Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| May 9, 2023

It’s nice to see someone you like doing well for themselves

At a fucking ELEMENTARY school?

Three months to go from “It’s not happening” to “It is happening and here’s why that’s a good thing”

Dieting and eating healthy is…white supremacy

Racism is so popular these days

We can’t have meat smoke coming into our house!

Hey that family all looks alike. They must be racists

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Old tanker

OMG the stupid with the libs is so intense one should wear a welders helmet to protect themselves from contamination.


I have my dad’s!


The Vegan mantra of meat is murder…
So, what about plowing a field for crops?


The altar of their self-smugnessitude is absolute, and you will worship.

Feelz über alles.

steak merica.jpg

Here in Austin I frequently get questions from tourists when I pick them up at the airport as most know little about the place and base all their assumptions on what they read from wherever they come from.
I never fail to tell them about Black’s BBQ, as far as I’m concerned it is without a doubt the best BBQ in Austin. Unlike some of the other places that run out of food after the customers have waited in the hot Texas Sun for a couple hours, Blacks BBQ never run out as they cook 24 hrs a day, on site.
And that is a frequent occurrence from the gossip I hear on the street.
I get a lot of bunbois and their tat covered skinny girlfriends wanting to know if they have good vegan stuff there…..
It’s a BBQ of beef, lots of Texas beef critters.
They never cease to amaze me with their stupidity…


Exploitation of gender? More like they’re centered around the exploitation of minors.
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It’s all about recruits in the pipeline. With legalizing pedophilia right around the corner, they have to fill the ranks of children needed. Just think of all these liberal parents bragging about Johnny/Jane and their transition at some dinner party. Then think about him at 14, wearing dress as he brings his 45 year-old “boyfriend” to the house for you to meet. Good times…


An HIV+, suicidal and drug-addicted son at 17 will be a great virtue-signalling trophy for ’em. They’ll talk about “how much” they do for him non-stop.


Candi be a bitter b*tch…

If you don’t own your labor then you are a slave. It don’t matter a lick if your master is; government, corporation, union, faux-religious body, an ex-wife, etcetc; or any amalgam of any the aforementioned.

The Road to Hell…., and all that.

You wanna tax folks based solely on immutable characteristics? Well there fella, you’ll be walkin’ that road a’lone.

I promise you, with tears in my eyes, there are levels of existence I’m willing to confront to maintain my moral code and preserve the right to say ‘I told you…’: don’t F*CK with me.

Who’s coming with?!

no bill is good bill.png
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dear Blaque Nutritionist,
From looking at you, you must follow a diet (self-regulation of caloric intake) (not overweight), and probably eat 3 meals a day.
You must be a RACISSS (from your own words), and a WHITE SUPREMACIST!

 😂  😂  😂  😂 

Last edited 1 year ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande


“Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations”


“Local half-white, half-black man Michael Preston has been ordered to pay himself reparations since half his ancestors were oppressed and half were oppressors.”

“Wait — what?” he said after he received a letter from Governor Gavin Newsom’s office informing him he owed himself over $25,000. “Uh… OK? I guess?” He then went down to the bank and ordered a transfer to himself. He was a little short of the total amount so he made it in installments, sending himself several payments totaling the $25,000 amount he owes himself for his ancestors oppressing his other ancestors.”

“We’d like to thank Mr. Preston for atoning for the guilt of his ancestors,” said Governor Newsom. “Because of them, he has a unique place of privilege in life and has had a leg up on his fellow citizens, who are oppressed because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, he has made that right. Well, until we ask for more reparations later. Frankly, it’s never going to stop.”

“We’d also like to congratulate Mr. Preston for receiving the reparations long overdue to his ancestors today,” said Governor Newsom. “Because of what happened to them, he is in a unique place of oppression in life and has never been able to get ahead of his fellow citizens, who are far more privileged than him because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, that wrong has been righted. Well, until we send him more reparations later. Frankly, it’s never going to stop.”

“Preston has said he’ll pay whatever to himself going forward as long as the state just leaves him alone and lets him live his life.”


He can always hit the payday loan place and pawn shop to cover it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

An elementary school drag show?
Be glad I’m not a parent in that school district.
I’d be showing up (with friends if possible), and beating/whipping/switching (remember the “switch”?) the “performers” and “counselor” off the stage and out of the school.
Then having them arrested for porn to minors.
I see red with announcements like that.



“In Major Effort To Attract New Recruits, Navy Offering Unlimited Bud Light”


“As part of its push for diversity and inclusiveness in recruitment, the United States Navy has announced that it will provide unlimited Bud Light for all new recruits. The Navy hopes this offer will entice recruits with an even broader range of alternative lifestyles to join the service.”

“This offer will entice exactly the type of recruits we’re looking for,” said Rear Admiral Alexis “Lex” Walker, who runs Navy Recruiting Command. “With drag queens serving as the face of Navy recruitment and Bud Light serving as our official recruitment beverage, we’ll be narrowing our efforts to a very specific segment of the population… if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink.”

“Though the Navy has come under fire as of late due to its promotion of diversity training and using an active-duty drag queen to bolster its recruiting efforts, leadership is confident that this is the right direction. “Our goal has nothing to do with creating or maintaining the finest seafaring fighting force in the world,” Walker continued. “Our goal is all about making the United States Navy an absolutely fabulous and glittery place to enlist. Rainbows, unicorns, feather boas, false eyelashes, and pink wigs all around!”

