Air Force Pilot Diversity Fail

| May 11, 2023

In order to create a “force more representative of our nation” Air Force leaders laid out a new vision for more diversity in the officer corps, aiming to boost the proportion of minority airmen in fields traditionally staffed by white men.

“Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our society and key to the success of any organization,” said a memo cosigned by Air Force Secretary, Undersecretary, Air Force Chief of Staff and Space Force Chief of Space Operations.

This thought process went into increasing minority representation in the pilot ranks. Poetrooper sends.

EXCLUSIVE: US Air Force Ran A Social Experiment To Graduate More Minority Pilots. It Didn’t Go As Planned

Micaela Burrow

The U.S. Air Force abandoned an experiment aimed at boosting pilot training graduation rates for women and minority pilots after the 2021 initiative failed to achieve the intended results and officers privately warned it could violate anti-discrimination policies, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF).

As part of the larger military-wide effort to promote diversity in the service’s pilot ranks, the 19th Air Force command near San Antonio, Texas, “clustered” racial minorities and female trainees into one class, dubbed “America’s Class,” to find out if doing so would improve the pilots’ graduation rates. However, not only did the effort fail to boost minority and women candidates’ success rates, but officers involved say they were ordered to engage in potentially unlawful discrimination by excluding white males from the class, documents show.

Unlawful or not, the Air Force’s actions raised red flags for an active-duty pilot instructor who spoke to the DCNF.

The Daily Caller

Big Air Force learned nothing from Navy’s post Tailhook fiasco, where unqualified pilots cost blood and treasure. Thanks, Poe.

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I’m surprised they just didn’t push those pilots through the pipeline, give them their wings, and let the squadrons deal with any pilot not making the grade. “Equity” always need to a downgrade in quality.

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Give ’em all wings, let Darwin sort ’em out! (Might be a bit expensive in planes though.)

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Did they get nine recylses and a year and a half train up?

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Damn. Recycles.


The army tried the same thing a long time ago with helicopter pilots, It went equally well.


From the article AW1Ed posted:

“As part of the larger military-wide effort to promote diversity in the service’s pilot ranks, the 19th Air Force command near San Antonio, Texas…”

19th Air Force Command.

Ironically, we just posted TODAY an article about the 19th Air Force Command Two Star General :

“Air Force 2-Star General Under Investigation, Fired For Alleged Misconduct”

“A two-star general who commanded the 19th Air Force has been fired, citing undisclosed misconduct allegations.”

“Maj. Gen. Philip Stewart was relieved of command Tuesday by Lt. Gen. Brian Robinson “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to lead, related to alleged misconduct which is currently under investigation.”

“The 19th Air Force — headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Air Force Base in Texas — is responsible for instructing more than 30,000 U.S. and allied students annually in specialties including remotely piloted aircraft crews, air battle managers, weapons directors, Air Force Academy Airmanship programs, and survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training, according to the unit’s website. It falls within the Air Education and Training Command, also located at Randolph AFB.”

“It also leads the Air Force’s new program to train pilots.”

“Stewart took command of the 19th Air Force in August 2022. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2017.”

Forest Bondurant

Probably relieved because he wasn’t “woke” enough.


That “loss of confidence” about him can come from many things.

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He was a former U-2 pilot so definitely well qualified. He may have done the “told ya so” to his boss.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

So the AF flew into Herr biden’s policy to hire peeps based on gender and race into the house (Can’t say white but only house)

Prior Service

“Cluster” is only half the word.


As is “buddy”…
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AW1Ed, Mick, Mason, KoB and others:

The ninja family checked the Duty Roster today (DA Form 6)…and discovered that is is our turn to be “That Guy”…

Duty Calls…




Dude, it’s a Navy movie! (No, really, check the side of the planes in there… )


It’s Not The Plane, It’s The Pilot. These one day, sooner or later, they won’t need pilots at all. Pilots that need to sleep, eat, take a piss. Pilots that disobey orders. All you did was buy some time for those men out there. The future is coming, and you’re not in it.


Doncha just love it when a Field Grade Ossifer checks the DA Form 6, sees whose day it is to be “That Guy” and flies right into the danger zone with veins full of ice, man? gabn/gabaf

IDGAD what one “identifies” as, as long as they are qualified to do the job. Here’s a novel idea…if you can do the job, then you get the job. How much $ was wasted on attempting to train people for a job that you knew going in they would not make it?

ninja, check my comment on the Base renaming thread

also, ninja, check your email (including junk) for some comms sent your way on 1 May.


