a picture of Pete Buttigieg deployed.   Yahoo

Lord knows I am no fan of Mayor Pete, and not all that wild about DeSantis much of the time: but for the record, THEY SERVED. Which is more than EITHER of our current five-deferment front runners of either party did. Think the nearest vet needs to bitch-slap that phone  out of her hands, and keep it away from her until she learns some respect.





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Mayor Pete is running for the White House? That would explain his absence from work…


Ever notice things are LESS screwed up while he’s gone?


Too bad dude didn’t drop it in Lake Mead or Lake Powell. He could have waded out to get it.

And at the risk of starting a pissing contest this morning (back at the Western Annex) I’m not voting for Trump in the 2024 NH primary, sorry. I have my reasons which I’m sure we’ll all discuss at length in the next 8 months.


That’s okay, New Hampshire has a notoriously bad record for picking the winning candidate who isn’t already in office. Although they did pick Trump correctly in 2016. Before that it was Bush I. On the Democratic side we have to go back to Jimmy Carter in 76.

I say get on the bandwagon early; “Mayor Pete 2024, He won’t steal your luggage!”


I’m actually proud to say I never voted for a winner of the NH primary yet.

2008 was my first primary, and I didn’t vote in the 2020 primary.

At least I’m not the one responsible for foisting McCain and Romney on the world.

USMC Steve

You certainly don’t have to. I am not either. He did a decent job before, but he is too polarizing, and unfortunately, there are too many people who are not intelligent or rational enough to realize it ain’t a popularity contest, it is the presidency. TDS for some, and of course no socialist democrat would vote for anything not blue, even if it is Biden.

Trump could best use his time and resources by being the anti-Soros, and slinging money at anything that old war criminal backs.


In other firsts, Fatima Mousa Mohammed, speaker for the graduating class at CUNY School of Law, says the revolution is well underway. The Yemen native from Queens said she chose CUNY because they align with her worldview that rule of law, border controls and the military are all just white supremacy.

Not sure what she plans to do with her now useless law degree. Maybe she should be under stupid people of the week?



Not to mention… pretty much how we thought Masters of the Universe should be when we were kids:


“She told audience members at the ceremony that she is ‘from the rich soil of Yemen, raised by the humble streets of Queens.”

Yemen is a disgusting shithole. I’ve worked with sailors from Yemen who say they still have family there but will never under any circumstances go back even to visit. It could literally be sliced off the face of the earth and hurled into outer space and no one would miss it.

Adios, MF! I see enough 1-800-LAWYER commercials on TV to know you’ll just be another run of the mill nobody with a useless degree in a saturated market. Lotsa luck to ya.

A Proud Infidel®™

I see SO MANY billboards advertising lawers out on the roads that I think the perfect graffiti for them would be “666” on the foreheads of the lawers pictured on them.


I was thinking, Yemen, you know they don’t have any white supremacy there. Should be paradise on Earth. She should carry her ass back there and enjoy it. She should practice the law there.


Agreed. Yemen is known for their support of women speaking up in the public square for radical changes in their society. She should definitely make the move.


I watched quite a bit of this hateful SlamoNazi’s commencement speech. Too bad we can’t deport her back to a muzzie shithole. The worst part is that she apparently graduated from CUNY’s law school. She said our “rule of law” is part of “white supremacy.”


You want to send her to Minnesota?


Not terribly far from one of my projects.

You know it’s a depressing town when their claim to fame on all the signs is, “Home of Bill Pullman.”

Prior Service

I wonder who’s speech went longest before insinuating their audience was the biggest threat to the country?


Look, Joe Biden doesn’t just call white supremacy the biggest threat against the nation when he is speaking to black colleges okay. As a white supremacist leading the nation He does it all the time. It’s why he had to show his genetic, paternalistic dominance over Corn Pop.


Democrats = White Supremacy
-Owned Slaves
-Founded Confederate States of America
-Started war that cost 700,000 American lives to continue slavery
-Founded the Ku Klux Klan
-The Terror of Reconstruction
-Plessy v Ferguson/Separate but Equal
-Jim Crow Laws/Segregation
-Filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 & 1965
-Controls Public Education and fails to teach basic skills to POC’s
-Fights against abortion that kills more POC unborn children
-Panders to POC’s with handouts trapping them in generational poverty
-Forgets about the day after any election


The democrats haven’t changed their tune, they’re just using more modern instruments.


Donks: Same Sheet. Different Day.


Party of KKK, Jim Crow and Bull Conner.

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

SPoTW Thread drop early? I just shake my head while stocking up on freedom seeds and non-perishable provisions.

We will NOT vote our way out of this mess. Watch.


To be followed up with


Cleese surprised me with that commentary.

If any man born with all the manly equipment someday gives birth I will admit that I am wrong about all that.


Oh, you’re no fun amymore…


I’ll put myself in timeout.


Glad to hear that the Ho didn’t beclown herself more than usual at West Point, but I’m overjoyed to get to deal with the mess that Puddin Cup visiting AFA will create.. Wonder if it will be as jacked up as when Zero gave the commencement address, and spent so much time drawing attention to himself that one of the Thunderbirds that couldn’t land till his self important ass was on Air Force One ran out of fuel and crash landed..


She did say that military service to country was the most noble thing a person could do. But I hear that from a lot of stupid politicians who never even tried to serve so it wasn’t that special.


Yeah, that’s just checking a box, she damn sure doesn’t mean it…

A Proud Infidel®™

Kameltoe Harris went through an entire speech without race-baiting? Somebody call “Ripley’s believe it or Not!”!


Why is ButtPlug wearing those kneepads? He was a REMF/Fobbit. On second thought, never mind.


Note that Princess Peat is sitting someone’s bedroom. Maybe he was looking for “hand-to-hand’ camaraderie.


He is another one of those given a direct commission and two weeks of training on how to salute and put on a uniform.


Oh come on, you know that’s exactly how it works for most of the lawyers, doctors, and other medical professionals. At least he was the right age and not drugged to the gills.


On a not unrelated note, did anyone watch the National Memorial Day Concert last night? Despite being on PBS, it was pretty non-political, Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna did a good job… Hell, even Miley managed to not make a woke ass of himself… Not that I think he believes what he was saying, but his speech was decent… The veterans honored were very impressive, as were the stories told. Worth catching if you didn’t see it first go round…


Mayor pete is wearing his fleece under his body armor like an Fn REMF that doesn’t know any better.


Comfy tryin’ to look badass in the AC-cooled CHU though…


Like van Damme in Universal Soldier, too:


Is he the only person not using an optic?


I’m a man, who identifies as a woman who identifies as a man.

Is that a first? Can I move to the head of the line?


Hitlery (or, at least, AI saying what she might) on DeSantis:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Not that Trump supporters would do that, of course…

USMC Steve

And of course, the truth of Buttinugget’s tour over there was he was a SLJO who was so fucked up he was not even used in his Billet as an intelligence officer. Coming from that field, there are simply not enough of them to go around, and if he was the glorified duty driver, and not doing his job, he was massively incompetent. He has certainly shown that consistently.

Old girl best be careful about being a smartass or it may come back to haunt her.


I’m not saying anything but I’m sure thast the VP Harris is responsible for draining a resivoir or two’s worth of something something.