“At publishing time, the Navy’s new recruiting initiatives were reportedly sputtering out of the gate, with the drag queen video being met with derision and entire truckloads of Bud Light still sitting untouched at Navy recruitment centers across the United States. Walker, meanwhile, was asking reporters why everyone suddenly finds it so funny that his rank is “Rear Admiral.”


Oh, No…


When is this gonna stop?

So Much For Taking Care Of Our Own Country….🤔🙄

“US Providing Ukraine $1.2B In Military Aid Qhead Of Expected Spring Offensive Against Russia…US provided Ukraine with nearly $40 billion in military aid since Russia invaded in late February 2022”


“The United States is planning to send Ukraine around $1.2 billion in long-term military aid to help the country defend itself against a barrage of drone, rocket, and surface-to-air missile attacks from Russia, according to U.S. officials.”

“The officials, who spoke anonymously, told The Associated Press that the aid package will likely be announced on Tuesday and the money will be provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.”

“But unlike other equipment, weapons, and ammunition already sent from Pentagon stocks, the latest package is intended to be spent over the coming months or even years to ensure Ukraine’s future security needs.”

“The assistance initiative will fund HAWK air-defense systems, air-defense munitions, and drones for air defense. It will also buy artillery, rockets, satellite imagery assistance, and funding for ongoing maintenance and spare parts for various systems, according to the officials.”


You can’t make this stuff up!!


“Widow Who Wrote Grief Book After Husband Died Charged With His Murder”


“A Utah widow who penned a grief book for children in the wake of her husband’s death has been charged with his murder.”

“Mom of three Kouri Darden Richins, 33, of Summit County, was arrested Monday for allegedly poisoning her husband, Eric Richins, at their home on Willow Court in Kamas on March 4, 2022.”

“She is charged with first-degree aggravated murder and three counts of second-degree possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.”

“Police arrived at their home about 3:20 a.m. on the night of Eric’s death to find him lying at the foot of the bed.”

“Life-saving measures were attempted, but Eric was declared deceased.”

“Kouri allegedly told police she had made her husband a mixed vodka drink, a Moscow Mule, and served it to him in bed to celebrate his sale of a home for her business.”

“An autopsy found that Eric died of an oral overdose of fentanyl — with a level in his system that was five times the lethal dosage.”

“Kouri later wrote the picture book “Are You With Me?” to help kids cope with the death of a loved one and appeared on a local TV station to promote it.”

“The book was published March 5, almost a year to the day after Eric’s death.”

“According to the book description on Amazon, it was “written to create peace and comfort for children who have lost a loved one. It’s to reassure children that although your loved one is not present, their presence always exist and they walk through life with you as if they were here.”

“In the book, Kouri wrote: “Dedicated to my amazing husband and a wonderful father.”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Deep in the heart of Mormon Utah……who knew?


Description of the cocktail:

“a refreshing cocktail that has nothing to do with Moscow or mules, but after a few sips of this vodka-based concoction, no one will care!”

He is in heaven with George Floyd.


Uh, no. Saint Floyd is not in heaven. I think that home invasion and putting a pistol muzzle to the belly of a pregnant woman DQ’d him.


The prosecutors have the evidence to prove that she purchased the fentanyl used to poison her husband on two occasions. She apparently mixed the final dose that killed him in a Moscow Mule she made him the night before he was discovered dead at the foot of his bed the next morning. That mule had one hell of a kick.


I don’t know what the hell the nutritionist is talking about. I rarely eat three meals a day, and sometimes I do eat after I’ve had dinner. Most of the people I know, are the same way regardless of race, religion, creed, etc.


Same here. I’m bad with meals; like the concept but I’m usually ready for a nap after a heavy meal, find myself nauseous if I give in to the urge to order an unhealthy lunch while at work, and even during the height of my military career usually had a big morning meal, skipped lunch, and had a light evening meal. My bragging rights as an E1 years ago was eating on under $5/day. $1.65 breakfast at the DFAC, sometimes a DFAC lunch ($2.35?, forget the cost in 2002), and half a box of $0.50 Great Value spaghetti with a little butter and parmesan..

If I’m hungry I eat, sometimes it may be 12-16 hours between meals, sometimes light snacking throughout the day. Funny, my sleep schedule is similar. In other words, at the ripe old age of 44 I’m already in an eat/sleep when I can or feel like it phase. For example, I bought a super-healthy meal of fried chicken, fried okra, and potato wedges for the family when I got off work last night. Shared a couple of pieces of chicken with the dogs, had some okra, and went to bed around 2000, getting back up around 0130. Had some pork cracklins and beef jerky for lunch after skipping breakfast yesterday. Today’s “breakfast” is probably going to be lasagna, followed by a nap on my day off, before figuring out what to cook for the wife and kids and eventually what I’ll have for dinner.

White Colonialism is indeed the bane of this country. It’s certainly not “educated professionals” who tout themselves as “influencers” while denouncing long-held traditions. Most of us sleep during hours of darkness. We wake up and want something to fuel our day (breakfast), a mid-day meal (lunch) is often a welcome break from work and sometimes even a work requirement, and evening meals (dinner) tend to be a time for us to wind down, traditionally with family. Post-dinner meals, aka midnight snacks, have been around almost as long as the ideal of three meal days.


Bud Light – Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, will be replaced by Todd Allen, most recently global vice president of Budweiser, according to reports from Beer Business Daily and Ad Age. A message for Todd Allen and a very BiG MIDDLE FINGER to each and every Lib of TikTok..

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