She was flying Mach 10 she gave us
mach 10….forget the book. Trust your instincts! Don’t think, just do. You think up there, you’re dead. Believe me….

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Just read your WONDERFUL post on the stupid base renaming…and replied..

Once again, our Favorite Rebel NAILED IT…😉😎

Uh, Oh. No Incoming from 1 May from y’all…Doubled checked everything. Checked In/Sent/Junk…Nothing.

Am now running Malware stuff/Virus stuff, cleaning caches, cookies, etc.etc. and will reboot after completion.

Can you please resend?

Was wondering where you went!

Anyway…Welcome Back!!! You Were Missed!

Also saw rgr1480’s comment about Bennings alma mata song…He ALSO nailed it…and now we can’t get that durn song outta our heads!! 😁😆

“Up across the Chattahoochee
To the Upatoi
Stands our loyal Alma Mater
Benning‘s School for boys….”

It will always be Fort Benning to us. Fort Bragg. Fort Hood. Fort Polk. Fort Rucker. Fort Lee. Fort AP Hill. Fort Pickett. Fort Gordan.

Screw Em. If memory serves us correctly, a long, long time ago, in a faraway land, a bunch of folks tried to get rid of a Jewish Carpenter…and you saw how THAT turned out…😏

If you have the chance and have not seen it, we highly recommend you check out the 3 Seasons of “The Chosen”.

All we can say about “The Chosen” is Wow…Wow..Wow..

So who’s on the Chopping Block next? Isn’t the Navy planning to change some of their names?

Is the “White” House gonna be destroyed (again) and rebuilt (again) and renamed?

Will folks try to change the color of snow?

Will Billy Idol’s song “White Wedding” be considered a Racist song?

Will BHO be considered “Half Racist” since he is Biracial?

Will Brandon Boy ever get impeached?

Things are getting way outta hand. The CCP is rubbing its hands together with glee, because after all, how does one nation successfully conquer another nation???

There IS however, some hope.

Folks ARE getting tired of all this BS and ARE fighting back.

We do not want a repeat of what happened about 160 years ago.



Spot on! A repeat of those times would run casualties into the millions. I have said, many times, that if there were a WBTS now it would be the 50 states against the Feds and unlike the CSA (who had no desire to overthrow or takeover the the outcome would be different. Hell hath no fury like the Patriot who just wanted to be left alone finally says “ENOUGH!”. Everything we have seen over the last few years is a culmination of the deliberate attempt to destroy these States United. Anyone that thinks differently has just flat not been paying attention.

Re-submitted the comms to the … address I have for you. If you do not see them hit my up and I’ll make sure your addy is correct.



We are doing a FULL Virus check on PC…it is STILL running.

We paused, checked for Incoming…so far, nothing.

Hopefully Incoming will pop up after rebooting PC.

Am researching to see if upgrade to Windows 11 is affecting emails. Looks as if we have been missing other emails as well to include companies we order from or organizations we donate. We do know after updating our Virus software, we also were not able to communicate with others or get incoming as well as outgoing.

Just sent a test message and are back to running virus/malware check.

*Sigh* Dont ya love technlogy?



BHO can be invited to get in on the LBTGQWERTY+++ game: “Go Fuck Yourself”


That is actually taken from Cornell’s alma mater, which was in turn based on a1857 song “Annie Lisle”. When I got to Benning I thought they had ripped it off from KU but found out differently.


I knew you were missing your Gun Bunny, Big Dog, so I had to get back to my regular duty. ‘sides, the goose was cooked and the cooler was out of ice, man.


Plus, SOMEBODY had to help load the cargo plane full of rubber 🐕 💩!🤣


I’m about to share a complete apple to oranges comparison, but the whole “diversity and inclusion” thing existed in the military before that term was commonplace. Before I begin, I’ll state this: hiring anyone for a job based on race, gender, or other attributes, as opposed to the usual qualifications such as assessment or selection criteria and education, is complete and utter BS.

Anyway, on to the “feel-goodness” of the pre-woke Army…you know, when that term wasn’t used but we still had to sacrifice historical accuracy for the sake of diversity. The Old Guard hosts Twilight Tattoo every summer, speaking of which I recently got a notification from a Facebook friend about it starting soon. The show takes roughly two hours, give or take, and tells the Army story with “tab actors”. Back in my day we had the Revolution, Lewis and Clark, War of 1812, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and the current conflicts. Nothing wrong with that representation (I don’t recall the Mexican-American War being represented but it might have been, especially given the significance of The Old Guard in that conflict).

