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| May 29, 2023

Do we spend the whole day in remembrance, do we celebrate, or do we do both? Some may scoff at the idea that we celebrate, and that this day has been commercialized too much. They argue that this day should be for remembrance. Many may have issues with the idea of expressing “Happy Memorial Day.” Yet, others would argue that those who are no longer with us would want us to be happy.

Jonn Lilyea was one of those who advanced the latter point:

“Mostly, those warriors who went on before us, just want you to enjoy the life that they helped secure for you. Enjoying the time that you spend with your family and friends, doing the things with your life that make you smile is honoring the sacrifices that were made for you. I think “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” were all mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.” – Jonn Lilyea

And this…

“So I hope you have an honorable Memorial Day weekend.” – Jonn Lilyea

You could read the rest of Jonn’s article, Every day should be your Memorial Day, advancing a lot of relevant points regarding this day. There is no reason to believe that he has changed his mind since then. As Jonn would wish for us to do, have an honorable Memorial Day.

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Not hard at all to be a HOT First when one pays attention to the comments of the Editor, have nothing much to do, and you have all day to get that nothing much to do, done. Well, that is, this Irish Coffee is not going to drink itself, there are Honors to be paid to our Fallen, a refresh key that loves to be lovingly stroked, and a Graduation Party for the Grandson this afternoon.

Having an Honorable Memorial Day was instilled in me from a very early age, when I asked our Papa why an older brother had a middle name that was not from our family lineage. That was the name of Pop’s Gun Officer KIA on 7 May 1945 just a few hours before the official surrender of the Germans. This Officer had trained with and then led his men thru the entire ETO from D-Day on and was much loved and respected by all. Further cementing of the importance of Memorial Days came from my history teachers thru the years when the school kids would go out and decorate the graves with hand picked flowers and flags. During my active duty with Nuke Missile Batteries and an MI Det, we didn’t get much time off since Holidays of all types were considered high alert duty. Many a time we would tell one another, “Well boys, if you make it back to The World/Land of The Big PX, have a refreshing beverage, a decent meal and remember the ones that didn’t make it home.”

Rest Easy Beller, Klepinger, and Ferguson, I’ve still got the watch.

Never Forget!




Miss Jonn’s pithy wisdom.

Old tanker

For me it is a bit of a conflict. I mourn for those family and friends that passed. I also feel that if it were me that had passed I would want folks to enjoy the times, activities and companionship that I can no longer partake in. It would be better, IMO, to live fully as a result of the sacrifice of my tomorrows. Make it worthwhile to enjoy the results of what it purchased. I would rather you remember me by living instead of sitting and being sad or depressed.

Does that make sense or is it just my strange way of thinking?


It makes sense to me.

If my sacrifice enables those I love to enjoy freedom and blessings they would not otherwise enjoy, then my sacrifice is not in vain, but a joyfully paid price.


Makes sense to me as well.. I’ll spend the morning being productive, doing stuff for work, getting ready for rodeo and the like. Then we’ll get together as a family, remember and celebrate the lives of those lost, and raise a glass to those who can no longer join us.
May you ALL have a Peaceful and Honorable Memorial Day.


I pour a beer in the ground for each fallen brother I knew personally. I drink plenty on my own, too. If I see a lonely old guy at the bar with one of those hats, or a younger dude with that bearing, I’ll strike up a conversation and offer a shoulder if they need one. Generally a low-key day for me, but I did attend a great bbq, yesterday.

I never begrudge anyone for either not understanding or not recognizing the significance of the day. To many, it really is nothing more than a long weekend. It coincides with college graduations and noticeable weather changes – plenty of reason to celebrate beyond the sacrifices that far too many have had to make (and it’s hardly a sacrifice if it compels deification).

The only time I ever correct someone on Memorial Day is when they tell me it’s a holiday honoring me – I still struggle to do this in a manner that doesn’t seem ungracious… the best I’ve found is to tell them about a fallen brother and ask them to honor him in whatever way they feel fitting.

BlueCord Dad

Memorial Day 2023🇺🇸

A Proud Infidel®™

PRESENT and I award myself another Honorary First.


Something I’ve never seen before y’all may enjoy:


John Cleese Refuses to Remove Prophetic Transgender Scene from Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’


Holy Hand Grenade, the Rabbit was Trans, that explains it…


On this Memorial Day.

A remembrance for a soldier who didn’t die battle, was never a hero, but died in service in his country during a great war:

comment image


Have I told you about Beau Biden? He died while serving in Iraq. The president lay a wreath on his grave today to honor him.

A Proud Infidel®™

Next he’ll be calling Hunter a Veteran because he was an Officer before getting canned for pissing hot.


It’s gonna happen.

Green Thumb

Or he will be employed by All-Points Logistics.


Hunter is a Disabled Vet from the Crack Wars and has a pension from China to prove it!


Let us not forget that he was an officer by political influence by direct commission with an age waiver. I wonder what happened to the officers who refused to overlook the fact he pissed hot. Thankfully, they weren’t FiB lawers.


