ByteDance would shut down TikTok vice sell it to an American company

| May 6, 2024

Joe Biden signed a bill into law that would require ByteDance to sell TikTok to a company qualified to offer social media services in the United States. They have until January 19, 2025, to make this happen. If they do not sell it by then, TikTok would be banned in the United States. This law resulted from a bipartisan effort to address the security threat that TikTok under ByteDance poses. This deadline could be extended by another three months if ByteDance proves that it is making good on its efforts to divest of TikTok.

Under Chinese law, personal information related to TikTok accounts can be made available to the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, TikTok is a propaganda tool for the CCP.

From the Post Millennial:

“Rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere,” Chew said in a TikTok video after the Senate passed the bill and Biden signed it into law. “The facts and the Constitution are on our side, and we expect to prevail again.

“While we make our case in court, you’ll still be able to enjoy TikTok like you always have,” he added.

The bipartisan legislation is intended to address national security concerns related to TikTok’s data collection practices and the company’s ties to the Chinese government.

Approximately 170 million Americans use TikTok, and the US accounted for about 25% of TikTok’s overall revenue last year.

ByteDance has until January 19 to sell the application, the day before Biden’s term as President ends. However, the deadline can be extended by three months if the company proves it is making progress to sell the social media platform.

The Post Millennial as the rest of the story.

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But I was told that Donald Trump was being anti freedooom of speech and anti-first amendment when he tried to shut it down 5 years ago? And why are we waiting until FJBs last day in office? I mean he’s already prohibited everybody in the federal government for using it but him, where he needs it for his very doomed appearing presidential campaign.

And no, the Chinese are not going to sell it to somebody because there’s no way to hide all the shit they have been pulling on that platform. They will hire Hillary Clinton if they have to to go in there and burn and bleach it herself to cover the tracks.

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GOOD…Fuck TikTok…it’s toxic dancing, retarded bullshit that just is a view and swipe piece of CCP crap which does nothing good FOR us…..

Fight me.


It’s like Entertainment Tonight, except for dumber people, if that’s even possible.


If tik tok gets banned, there goes the always entertaining libs of tik tok blog on this very site. A sad day indeed.


You are only partly correct. If you get on the right algorithm in TikTok, you get a lot more real news regarding the Anti-Israel protest and the real terrorist on campuses among other centrist or Pro-American news and stories than you can ever get on any of the mainstream media to include the panty wastes at FoxNews. If you haven’t checked it out then you don’t know.

Fight me.


Oh, boo hoo. No more Covid dancing nurse videos while people with other issues couldn’t get care and died.
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But but.. the White House Christmas video…. sarc


While hilarious, I can see the let’s go Brandon call in video somewhere else.

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They are likely worried about their proprietary algorithm and information collection code falling into the hands of US intelligence.

Though I suspect have a pretty good idea of their code given how bipartisan the effort to ban it was directly after the threat briefs given to Congress.


I’m going to say there’s a lot more going on there than that. If they ever rip the bandage off and see the festering wound underneath, there will be a long line of people wanting to dig up old Brandon’s corpse and piss on it.


Who was the congress critter who recently dropped big money( to me anyway) on another social media site and then promptly voted to ban tik toc.

Not a fan of social media or tik tok myself, but congress does have good insight on what’s coming down the pike.

Martha Stewart unavailable for comment.


Proof-Chinese interference in our elections. FJB is being supported by the CCP with the tik tok app. Pretty darn brazen use by the dems to their minons to drum up support for the communist supporting US canadate——biden.

Army-Air Force Guy

He’s got some nerve, mentioning OUR Constitution, a document we hold in utmost reverence but rather what the CCP would use for toilet paper.