Anyway, the Indian Wars were represented by Buffalo Soldiers, while WWII had three distinct units represented: the Women’s Army Corps, Tuskegee Airmen, and 442nd Regimental Combat Team. All of those inarguably contributed to the victory in WWII, but they ignored the millions of white males that served and who, by-and-large, defeated the Axis powers through suffering and sacrifice.

Each year, I’d volunteer to be a Buffalo Soldier or one of the WWII Soldiers but was told that I couldn’t due to my skin color. Yet, Alpha Company represented Washinton’s Lifeguard and often had African-American NCOs and officers leading the rank-and-file at firing demos. 🙅 


Not illegal/wrong when left/libtards do it!

Prior Service

In my TOG days (B Co, then Honor Guard), we didn’t play that! Of course, when we did Spirit of America (Twilight Tattoo on steroids), the tabs ended with a nod to Panama…


Twilight was always mostly A Co, with FDC, the USADT, and for our WACs, Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, and 442nd impressions we usually had to reach out to Regiment for support. The females usually came from HQ or 289th MP Co, while the others were usually tasked through 1/3.

You’d love it up there now [SARC]. When I was first there we were usually around full strength, with all six companies rotating through Primary in ANC. I got there right as B Co was redeploying from Djibouti; D Co deployed there in 2006 and C Co went to Iraq in ’09, after I left. Things were a little tighter with a company gone, but manageable.

I went back after leaving the Trail and was assigned as an Escort PSG. We were understrength and with 4/3 Bn (A and HG) out of the Cemetery, we essentially had month-on, month-off rotations. After the Colors Team and Guidon Bearer, I usually had 8-12 Soldiers able to march Escort, so we constantly had to draw on the backup company, especially for 2-Escort missions.

I was part of Stage Crew for the 2005 SOA, but subsequent years saw me at PLDC, BNCOC, Recruiter School, and then gone, so I missed them more often than not. By the mid-2000s we had the culminating event of a laser show complete with a squad rappelling from the catwalks wearing Land Warrior gear.

Prior Service

Nice. I wound up on USADT myself for most of three years before ETS. We wound up doing SOA and Twilight every year.


So, Big Green now ignores the fact that it was overwhelmingly white males, i.e., MEN, who fought and won all those conflicts.


This is why the program failed…



I never tried anything like that in the Army, but I do have a lovely scar from an experiment in my misspent yute, involving a windstorm, an old bedsheet, and a skateboard. Turns out a wind-propelled longboard can go a hell of a lot faster than you can run. Good times.

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Sorry for the laughter…what you shared is a funny story how you got that scar!

We still remember the other “scar” story you shared with us reference a car cigarette lighter!! 😉😎

Thanks For The Smile, SFC D!

17942 (1).jpeg

Scars are history written in flesh. Sometimes I wonder just how I made it this far in life.

Dennis - not chevy

Patrick McManus wrote a story about why one doesn’t ask a man about his scars. He said scars lead to embellishment and if he tells the story about that scar once more, the wound might become fatal.


I may have a few cool scars on my hands once they fully heal. A couple of weeks ago I was driving along when out of nowhere an SUV came flying out of a parking lot, barely avoided oncoming traffic, and smashed into some cars at an intersection. A few seconds earlier and I’d have been sideswiped.

I saw what was going to happen, and figured it was drugs, road rage and/or a domestic situation, or maybe a burglary, so I pulled over, grabbed the .38 and stuck it in my back pocket (I always pocket carry a .380 too), and went to check on the occupants. A white sedan that had been at the light was smashed all to hell, with a younger woman in the passenger seat and kids toys all over. After confirming there were no children or other passengers a couple other guys and I tried opening the doors to no avail. I figured, “hell, windshields are safety glass and it’ll probably be easier to get her out from the front”, so I jumped on the hood and started tearing away what was left of the windshield. Another guy started helping, then a couple other bystanders were able to help extricate her through the rear window.

Other bystanders were already at attending to the driver of the SUV that caused the wreck, so I let them deal with whatever was going on. Once the younger woman was out, though, I went to check on that driver and found she was a middle-aged woman whose accelerator had gotten stuck. Both women were battered but seemed fine, so I left as FIRE/EMS and the cops showed up.

Back to the scars…it’s a good thing my dumb self was wearing a button-up shirt over a t-shirt over a tank top, because that misguided attempt to just tear out a windshield left my hands a slight bit bloody. Self-aid in the form of liquid bandage worked and here I am typing this… Next time, I’ll think a little more before I act.  🤓 


No, you won’t. You’ll react exactly the same way and do the same exact thing. And that’s not a bad thing. Although ya might wanna consider a pair of gloves next to that .38.