Unlike with enlisted there’s no wiggle room for an officer pissing hot.


Depends on the MOS/NEC.

If you’re in PRP it’s highly frowned upon to even take OTC meds without having a script from doc/corpsman.


There shouldn’t be wiggle room, period. There’s far too much exception made, all around.

While I’m not aware of any commissioned officers getting off after pissing hot, I’m sure it’s happened (was Hunter’s discharge a second offense?). I’ve definitely witnessed staff NCOs piss hot and get nothing worse than a negative counseling.

I have seen an captain get busted for transporting a personal pistol from NY to Ontario and not even have his TS/SCI clearance suspended/reviewed. The amount of adultery among the officer corps is shameful, to include with their subordinates’ wives – but this is almost never charged save as extra punishment on unrelated charges.


No! Reeeaaaaly?

FC2(SW) Ron

Memorial Day thoughts and to honor SSgt. Jorge Olivera – 2nd Battalion, 113th Infantry Regiment, 50th Brigade Combat Team whom I didn’t know: It was late and cold on October 20, 2011. I was tasked along with another pilot to relay a state executive to Dover (DE) AFB to meet with the family of SSgt. Jorge Oliveira as they received his body. SSgt Jorge Olivera had been killed in action during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. SSgt. Jorge Olivera was also an officer with the Essex County (NJ) Sheriff’s Office.

As a former military member and retired LEO, I’ve been present for many ceremonies. But what I witnessed that night, and the honor I felt for being present for the dignified transfer of SSgt. Jorge Olivera’s remains will always be with me. No one was watching. It wasn’t a media event. The Honor Guard was “by the numbers”. It was a profound and humbling experience to see the respect given to SSgt. Jorge Olivera for his sacrifice in service to our country.

Thinking about how many times this reception has occurred and how our military members have replayed similar scenarios with the same level of respect and courtesy as if it’s the first time is truly amazing to experience.

In honor of SSgt. Jorge Olivera on this Memorial Day. 🍺

SSgt Jorge Olivera.jpg

Remember the President constantly looking at his Timex?

Warren Peece

Today I raise a glass…. one on my dad’s side died at Philippi in 1861, one of my mom’s died at Appomattox as the terms were being signed…


Hanoi Jane is on a new mission.

Jane Fonda Blames White Men For ‘Climate Crisis,’ Demands Their Imprisonment
Hank Berrien
Actress Jane Fonda, whose leftist views have engendered harsh criticism over the decades, added to her radical resume over the weekend, holding white men responsible for the “climate crisis” and demanding their imprisonment.
Daily Wire
Care of Poetrooper.


Hanoi Jane can be blamed for air pollution cause every time she uncrosses her legs a putrid stench is released!

Warren Peece

Her very existence is a putrid stench…

Green Thumb

That why Ted Turner eats out a lot….


Truer words were never spoke!


I’m in. I have a list of names of super polluters ready to roll.

RGR 4-78

Somewhere near the top of the list is this over the hill female actress who flies around the world on a private jet telling everybody else to stop driving cars and cooking with gas.


F*ck Jane Fonda! (Nowhere near original, but should be said.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Since this isn’t FB, and Zuck won’t give me a 30-day instaban:

Fuck this cunt. She needs to die soon, cause my back teeth are floating.


Feed Jane Fonda to the Whales

A Proud Infidel®™

What gives you such a hatred of Whales? Asking for a friend.


They might object… been sinking boats lately.
comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

That commie traitor whore does everything she can to get attention, thus I ignore her which drives those of her breed crazy. I wonder how many times she gave general Giap head while she was over there?


I’m getting ready to burn the yearly brush pile now that it is Spring and I’m cleaning up the yard.
This year I just might toss an old tire in the fire for Jane.


Imprisonment? She should be the first one, but for treason! She should see a few medical specialists. She suffers from severe diarrhea of her mouth! I can refer her to a proctologist who will make her backside clean as a whistle. If the procto would be willing to get that close to this piece of stuff. Let’s pack her up and ship her out on the next leaking sub being used as target practice. I feel contaminated just looking at her ugly face.


Americans enjoy themselves on Memorial Day– left/libtards react:


See my comment down in the other thread.


Had the great pleasure of having Airborne Son’s best friend from HS, Scouts, and Venturing drop by today.
We love him even if he is a Chief squid.
He’s got three years to retirement. He’s hanging on with gritted teeth, having to swim in the overflowing head of Navy wokism.
Hope he can make it.


I am putting this here, since it was a hot topic the other day. Today, Brandon admitted that his son, Beau, died in the US of cancer, but he claimed he died “a year after he was deployed to Iraq.” Well, that would mean he died immediately after he returned from Iraq, which is also false. Beau died over five years after he returned from his one-year deployment as a JAG-off in the Delaware National Guard. Gropey Joe just can’t seem to tell the truth, even when prompted by his handlers to correct the record.