Fake Navy SEAL Politician Writes Check to Avoid Lawsuit

| May 6, 2024

The New Jersey Globe writes that Sussex County Commissioner Bill Hayden will refund a $100 campaign contribution to avoid being sued by a donor because Hayden allegedly lied about his military service record. Namely, it was brought into question that he was a Navy SEAL and that he even served at all.

OK, OK… it was only $100 but that’s a lot of money for some folks. I remember back in the day that would last me 3-4 weeks for food once rent and utilities were paid. Mayo, pickle and white bread sandwiches, single-serve honey packets from WaWa, the list goes on. But I digress… here’s the paper trail:

Donation of $100

Refund of $100 donation

Official in Stolen Valor Scandal returned $100 contribution after donor sued him
Sussex County Commissioner Bill Hayden settled out of court by writing a check to his one-time contributor

By David Wildstein | May 05 2024 3:03 pm

Embattled Sussex County Commissioner Bill Hayden will refund a $100 campaign contribution after a donor sued him for allegedly lying about his military service record.

Gail Just-Cornelius, the first woman to serve as a New Jersey State Trooper, filed a lawsuit in small claims court in March alleging that Hayden, the central player in a Stolen Valor scandal, convinced her to contribute to his 2022 campaign because he was a veteran. But it appears that Hayden made it up and never served.

“I have known Hayden for many years. He has always bragged about military service. When he was running for office, he told me he needed contributions for signs, etc.,” said Just-Cornelius in a court filing. “He is not a veteran and I want my $100 back.”

On top of the $100 contribution, Just-Cornelius was also seeking $900 for “aggravation, stress and costs.”

Initially, Hayden claimed the court did not have jurisdiction in the matter.

A small claim court trial was set to begin on Friday morning, but Hayden settled the case by refunding the $100 to his one-time contributor.

Hayden paid by personal check.

Both parties have called for Hayden’s resignation after being accused of falsely claiming that he had served as a Navy SEAL.

I’m guessing that the phrase was uttered “No admission of guilt, mind you.”

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Hack Stone

Had to go through three separate news articles to get a party affiliation. He is a Republican. At least for the time being. Does All Points Logistics have a branch in New Jersey?


His Whole run as a politician is a sham. Most likely not a republican. Not a veteran, not a seal. But a criminal looking to clean some pockets.


Yes, he’s a Republican. More. Tea Party. Activism.
He’s been in the NJ news for quite awhile,
BEFORE he was exposed as a Phony Navy SEAL and fake veteran.



I figured since party affiliation wasn’t mentioned, he was a democrat. Regardless, he should be shown the door while being led out by the short hairs.


It isn’t as though Democrats are going to vote for a Navy SEAL.

USMC Steve

That is odd, when they are a republican that is almost always trumpeted loud and long.

Green Thumb

Kind of what I was wondering.

I wonder if Phil Monkress donated to the cause?


Veteran of the Battle of the Golden Corral.

Amateur Historian

Hey, that battle was no joke lol:


He’s got the scruffy beard, the hat, the scarf, and a pair of Oakley sunglasses…
Yep, he’s a MEAL Team 6 Operator. He lives by the motto: Nulla plaga magna nimis


When their bird went down in the Andes, He was the sole survivor. The things that happened there will never be spoken of, let’s just say long pork pairs well with not starving.

Anna Puma

Nah, he’s the guy who ate Meal Team Six


I think I just said that.


Every commie college schmuck has one of those scarves


It’s their Gucci badge of Honor. My first thought was; “Death to America, free Palestine!”.


Oddly, you hardly ever see a sun-faded Keffiya at a protest.

Odd, eh?


Most of the ivy League kids couldn’t find the the Goodwill with a GPS.


Apparently ham ass has accepted a cease fire brokered by Egypt. At least that’s what the national news was reporting about noon time here.

Hack Stone

All of this could have been avoided if they didn’t decide to fuck around. Of course, without them launching an unprovoked attack on Israel resulting in the total destruction of Gaza, billions in foreign would not be pouring in to be siphoned by their leaders living it up large in Qatar.


see “The Mouse That Roared.” This is a modern variant.


Agreed. And Israel is just supposed to sit back and take it.


FAFO indeed.


I don’t know if Israel wants to do that. They’re about to wipe out the last of the leadership on the ground.


I bet dollar to donuts that Israel has just about wiped ham ass out as you say, hence the agreement to a cease fire. Gotta be given a chance to regroup and counter attack.

Amateur Historian


jeff LPH 3 63-66

WOW, HOLY MOLY, a Monday morning phony Seal in the TAH starting gate. Been a long time since Monday morning phony’s started the race.from the gate.


VG backstory….

Bill Hayden reportedly claimed to be a SEAL.
Retired Navy SEAL says, “Nope!”
thebesig | February 29, 2024


Last edited 2 months ago by MarineDad61
Skivvy Stacker

I KNEW I’d seen this “former Navy WHALE” before.


That’s in my FIL’s AO. I’ll have to point it out to him since he tends to blindly vote the party line. (Which is part of the problem with these weasels)


He probably should’ve rethought this whole fictitious life experience when he realized he had to use two of the scarfs to fit around his neck.

Hack Stone

The guy qualifies as his own duty station.


One would fit, if properly and securely tied.


Not buying the SEAL claim but I will accept “whale”

Forest Bondurant

Bill “Fat Fuck” Hayden…Cocksucker extraordinaire.

Army-Air Force Guy

Surprised he doesn’t use SEAL trident-embossed personal checks.




Wide-Ass Loser Reject Useless Shitbag


While I sincerely applaud your awesome abbreviation as very clever,I think WALRUS, as in the mammal, provides the best mental picture of this loaf. That’s just me though.

John Seabee

He misspelled “Meal” as in Meal Team. He’s a real porker.


Because Navy SEALS always wander around wearing that neck covering and a sweat shirt to hide all the fat they gained once they stopped being “tactical”. What is that thing hanging off his left shoulder? A Subway foot long tactical sandwich holder?

For the lady standing next to El Gordito, will you please quit covering yourself in Stars and Stripes regalia? It’s a flag, not a color pattern for a pair of freaking shorts or a scarf. Does that make you even more “patriotic” in your mind or something? ‘Murica.


Gotta wonder if the check is gonna bounce.

Despicable POS.