Trust me, I was saying the same. I used to carry prybars and other tools, gloves, a lockout kit, and all sorts of other stuff in my Sierra, but that’s yet to make it down here, so I’m stuck with a SUV. I’ll get around to kitting it and the other vehicle out with an essentials bag before long.


That’s the “I rode in the front seat with my big brother, and he showed me how the lighter gets hot enough to burn through your pants leg, and leave a round scar that later in life puzzled the Army Doctors at the MEPs station…”


I’ve got the “wrestling with my best friend with strike anywhere matches in my pocket” scar on my thigh thirty years later.

I tried finding the Loaded Weapon 1 scar comparison scene for my wife a week ago but couldn’t. Funny as hell parody of the Lethal Weapon scene.


Every vehicle I owned before the last three had one. Since no one is supposed to smoke, no more cigarette lighters. But they all have the receptacle.


Ideocracy ,, just keeps going.

AW1 Rod

So, I guess it’s OK to violate your own non-discrimination policy in the name of “social justice” and “equity.”

Virtue signaling has become a core value of ALL the service branches.

We are SO going to have our asses handed to us in the next major military confrontation.


Da, comrade, is whole plan!
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We don’t answer our phones when an unknown number shows up on our Caller ID.

We just received a call from this number that we blocked:

(202) 301-4987

Check out what this phone call is all about:

Mitt Romney’s Office?


You can listen to the call…or read the transcript:

“Hi, it’s Nancy. On behalf of the Human Rights Campaign, the US Senate will vote this week on the Respect for Marriage Act, which would protect the federal recognition of samesex and interracial marriages. It is too important to wait. We need your voice to help us defend and marriage equality for same sex and interracial couples. Can I transfer you to Senator Mitt Romney’s DC office right now so you can tell them to bring the Respect for Marriage back to a vote as soon as possible? May I transfer you so you can leave a quick message for Senator Romney? Are you able to hear me okay. Alright, thanks for your time. You can visit slash Get involved to find out more ways to help pay for by the Human Rights Campaign.”


Last night robocaller made the terrible judgment call to leave a message with a call back number for me to get my pre-approved $36,000 loan. Honestly, if we hadn’t just made up a batch of melon margaritas (1 part Tequila/ 1/2 part Midori/ top with margarita mix to taste and blend with ice) it likely wouldn’t have mattered. At some point, after a number of circular conversations, where they clearly weren’t going to pay the small $395 processing fee out of the loan, they blocked us. Never did get that $36K.


Me: Is this a call center call?
Them: Uh, yes…
Me: Bye [click].

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Mittens the MINO (Mormon In Name Only – same as Dingy Harry Reid) defending same-sex marriage?
And conflating it with interracial marriage?
The very definition of “spineless hands across the aisle”.
He’s a well coiffed jellyfish, no backbone except when it comes re-election time.

A Proud Infidel®™

Mittens is Mormon about as much as Malig-Nancy Pelosi is Roman Catholic.


I would like to know where and when there has been any government action or discrimination against interracial marriages. From supreme court justices to a local cop I know, there is no shortage of interracial married couples.


If only we could find a way to keep the young white men from possessing all the patriotism, education, skill, hand-eye coordination…nah. I prefer our military WIN WARS, and “duhvursity” has NEVER won a war.


Except of course WWII, where six million women suddenly found themselves working factory jobs that had previously been reserved for men, such as making tanks, airplanes and guns. Doubtful the war would have been won without them doing that. 1 million blacks served in the WWII military, in every possible capacity. The code talkers, using the only unbroken code. The war was a true multinational effort of all races, nationalities and creeds.


By simply valuing ability to do the job (not skin color, who one liked to hump, gender-delusion or any other politically-correct group preference quality).


Correct. But common thinking at the time didn’t value ability over demographics. Until they were forced to.


I don’t think they will be able to handle Macho Grande.


The Navy tried this back in the 80’s, when they “discovered” that female Sailors did not have the physiology to don protective gear, breathing apparatus, and haul hundreds of pounds of charged water hose into a fire somewhere below deck.

They also found that female Sailors did not have the upper body strength, and the average height, to load weapons onto an aircraft on the flight deck. Nor could keep pace with pushing 16″ shells around, in the bowels of the turret on the USS New Jersey.

I don’t give a flat fucking flying fart what color or sex you are. If you cannot make or surpass the standards, I don’t want you flying the plane I’m in, nor fighting the fire on the ship I’m on, nor humping a ruck the 12 miles to the next FOB or COB I’m going to be fighting from.

Pick up your weapon and follow me. No, you don’t get any help, we’re all busy staying alive.

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